Use a Facebook page to sell your Art

Joe McMenamin, Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

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8 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • What I've done

    • What to post

    • When to post

    • Giveaways

    • When to boost

    • Facebook Best Practice

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Have you ever wondered why some Facebook pages have lots of people following them, but the posts don't get very many likes? As an artist I have built an extremely engaged and active Facebook following, where lots of people regularly comment and share my posts. This success has helped me to sell paintings directly through Facebook and is a big part of why I have been able to quit my day job and make a living from my Art.

In this class we will look at the following areas.

1. What I've done with my Facebook page to build it to this point.

2. What types of posts you should make on your page.

3. When you should post and how often.

4. How to use giveaways to build huge engagement and get lots of new page likes.

5. When to boost and when not to boost.

6. Some Facebook "Best Practice" that has worked really well for me.

Throughout this class I will give you practical, real life examples of Insights, Posts, Reach and other Stats from my Facebook page: Joe McMenamin

I encourage you to take this course to learn how you can sell your art through your Facebook page, and click through to my page and follow along with what I do there.

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Some handy pointers here if you are looking to use your facebook page for business.
As a Facebook newbie - I've been cruising different classes trying to figure out how to "do" Facebook for my fledgling business - and THIS IS THE FIRST CLASS THAT TRULY HELPED ME UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE FACEBOOK!! lolol... Clear, succinct instructions, great information, perfect length, and lovely artwork which - even though my product is different - this class was totally relevant to what I produce and market. Plus - love the New Zealand accent! One thing I did discover (the hard way) was that Joe talked about using the "insight" page - and I went crazy trying to *find* my insight page - but after much googling around - I discovered that you only get that option when you have more than 30 likes or something; obviously - my page was so new I had nada, so - that was THAT mystery solved, lol.... One of the very few classes I've tried thus far that I think works for someone as clueless as I am - plus a more advanced user/marketer... THANK YOU JOE!
Meg McClellan

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Joe McMenamin

Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

Joe McMenamin is a painter and printmaker and the flowing organic patterns that ripple through his works have won him a following throughout New Zealand. Joe has a bachelor of media arts from the Waikato Institute of Technology. He teaches art part time at Naenae College in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Joe loves teaching and gets lots of the ideas for his work through interactions with his students. His students also experience first-hand the different processes involved in his prints, drawings and paintings.

In Joe’s latest series of nautical themed screen prints his detailed drawings are screen printed as a ship and anchor or a deep sea diver. Joe then carefully drops coloured powdered dye pigment in the midst of the image, and the colours splash across the print, making each one bright, exquisite and unique. He finishes the print with some hand drawn pattern to represent the water.

Joe’s recent paintings depict a range of subjects painted directly onto the medium of plywood - it is a natural medium that attracts him and he makes the frames for each piece by hand. He is interested in New Zealand native birds. Joe skilfully paints these birds directly onto the plywood, which gives them a raw quality and showcases his photorealistic painting technique. He often applies a layer of Danish oil overtop, which brings out the grain of the wood and the jewel-like paint colours.