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Using Design Psychology to Create a Coherent Mood for your Bedroom

Sarah Seung-McFarland, psychologist and interior/wardrobe consultant

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Design Psychology

    • Mood

    • Favorite Past Bedrooms

    • Seeking Inspiration

    • Moodboard

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class we will use principles of design psychology to help you gather the inspiration you need to create a coherent mood for you bedroom.

During the class, you will learn skills to help you explore your past history of place, identify mood, and create a mood board along with an ideal vision statement.

By the end of the class you will have curated a beautiful mood board that offers clear, creative direction for your bedroom!


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Ms. McFarland was amazing and she was very detailed on her vision mood board. I found this by luck but it really helped me to acknowledge my room and I killed some free time and made it into progress and wrote what the mood felt like at the current place I'm living at, so unwasted time is always good. So thank you for this wonderful video. The only thing the music might have been louder than her voice but
I am an art student, and i decorate and design as a hobby. I recently redecorated my own room. Now i see how much simpler it could have been. it would have ended up the same or similar, without the stress and time. thank you!
This series is short and to the point. Each segment is filled with enough information for a viewer to understand and follow along with the tasks the teacher asks you to do. Although the music can be distracting and overpower the speaker's voice at times, the content is still understandable. I do think that the teacher could expand more on how to capture the essence of a mood or theme as I tend to overthink that part when rearranging and redecorating my room which creates a bit of a clashing overall mood or theme. I will be trying out the information I gained from this class when I redesign my room next week and will be sharing the results if anyone wants to see how I applied the lessons taught in this series.
Eliose Labampa

College student blogger





Sarah Seung-McFarland

psychologist and interior/wardrobe consultant

Hi! I'm Sarah, a licensed psychologist (Ph.D.) with a specialty in design psychology. After several years of practicing psychology, I felt the need to shift into a more creative career. So I started a design and psychology blog, worked as a freelance writer, and dedicated my time to learning all about interiors, styling, photography, and fashion psychology. I have since started an interior/wardrobe consulting business ( that uses psychology to help clients create a space and wardr...

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