Using Automated Emails to Market Your Business -- Tips for Writing Triggered Emails That Work | Sharon Ernst | Skillshare

Using Automated Emails to Market Your Business -- Tips for Writing Triggered Emails That Work

Sharon Ernst, Copywriter, Consultant and Coach

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7 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction: Using Automated Emails

    • Lesson 1: Types of Automated Emails

    • Lesson 2: Why You Should Use Automated Emails

    • Lesson 3: Common Mistakes

    • Lesson 4: 14 Ways to Do Automated Emails Better

    • Lesson 5: 9 Ways to Improve Any Drip Campaign

    • Wrap Up: Technology, Ideas and Class Project


About This Class

Are you ready to put the power of automated email to work marketing your business? Maybe you're already doing triggered campaigns but you're not getting the results you'd hoped for. Or maybe you've been doing email marketing and you're ready to take it up a notch. In either case, this class should help. In it, we talk about different types of automated emails, why you should use them, common mistakes, and ways to do them better, all from the perspective of the content. (And content is king, remember!) During this class, you'll learn the importance of From names and subject lines, how to view your emails from the perspective of your prospect, tips for moving people along a path and towards a sale, and much more.






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Sharon Ernst

Copywriter, Consultant and Coach

Do your sales messages fall flat? Are your marketing messages only mediocre?

Do you want to be a better, faster writer at work, quickly dashing off emails that engage or writing proposals that win praise?

Whether you're writing for sales or writing for work, I want to help you tackle writing challenges head on, slowly but surely developing your skills to be a better, faster writer.

I'm Sharon. I've worked as a freelance copywriter for almost 20 years, writing my first web...

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