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Usability for Webdesign: Heuristic Evaluation

Guilherme Garcia

Usability for Webdesign: Heuristic Evaluation

Guilherme Garcia

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6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro - Usability Evaluation Skillshare Class

    • 2. Usability?

    • 3. What is Heuristic Evaluation?

    • 4. Nielsen's Heuristics

    • 5. How to Evaluate?

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Usability for webdesign: Heuristic Evaluation class you will learn how to evaluate a small website interface with the most accessible method for usability. 

Meet Your Teacher

I'm a chaotic neutral designer/ illustrator from Brazil.


Instagram: @guilhermegaki

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1. Intro - Usability Evaluation Skillshare Class: just 8% over one sisters declared that they going todo 6% of uses. Don't finding for me. They were looking for only 55% of open on the off line. Don't be one of the class you learn one off. The easiest usability evaluation matters the risk evaluation. This method allows you to think by most off means of these problems. Off sequel size Way will understand what method is white works and helpful flight. We're about weight of sites him a blessed and learned to write any part of the club. It doesn't matter if you're a business designer, a developer or a festival dryness to stuff your understanding. 2. Usability?: I understand the risk of violation. We need to understand what is his ability and why it matters. So what's user believe? It's a natural boot, often interface that defines how easy it is to use the system. It's essential to every site. Users have complete freedom to leave your side if does not find what he was looking for. If your user get lost trying to find a product here leader site as stated by nuisance, there are plenty off other websites available, leaving in the first line over the fence. When users encounter difficult frustrations in the use often interface even the perception off the bread associate in bad feelings with your product or service. 3. What is Heuristic Evaluation?: it's a metal tunnel lies an interface by comparing it with a number off principles in northern find out errors and the usability issues, these principles are no Mazzarri sticks. Risk is an approach to problems based on previous experience that are not guaranteed to be perfect but sufficient to immediate goes. It speeds the process off problem solving. When find the optional solution is impractical, risks are not routes they are guidelines to is the identification off usability issues. It can provide some quick and inexpensive feedback to designers. You cannot think fit back early. You can use it. Gather with other usability testing methodologies can use it as a shag lists to make your site better as you're designing it. Although you can start using it right now, it requires knowledge and experience to apply the risk to its fullest. The best situation is when you have mood bo experts Evel Wake Northside in aggregating their results. The evaluation maidens, five more meaner issues and fewer meter issues 4. Nielsen's Heuristics: take amusing with a PGA in the human computer. Interaction from the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen is a Danish Web visibility constant in principle. Off the news. A normal group we should co founded with Dr Donald A. Norman, former VP, over search at Apple Computer. He developed. He is a Risk is a collaboration with Hope ma'lik in 1990 refined it in 1994. Visibility off system status. If you don't give user feedback about the system status, they will assume that it's not working. You should always keep them informed about what happened, what they wait so they don't make mistakes that attract from the user experience. After use A submits a form, it expects some kind of feedback match between system and the rial. The system should speak the users language rather than system oriented terms. The language must be the same off the users with familiar vocabulary and about topics interesting to them. Also, you should avoid unusual visual metaphors. Fires and folders are good examples off metaphors. We interact daily, user control and freedom users make mistakes, and that's okay. There's a risk reminds us that we should allow users to correct their errors without down signs of their activity support. Under when we do get a user that lets a file even not from to undo it consistency and standouts bottoms that make the same action should have the same name and appearance. Users should not have to wonder whether different awards situation or actions mean the same thing. For example, if you have juice and buttons but with different colors, users may become confused. Ever prevention off white era, pronto conditions. If the user tries to make something risky, like the leads in a file, present him with a confirmation option before he commits to the action. If you asked for a password in the Lord inform, you could very fight why the user types it instead of giving him an error message. I'm seven recognition rather than the recall. It's hard to user responsibility to remember. Sister information reminds the users. Memory load Make options visible. Human attention is a limited. We are only capable off Montigny around five times in our short term memory. At one time when you're typing an email, Odgers and Gmail auto complete with suggests a later. Using this, a recent flexibility and efficiency of use, make shortcuts, form or experience the users with layers of efficiency and complexity. The system should be flexible to deal with a variety off situations. Allow users to tailor frequent actions in height from the Nazi user. The advances. Options. You can deliver the default settings and offer the option for the advances scenting later. The most important thing for mission should be usually prioritized. Why what's not that important should have less visual wait. Everything presented must be necessary and use it. Form follows function. Ah, good use off. This principle is a Google search page. Its main function the search box, this feature in the middle of the screen with almost nothing to the shrapnel. Help us to recognize the Agnos and recover from errors. Mirrors are inevitable. Using must understand what was the cause of it, how to easily corrected if possible, language must be clear, and the message should constructively suggest a solution. A good accent is a sandwich page that identifies if the user happened incorrect password or using them and communicate its Cleary as he types of help in the communication. The idea of system could be used without documentation But that's not a realistic a central , so it may be necessary to provide help. It should be easy to search, focusing on the users task and not be too large. Skew share makes a great dropping its help page with clear talks and simple language. 5. How to Evaluate?: steps of the fund. The scope of what we will be evaluated chooses most sides or part of a larger size set your go with civilization. Not important point of this stuff is the definition of who will carry off the valuation your risk of relations. No to find. More than 90% of users needed problems if it's performed by Treat five experienced people. But remember, one of a waiter is Berdan. Browse through the site. Get familiar, really Go from your risk to a risk you on the page looking for elements that do not follow them. When you come to some conflicts with your sites, behavior with your risks, take a print out off the screen in noted risks. Explaining house is a problem. Repeat this to look over all the problems off the site. Read your report. It right suggests a solution to each problem you found. See how their sides have so similar problems. If you have done devilish with a team, segregate the results by combined their risk off each Evel waiter and discuss with them the possible solutions Booster report in your class product. Optional on interesting exercise would be to evaluate the site chosen by other colleagues and post your report on it so you can compare the reservations off each one, something that I find the coma and different points making a richer evaluation. 6. Final Thoughts: I hope you risk evaluation is exactly what you needed. But do not forget that it's not the only matter to analyze your interface. There are several others yourself to get better and better if you apply other techniques and continue to study before to learn more. I recommend this size a very useful plug into aid in the valuation. Creation of a report is you X check. Check it out, CIA.