Use a real sensor to learn IoT- Azure Internet of things with Power BI | Job oriented project | Anirban G. | Skillshare

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Use a real sensor to learn IoT- Azure Internet of things with Power BI | Job oriented project

teacher avatar Anirban G., Founder MieRobot

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Section 1 Our Goal and plan of action

    • 3. Section 1 Things we will need for this course? Hardware

    • 4. Section 1 Things we will need for this course? Software

    • 5. Section 1 Quick recap of cloud computing & IAAS PAAS Serverless

    • 6. Section 2 Sneak preview of this section

    • 7. Section 2 What is MCU Serial Parallel

    • 8. Section 2 AD Pins and baud rate

    • 9. Section 2 What is ESP12E

    • 10. Section 2 Our circuit and how to connect DHT11 22 Sesnor

    • 11. Section 2 Lab - Build electronics

    • 12. Section 2 Lab Arduino IDE Part 1

    • 13. Section 2 Lab Arduino IDE Part 2

    • 14. Section3 Sneak Preview

    • 15. Section 3 What is Azure IOT Hub and how it differs from event hub

    • 16. Section 3 What is Azure Stream Analytics job

    • 17. Section 3 Azure Labs 1

    • 18. Section 3 Azure Labs 2

    • 19. Section 3 Labs VS Code part 1

    • 20. Section 3 VS Code Lab part 2

    • 21. Section 4 Sneak preview

    • 22. Section 4 Pillars of power bi dashboard vs report

    • 23. Section 4 Power BI Labs 1

    • 24. Section 4 Power BI Labs 2

    • 25. Section 4 Power BI Labs 3

    • 26. Section 4 How to stop job and how much i spent on cloud

    • 27. Bonus How to download Fritzing

    • 28. Bonus Get in touch via LinkedIn and Facebook page

    • 29. Bonus Bye bye

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About This Class

Interested in the Internet of things using a hands-on approach using a real sensor (not simulated fake IOT data) then this is your course.


If you wish to learn Azure with an IOT hardware then this is your course!

Latest Review

"Outstanding course. Good effort by the Author. He took extraordinary effort to present it step by step. Amazing." - Via Skillshare review

Benefits of this course -

  1. a) Learn Azure IOT using hardware which you can easily use
  2. b) Present a working IOT demo for your client and supervisor, share the demo via your blog, website or social media
  3. c) Build a Use Case for Azure IOT in your job
  4. d) Use PowerBI for an IOT dashboard which can be shared across for analytics
  5. e) Start your career transformation towards digital skills
  6. f) Learn Hardware boards like ESP8266 (Microsoft approved chip) to be used in Azure cloud

You can complete this course in less than $12 dollars, hardware items are:

  • ESP12E Node MCU board - less than $5
  • 400 point breadboard and wires - less than $4
  • DHT 11 or DHT22 sensor - less than $2

This course is divided into the following sections:

  • Section 1:¬†Introduction and plan of action, things needed, how to source hardware and software, brief on cloud computing
  • Section 2:¬† Hardware and electronics section
  • Section 3:¬† Azure IOT concepts and Azure hands-on lab
  • Section 4:¬† Power BI and Power BI hands-on lab, testing
  • Section 5:¬† Bonus section

This course will be supported and also regularly updated.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anirban G.

Founder MieRobot


Hello, I'm Anirban.

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“Anirban gave us one of the best workshops in Introduction to Machine Learning. He is an excellent tutor as well as a mentor”.


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1. Introduction: Hello. Thank you for enrolling in our courts. The goal of this course is to enable you to make it working Group off concept off, Internet of thing Using Microsoft Azure and Aerial Sensor Most of the times in offices we have seen that a broker pipe on Internet of thing is actually simulated over this software . That is not the goal of the courts. The goal of this course is to actually use a real tangible sensor, which you can map it out as a hardware device and connected to the your i O T hub and then streaming out. Why an analytics platform, which is power being in this case, the idea Student for the Schools is a software professional who has some background in software engineering projects, cloud computing and programming. This course is not a starter course, but an intermediate recourse. You should have some basic background in software engineering and programming and cloud computing before starting this course, a student can enrolled in this course, but make sure you check out the requirement needed for Microsoft Radio student license as well as to get a license in power. Bi as a student and kind of this course, you would be creating your 1st 1 hardware circuit, which you can connect to the Microsoft at your platform and stream your own sensor data without an analytics report. You can then collaborate this report through a custom email link, or will they invaded website A stable cold this course will approximately take Wants to complete. This is a short, concise and very razor sharp course. Put in a condensed model. I hope this course would be helpful in your career. Move your job from traditional software engineering into industry. $4.0 or digital skills. The equipment which are used for this project, especially the hardware, are very easy to source, and you could cost you less than $20 to buy all this stuff I would be giving you a strong hands on and a backup on the electron ICS part, as well as the cloud and the power. Be a part of the project. I want you to be successful. So in this journey I'll be together with you to create your first Internet of things. Microsoft as your proof of concept. Thank you one second for enrolling and let's get cracking 2. Section 1 Our Goal and plan of action: welcome back in this lecture with local at our goal in the scores and also see the step by step of flow off our architecture. Okay, so the goal a four course is quite simple, but very impactful. Our goal is to connect the real sensor toe the your Iot cloud and cooperate with the sensor data using our power. Be a report. Now let's take a step back on DSI. The two parts off for gold. The first part is obviously will be using Aerial sensor will not be using any software cell simulation or random random numbers toe regenerate the sensor data, which USO usedto sing in in prototype, will use the real tangible sensor which is the D H 11 or the DST 22 in this case will be using a zur I only Hubble to connect with a Z your cloud on. We'll also cooperate with In a sense, it means that we can share this. It has a report to our stakeholders to work colleagues, and they don't consider it a in a wider community. And that's what is the goal off in the digital transformation. If you look at the industry today, okay, and for that case will be using a power bi a report and Notre Dashboard. Okay, Now our this is how our architecture is Will have will have to assemble the circuits using all the hardware components we have and will be using the North Emcor will be bored on disability Connected are so they're DST 11 or 22 sensor which actually takes on measures here. Temperature and humidity, the temperature and the humidity would be taken would be sent out wrapped in a missus type Onda sent it out using the years it will be board which would be connected to the Internet toe are as your i o t. How he had the connection is made of with the Primary Connection string, which, which would be the interface between the electronic board and our Microsoft Azure. I will be helped and within diabetes will add this particular device. It in terms off divide device management and added device option, and we'll be using stream analytics from a year or two channel eyes thes data as output and importer channels into our Albea, which, which means our imports channel would be our aid. Your priority hub on our output, your channel would be the power bi. So once the data goes into part B A to be a table data set on table Former. What do you need to do? Is that you know, dragger, the temperature and the humidity attributes into our power bi reporting using using a graph and put it over there Time cities using the process time filled. And that would give you a dashboard, which which you can then share it using, you know, taking embedded cord and putting it in in in your corporate website, Korean personal block or even said a sharing it out, um, as an email link. Okay, so more or less, this is ah, architecture. It's quite simple architecture to use but get started. This is a very impactful on architecture which will be using in this course and catch up with you in the next video 3. Section 1 Things we will need for this course? Hardware: Welcome back in this video we'll be looking at the things we've bean needing both from a hardware perspective as well as a software perspective. I would be also taking you toe the leading e commerce side for the hard word site so that you can source your right hardware. This is divided into two sections. One for the hardware which you see on the top of your screen, and one for the software primarily for power. Bi a and eyes here at your bottom of your screen. OK, so let's start out with the hardware first. In this video, the first thing you would need, um is the yes, Pete Will e board which you see on your right here. Now this is also called a So the normal no team see, you are pushing one board. So let's go into Ah, a couple off leading aecom aside and try to see which option to buy. I be using bang good on amazon dot com to scatter to a global audience. You are Fritos juicier, only equal. Most store. You can also go to a local hobby store or toe Foursome your hardware. Okay, so let's corpo Amazon. Andi just type in your speed. Will, um no them see you and hit. Enter on. Let's see water adoptions. As you can see, you could multiple options on you. Get options, Put two pieces, one pieces. Some come with the motor driver. Also which we don't need. Okay, now, one thing you need to know, understand? No. Is that you know, this board comes with toe us with chip 11 is the 3 40 and another is them are 2102 So I recommend that you use their to ones that are too, which is written here. Clearly, as you can see, WiFi microcontroller with CP 210 to click on it on. Um, this one is the recipe to 10 toe section. Okay, if you look at the effect your document, you will find additional information on this to toe chips. Okay, Andi, You see, it's at a very competitive price, almost $12 so it's $6 each from amazon dot com. So this is the right chip, Brian. Okay, Now, let's try to do the same thing in Bangor. So just I've been Northern's you speak on. Let's if we get some hits this is a will be bored. It's next you'll be needing a data cable. Now you can use your mobile, mobile and cable micro USB data cable, but make sure that you can work as a date up data cable. Which means once you connect the mobile with your laptop, where the micro USB, your laptop is able to detect your reason being that you also get the cables with just charge. And the difference is you. If I pop up this picture from Google, you'll see that those works which had just used us charging cable they just have the ground on the red for charging. They do not have them D Plus and de Miners, which is used for charging cable. They just don't have it because when mobile become popular, a lot of companies in orderto take cheaper charging cable. They just took this toe, works out and made the product cheaper. If you even if you look at the orginal specifications off the US me. But they do have the D plus and the minus and the D plus and the minus, so make sure that you use the right data cable 12 Researcher in Amazon also micro was be Yes, this right is and you can see there are multiple options here. All you have to do is to make sure that this is a data cable. And if you already have, ah, data cable. Uh, go ahead and use it. Okay, so this is very basic. So I'm not going to Bangor and Syria, So let's go to the other competent. The other component is the sensor, actually, which is the deity 11 and 22 in the I think you will find the difference between 11 and 22 butter in very short words. The primary difference is the sensitivity and the cost. Being Children is a little better. More cheaper than the H 30 22 on 11 boards, 11 cents or DST 11 is more sensitive to negative temperature range. I think the right rangers starts for these 22 from minus 40 degree, whereas 48 11 it starts from zero friendly speaking. We're doing a people, see, And unless you plan to take your project to the North Pole, this is not off any significance. You can go with data DST 11 or D h 22 in this course, I have used the 8 30 11 So let's try toe. Go and see if we have this sensor. Yes, D 11. As you can see, there are already some parts of the STL oven sensor. There is a get a multi plaque for here. I would not encourage you to buy a multiplex, but, you know, go with a single one because you won't be using it. Okay, Um, so again, you search through the side. Your favorite, you go. Most store, you would see things sensor on you definitely find a single pack. Also, most of them sell comes with cell and bundle their product with a jumper, which is the female to female. Okay, so that comes quite handy as well. Let's try to see if we can see this sensor in bangle us 11. And there's a been see, uh, there are hits on this sensor are no. Let's work for a few seconds. And as you can see, theater mark people sense of two pieces starts with 2.77 So it's almost a dollar each very , very low or priced. And there are some entries which come with come with the cable Also. Okay, so this is one unit one unit off this sensor. Okay, so let's go to the party. The next is a made two female jumper. Where now here. Some suppliers, all sorts of female toe Humility is goto have. But for our courts, we need, uh, made two female jumper. Worse, we can just go. And I mean, do you mean where and let's wait for the feedstock woman. And as you can see for one daughter, 9/40 pieces made female This is work you will be needing for the scores on one side of the meal connectors and on the other side of the female connectors. Okay, you will definitely find it in the Amazon also. So just type in milk formula Jumper wears on. You will get to get your heads in Amazon as well. Sometimes they're sailors. A bundle like female to female male toe fail on all the male to male 123 combination. So Oh, go ahead and bite. I would recommend you to buy a little bit good quality, which which are these ones you got swept in the cheaper one which comes with very tin where I try to avoid it. But this had the standard of jumper words you get globally, so it's very easy to source. So let's see the next item. The next item was actually optional, Life said. It's italics is optional, and deciding was in. It likes. So it's a battery case for four battery. So in case you want to connect it to a battery and you want to keep you laptop free when you're giving a demo, you can use this on and you can just are type in for e battery order. Turn dough. As you can see, you can get this. This also has an on off switch with which comes in handy. Make sure you buy it with the loser words, because that will go to your team on ground. And don't buy it with a a battle Jack, because you cannot insert battle Jack in the year. Speak Will e board. Okay. Oh, let's try it in language Onda, give the same source string for a battery holder, and you find this. Lords here also make sure you get them with where there are also certain boards, which does not come with where, then you for sure that the where. So that would make it complicated. So this one will do the job or do it yourself sixfold force Lord for into a battery. And it has two words which will go Jovian on ground. But this is optionally you should happy with but the electron ICS being connected to your board, then just don't buy it, just not required. Finally, hardware which you need, um is the bread board on this is for your circuit. Toby plugged in. So just do a break port it comes with in three sizes. So make sure you do not buy the bigger one unless you have some future electronics sparkle type in mind neither by the very the smallest one, which is the micro one. So I show you the right size. This is the right size, which is the 400 no 400 Bean, the bread pulled. Okay, The second is a mighty back, but you can search and go for a single back. Okay, you can go to a banquet also and you can fight 400. Great book on. Uh and you can see there you get such a bread port, which is quite handy on bond. They they have the slots off the positive and negative. And this is where in middle you're no teams you would be popping. Okay, So this has the hardware, the things which you need to sort I would recommend that you do. You sorts all these things in one order so that you get all your stuff at the same time. And you were ready. Toe, Start your course. Okay. Certain on certain companies, especially on Amazon a the cell, I ot pits. You can also look for i o t i o tickets on, see if we can get. And I are decayed. Something like this. It comes with a lot of necessaries. And if you really want O, do more stops like, you know, use raspberry by your other board. You can also see for my be kids, but at the bare bone you you need Theis Theis components, which is the year speed will be a data cable. One sense of male to female jumper. Where, and a battery board back to cases. Good to have, in case you want to separate your laptop with the electron ICS circuits as you give a team or short short to someone, or you run it for one day to see your sensor data over Rachel. In the next video, we'll look at how to get access for azure and power. Be a one thing you should know about Power bi Their power here. Does not you allow you to use Hotmail? Jimmy Those kind off email ID's. So make sure you use your officially the lady Well, if you're a student in your school or university should provide you with humility. Could get access toe power. Bi, however, will see this in the next video. We'll catch up with you in the next video. 4. Section 1 Things we will need for this course? Software: four come back in this section would be looking at the things we would be needed for the software part off our courts. So would be needing four software stacks. One would be Microsoft. Our power be a pro, but there is a free washing out affect. Bear in mind. The Dexter version off Power Bi will not walk for this course to monitor the serial communications we'll need are green Oh, I D. Which is again Creative download were needed at your subscription. I talked at length on the three options you have for your subscription. And finally, as a co according idea would need Ah, Microsoft Visual Studio. So let's see them one by one. And Google or favorite both Sir Onda and I'm going to Google as well. You can go to your favorite search Jinyan on. Let's start with a your first, okay, that typing as you're free on. But it will take you to the Lincoln off your free subscription. All enough to do is click on start free and you don't want before we're Microsoft to use already. If you do not have a Microsoft user ready, go ahead and create one you to lock for for your credit or your David card details. It will very for your email lady, and you can go ahead and click. Create your free as your I d. Don't let us see what comes with this free account of a year. Okay, now, as Microsoft says, it is a cool months. Validity, and you get $100 off straight every credit, which is valid for the first thirties. 25 services are given always free with those at your free subscription. Okay, now let's see what our free for the four months you have. Options of Windows VM Leonard's game. You can also have five stories blobs, so I'm not read them. But you can look at the list like it gives a large number off goodies feed their second services, which are always free. I talked about so whistler several less in the previous video, so you have the computer or functions even great ab services. Cuba nerds. So this adoptions, which comes with free. But what happens when your kid is or 200 or dollars, um, is over. In that case, you have tow create a new subscription, which is a beard. You go or continue using the free account put you up to pay for um for any any components which you are with you are creating. Okay, So let's Coppola next subscription way, which would? Which is which is the spoon and option? So in case you were stolen, grope your favorite search engine and are typing it your student and it will take you are toe the link off for enrolling in a juror. The student This is the link. Don't worry about the link. You will go to the download section off this course and you'll find all the links which em they are talking about in this truths. Okay, so let's go ahead and click this link er for the student account on a zoo can see it has the same option of activating their future. A few nice things about distorted off center. You know, since you're a student, you don't ask you for your card details on the food side. Instead, off for 200 alerted gives you $100 off credit. Okay. If you can scroll down, you can also see that you know certain things are certain products are given In addition to your $100 Like Lennox PM's secret data. This second, things from the previous subscription off free are also taken. Or, for example, here you do not see a windows AVM giving us free. Okay, you also. How about I would be horrible functions for civilised Andi, there is one thing you need to know about a student account is that you don't need an email . I d which is given by your university. So you cannot use your Gmail and Hotmail off to get access to your student account. Okay, so you can see this by going to the vacuous, crawling down, and you can see that it is written you you must, very for your academic status to your organization. Humility. Okay, so this is for the student account. And this applicability only if you are a student. Because you need to validate twin economic humility now. Now, if you wanted to used a free account which I was talking previously, which is this account, then your create a new subscription off ps PS group on that would be chargeable, but the charges would be nominal here. Iook Harbor is free for 8000 messages for day. Would be way below below that we're seeing in our hands on lap. But you will be charged for your stream analytics. So But what you can do is that after you have done the lab, you can go ahead and dilated on the next day where you're coming and do anything you created a fresh. So in that way you conceive a little bit off money, I'd be also showing you how much money did I spend by using the schools. And this is gonna be well below $5. Okay, now. So once you have a year, you would get an access like this, which is the default, Um, pizza for a year. We have labs coming on on your so there's the first thing. Go ahead and get your your subscription. Whatever is applicable for you. If you're incorporate, there could be a volume discount to talk with your account manager or your contribution management team licensing thing and see that you know, you could have some access er toe at your credits as well, which can be added to your account. Okay, Now let's see the next bar component, which is, and visual studio code now to Donald Video studio. Go and go to your favorite on search engine and type in videos to your court, and it will take you goto this link, which is called Border Original studio dot com, on from there, you just download for for whatever easier or is I'm currently on Windows so discomfiting me to download. It's a standard government installation with the installer. Just go ahead and download our visions for the court. Now one some yoga down ordered a visual is to your court. It would look something like this where you have a very refreshing user interface. But make sure you log in with your head your i d in your via scored, because that would be needed. So please to log in because that will save, uh, somewhere foot when you were doing the actual according in the school. OK, spark, which is an agree no to download, agree no goto this link. You can also search download artery. No, it will take you to the download option. And here do you need to choose your installer. If you're on Lennox or Mac or windows, just click their 11 option and it will go take you and guy do for the installation step this again is free. So once or download your on Adriano I d would look something like this on would be mainly using it to monitor our serial serial perp, which we, which will talk more in the electronics section as well when they were talking about serial ports and parallel ports. So this is a free download. This is the next download. You need to go and do it in your laptop. Okay, on the next thing is ah, power P A. And let me repeat that. Please do not download power. Be a deck stop. This course will not require any part we're download. You need to use the web question or power bi. So you use that to just type in power bi in your favorite search engine and go to the power bi a website. And within products, you can see you have multiple options. Deck stop pro premium click on power be a pro and tried free for 60 days trial. Okay, so you have to use this option, okay? And once you have done and you're logged in with your Microsoft account, your beard in mind just to repeat myself in power. Bi. Also your Gmail Hotmail ideas will not work. You have to use your corporate email i d to get access to abduct, pour beer dot com So one sevens off once of God that I didn t take you are so that you are Brutus afterparty dot com on you would be welcomed with screen like this. You can also see your arm subscription details by going into settings, clicking on your manage personal storage and you can see I'm under free. Use a stack. So these are all the things you need. Toe. Get ready in terms off the software stack to complete this court's eso hope this was helpful. I'll catch up with you in the next video. 5. Section 1 Quick recap of cloud computing & IAAS PAAS Serverless: come back in this video. We're looking at a few basic aspects off cloud computing, mainly the difference between on premise hosting and cloud computing. So let's get started. Traditionally, we have always had or provides kind of hosting, which are nothing but the data center. Now. This had few R few aspects off it, which were totally the responsibility off the customer on, but they have to do everything. For example, they were responsible for creating a data center which is taking up a physical space, setting up the year condition, electricity, backup, power, renting or leasing the space dripping the actual hardware. Either things to buy this there's to lose it. My brooking operating system middle ware on time and then, obviously according which is the apse and data. So everything waas done by the customer themselves in an on premise kind off hosting. Now, this kind of far issue help both capital expenditure the our friend cost in procuring and running the projects No for delivering a data center and also and I'm going cost, you know, in terms of running, running the business cause, which is also known as the or Pixar dot TV cost. OK, there was a project time. Well, some you don't like setting up the data center sitting of the racks and those who was wearing cabling and then, you know, are looting the race. And then your abs, the security aspect Waas Tripoli Well, the responsibility of the customer and so dispatching. So everything was ready when the service level agreement waas done by the customer. So in one line you want everything and us hold responsible in a compromise kind off hosting it is no that. But this kind of hosting has totally then illuminated. It is stillbirth but BND, the customers have moving their service from on premises to cloud. However, we're keeping the very critical services and service on the improvements. So currently, versus the customers have a combination of both cloud and then promise. But the percentage of compromise is gradually decreasing and is limited to Reno High High profile, high secure application. Istres Loop. It connects to a factory missionary, our political and Business Day data related to customer information or finance. Okay, so that's a business decision. It is also mandate able in certain geographies in countries by regulations. Okay, Now our temper cloud computing know what With the advent of cloud computing, it all started with the concept. Which is I Yes, which is infrastructure, A service which you can see seen here No on the favorite in green, on with the talking on my person because this is at your kids. But you can replace Microsoft with any Plawgo hosting company. Like like Google or IBM. Aerator Blue is the concept. Moralist is the same. No, When it all started, it started with the infrastructure as a service and then the parts of green were done by Microsoft, which is stories and networking. So wasn't virtualization. And all you have to do is that you know, Microsoft virtual boxes, Andi, on what the virtual boxes were. Install your operating system where you choose whether you go for Lennox off, Microsoft on everything, and then you choose here. We know where perhaps your your run time, and then we're application quoting at the data you bring in their own license for the database and stuff like that. I want eyes give Is that you know, you took up the most part of the headache. If not all. Okay, so there was a substantial reduction and he may know about the hardware cost. So their normal bowl worried the customers were no more worried about the hard words like storage cabling, anti values and stuff like that. Okay, Home for the most part of the monitoring waas done by them certain but parts off the patching firewall and security, especially within the virtual aviation environment. Where was done by the customer Onda application was totally done by the customer. Okay, that wanted to get was that you know about the Catholics. Cost of the project cost came down substantially. They just had a running cost. The other one day's worth more customers where I will create and destroy. Sir, was that women? So it's just with the click of a button. Ooh, you get get a server ready. You don't have to solves the hardware and, you know, configure it hard ended and stuff like that. Now, after better the mixto A cool thing that happened in the world of cloud computing. Waas platform as a service where if you against me at the green stack, the other components also got started, you know, getting offered by the cloud hosting a company like your operating system, Middle ware have random, and all they had to do was due according Off Line and a ticket to your crowd, and you're responsible for your data. OK, so that that is what platform as a service is now. Currently, customers use a combination of both infrastructure as a service and platform. As a service. There is a tradition as well, which is not dead in the side, which is like several listen, which even your application that and use over the cloud, which means you directly go and do small boots off according over the cloud on you are you are charged based on harmony Time you're or Cody's executed Welcome back. That's beyond the scope of off the skirts. But it's good to know have given some link on all those differences in on interested Curious Cloud and Platform is a club on several this as well, so we'll have a look if you're just starting out. Okay. I hope this was helpful to give a background, um, or for what is coming in. And also obviously, in our in our courts, we are putting ourselves so we're using the platform of the service kind off. I'm loving where you really called and then replay deployed will not be using the civilised model. Okay. What? This lecture, Waas. I'll catch up with you in the next lesson. 6. Section 2 Sneak preview of this section: Welcome to Section two. If you re so far, I think it's a good job done. We have a few more sections to go, and I assure you I'll do my best to get there in your Internet of things and Microsoft Jews killing so Well in the section will be looking at the electron ICS, part of off the courts and mainly looking at the analog A. And the digital paints will also be looking at serial and parallel communication in electron ICS. There is an important concept onboard rate, which would be also explained in this section. Finally, we would assemble our electronics store a circuit diagram, and also I'll be showing you how to correctly map the sensor with the I o. T. Know them. See you year spit will be board is gonna be exciting. So let's get started. 7. Section 2 What is MCU Serial Parallel: here We were looking at some basic concepts of electron ICS that could be helping in our courts. So let's get started. The first thing we would see is a microcontroller. And what is a micro controller? Microcontroller is at the heart of any embedded system. Okay, It is always single. Isaac burst. And it has a low level of external continents which are clubbed together in the singing in the same book. It is lower power consumption because it is device to do one particular talks and the coroner microcontroller will always run in an infinite you the main models England. And so is the EU, which is important. All put our pins weapon microcontroller. Okay. Microcontrollers are high speed because all the components are already shouldered an assembly within the same bob without having to link external components. Okay, I consumed this picture. The famous adrenal microcontroller is given in the picture here and you could see that all the components are being in the city in the same book. And you're always around Arduino microcontroller in an infinite loop because it is supposed to do a specific work. Same with other trouble. Smell world of Incheon microcontrollers like exaggerate five. In this case, when you see that that it has a single I see which is here, you can see it and then put out who pins are all assembled in the book. So that is no need for about having external components to correct connect. Additionally, because there are no amount of extra milk companies, there are limited extreme incompetence. But it all comes in the same package. The memory and the Ohio is always in bed. Oh, for a microcontroller. Some great names are big at men Motorola, Avia exhilarate five padrino What? Which we all know. Okay, that comes up. We need to understand especially to the schools is complications because electronic circuits is nothing but a logical grouping off the use electron ICS competent that does is in member off task Are any for this You need discovered unstow talk with each other, this peripherals to talk with each other and Web serial and parallel communication. Think off civil communication as your traditional rural group, wherein you have one way to go north and one way to go south and traffic is just that we don't need. Now the place is destroyed with PXE and other road with Rx, which is transmission and receiving. And you you have a parallel Allah. You will have a serial communication, which means that you haven't, uh you have a city's orbits, okay? And it is always one bit at a time, like shown in this diagram. So you're busy, Tobey eight, which were B stands for the bid. And so you have eat bits with one bit at a time processing, and at times that can be sent with clock. Which means it will you do monitor whether those on eight weeks off going in. So it's almost one bit at a time. So that is certainly communication just like this room, which is in one direction at a time. One word at a time, Rx and TX. Okay, So where is in a battle if you have a concept of best where there is a huge amount off for wearing involved And this bus, as you can see in this diagram, are all sending out data bits in parallel. So be zero. Toby seven is eight. Where Bus. So it's a no brainer that in parallel communication you would need more wedding to be done because your communication is happening. Battle early and through date of us. Okay, on hints battling computing communication is more expensive and more fast. Okay, so something like this, which is a plane Super i v o r. You know the autobahn, which which you have in Germany, which were which, like my team unkind off traffic, but it was more expensive to build. Okay, so I hope this an allergy helped you, Andi. Mostly undemocratic circuits. Now we have, ah, serial communications because that it's cheaper because of electronics goes down on were okay with the speed. Unless you need really faster communication for hobby, greater electron ICS and prototypes. Most of the time you will find serial communications. Okay? No, Within the serial communication, we have to talk second with the same troubles and a synchronous and at as the name suggest in the synchronous communication, you have a carbon clock. Okay, so in additional to the data lines, with sense, you know, single book at a time. You need to make it a synchronous with a common clock which is shown in this diagram. So you have the data streams going down, which is the data placid data minus, but we're also sinking the Arctic's and B it's or the master and the state with the clock signal. So you're and an additional one extra reading or one additional thing for the clock signal . OK, Example of this are esque way and I to see Okay, Both are included in a hospital where he can use a S P A. And I do see Magrino as well. On brother type is without the clock in which you have a data stream which is coming here. And this is a data packet. You have a start bit and they start bed. And this is the data which is from fifth position toe the ninth position off the bid. And we also have a therapy kind of build, which is used as a check Some, you know, to check whether with about whether the message you went correctly, you're wrong. It is better to books are mostly used in cases. We just which are exposed to noise noise in the electronic circuits. Okay, but muskets disparities also not use because it slows down the traffic because to add one extra pit, um, for our communication. Okay. Example of a singular serial communication with the famous The Blue Book, which will you have in your mobile your incident screaming. And if you connect to a circuit will be will be a synchronous as well. So I hope this was helpful just to sum up, If you have a single a serial communication, you'll always have a common clock. And it will cost you one extra connection or line. That is, if you have s ink rollers. You may or may not have a parity bit, but it will never have an external clock. Example. Blue boot. Okay, I hope this was helpful. I'll catch up with you in the next lesson on electron ICS. 8. Section 2 AD Pins and baud rate: Welcome back in this section would be looking at signals mainly. So let's sound get started. We? Yes, around our signals. Be to your WiFi router. Your radio frequency. You're more by your TV. Everything is a signal. So what is a signal signals a possible turned devices on. They send an exchange information, and it could be anything It could be your data over the Internet. It could video. It could be audio. Generally, signals used to be transmitted traditionally by words. But now our signals are also transported to year example. Radio frequency. Okay. Now, this is what the signal is. No. Let's to see what is the difference between an analog and digital signal and water and a mobile digital paints, especially with respect to microcontroller. Okay, no analog signal. They They're always motor and continuous, like the one would you see here. Okay. They can read a sensor value for Mary range like from 0 to 1055 OK, on. They will always be smooth and continuous. That is, that is the primary characteristics, often on a local signal. Your audio and video are both examples of on a lark signals Okay. Digital on the other hand are used for signals which are discreet. Okay, on generally do you use for cases like on and off through and falls finance set of values that it might have looking so example here is one square with which is digital in nature and you test venues I But as it is little work on a plane board and then you can see that it has the range is not It's not in frantic like like an analog signals. So this is a digital signal? No, in the yes, Pete will be you when you're looking at analog signal, you have one analog important which is represented by the zero Wonder talk. Here you can see it. And it has my deeper digital prints. Which which a D zero d one d two. Okay, so which means that if you have to read one, you have to read an analog sensory of connected to easier when you can only connect one on a lock sensor. Whereas if you're using the sensor toe reader digital values, you can connect my people digital value. Okay, We need to also, in this time that you know why in this case, we're having values from no 0 to 10 to three. Because yes, Pete, will we have stand better and a lot of digital converter because every analog import is actually really see, which means that it actually converse. Onda, look into a digital parts when it reads the sensor. So that's why when you were connecting a sensor that could do the Israel Israel opinion off the year spit will be You will have values from 0 to 10 to three, which are which are wanted proof or because they're in big and your exponential daily is 10 to 4. So that's that's the basic A concept that why we have a range of values from 0 to 10 or 23 Okay. No, this is one of the penal Bagram Mama shows form. Yes, B will be Alexa, Look this into a simulator. OK, so open now fretting here on the little girl That means one by one we start with the top, which is d zero. These will be won t to be for this or or digital things so it can be used for the little read and write operation. Not the next bin, which you have is the 3.3 and ground because if you were select a one off them and says that show the internal connection, you see that all the grounds there are three grounds there, one at the bottom and toe Want to talk. They're interconnected to each other. And for 3.3 words, you have one here, 2nd 1 the occurred one year. They're also interconnected to each other, so the positive and the negatives are interconnected to each other. So whenever you were planning to use the ground of the 3.3 word you can use any one of them's there, they're interconnected. Okay, apart from our diesel or 48 you are also have our dicks onder t X, which means so you have the receiver and transmitter. If you want to do a master slave example if you want to attack your blood, puto, this book bear in mind. Do not that, as the Arctic stow the attics. Okay, you attend the R next to the PX off the other component Bhutto in this example, and the T extradite attics that should be opposite. Okay, this one is a reset button so if you press this one, it will be secretary times. You do not get the values or you get garbage values in your cereal monitor were then press the reset and the loop will run again. Okay, I will not use this, but and it is especially used for probably shooting debugging or also to flush out. You feel perforce Flasher something so will not be using this button It all okay, v in on ground. This stupids are used for powering up the modems. He aboard externally Example. This is the U. S. Beef. You don't one. Do you use the USB solely? So if you want to use the battery, you can put on the positive to the the women on the negative to the ground. This is reset. Amenable Will not be using it 3.3 and grow their interconnected. As I said that this are all used for mustard and slaver kind of communication. The clock is deceased CMD So you just safely ignored to spend because these are used for communications which are which are a synchronous serial communication as we talked up in the previous section. So not be using it. This two prints of reserve artistry means result on this is rue is an elected. So if you want to connect the sensor to see the analog, um, value so you connect or the signal pain with a zero and then obviously the power of the positive and negative This pretty simple boto understand? OK, so let's continue. Let's see, what is the next item which we need toe? No, on the next time I think we need to know Is the Brodrick the border? It is nothing but the number of bigs transported for parts second, Which means that how many books you were transferring in one second and he dissented. The speed the higher is they're both read. The height is the speed of communication. It is generally used to donate Medina autumn at the Syrian monitor. It is also used when you're transferring data from your laptop toe the book okay, wanting to know, but that the broad grade off the source and the target should be exactly the same. Okay, so example, if your brokerage is defined at 900 and if you're opening the CEO more monitor like a different board grade. You see God is Well, okay. You declared just bored. Grade in an artery. No, I d With something like this. Work set up and we didn't set up. You just put serial dot beginning with the book brought great. 9600 Generally there before bordered. But for our case, we could bit higher and use 115 to 000 Okay, I never find anything you need to know is that it is used only when you initiate the serial darkest in the set up function. Okay, way. Do not put it in the blue function. We put it in there, uh, stayed up function. So hope of this section off electron ICS was helpful. I catch up with you in the next lesson. 9. Section 2 What is ESP12E: in this video with Yoko into the DSP boards in general dislikes. So you about the SP generations off cheapo that came into existence. The current question is the one you see a day with the year speak Well, Chip, it's looks something like this and we'll be using this cheaper this on the chemical Russians of the birds that came into existence Yes, B stands for expressive models that the brand name the company put across for this for this chips when they were launched. The SP 01 is still available in the market, but getting them to run is very complicated on, so we won't be using no robot will be using. The more more than you speak will book as shown in this back No, What is known name? Sea bed My name's you is actually the phone where that is used on the yes Piento six Export Okay, about the emoji is the name comes from which is no j style off from a p a and according on AMC, was almost thanks for the microcontroller unit. Yes, it will be. On the other hand, is the moment kid with which users note m see you as a platform. Okay. By before the four way users Lewis scripting language. But maybe we're having that we're using. See, because we're using the artery. No idea. What makes no names you? Great. That gives you the GP. I mean, they're just like an argument aboard, and it's a very low cost, the WiFi in that engine segment. So it gives a lot of leverage. So as a started to grow and experiment with genital thing with our growing about, usually about money 10. Section 2 Our circuit and how to connect DHT11 22 Sesnor: Welcome back. Let's look at the the circuit, Dagenham, before we go in tow. Our first electronic slab. So you condone with this self from the core section as well as a pdf. Okay, so here we have the Lord AMC aboard on here is our power source. And here is our th 11. Or you might have a ds 20 to censor. Okay, Now, for the power, you have two options. I don't powder to your laptop and your USB port, which is not sure, but that is the recommended of it. In case you want to make it immobile. Prototype for your office, you can use for a bacteria that is foreign to 1.54 That would give you 64 Okay, either one on the positive off the battery, which is the red. Where should goingto wien. Okay, which is here on the black bread, which is negative. Should go to the ground. Okay. You have to place your, uh, no time. So you will be border on the bread boards Or that their pence both on born both sides off the board. Okay, which was in the lab. Ok, but let's continue. So that the power source. I didn't. You powered through the USB when he was a six Ford with positive Latvian on negative at ground. Okay, for th 11 or pointed o sensor, you will find it with three pin on for been. Generally, if you have with four pin, the second pen will not be used. You can read the level by reversing the sensor. Okay, So are the positive one, which is This one will go to 3.3 word. The ground, which is a rather rent, will go to the ground pin and connect the signal pain to be six. Okay. Basics is also GPU or 12. Okay. And when we do, reporting at the point to the escort will refer the same pin, which is D six or GPO 12. Okay, so that would complete the configuration off. What? The electronic circular can make sure that there are no loose connection on bond. Make sure that you're using the correct paint on the court. For example, if you're given if you're protecting the sex, make sure in the quarter Tuesday six and not some other pain. Okay, so this is the simple second Bagram. Have a look at it. And in the next video, we'll go and implement it in the lab. I'll catch up with him in the next video. 11. Section 2 Lab - Build electronics: Welcome back in this video, we'll see the electron ICS assembly off our proof of concept on a zero d. So what are the things we need in our hand to get started? First, you need a 40 point bread board. Make sure is that. Welcome back to the electronics slab off this course. So let's get started. What are the things we will be needing for this Elektronik slab is a 400 point bread board . Make sure you get one off these and not the smaller ones, which is like the uniforms, because your chip will not fit in in sex such a small one. So don't get this one. This one of rejected, um, you can you need to get a 400 point bridgeport. Now, how the break boardwalks is that you have positive rainier on negative failure. So any point on the positive real, the straighter horizontal line will give you a for a positive signal on any. Any hole on this role on the negative would give you negative the same with positive negative on the top. This to power rails are not interconnected, so make sure that you if you need power from boto both this rails. You need a interconnector, which means put a jumper where from positive to positive and a negative. Negative. Now, though, the holes here in this area you say that there are numbers from 1 to 30. Okay, Now in in this holds, it works vertically, which means part the number. So if you take the number 10 all the holes in number 10 will have that we believe will be interconnected. Okay, so that's immediate difference when you have in this part. Although vertical holes are interconnected, what is in the power of the horizontal reels are interconnected. You will next need the year speed will be nor them. So you bored on, but I'm using the Amica. Okay, Dammika Chip, as you can see. Okay. You don't need a The th 22 are 11 sensor for me. I'm using a d h 11. Okay, now this one comes with the three pens. As you can see, you have the positive. You have a signal on a negative. So the fourth pain in anyways, even if it is there in your sensor, it is not not used. Okay, So you need this DST 11 or 20 toe In case you're using DST 20 to the quarter by before has the S t animal. Make sure you go to the conflict files in your visual story accord. And I never late for DST 22. I'm using DST 11. It does not matter. Honestly, as we saw in the previous video is more about accuracy. But since we're doing a proof of concept this fight, you would need a micro USB data cable. Not a power cable, but data cable on you need three jumper words which are male to female. Okay, now let's get started. The first thing you need to do is to place the yes, but will be bored on your bread board. Okay, so the way it should press it, place it in the ground. Great board is yes, that you should have the power or the exit sites so that it is easy for your gambling and place it somewhere in in middle so that you have you have pins both on this side and that side. OK, do not put it totally on the left or quarterly on the right. We should be having some slots this side on this side of like I have done it. You need to be very gentle with this. Okay? So that you do not You do not know. You did not break any off the pins and it should go in smoothly. And I just did. In case it is not going it. Do not apply pressure. Just see where the heat is not moving in and try to move it with a smaller screwdriver. No, it should go in perfectly. As you can see, there is no gap between the bread border on the year speed. Will we see there is no cap between the bread board in the year. Spit will be So So this is thesis perfectly if I Okay, next thing you need to do is use the Jumper. Where for the three slots, which is positive ground on negative. Okay, so just just insert the jumper. Okay? Which is positive ground on, uh negative. No, you could see the signal of science here. Positive signal on negative. And I spot or pin diagram positive will goto our positive off our board. Negative Will goto a negative and signal coteaux d six. Okay, so let's do it. So let's first find a positive one. But if you go to the bread board, you will find the positive 3.3 board which is here. Okay, so just put it here. So you have your USB panel and is there okay, if you're confused, you can just see the Beano diagram. Oh, the the negative. Will you go just beside the 3.3 you off the negative. So just inserted there on this is this will kowtow r d six. So it starts with d zero here. The zero as you can see D zero on I will go will be six on and just insert it. Okay, as you can see. So this is my connection off the sensor on? Actually, we were done. If you are powering it to your micro USB Soto power with your micro USB, you have to take take you micro USB cable on just, uh, inserted here, okay, on the other. And obviously we could your laptop, and that's enough to power your circuit. It might be possible that after you have done the proper type and where you want to present a day in your office and you're not comfortable about it from your laptop. You have a key sprinter quartered in the keys. Uh, so if you want to power it externally, there are two Western world one J doctor that you pulled up our slot for we we being and ground. So if you go up here, there is There is a slot for, um, the V in V in and ground here, which in which you can see and you can part it directly, or even poets with. The power you can do is that you use one of these circuits. Okay, this is an optional world, but it will save a lot of your time. So what it does is you have Cousteau's part post kind of soccer's one is a battle, Jack, which you can see and another is the USB power. Banco que Onda. What off them gives filtered six Ford and there is an on off switch as well. So what you can do is take the positive one, which you can see here. Positive, Negative, positive. Negative. Take the positive one on. Um, you sure you should be placing it on the positive side. Something like this. Okay, so once you have done you can You can power it external UK. I'll put up a link on how to use this. But this bread poor power supply kind of circuits they come very handy. But in case you you do not have it. It's perfectly fine. But make sure you do the correct enlightenment and so that the positive goes to positive and the negative goes toe, Uh, *** deep. Okay, so on. You can power it to a nine volt battery and put it on the battle, Jack, because if you get six fold filter awarded in any way, or you can use a USB power bank, But this is this is totally, totally optional. Okay, 90% of the cases you using the USB power and powering it from your laptop. Okay, I think that's it for the electron ICS lab. I'll catch up with the window. Next. Listen, 12. Section 2 Lab Arduino IDE Part 1: Welcome back in this video. Our goal is to install artery No, I d For our for our laptop or deck Stop to install Adrenal, go to your favorite search engine. In my case, I've gone to Google and type in our Torino Download and click on the course leg. This will take you Dodo languages are green, O R E and men are software. We can also find it from the home page. If you kowtow are green order off cc under software. If you click on downloads, it will take you to the down road. Peace, no score down. And here you can see 23 options for download under windows, you have to say file and then Stoller knows that Finally sport custom download. So I would recommend you installed, then stolen. Okay. There is also on the getting started fighting, which is here if you click this. Thanks for instructions will come here. Okay, so let's tried once. So if you go and click the windows installer, which is this link on deep relaxing for a contribution which is optional. You can just keep it. Tory must If you like to pay some contribution, it could be some money, but for this case, you just kick up just to download on your dollar. Will. Does we start, as you can see after, but downloaded has ended. All you have to do is click here on open, okay? And then they Stoller will start one space. Toller starts in my laptop. It is already in start. Just make sure that you check. Check the boxes which are renovate here, and do some Choose a folder in case you're before for that is coming up and you're happy with it. Keep the default folder. That is how you installed aren't really in your laptop. Hi. Welcome back in this video we'll see how to set up our artery Noibi both for the well, the city's northern seaboard. So open up your artery. No, I d and Google were blank screen. You can look at the screen also by clicking on fire on new. So once you were in this scream in the first step we have toe add our berg in the artery. No, i d Which means that our node names you will be boat in decided. No, i d so that we can now we can install whatever we do in this editor, we can put it back in your corner to a USB cable. Okay, so that's the goal of this video. Now Google Tools, Google Book, and here you'll see a lot of options off the board. So by different year, yes, Pete will be brought Lord being stored. So corporate A bird manager which you can see here and put on the screen Pretty sure free body your search makes Your type is given okay and give in front of your search. You put DSP 8266 and you can see that you get a result, which is ESPN Two sixes by by ESPN to success community and get the tells about abortion four meters installed for you. It will not be installed so you can go here. You will find and install button click on it and it will install in case it is installed for your kiss. You can also upgrade upgrade the question, but make sure that you do a pickup is terrible oppression. You're also sapyta Russian. Don't choose that. You can choose a version which is a non B diversion. Like for me. I'm already in version 2.41 If I want, I cannot go toe to toe point for Goto, but I will not be doing it. Okay, so for you, just go and click on the update button and your installation would be done in a few seconds . And after your bettered go and watch the party off the city's catch up in the park to see you then. 13. Section 2 Lab Arduino IDE Part 2: welcome back. Know that were installed Our I r minority. We need to make some changes to our editor so that we can work out using our marine I d. On our ESPN board so that you open your artery? No, as I opened it, In case you do not know how to open your heart, you know, work with your window search and are typing our greenoe. Andi, just click on the desktop app. Okay, Now come to fight Goto preferences. And here you would see that there is an additional board manager re world. You need toe based this link in this in this text books. Okay, now why putting putting up the link for all of you to follow and you can put it on that on this side. Okay, so once up, based on the link, just put, okay? And it would be it would be fine. Onda done. Nothing you need to do is that we need to import a couple of libraries and they are USB two sixes, WiFi and blink. Simple. ESPN 266 So I'll be supporting this in the document in the section, so just copy this on Goto tools scared. Sorry. Include libraries, managed libraries and let the installed lest get updated. And then you need toe. Put it on your third sting. So go here and pastry. And I would, as you can see, that this led police all already installed for your kids. You will get a button here to install. Just click on that, install Burton and install it. Okay. The other thing you need being stored on is this. Blink back it. So in the same way, um, you go and based this for the blink, as you could see formulas since torque. But in your case, you would get in the stylish, important Teoh button to your right Glicken installing. So once you have been started, you just close your editor with quit or control Q and be open again then then you would be ready to catch you up in the next lecture. 14. Section3 Sneak Preview: right. Welcome to Section three. This is the azure part of the school's. If you every so far, give yourself a pat on the back. It was not easy, especially with the shopping, then assembling the hardware. And now we're finally into the Microsoft as your part well done. So let's proceed what we're gonna do in this section in this section, we're going to look at an important concept off. I would help, and also we'll be looking at I endured streaming job, which had the building blocks for our and your architecture off, for this course will be also having a detailed hand toe hands on exercises on the edge. Your lab, I said, I'm showing you how to set up your first. I will people upon the at your club using both, I will be helped on the Stream Analytics. This is actually going to map the hardware we have assembled in the previous section. Toe the cloud. I'm really excited or toe get cracking with this section, and I'll give my best to ensure that he was successful in the journey off Ira P with Microsoft. I catch up with you in the next video. Let's get cracking 15. Section 3 What is Azure IOT Hub and how it differs from event hub: Welcome back in this section will move into the at your battle for, of course, in which we primarily look at the azure Iot T hub, even greed stream analytics and the device. OK, so let's get started. The weapons and I were I would be hope Now I would be happy Easter primary complement and the first component that you would be creating federal devices to connect to the hub. It's a managed service from my purse up, which means Microsoft take scares off the underlying infrastructure and whatever it is needed to get. And I would help. Often running, you need not have to bother about that. Okay, so you have to do is created everything, help and connect your devices so that I would help in this case, our device is the year spit will be microcontroller and which is at gusto bh 11 or 22 cents it. Okay, so at a high level, the sensor data would connect a little microcontroller unit from yes, pit will be and the airspeed will You will have the connection struck off coyote hub and communicate with each other. One thing to know about my only hope is that it is bi directional. So it is. It can communicate from develops toe club and cloud towed away. So this is very important and unique aspect. Often I would help. Okay. It also provides to authentication types and defence control which you can select when you configure an I o t up. It also has the capability off device routing. Which means you can rob the message from from one device to a particular at your service. Maybe like extreme Memon analytics. Are your machine learning okay? Like in this example way have I will be home but which is connected toward device and dark , in turn is connected through L s name to stream analytics. Okay, you can answer well. Now you can also have multiple languages. So would support so And I would help. Like Sisi has Java fighting. No, Jace. Okay, we have a lab unload years also ready, and you will be just Imelda. The bi directional communication from device drives me home. Okay. And what is the support for the standard? Because, like in empty impurity. DNs to tps. Okay, now where in the world I have, I have dark cloud. So if you If you go to were at your the whole beach and click on Create a resource on global Internet of things and you can see what I o p hubba is here under this section. So you have to do is click Click on control over your I hope we'll see how could reopen the angle, Uh, sexual looking. The other thing to note is that you know, there was a member. I'll be a compliment, which is called as i p a. C. You're You were good and better food differences between, and I would be home. And I'm just putting out the rational why you're striking within, I would have rather than an even great no. Both serves two different purpose. All the book, them blues to communicate. And Witten, I pity us and build scalable, and I would be infrastructural with the club. The first thing is that the separate February communication, which is the indication from the device could I repeat help? Okay. And found the hop to the device that is only supported by I will be helped as undated. Okay, so the other thing is the way with the rational for which an even greater was families first. Several is wary on where in the developers promote toe expelling him and a laptop like an idea or a programming set up didn't go directly with love and good small lengths of good. And then Microsoft Child has been when the park, all this is every time you go to school, you, babe, a small amount of money and that becomes serverless. Okay, so this is the two distinct differences on the final one being, you know, the users for stream Analytic Stream Analytics as a date, which is February 2019. Stream Analytics is only supported by I will be held even good does not support stream analytics. So that's the irrational destructive without putting up because wear not bring us a Willis in. This will be very much doing our according in our laptop. And we're remembering on a paper called Morty kind of thing cover. It would be nice to boot as a next virtual of the schools on Ways in Stream analytics and I will be helped supposed stream analytics and even grade does not support as own date. Okay, the next thing which we need to do is that I talked a number of time on device. Now it is. It is elementary, but and still reiterated here. Our device. What? The sensor connector Toe your speed. Will Ybor on better keys, Which you? Which I threw you in the handled section The keys and connection string that must be configured for a device Toby connected to your, um I would hope I catch up with you in the next lecture on Stream analytics. 16. Section 3 What is Azure Stream Analytics job: Welcome back in this section we look into the second I would be component in as your which you would be using in this course and that. Is that your Strom analytics that this pictures from my purse after documentation, and it gives you a wonderful A illustration about what Actually stream analytics is as open sea stromatolites axes in the middle of your screen and the human flow starts with an Iot device or a gateway. It's in RT device in Orkest, which is the use pit will be broader with DST. Same. So this sense, the sense of value, which is temperature and humidity toe R i o t hub and it goes to streaming analytics. Which means that streaming analytics can go streaming injection. It can. It can taken input. True, and I help out even help out of blub. In this case, it's and I want to help, and they could bones for the dogs. Truth for further processing. It can be a service births at your function. Like as I said in the previous session, for several list, it can be a data leg, in this case will be using power bi, so it takes takes the data and from the injection of heart purchased, I will be helped. And then they takes it up forward. So the down stroke fiber processing, which can be real time. Despereaux, which will be doing in this exercise? It can be serverless and it can be a get a Laker of secret database course. Mr Tucker's How very Oneto map it. Okay, No, let's go and see that where? Where you consider t once a good home beach as you will take a resource and then grow into Internet of things and you can see that Scream Analytics job is here, are you going to do is click on it and start configuring It obviously will see this in the hands on section I have suggested a link at this difficult room off this Microsoft or Documentation on Stream Analytics, which is called groups and go to read, Make sure oh, you take some time off to read the official documentation from Microsoft on extreme analytic took some up wear using stream and predict. So for our data processing into power on the power bi A, which is pretty simple, is that take the data from age or I will be helped on. Just pass it down to power Bi for for the reporting. And we do it by reading and input and output ls named. Think of it as data pipes, toe pass and segregate the water. Okay. Example. If you have water in your apartment of in a tank, you need pipes to channel in the water to various flats. The stream analytics does the same. Same job using L s name where they need to eat, takes down the sensor data from a block or in Nigeria to help ordinary, even on the bench analyzer did further downstream, like a database or a power bi a Also less for for their computing. I got a group in the lab section. 17. Section 3 Azure Labs 1: welcome back. So in this section will be looking at the hands on thighs. Your part? Okay. So as you can see, that I have longed in there into my azure portal on my dashboard is completely empty and I do not have any resources so that it is easier for you to or see from scratch whatever I am creating. So the first taper todo is to create your IRA P huh? And to create your I d hope go and click the plus button on creative resource which you can see on your our top black. So just go here and click Creator source And then under Internet of things, you have to go and click and you can see you get your I will be helped here. You can alternatively type here and sort the marketplace also. But we'll go this way. So let's kick on irony hub. Okay, so the first thing it docks is that my subscription? So I lose appears you go. If you have a free subscription, feel free to use that resource group. Let me create a new world resource group so that it is easier for you. So there's a big company need so back? We call it my 30 years ago. Okay, select the region, which is close to you. So I live in India, so I'll pick up southern part of India. Okay. Name your I d hope on. We can call it a zoo later. War I o d Oh, Okay. On the next click on the size and skill, this one is important because here you have to choose your pricing tired. So by default we will see annex one standard. Because that is what is your problem? You. Now I recommend going with free tire because this is just a proof of concept with a dream. Okay, I didn't know Free diet, which is F one. You can see that we have 8000 messages, so for day. And it will not cost you up to 8000 messages for the which is more than sufficient for our pure See under that one settings you live it at four. Device to clothe the partition. Do not increase it leaving toe because it is a poc and we do not need so much power for our help. So click on a review and create now and as you can see my cost is not there. It's free. Okay, Just go ahead. Just review everything, especially your resource group. And you're I have name. If you are my convalescence, then make sure you go incorporated so that in the future steps you do not assign it to an incorrect help. Click create. And as you can see in the notification, the deployment is in progress. It takes a couple off miniter to get deployed. So we'll use the power of video leading and come back when their deployment is that so don't modem in. Our deployment has been completed on the yes, you can see. Just took 11 minutes, 35 seconds. Okay, The one thing you need to do is go. Go your notification now and pinto dashboard So that, you know, this is very handy or too crazy or resources on. You can always go toe. That's word now and just clear. Click on the resource in this case is and I only hope. Okay, now the next thing we need to do that we have created and I hope we need to add a device toe this iron help to do this, you can score down on under, Exporter. As you can see, you see an Iot device link, which is here. So you need to do is click decided to device limb to add. Decide to device into your eye would be help. Okay, so let's keep their on on top. You see the add button? This will add a device to your IRA. Help. So let's create on ad. Okay, on, uh, give me a meaningful name. Okay. What indication type Habito symmetric. And that the kids generation living toe automatic. Okay. By deformed. Oh, this device will be an evident. That's precisely we want we will not select any parent device because we're just using one device. We don't have millions of device in our grid, just a Pusey. So we click on save and if you can see, the device has been successfully created and you can see them. Our device here, you can click here, and this will give you the connection string, which is connection string, Primary key on connection string second Ricky. So you need toe. Copy this connection string. OK, Do not copy it from here, but on your right clicker, the copy button and copy it and save it. We're not bad file. As you can see in the next picture, I copied it and I have opened a low packed fight. Just go here. Andi basted. Okay, so we go back toward device. So we have created and I want to help. And we have created an Iot device and were copied the connection String off that I want to device. Okay. You also need to copy another thing, which is the connection string for your I would be harbor as well. So you go a group where I'll be hub and click on the shared access policy, which you can see here. So this is the shared access policy, and you would see that there are a number of policies chose that I will be helped owner. So it's I really have wanna Once you selected, you will see the connection string, and you need to cooperate, and this is shown in the picture. Next, we have cooperated on the primary kino, and we need toe paste it in our new pet as usual. Okay. So to sum up, we have created and I would be hub. We have created an Iot device and connected that I have to device toe are already help and cooperate. The connection strength for both of the Iot device on the I. D help. In the next session, we'll clear this cream analytics a step by step, and I'll show you how to do it in the next video. 18. Section 3 Azure Labs 2: welcome back. So let's take the next step. We wanted the Creator diary. Haven't device copied their connection string. Now we need to create a stream analytics that would hear from the device and send it back to power. Bi. It's which means the import will be the I would have and output for the Stream Analytics would be the power bi a resource. So let's go step by step. So taken Creator Resource. As usual, click on Internet Off Thing and under that you see Stream analytics job, which is here. You can also type in the marketplace and go to Stream analytics job. So let's select the Stream Analytics job. We give a job name, which would be unique. So I give a job in in Resource Group this very sore group we created for this video. So we'll use this location. I use the same location for me. It waas in India, so I chose the available location from India hosting environment. I keep it to cloud and not change your toe edge streaming your lips. I'll keep it the before, which is three in this case and just click on, create bear in mind. You're I only help is free, but you scream. Analytics is not free. So there will be some charges that will be coming up for your stream analytics. So about our deployment is in process and will use the part of video editing and come back or department has no succeeded and, as usual, will cook on deployment and pin it to our school. And as you can see, my stream analytic job is here. I'll kick on it. We need to go a couple of things here, especially because it asks you for your input and output allies. So if you start it now, nothing will happen. Okay, so under job up the top eulogy, you would say in book, you need toe configure both for input and output, as you can see here. Okay, so let's click on the our input and, uh, create a new stream import and select. I really hope, because our input would be coming from Coyote Hub, in which our devices. So let's call it, I'll be all I need. So that's cool. It might work in book. Make sure we have selected the correct I would help. We don't change anything. We keep the civilization, Former as Jason and just save it. So as you can see, input is getting added. Now, the next step is that we need toe create on output as well. So there didn't mind our output would be on power be a so on the drop down list. Make sure you select our B A on, uh, we've given up in the life. If you and I give authorization to love my workspace in tow, Bar B A on the database and Adidas his name. Get us. Just leave a logical name. Give them. Okay. Now, at this point, you need to have your power bi a account. Okay? And once you click on this, it'll ask for your credentials on unit Yule log in information should come in. So I pulled this video and make sure for the next step you have your power bi a user i d and password. So I'll post a video, I log in and come back so you can see I have provided my credential and it shows currently authorized us as my power use already. Okay. And the tradition is complete. Okay. All you have to do is go out. Click and save year. So after you have safety, if everything is fine, your deployment will get completed. Okay, Now go back to our to your imports on selector. Your select your input. Andi, just click on the S. But in here on, if everything is fine, you you ideally see a success in your testing. We need to repeat this both for our test on best input and output. And then you can see connection toe might awarding boats. It's a succeeded. So my in Porto allies name and the perimeter on the contribution which have done is correct . We need to repeat it for our our food. Also go to output on selected on Just get on. No destined if you're all tradition is correct and your power bi I was already is valued your see success here as well. So let's wait for a couple of minutes on. Yes, your connections is it's pretty fast and your connection test was successful. So some about we created the stream Analytics created the import and output allies name and tested both of them for the airport. We used a power bi and yet to authorize it without power being used already and password. But the input we already use the pre existing I would be okay. I get up with you in the next video off. How to see this outputs and tested on Draw up a analytics report in a power bi. 19. Section 3 Labs VS Code part 1: Welcome back to the next. Listen, this this short. Listen, these over here school, you must be wondering that why we're not using the studio, which is a more common, more traditional. And while we were using the V s school, the reason being that in the in the schools we need but just 40 or more as a text editor, you know, with the fully face the i d kind of thing. So obvious. Cool Is that text editor just like, you know, just like atom, which I'm sure most of you used. Okay. Whereas visual studio is more for creating a package compiling your core be bugging your court trouble trooping flashing your board and stuff like that. So it's a complete i d just to news a complete i d, whereas in this case that we do not need an i. D. We need a text editor and then we're using the school. The school is also cross platform certainly walk where they were using windows, Lee Necks and Max. So that's another cooler feature to have on. But what I personally never like the world vision's todo projects very heavy takes a lot of time being stole. It takes a lot of us peace. It takes time to weapon. So I temper like that because that was not needed for the scores. When we escort can do the job with this lighter and faster. I'm the biggest. Corbyn is also very popular among front end their weapons. So I thought, you know that some let's use of year scored rather than visual studio. Okay, this also see, what is where in terms, Um, off the four there. And what in the software does mean for the according section would see everything in the holding hands on. But this is just a theory about what is coming in. Okay, First off, when you need to extract this border, which is there in the get of link and you have extracted them in a position in the affordable in your hard disk, then you have to open via school, Andi, click open for order and give that part off that particular off order. OK, you have got to make sure that you are logging in via school because you need to get the contribution off your subscription your I O t. Harv and stuff like that, because very easy when you were locked in. Okay, this is once walked on the border, which is the court for the real number off sub packages. We just come in. Okay, The water on top one on talk of your school. These are nothing but the congregation of the Jason fights. OK, Yeah. I mean, the after 40 or my people programs and I quickly get given list off which program stands forward. So once you open before that, which is that this border your state two parts in your we escort one is the Doc Ford, which has the dog, the U. S. Code section. This are nothing but the confrontation. Jason fights, okay? And we didn't happy my tipple programs. And let's see them one by one. Okay, you have the app got I know which is nothing but that mean application on This is the application that will get deployed in your hospital people because you need to bond on the score. The Nuria sweet will be both. Okay, That other thing is a convicted age. Okay, Now, this is the system which, which has a physical book for the use pit will be bored on the sensor okay. Credit. But I am, you know, is a program which will greet the city airport perimeters, especially for your wife. I like basis I d and the passport. The mixed winners. I will be helped land or die. You know, this is the client for diarrhea. Help, mrs dot I know this program will reader the sensor value, and it's merely a partisan program on cereal, but I know it would read Read the strength with which you are entering into your cereal monitor. So you need to just update on deploy the after I know fight because the rest of the fights are called in the mean program, so make sure your target program is the abductor. I know, uh, which we get the blood in tow. Your book. Let's see all this fighter individuals to Reiko. Now let's get started in cording. Okay? The first thing you need to do is that we need toe extract and download. Um, the your fights which are provided by Microsoft. OK, so you go with this. You are okay. And here I want to go Theory. There is a button for Conan down. Lord Andi, copy this. You are located you can also bomb copied from top if you want, but I prefer to copied from here. Okay, So, director ways to do it so one would be our who threw the command line. So go to your or windows from, Okay, unquote your windows from on, Um, making that directly like my And then you could change your dad decree and just give the good and, uh, faced the command. Okay, that's one way of doing it. The other way of doing it is just click on the traditional or downloads it. Okay, so once you have downloaded data, goto the folder where you have extractor did so for me, I had extracted I'm under this folder. Okay, So what you do is that no, I look in beer school, make sure you are logged in like I have loved it. Click on open folder and give the border wearing selected the root folder where you extracted, OK. It should not be. The family should be the extracted by and click on select folders. Okay. And give me some time for the further to Oh, load. And as you can see before that has got loaded. And I have Ah, human For those here, one is apt which is here and oneness Ah, via school. But this is what you can see in your report on So where you have extractor If you go, you see a folder colors be a snap v a school and up This is exactly what you are looking at in your beer score Terminal looking. So let's go one by one. No wonder he is called. What do we need to do is you need toe put one extracted which is output and give the akron or this is an optional step. If you don't do are the bird will not hurt out for part And um the the court a club that you really experience what will be slow but go ahead and do it All these commands on text are given in the document with this lesson As we're looking done, the next finalists um, the seats see pp fight here. You have to give for the part where your are green off fights are installed. General eighties under documents are green. Oh, and libraries okay under the app for order Their main fights, which I pulled in the previous listen the main oneness, the app for dot I know fight. And this is the fire which you will actually burn. The body will deploy the board. Okay, Now, sometimes you would see that there is a one in coming back in. So this included is not there. Perfects the part. Click on this year, level on a data into a pot. So it will take you to wear your class parties there. Ok? And in case you're got plus part correct, which means that this for this library is not in stored. So just copy this and press F one on Go to your library manager. Okay. On within. Library manager Just peace. The library, which is missing. Okay, so just cooperated. And now I will based it. So just to go here on base trick and as you can see, it is giving me the option to install. So just electoral latest portion and click on install. So once you click on install, the package will get installed. So you have to do it for all the packages where you were getting in the warning. Nevertheless, I've given a list of all the packages which you need to install so just press f one and go to the latest stable version of and install it. I thought that we do Onda, come back when the installation is done. And as you can see, the warning is gone. We see a next warning for this package. You can just copy it again. Press F one world for your library manager Andi, just based on that particular library. Andi, I'm just install it so positively do install it and come back again. And as you can see that even this libraries installed. Okay, so once have been started to let some have a look at what is where. So this is the main file, which, which has all the details for your WiFi, uh, credentials. Okay, so the next Friday, which you can see is the configure your age here, you need to do a book interrogation, which is put your led Penis crew and your sensor Penis will, which matched to D four and D six. Okay, the rest. I would not suggest, um, changing anything for this congregation. You know, credentials. Some, um the conventions are taken from the cereal monitor so you don't have to hard coded, so this is This is just where it takes the credential from you Syria monitor, which I was speaking in the slide that, you know, read serial port parameters like you're a society impossible. Okay, The next one are here. Is the client for coyote with standard anything here as well? Because these are standard of Mrs Ryan. No need to sense of message, Any parts and serial. God, I know it is physically for reading the string from the Syrian focus on number to change now a taxi or yes, but will be born on bake. Sure that your brothers correct, Which is some ESPN 266 Okay. And you're just kick on this world button, which is under adrenal upload. Okay, so let's cast our board and see cedar court deployment. No. 20. Section 3 VS Code Lab part 2: Welcome back in this section we'll see how could apply our court into our yes Be Yes, but will be no time. So you bored And how to make sure that all our trip points are correct before they are moving into an end to investing. So, first of all, what you need to do is that you need to logging into your videos through the accord and make sure that you're logged in. So after you logged in, you don't you see that you can set your I would help connection string by just pasting it here in putting an enter button. And you can also select your um, I'll help Just click on the select Irby hub and you can see on top it tells you about your subscription. If you have a couple of subscription to show you both are you have to choose the correct one. So if I choose the correct one, my I'll be help is automatically popped up. So go ahead and select the orgy, huh? Ok, so make sure that I have selected is coming up in your output council, as you can see here. No, go on top. Right on. Take on this Arduino upload. Okay, before that, make sure that your computer is selected and you have the right border coming up, okay? And you should be also in tow. The app daughter. I know. I know. Fine. That's the right file to upload into your heart. So go ahead and kick this button here. So pressed a button and it will take some time to applaud. Okay, If you had used to argue No, i d and used for embedded programming. Those parts are more fast, but with re just for the record, this is slow and it also gives them a warning. That output party store said we can go ahead and create an output part, but let's keep up for the time being, because it's not burning. It would take 3 to 4 minutes for the court to get uploaded in your bowl. So once it is uploaded, I'll come back. But deployment has struck it. As you can see, the moving our dot lines on it gives you the percentage completion. So we wait, are tailored, gets 100 person in this in this part in this position, off the court deployment in your hardware, you know, see the led infidelity off the years people blinking blue And that is that is normal. So utilities blinking. It's fine on as per plan. So let's wait for it to get are deployed 100%. So as you consider the gorgeous deployed 100% and we have selected the night, I would help put the connection string as well. Now we need toe. Start sending a message of the sensor to our hub on toe on our device toe. Go back. Open up your Arduino i d and open up a blank sketch of that shown here You can open a blank skate by going into file and new. Okay, so once you have done there, make sure that you are in tow. The correct board, which is the year spit will be more new and you cut it comported selected. And you see that take here. If that is not here, make sure Selective port, whichever we were getting and select that I've got at home six. But bear in mind, you can get a different comport. Okay, Now what you need to do is go to pools and click on a single monitor on make sure that the board great is set to 11200 You might have 9600 If that is the case, you need to change your toe. 115 to 00 OK, now it will. It will arcs for be Want to re input your credential in? Put in this position, you should say yes. Okay. In case you're not seeing this information, all you need to do is type in the reset button on on your ears, people. And it will Oxford input your wife by society. So here I am give for my society. It is asking for the password, as you can see here. So I'm hoping way crossword. Don't get asking for the hop device Connection string. So we had already cooperated in tow a note pad, so make sure you copy the right one. You do not put for the for the hub but your potato for the device, Onda and just based it here. And as you can see, it has successfully connected and you can see message I d. 1234 on the respected. The humidity and temperature. So temperature is 23. It's quite a pleasant day in Bangor with 30 for us humanity. Okay, now we need to go and see this is actually going to the hub because from our or from our comport and serial monitor, we can see it is going winning very fate and other. And so go back out your eyes. You on click on your I D hub on that. You need to see if the messages are coming in because it's a new hope. I deliver messages would be geo. And as you can see, that you know, for 48,000 messages have already already coming. So if I change it for last one hour, you can see that my messages have started coming in. And so So this is the first step off. The testing will go to the power bi a part in the next video. 21. Section 4 Sneak preview: welcome to the power of your section. It has been a great run, and I'm so proud of you that you have reached so far. You have done the hardware you have done, the cloud or settings you have done. According now it's to take the fruit off off our labor into Reporting and Analytics platform, which is power being in this section, we be brushing one important concept in power, bi A, which is Dashboard versus Report. We'll also be having a lab on our being in which will be taking the sensor developed from the cloud and putting it at the time cities in a power bi a report. Finally, we'll see the collaboration channel how to share this report with their colleagues, by an email link or as an embedded in the corporate website or into your personal blow. So let's get started. Before I knew what, I would also encourage you to leave a fear and transparent review and rating for the course 22. Section 4 Pillars of power bi dashboard vs report: Welcome back. This is the section on the Microsoft Power Bi and they were looking to power bi indigents and also or do the labs for power bi. So let's get started. But this is what it looks off as a dashboard in Microsoft Power Bi, where you can create a lot off illustrated visual addition on the details that they said that you may have gathered from your source like Excel, your I D harp on a blob or the flat file. Okay, Microsoft defines Power Bay as a business analytics service. Their daily was inside to enable faster an informed decision. That's quite a large definition. But just try to take a step back and see what it actually means by deliver inside winnable , faster informed decision. So let's log in tow power and, as you could see, look into power bi and are opened in a sample data set which is given by Microsoft in the area for little analyzes. Okay, All right. You can see that. I know it pops up a lot of interesting charts based on sales figure, store figure and also, you know, geographical details based on the location off the store. So This is for a before the dummy retail and laces, which Microsoft provides. Now you can go in sex from it, which means you can. You can click on any, any, any aspect. Like I just clicked on the sales part and then you can see it gives me an overview. It gives me a break on a district versus off sales on If I click on new stores, that gives me some insights on sales on the new stocks. And also there's certainly no other reports that comes with it. Okay, it also has a their ability toe crediting query data, which means you can goto goto the report and ask a question like In this case, I just took sales on select whatever I need. So what is my cells? Foursquare food? And it says that is $13 which is pretty cool, and you can go and go down into the report and start getting, you know, inside. So without spending our worsened in the calculation example, I just got the gross margin for this retail store. So this is what it means by illustration on insights and without, you know, asking somebody toe do it for you. They talked for top management Can go and see this Interactive reports on D. C. You know what? What? What has what has been the figure in the business and, you know, taken actionable insights that what can be done? A za prevented mission or a corrective measure? Okay, no, on going into this report is is not the goal of our course. This is just an example. So show you the full fully place capability off power Bi Onda. Why? Why? This is snowball so cool and so much in demand both in the job market and also also for business because it actually makes them have ah, little for insights. Nevertheless, I got Hlinka for this report and you can download and play in tow. But this will just give you an idea that you know what? What are we I can do in themselves? Are dashboard reporting And how does that the definition off power power be okay? We already talked about the licensing auction and the email requirement will not repeat. So let's go into another aspect for power Bi, which is at the power bi A what space. Now our workspace is a concept within the Microsoft Power be a and there's a one difference that I need to call it out. So you have one thing which is Skordas my workspace. And there is another thing which is called as it workspace. Okay, so they doesn't difference between the two. Okay, Now my workspace is something like my document in you left off. Which means those are for your personal photographs, songs, fights. You never share my document. Okay, On an ideal world, you never shared it with anyone. Whereas your workspaces like your one drive which wearing you can share your pictures, songs, fights with somebody. It's a cool lover of collaborative area. Similarly, in Microsoft Power Bi A, you are my my workspace, which is like my documents and you walk space which can be shared with your colleagues and your teammates and your boss. Now you can see it by going back into party A and you can see this This space is the workspace and you can go ahead and create a world workspace for sharing with your colleague . And the one in the bottom is my workspace, which which are my personal data, which I am using. Okay, So this is one important concept to understand. So make sure that you know whatever analysis you're doing, you're doing it in my workspace. And whatever collaboration you need to do and share you can do is go and create in your workspace. So So that difference should be should be known to you between the workspace and my workspace. Okay, they another thing to know are few. Be a Concepts are built for building blocks off or pillars off Microsoft Power Be a So one is a workspace which, like continues for your dashboard reports, data states, which I talked. It is something like a collection of data which you can import. It can be an executed, can be a CSB can be a message It can be a txt. It can be a blow. Okay, there is a memorandum for important concept, which is the report on the dashboard. Now the reproduce is some one Peter my temperature mighty ph visualization you generally create with lang maps, charts, stream, herbs, line charts, but his death, POTUS water. Just so send me it's and it's a single page canvas wherein you have level for illustrative for Bagram's and from which you grow insights into it. So let's take a few moments to understand the difference between the report and their decibel, because it is important. But as I said, your report can be one or many PhD, and I support is always a single. So keep that in mind Data center. You might have multiple data sets coming into a dashboard, for example. You have one traditionally straight coming from sales. One data set might be coming from you. Sierra manner become can be coming up from us and so on and so forth. But it's got a report. You always have one data set report. So since we're creating a report in this course will have a single data set which will be created on our azure platform. You can configure alerts like monitoring Ehlers. If this perimeter happens, send them. Send an email to the stakeholders that can be done on the dashboard, but reported with started, you cannot send out any alerts. There can be a language best quality in a dashboard report or does not. Hello, language, Mr Credit. In it, you can also have views you within a table that you can you can see that asserts stables and values. Whereas in the dashboard you cannot see tables within their dad sports. Okay, so you cannot drag and drop a table with adaptable. Okay, So keep this difference in mind when you are using power bi catch up with you in the next section. 23. Section 4 Power BI Labs 1: Welcome back in this section will complete the power bi a part and do We're testing. So you have to look him in tow after our power beard or make sure that they're not using the power Bi Idec stop addition. Because this will only work with the Abdur part. We don't come. Okay? And as you can see when they longer than inside my workspace, I do not know Do not have any data sets. This is because I have my stream analytics job is still not running. So what I am currently doing is that I am I'm just sending the humidity and the temperature from my years Be hardware board told I'll be hub on from there. Nothing is happening. So we need toe, toe, toe, toe those stream analytics which which which you were created on you can click on output. So, in case you are struggling to find where is a stream analytics, you can go back to your dashboard and you would see your screaming job here. Okay. And then, as I said, you have to go and click on output on. We didn't output. Do you have the single for power here? You can select it, and you can see that The data said the name is data. Set my report. Okay. Now what you have to do is unit toe. Start out this streaming job. So what with the screaming job and click on Edit Berry, go to your addict query, and I've been type in your oak wood. Make sure that there is Ah, no spelling mistake on you. Serve it. So we take a few seconds to save your settings. So go back now to your job and start your stream on analytics. I do start. And as you can see, the Stream Analytics job had started successfully on the status. Also changes into running a week ago or power bi A and refresher on. We see our dad worked to see if our data set is coming up. They can see the data set is in full. Recall. This particular our data set was created when we created our output. So go here. You can see here our data set name and data given. Name is so Data set my report and this is the data state. Okay, Now you can go here on click open. You can probably can go to the data set even also come here and click on open. And as you can see, the data set will open and it will also pop out off the table. Our table on the columns would you have for the day for the table. 24. Section 4 Power BI Labs 2: Welcome back. Now, as you can see, that our data set is there in our power be a walk a walk space though you wanted which I went inside his Abdur power beard or my stream job is running Now all they need to do is double click on the data set and you can see that my David has popped up with the column name now our sensors in the room so you won't get any fluctuation. Major fluctuation in temperature and humidity so a line chart might not be the right way Instead will create an area chart. So click on area chart dragged to a size you are comfortable with and just a dragon drop of the temperature on the humidity. You also need a time element. Um, off this else, you'll just get two dots on the value so you can take the even process time on a potato at the bottom. And as you can see that our charter is populated, go creating view. It will ask you to save the report, and you can name it USP report one and save it and you can you can see that you know my temperature and humidity along with the time has, uh, come up. Okay. Now, what you need to do is you can also create a table off the values and you can you can select a selector table, so click on the table. The table or dog would would come here. Andi, you drop in the time on the first column, you drop in the temperature. The second column on humidity in the heart column on If you go to the focus more, you can see that with the time I'm getting getting the reading into my power power, be a okay. You can also go ahead and customize the mobile. Leo Dragon does the humidity. Oh, and, uh, the table you can know? No expanded on. Makes your fits. Fits correctly as I am doing it. Okay, you can play around with it. Okay. On once you are happy with what? What do you see? You can you can go go back to find on Safe said this report. So we're back into the view. And as you can see that I've put the chart we're in. I have my humidity and temperature and also put put a table you can play around with the visuals. Visual addition and creator of other charts as well as its desert suits your purposes. Okay, a bear in mind that if you stop the sensor, the report will come in blank. So the the sensor value has to be continuous so that you get some values as an experiment. You gonna change the sensors to a different room and you gonna monitor your different approaches and room in your house, OK, Now are to toe share it. First you have toe, make sure that it is saved. Okay? No, you can know. You can also add a text. So two added text a clear summer's piece for, uh and, uh, take it down on a plea Condor text here on you can write a text with his SP. Make sure the foreign size is large enough. I don't know. Make it board on. Uh, you can just direct tracking or a dog like this on, uh, go ahead, then save the reporting in you. You can go other cool things like you can engender Cuba caught With this option, you can analyze it and excel for further processing, but for our case, will will generate the cold toe publish on the Internet. So publishing to the web Onda, click on oh embedded court and click on Publish. And this is the court off which has been generated The first part You can use it a zoo Hlinka for the mail. So let's try to do this copy on a base trick. You know, Broza, we will see the reporter coming in so you can use this link in the order E mail on. Send itto anyone you want. OK? There is also a share important which Euro audience gets on they can shared by a social media feed like LinkedIn. Twitter of visible. Ok. Oh, you can also you have a website like your blogger or your company. You are You can select. Select that size will be a bigger size on. You can just select the correct frame on district will see this how we incorporate this in the website? Um 25. Section 4 Power BI Labs 3: Welcome back to the last time video. The city's on How protested out so ordered isn't embedded called on the email in the previous video. Now Goodpaster discord in your blogger website. The quickest ways toe. Copy the school and sender to your master Off your company. Fewer. If you have that permission, I should not have the permission. You can do well. A couple of things that you know. You can put it on your own personal block off block. You should have it in workplace or Jumla. Something like that. In case you what have you can create creative three website in the week so you can go to Warwick Starcom and just signing now with your Jimmy lady and get started because we weeks gives you toe host its abdomen free of cost, which means it will have your name with dark weeks dot com. And in case you ever don't mean you can connect it as well. Now, this is not the website was hosting courts, and this is way beyond the scope of this course to our teacher web hosting. But this is how things looks in wakes so you can go to your weeks editor are creating new peach. Put a label in it and name it like and your feet in Nairobi hub. And here you can enter your code, which you got from power bi A and once of updated, your page will be like when you can just go and publish this page and share the u R l with your friends, your colleagues in the your boss to look, look into it. You can also put you could also no password protect the page in work. So it depends on what option that you haven't done so far. We're posting. Okay. You should do not have anything. Just go ahead and said Copy the link on Use an email Hlinka and send it out. Using which evening The first option. Which is it now? Now here is the beach password, which I provided on. But this is how my beach local women demonstrated in my website and you can see it recorded the temperature over a period off time as well as humidity. Okay. And it's quite cool, actually, because of the actualization comes in pretty pretty need. Okay, you can go back and also won't check the feet so if they're coming correctly. And as you can see that, you know, you start once. You it gonna start loving this for a period of for time, you can actually get it. Quote, charter, individualization report. So that computes, um, of other demo on a time to and are testing. And we saw how we can share the link of or social network over email and also Nika custom website. I would recommend that you know, you'll have access to the website. They just send that go to the web mustard, and he will do the rest. Um, all the stuff I can't help. But even the final lecture where we will see how to stop from Diana, let extreme job and also show you how much cost do they actually incurred over the over the cloud to conduct this course and proof or for concept using irony year spit will be on Daz , your catch up with you in the next video 26. Section 4 How to stop job and how much i spent on cloud: to stop the analytics job. After you have done your testing, you can go to your dad's or click on your streaming job on the same way they were started. You need to click on the stop pardon. And if you stop the analytics job, this will stop. So it will take a few seconds on. Make sure analytic job is not running because he will get charged for users off this analytics job. So this is how after you're done, you're testing. Make sure go ahead and stop. It tells you, continue toe in car charge. So let's see. How much did I actually spend over on my cloud? Okay, so to see how much Europe incurred as a cost, you can go to the bottom right, which is cost management on building, which is this section here. Click on it and then you have to choose your subscription. I was using a pay as you go subscription. As you can see that true the subscription. And as you can see, I just spent a 25 book I One night on it was bought for my i d. I would be stream analytics. The job which we which they created right running this course. And ‚āĻ25 is like 35.35 35 cents. Okay, so that's even less than a dollar that says spend while doing this proof off concept. So make sure that after you have done the proposed concept, you Alito your your authority. How on your stream analytics? Because even if you don't use it for the stream analytics Jobe still incur lately cost recurring. Okay, so I hope this was helpful on I'll catch up with you in the next video. 27. Bonus How to download Fritzing: right. Welcome to the bonus section. And in this video, we're talking about Fred Sing on Guy used freezing freezing to do my draper Bagram. And it is a free software, and it's a very good open source hardware initiative, and I would actively encourage you to do your corporate presentation. The project work on the electronic San Io to using flexing so don't don't know friends, and you have to goto phrasing door or OK and click on the download section. And here you can see it gives you my Deep Ellum option on Windows Mac Ways and Lenexa. We also have the option to obey from source Gordon Mike. It does not detect your operating system automatically. For example, it is not telling me whether I'm on Windows 32 or 64 big. In case you do not know which big your laptop is, you can grow your laptop setting by going toe this PC Legal Properties, and you can see that you get that within system type. You will get what what is the big for me to 64 bit. So click here on our your down little start on band. It's a standard installation in the windows. You have to just do next and to the standard off order in America. You'll have a warning, but you can in the warning dialogue, even just keeping and given open. So I did not guide much on the Mac user because if you're using macular and Advanced user already okay, so often you have been stored on, you know, political spritzing on, just open it. Onda Friends Inc will take some time on Lost the Love part on, but it will open. Okay, it's quite fast and it has a smoother interface, as you can see that it gives you three options in times of bread board skew Mandic PCB in court. Generally, for your presentations, he would be needing the Draper view, which is also used in this court's. On the right hand. You will have the parts and you can use the search. But but who search? So, for example, I had under Obama's you liken just ah dragon drop all north. EMC, we're here on the board will come here in case I want another board saying artery no and search for our you know, it gives the various flavors off our adrenal so you can just drag and drop again. OK, so it's a pretty pretty cool. You can also search for individual components like register transistors, power supply, anything that you were that you were interested in. Okay, so I hope this was helpful on bond. In case you do not find the part that there is also an option toe important even always google the fruits and diagram for that part. And you can import import that particular part as well. Okay. And it will get at it added in tow. You're my my parts section. So this is how you used phrasing on. But to save this diagram, you can you can goto fight on you want to save us, give you auction to save it as a friend thinks case and you also have the option toe exporter toe as an image which is like a PNG epic and the media, which is quite a cool feature, I think so. That's about phrasing, and I hope and I encourage you or toe play around with it. Okay. And you can also go and see the semantics which I used in the course on, but also your to going for Kobe. People own on PCV for very advanced users. So if you want to make your own electronic circuit, you can jolly well use Fred's Inc Finally, before I go to add in order, you can use this option and write a note here and just type in whatever you want to die like this is my so banks about raising hope this was helpful. I'll catch up with you in the next listen. 28. Bonus Get in touch via LinkedIn and Facebook page: right. Welcome back again in the bonus section. If you want to add me over Lincoln concerts for winning on the attack, you can also go to this. You are which is unable. Kardec 79. I'm reactive Burlington and I post regular updates about my activities, including the migrants in which I'm going my public speaking. And also any cripple calls that might come that may come for my future courses over the Internet. Any port custom that I may be doing on guy tried toe right post on the industry porkers little machine, a machine learning on also my experience in very your startup conferences. Now, in there. Okay. Where were you? Can add me is visit over the Facebook page with it our Facebook page of Google, Facebook, Facebook and within Facebook. You can type my aboard. You can also add a rate My report to such our group quickly and where you find my post as well. Way haven't owned 2400 members on, and this is growing steadily. Not very fast on, but this is also a very innovative way to go be in touch with me in case you're made off our corpses of maybe a reward or your i o t a device. You can broken a picture here and we're happy to a shared that across the our community. You can also arcs any question which you may have in this forum related to Internet of things. Machine learning, robotics on I pick up. When? Now, when It's the right time. So I hope that these two channels you can use other other than the the learning bad form get in our touch with me. I'll catch up with you in the next video. 29. Bonus Bye bye: right. It's time to say goodbye, but I would encourage you to be in touch with me to my LinkedIn Page or Facebook a group. I would also encourage you to add me on Lincoln. I have other courses on Internet of things. I would encourage you to go and have a look at it as well, and I'm really excited. And I'm very thankful that you have joined our discourse, and I hope that I was ableto add some value in their professional careers to get your skill in Internet off thing. In case you still have any issues and problems, feel free to message me or send a question in the Q and A section. If you have not given us a review, I would encourage you to give a fair and transparent review under the review on the rating system. I'll catch up with you in the next course off my reward. Until then, it's a good bye