Use Google Slides as a Poor Man's Photoshop to Build Flat Design Event Posters | Timothy Kenny | Skillshare

Use Google Slides as a Poor Man's Photoshop to Build Flat Design Event Posters

Timothy Kenny, Author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs"

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1 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Building the Poster


About This Class

With the advent of flat design, it is easier than ever to create stunning designs in Google Slides.

A few things you might not have known about Google Slides:

1. You can change the size of each slide to whatever dimensions you want...meaning you can create a postcard, 11x17 inch poster, or a banner ad for your website, all in Google Slides

2. Google Slides has all the features of Google Drawings

3. Google Slides let's you and your co-workers comment on individual elements in each slide, and all changes are automatically saved in the cloud, along with a revision history that goes back to when you first created the file, even if it was years ago.

4. You can export Google Slides instantly as PDFs and print them in full 300dpi resolution. (Yes, I have printed 11x17 in posters at 300dpi from a Google Slide PDF...and yes, it works! No pixelation!)

Why you should take this class:

1. Offload work to co-workers who aren't familiar with Photoshop or don't have it installed

2. Create high quality designs using Google Slides for free

3. Learn how to transfer existing designs in Photoshop into Google Slides

4. Learn how to create a simple newsletter using Google Slides instead of Indesign

5. Create flyer or poster templates, then have someone else change text, logos or pictures for each event without having to go back into Photoshop each time and do it yourself.

6. Avoid hours of tedious back and forth changes by doing it all in a Google slide

7. Create quick mockups live with your clients or co-workers in Google Slides, then create the final version in Photoshop.

Class Project

You will create an event poster using flat design principles. 

You will learn how to collaborate with others in real time using the commenting feature of Google Slides. You will also learn how to create a template so that multiple versions of the same poster design can be used over and over again.