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Useful Home Business Software and Tools

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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    • Audacity - Audio Noise Reduction Software

    • Home Business Software - Acuity Demo

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    • Movavi Screen Capture Software

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About This Class


Start a Home Business Chapter 11 - Useful Home Business Software and Tools

Over time, I have collected a number of tools that I now use regularly in my home business.  Some are free, and some cost money - but the tools I showcase here all deliver good value to me daily within my own business venture.  Here is a list of the tools I'm sharing in this class:

Acuity Time Booking System - Use this on your site to secure bookings for your services to others.

Adobe Action Scripts - Use with Adobe Photoshop to render 3-D book covers, box images, binders, etc.

Audacity - Shareware Editing and Noise Reduction software for your audio recordings

FileZilla - Shareware FTP software to upload and download pages and content with websites

Movavi Screen Capture Software - Picture, video and audio capture of your computer screen events

Scrivener - A great book writing environment - Overview on how it all works

Sparkol's Video Scribe - "Hand Writing" presentation software tool

See if any of these tools will work for your business as well.

Best wishes,
- Dan Grijzenhout





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Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience

About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Revi...

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