User Acquisition: The 5 Keys to Acquiring New Users for Free | Vinicius Vacanti | Skillshare

User Acquisition: The 5 Keys to Acquiring New Users for Free

Vinicius Vacanti, Co-Founder and CEO of Yipit

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2 Lessons (58m)
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About This Class


The difference between a struggling startup and a "hot," funded startup is traction. Traction is having thousands of active users and signing up more users today than you did yesterday.

But, how do you get all those users to sign-up without spending money on advertising? Google SEM is too expensive. No one clicks on Facebook ads.

You may have word of mouth but without many users to spread the word, it will be a long, slow journey.

Both Yipit and Carbonmade have gotten to traction and acquired hundreds of thousands of users without spending money and in this class we share five techniques we used to accelerate our user growth.

This Class is Project-Based

You'll identify and apply a specific user acquisition strategy to your current project (or landing page) to increase your user numbers.

The final project deliverable will be to share your success story: using one of the channels we cover in class, share how you did.

How many users did you acquire? How'd you do it? How will you double down?

This Class is Open to Anyone

If you have a project you want to collect users for, great. If not you can easily create a free landing page at LaunchRock and drive users there. 





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Vinicius Vacanti

Co-Founder and CEO of Yipit

Vin Vacanti is co-founder and CEO of Yipit, a services that recommends the best sales from around the web. Vin has grown Yipit's userbase to hundreds of thousands of users using free marketing techniques.

Follow me on Twitter @vacanti

Co-Teacher: Spencer Fry

Spencer Fry co-founded TypeFrag and Carbonmade. Carbonmade is a service that lets photographers, artists and others easily manage their online portfolio. Spencer is currently working on a new startup called Uncover. Y...

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