User Interface Design: UI Card Design in Photoshop | Danny Florian | Skillshare

User Interface Design: UI Card Design in Photoshop

Danny Florian, KIT | Digital Marketing Agency

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About This Class

Ever get so made at a website's layout or a mobile app interface and functionality? User Interface and User Experience Designers are vital in today's digital landscape. If the interface just works, usually uses never think about it, BUT when a digital interface is clunky or useless, everyone knows it.

Average yearly salary for a UX or UI designer in the US is $90,954. It is literally the "Rock Star" position to have at any company. Most company Perks and Benefits usually take two pages to list. Ever ask why?

There is a shortage for "Really Good" designers.

Why is there a shortage of really good UI and UX designers?

  • Developers as much as they would like to think, are not designers. They are really just average designers and mainly focus on coding
  • Art schools focus on art. Web design is NOT art. The web actually has to make sense. People need to know what everything is and what to do next on any digital product.
  • Art schools are usually a few years behind when it comes to digital
  • Most people think you need a degree to get into design when you really just need a solid portfolio.

Take advantage of this intro UI class to see if this is a career you want to pursue!

What is UX Design?





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Danny Florian

KIT | Digital Marketing Agency

I'm Danny Florian, UX Designer and Founder of KIT Digital Marketing Agency. I started my career as a microbiologist and migrated from the world of microbes to the world of pixels, where I manipulate the DNA of websites and test hypotheses in order to design the best user experience.

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