Use Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design to Green Your Home | Erikka Fogleman | Skillshare

Use Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design to Green Your Home

Erikka Fogleman, Interior Designer

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30 Videos (3h 22m)
    • Introduction and Course Overview

    • 3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Green Interior Design into Your Home Today

    • Why Should We Care About Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design?

    • Eco-Friendly vs. Sustainable Interior Design – Yes, They are Different

    • Main Principles of Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Interior Design

    • Quiz - Test your Eco-Friendly Smarts!

    • Power/Energy: Affordable Upgrades

    • Power/Energy: Costlier Upgrades that Pack a Punch

    • Make Water-Wise Choices

    • Harness your Natural Lighting

    • Maximize your Artificial Lighting

    • Identify Current and Future Green Upgrades for Your Home

    • Let's Talk Indoor Air Quality

    • Green Finishes for Your Floors

    • Green Finishes for Your Walls

    • Green Finishes for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

    • Green Options for Your Fireplace

    • Green Furnishings: Furniture

    • Green Furnishings: Textiles

    • Green Furnishings: Accessories

    • Green Vendors You Should Know About

    • Social Responsibility in Interior Design

    • Upcycling, Repurposing and Recycling

    • Buy Used and Buy Local

    • Create Your Own Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design Plan

    • LEED and Other Green Certifications/Accreditations

    • The Importance of our Role

    • To the Trade Green Vendors

    • Final Thoughts

    • Bonus Lecture


About This Class

Do you want to learn what elements make a home eco-friendly and sustainable?

Are you interested in making changes to your home to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable?

Are you a design professional who wants to learn how to incorporate this hot design movement into your own business?

If you answered with a resounding "yes!" to any of these questions, then this will be a great course for you!  Eco-friendly, sustainable design is a rapidly evolving area of interior design with so many choices available today.  For the average consumer, it can be incredibly overwhelming.  My goal with this course, is to break it all down for you so that you can create your own eco-friendly dream home at your own pace.  

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Use 3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Green Interior Design into Your Home Today
  • Understand why Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design is More Important than Ever
  • Explain the Difference Between the Terms, "Eco-Friendly" and "Sustainable"
  • Articulate the Main Principles of Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Interior Design
  • Implement Affordable and Higher End Upgrades to improve Your Energy Efficiency
  • Implement Easy Ways to improve Your Water Efficiency
  • Maximize your Natural and Artificial Lighting in an Eco-Friendly Way
  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
  • Understand the Green Finishes and Furnishings Available for Your Home and Where to Source Them
  • If You're a Professional, You Will Learn About Green Professional Certifications and Green Trade-Only Vendors

This is a great course for all levels of individuals who are interested in learning more about green interior design, and more importantly, how they can easily incorporate these principles into their own homes.  It’s also an ideal course for design professionals who want to learn how to incorporate green design into their own business.   I've also included a bonus lecture that will show you other easy ways to "green" your home and your life.

Please join me as I help you to navigate the rapidly evolving world of eco-friendly, sustainable interior design!

Important Note:  Please be aware that this course, nor any of my courses, is not intended to provide all of the knowledge needed to become a professional interior designer.  As with any professional field, there is a significant amount of education and/or experience that is needed to achieve competency in this field.  My intention with these courses is to provide some solid foundational knowledge to assist either those individuals interested in "DIY" interior design to work on their own projects more effectively, or to provide supplemental education to both interior design students and professionals.





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Erikka Fogleman

Interior Designer

While Interior design is my main career and passion, I also absolutely love to teach others, so I am thrilled to have found Skillshare so that I can share that passion and knowledge with others just like you.

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