User Experience Design college course, intro to UI & UX design taught by a University UX instructor.

Aaron Lawrence, UX Instructor & Product Designer in SF

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14 Lessons (4h 49m)
    • 1. 1 Class intro with Music new

    • 2. Set Goals for your UX Design Decisions

    • 3. Create a UX Design Persona

    • 4. Create a User Interview Script & Research Best Practices

    • 5. How to do UX Research Synthesis and Write a Problem Statement

    • 6. Create a Customer Journey Map

    • 7. Sketching Concepts and UI Sketching Frameworks

    • 8. Create A Wireframe Design with Adobe XD

    • 9. Create a Clickable Prototype with Adobe XD

    • 10. Create a User Testing Script & User Testing Best Practices

    • 11. Learn How to Create a Design Systems

    • 12. Apply Visual Design to your Prototype

    • 13. Do's and Don't's with Design Resumes

    • 14. The UX Design Case Study Outline

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About This Class

In this Class, you learn all the methods and techniques to create a UX design case study. 
These are the same materials that I teach at the Art University in San Francisco.
Here's what we will cover: 

How to set goals
How to create a persona
How to create a user interview script
Best practices when conducting research 
How to synthesize research findings 
How to write a problem statement 
How to create a customer journey map 
Sketching templates & frameworks 
How to create a wireframe design 
How to create a click-able prototype 
How to do user-testing 
The basis of a design system 
How to apply visual design to your wireframe 
Best practices when it comes to design resumes
The outline of a good UX case study