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Using Clubhouse to Market your Brand | ULTIMATE GUIDE

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Clubhouse the best Marketing Tool in 2021 - Introduction

    • 2. What is clubhouse?

    • 3. Networking

    • 4. Speaking

    • 5. Your Profile

    • 6. When you speak

    • 7. Hosting Rooms

    • 8. Final Tips and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I talk about using Clubhouse in order to market yourself and your brand. I talk about utilizingĀ one of the best marketing tools in 2021. In this class I break down what clubhouse is, how it is used, how you speak, when you speak, what to say, improving your profile and Hosting rooms.Ā 

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Clubhouse the best Marketing Tool in 2021 - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine. And then this video I'll be discussing clubhouse and I'll be giving you a brief introduction on how to grow, how to use it, and why it's one of the best marketing tools so far in 2021. And why I think it's only going to get bigger. As you can see on screen, this will be the table of contents with the topics I'll be talking about for. So I'm going to break down what exactly combos is. I'm going to talk without a network of what to do when you're speaking, how to create a appealing profile, what to do when you speak. And I'm going to talk about hosting rooms and much more so at the end, I will also be giving a conclusion, some summary and some final tips and tricks and make sure to stick around until the end to find out what those are. But other than that, if you're ready, sit back and get ready to take in all this information. And let's move in and a right on to the first topic here. 2. What is clubhouse?: So first of all, what exactly is clubhouse? While Clubhouse is a new social media app that was released on the App Store, and it is a voice based social media platform. So basically, you can join rooms and listen to random people talk about any kind of topics such as crypto, business, marketing, politics, music, whatever it is, literally everything. And then you can join the conversation as well. So basically you can think of them as like meeting rooms and you're in a big building and you can walk in any one of them and just listen to see what's going on and then raise your hand and talk and join the conversation as well. So it's basically one big networking function. And regarding all kinds of topics, like I said, literally anything. It can be music, it can be business, it can be art, it could be whatever it is that you wanna do. There are a bunch of rooms, just like real social media and all kinds of categories, Nietzsche's fitness, whatever it is. And you can basically join these, join the conversation and that way you can join these people with and create connections. He can talk you, people can check out your profile. You can create a profile. You can link your social media such as Twitter and Instagram and so on. And you can basically get your name out there and all these different rooms. And you can really get new connections with all kinds of strangers and random people. And that way you can build your following network and so on. You can add really helps to get some new insight from other people into all these different interesting topic. So it's definitely a fun new app. And the way that it exploded is because you actually need an innovate in order to join the app so you can download it and you can put yourself on the waitlist. But if you know someone who's in the app already and they can actually invite you, and then you can join the conversation, and then you can join the actual app. So it's not as easy as just downloading it and make it an account and then joining whenever you want. The smart ways that they marketed as and the way that it became that popular is because first they gave it to, you know, celebrities, influencers and so on. And then they slowly started to release it to the public, people who got invited by their friends. And so if you have a friend who was on it, you can invite them in. Once you join them, you can invite someone else. So it's basically like a one big network connections. So there's nobody on it that didn't know anybody who was already on it because you had to get invited. Except for, of course, the initial people that were allowed to join. But right now as we speak, it's the middle of March 2021. It's still not open. So you still can only get in if someone invites you. So I think that's definitely an interesting aspect of it. That of course eliminates any kind of, you know, spam and scamming and just a little bit of the just random accounts that people have. And it's also connected to your phone number. And, you know, most people only have one phone number. So it's not like people that can create different accounts, start trolling and these rooms and just leave created our get deleted, we can new account and so on. And so you have your real phone number and most of the time your real name attached to it. So it gives a lot more credibility, is kind of like LinkedIn as an audio platform. So stuffy, interesting and definitely an interesting app that you should check out. And you can see if any of your friends have it in order to invite you. But let's move on to the next topic of actually using compounds. 3. Networking: So moving onto the next topic of networking, as I said, clubhouse is mainly used for networking and building these new relationships with people. What you want to do is of course actually join rooms. You can join rooms related to what you want to grow in becoming part of the conversation. And this allows you to connect to people from hearing industry and you will almost always get a chance to talk. Some rooms are quite big. There could be hundreds and hundreds of people in it, but don't be afraid to speak and share your thoughts. Of course, what you wanna do is also be quite relevant to what you're talking about. And you do want to know when you're talking about. Otherwise, it's just like a real conference in front of a 100 people. You're going to that first impression desk last. So make sure to know what you're talking about and we'll talk about that a little bit later on. But just the act of networking is definitely very good in the clubhouse. And the fact that this corona pandemic has affected everybody in the world has definitely impacted the popularity of clubhouse just because there are no conferences right now and has been no big comets as far the past year and so on. And so this definitely attributed to that success as well. And it's just for an online word in a remote world right now, It's definitely a huge plus because this allows for people to still continue to network in a digital world. And like I said, it is basically like one big room where you can just join in whatever you want. And so if you want to join marketing rooms, if you want to join digital marketing, then you can join all these different rooms to have to do with digital marketing and join the conversation, show off what you know. Maybe you learn something new, find new connections. And then you can add those people on LinkedIn as well. And that way you can network and actually just grow your database of people, which is always good to know. You can also join rooms that are locally based. You can look up her city, you know, you can join groups that saying on Lex such as New York City marketing and stuff like that. There is really a huge opportunity that you can take advantage of here if you actually are on clubhouse and networking is definitely a big, big, big part of it. So not just grow your own falling and your own knowledge, but actually finding people that are very like-minded that you might actually end up doing business with or just have a good relationship with. So as always, networking as a key part of this aspect as well. 4. Speaking: So let's talk about actually speaking. So when you're in the club house rooms and you actually get to talk. Well, sometimes you have to raise your hand depending on how big the room was spent most of the time, you do have to raise your hand to talk where you have to wait your turn by that meaning. And the moderators will let you get your turn. But what you wanna do, of course, is share relevant thoughts and that will get people interested. They will check out your profile and that way you can also enjoy a booster proof like growing and all of the things. If they really like what you're talking about, they might follow you on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, whatever it is that you link in your profile, you can connect your social media such as Twitter. And so this is a great way to build a following. And like I said before, networking is a huge aspect of it, but getting a falling it's also a huge aspect of it. There are people who marketing themselves, their products and everything just by joining an all these conversations and making a meaningful contribution where people are like, Okay, this guy knows what he's talking about. Maybe I should check out his stuff. And so just like with everything getting involved and bringing your voice out there and putting your your own opinions out there. It's definitely going to be important, but like I said, don't be too hard on yourself, but also keep in mind that first impressions do last. You know, if you're in front of a room of 200 people and you have, you know, non-relevant stuff. You don't really know what you're talking about. It sounds like you're just selling bullshit, then well, why would they stick out your stuff? But of course that is just one room, so don't get too bogged down if sometimes you get nervous or something like that, you just join another room and that's okay. So you just have to find the right balance when it is your turn to speak. But when you do end up speaking, remember to share relevant thoughts that will get people interested and maybe just joining the conversation, ask questions, you know, you can address people directly. It's, it's very, It's not as formal as it sounds. Of course it is sort of professional social media sites such as LinkedIn and, uh, but certain aspects of it are also very laid back and very informal. So don't get too pressured, but also do keep in mind that first impressions do last. So just something to keep in mind. Make sure to share relevant thoughts. You know what you're talking about, net certain extent, but you can't be there to just learn and ask questions akhtar interested, or just be interested and form those connections. And whatever topic it is. Maybe it's something that you want to learn new. You know why? Maybe it's a new topic. Maybe it is something that you want to learn about. You have no idea about cryptocurrency. You know, joining a conversation, you can ask an interesting question. You can be a phone be like, Hey, I'm new to this. What do you think about this? Is this, this, and this, and this and so on. So people will appreciate that authenticity as well. So just treat it like a normal social interaction because you're on your phone, it is an app, so it's almost like you're speaking to someone directly, even though there are a hundreds of people involved or 20 people involved or whatever it is. So definitely something to keep in mind. 5. Your Profile: So creating your profiles course, a very important part of any kind of social media. But in colobus, it's also quite important because that'll be one of the only points of contact that people will have. You know, if you have something like Instagram, you can see your pictures. You can see maybe a link. You can see the profile picture, you can see your description, your name, and so on. And club has it's really just your name, your profile picture, whatever you say, and then your profile. Because most of the time people would just see your profile picture and whatever you're seeing, you know, there's no back catalog of contents such as pictures or videos, anything like that. It's literally just what you have said and then your direct profile. So it is quite important just because you don't have that extra stuff such as a story or pictures or anything like that. And so when you write your bio, keep in mind just a quick about me. One sentence. As always, you can say something like digital marketer from New York City, that would be great. Then you can promote your socially business products. And you can say, you know, CEO of whatever or VP of marketing of this business. And then you can have your Twitter, your Instagram, and so on linked. And then just a great introduction. Keep it short and snappy. Something where people just look at them, know exactly what you're about. Making unique profile picture. Because that's what most people see. You know, if you're in those rooms, in the actual chat room was people just see that profile picture. So make sure it's something that stands out. Something too basic, and you can use the same one as your LinkedIn picture. It's a great idea if you can't think of anything else. But there are some good sort of things that I've seen when I've gone clubhouse and I've seen some, some great ideas that people have just maybe like a red circle around the namenode. It seems basic, but it basically points you out of the whole chat room. Because when you look at that and you just see a bunch of faces, you know, just all headshots, all basically like LinkedIn pictures. And then that one person had like, like a hat on or like a rat red circle around it. Not in an unprofessional way, just any sort of interesting ways. So these over Christmas crude examples, and sometimes they might seem not that professional, but make it professional and keep it, of course, appropriate in that sense. But definitely just think about how to actually have a unique profile picture. If you don't, then again, it's fine to just use a LinkedIn picture. Don't overthink it too much. But as I said, writing your profile and your bio, it is quite important because it is one of the only forms of contact people have with you when they look at you on that the clubhouse app, again, just what you see and you're actually bio and if they don't, you know, maybe for they didn't hear you speak and they just see that you're the moderator, for example, they look on your profile. Well, they just see whatever you wrote there. There's no like I said, no back catalog of pictures, videos, or highlights that like they do on Instagram. So definitely something to keep in mind. 6. When you speak: So moving on. And now I'm going to be talking about what to do when you actually speak to a little bit more specific details of coerce disability, stove whoever your and if you're already comfortable with talking in a business environment, these are just some pointers, especially for clubhouse and similar to the speaking video. But this is the when you speak, I just wanted to give some direct partner seconds. As you can see the screen, I just have some broken down into sort of three parts. So first of all, when you speaking, don't be afraid to speak. Everybody speaks in that contract. I know it can be sometimes very haunting to see 300 people in that room, or even if it's just 25 people in the room. And then there's people who just speak effortlessly for minutes at a time. And it feels very, you know, very scary to do that sometimes, but don't be afraid to speak. Just be confident when you are ready to speak, know what you're talking about. Again, like I said, good impressions last but so do bad ones. And so if you, if you completely stumble over your words, you don't know what you're talking about. It might leave a bad impression and you can't be too hard on yourself, but that's just the reality of the facts. You know, if you have, you know, all these people who know what they're talking about and then somebody comes in who just spouts some kind of BS. Well, it's going to be very hard to forget that person then in a bad way. So Tikki losses, take your wins, move on to good and bedrooms. But that's basically it you could do is you definitely when you do want to speak, you know what you want to talk about because It's not like, you know, you're forced to speak at a certain time. You know, when you want to speak, you are raising your hands. So when you do get picked on people, expect you to be ready in expected to know what you want to same. So just keep that in mind as well. And when you have an introduction and when you speak with a good idea would be if you speak for the first time, especially in a big room, to just have a quick introduction. Not too long, of course, because you don't know a lot of people want to hear that, but keep it quick. Just be like, Hey guys, oh, by the way, I am a digital marketer from New York City and I've been working with this company for the past five years. And so when I look at the cryptocurrency industry, when I think about bitcoin is, and then go on. So that's, would be a great introduction, you know, stuff about who you are, what you do, what you want to get to, and so on. So this is a great, also a great thing to let people, sort of people are interested in you as well as a prompt people to follow you. Because if you have a lot of certain qualification, be like, oh, this guy has been in the crypto industry for 15 years. That's also a great idea to do that. So definitely something to keep in mind. And this will prompt more people to look at your profile and actually follow you. And of course, just some side points at the end. Stay polite just like with all commerce eats the plant, and also keep in mind nobody likes and no at all, if you join the conversation, this is a social environment treated as such because if you go in there and be like, well actually and this, and this and this and put other people down, not a lot of people are going to like it. Even if you don't put a specific person down, some people will not receive that very well, and some moderators will actually intervene sometimes as well. So that rarely happens. And I think a lot of people know what not to do that, but I just wanted to mention, I know that sometimes it can come across it that especially when you're talking online because there are no visual cues, you don't see the body language of the other person. It is just on the phone. And sometimes it's hard to judge how people will react to the things that you're seeing. So just keep that in mind. Be unique, nice and manner, just like everything. Try to stand out, but obviously do that in an appropriate way. And I think you will see a lot of success when he starts speaking on clubhouse. 7. Hosting Rooms: Next, let's talk about hosting and moderating rooms. Hosting rooms can also be very, very important and a big part of clubhouse, especially if you really want to get into it and start to get your name out there. Now monitor any rooms can help you get a green circle next to your name. When you are monitoring that room, you're taking charge. You're always the first person in the queue and people will always see your face and you get to welcome new people. You can introduce them if they start to speak. If they are special guest waiting to speak or something like that, you can switch to specific topics and keep the conversation and lives such as, okay, let's talk about, we've talked for ten minutes about Bitcoin. Let's talk about light coin a sec about this, whatever it is. So you can be the sort of charge and the main force of that room. And this will also show you as an authentic person and as an authoritative person. It can give you a lot of authority. And also authenticity in a sense that people will see you as someone who's in charge, know what they're talking about. Okay, this guy hosts three cryptocurrency rooms. He's probably very knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. Maybe I should follow him on YouTube, maybe it should follow him on Twitter or Instagram or whatever it is. And this will also get your name out there. So if you're comfortable enough to do that, monitoring rooms can be a huge impact and a huge thing when it comes to not only boosting your followers, but also just getting a name with their end, connecting to a lot of people. And it can also help you connect to bigger personalities. Let's say you host a room and you have a group that has consistently, you know, hundreds of members, 300 people or something like that. You can invite people such as cryptocurrency experts, you know, maybe Mark Cuban wants to come into your room just because he reached out to me like, Hey, I have a weekly group of 300 people. You want to come in and join and talk about this. And then you have a connection with Mark Cuban. And this is of course just an example, but something like that can also help you make those kind of expert connections. So it's definitely something to keep in mind that you should do when you actually start your club house adventurous. You want to start hosting rooms, modern rooms, creating your own rooms and so on. So another thing that you want to keep in mind as the periodic, periodic rooms, It's basically the same thing, but it's rooms at a certain time such as daily morning rooms, you know, every morning at eight, you have a 20-minute download with a 100 people and see what's going on. You have a lunch room, whatever every day at lunch, you catch up on the newest digital marketing trends. Every Sunday at 08:00 PM, you have this end of the week room or something like that. Having these periodic rooms can be very important as well. And they will follow you to be, people will also follow you because they will follow you to be noticed about these future and periodic rooms. They will know whenever your life okay. You know, whenever he's live, I know that this room is live. So if people follow you, they know they will be notified of whenever you're in that specific room and they know when to join, so people that will follow you and so on. Again, putting your name up there so it can also help you help others in their rooms, beginners, for example. And this again helps you credibility and visibility. Just seeing you as someone in charge. Whether you're hosting a room, you're helping moderate a room, or you're, you know, you're creating these own hosting rooms. It's definitely a huge shoot step in creating your credibility, authenticity, authority, whatever it is and just putting your name out there as someone on clubhouse. And I think if you consistently do that and try to do that, you will see a huge growth and you will try to C, you will start to see some changes in your connections and everything. So definitely also something to consider when you start your clubhouse life. 8. Final Tips and Conclusion: So that's basically it. So just to conclude and give a nice little summary of this video basically again, you want to create a nice, credible profile with a description, short introduction to who you are, what you do, and of course your social media as well, if you want to connect those and grow those as well. And of course, always also gain some credibility if people see a lot of your accounts, it also looks great if everything is in one and connected. And of course you want to join rooms and actually speak. You can do a lot of listening. It is a very helpful as well, but actually speaking will help get your name out there and actually build those connections and so on that you definitely want to do and use that to market yourself and market everything. And you definitely want to host your own movies as well. When you consider that, it's definitely huge, huge opportunity that you can utilize in order to boost your own, boost yourself in terms of credibility and authority, which you can then use to sell everything, you know, market your products, whatever it is, people would check you out and so on. And so you will see an increase in falling and all social media if you continuously use this. Of course, there's no guarantee and not legal advice, financial advice or whatever, but it's definitely something to consider when you really start to get into clubhouse. So definitely definitely do on those. And if you joined them, definitely check back and all the parts of video. If there's something you want to rewatch, are these different sections on the side so you can just jump back to any part. But other than that, I really hope you enjoyed this video and it helped me a lot. Make sure to follow me do channel, make sure to follow this channel. And I will be uploading a one video a week for Off 2020 one I've done so far, so already. You can check out my channel. I'm talking about all things digital marketing, you know, Instagram, social media, facebook, Snapchat, TikTok for business networking, whatever it is, all things digital media and business. Make sure to check that out and find any kind of videos that you like. So put any questions in discussion section below if you do have any questions, but other than that, thank you for joining me today and hope to see you in the next class. Goodbye.