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Using Compression in Music Productions

Gary Hiebner, Sound Designer and Composer

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6 Videos (26m)
    • What Is Compression?

    • Dynamic Range

    • Using the Compression Parameters

    • Compression in Action Live Kick Demo

    • Compression in Action Live Guitar Demo

    • Compression Routing


About This Class


Do you know how to use a Compressor in your music productions. Its such an important tool that can really change up your songs by taming or enhancing the dynamics in your music. In this class Gary will go through how to use a Compressor into your digital audio workstation (DAW). He'll give you advice on best practices when using a compressor. Plus, how to get the best from your performances with a compressor

You'll learn the following:

  • What is a Compressor
  • What is Dynamic Range and Why is it important in Compression
  • The Compression Parameters
  • Seeing a Compressor in Action with Drums
  • A Compressor in Action on Guitars
  • Different Compression Signal Chain Routing

After watching this class you'll have a much better understanding on how compression works, and the best ways to use them in your music productions.





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Gary Hiebner

Sound Designer and Composer

Gary Hiebner is a sound designer and music composer who was been working in new media such as music and sound for TV and online games for the last 15 years. In these years Gary has worked through a multitude of different audio software, and through this found a passion for teaching how to use the different type of audio software that is available on the market. He is a firm believer that audio software has its place in the creative field and using them as tools you can get different results w...

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