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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. Let's get started

    • 2. A PEP talk before we start

    • 3. Materials you'll need

    • 4. My Urban Sketching Palette

    • 5. Assessing the scene

    • 6. Creating the thumbnail sketch

    • 7. Understanding Proportion & Perspective

    • 8. Drawing a streetscape ONE point perspective

    • 9. Drawing a streetscape TWO point perspective

    • 10. Let's get Sketching Trees, mountains & people

    • 11. Adding Watercolor to your Sketches

    • 12. Identifying your style

    • 13. Class Project 1 The Church on the Hilltop

    • 14. Class Project 2 The Bougainvilleas and the Blue door

    • 15. Bonus Lesson The Island of Burano, Venice 1

    • 16. Bonus Lesson The Island of Burano, Venice 2

    • 17. Thank you for joining

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About This Class

Urban Sketching is a great way to document what you see around, it will help you understand your city better. Also Sketching on a daily basis can improve your way of observing things.

In this class I'm going to help you understand the basics of Urban Sketching, how to measure accurate proportions, how to do perspective sketches, hw to arrive at your own style of urban sketching and many more.

Join me and lets explore the world through our sketches!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Let's get started: opens. Kitching is a great way to Duchemin toe to see around. It is typically done in a city where you will be sketching in public. You will have people around you. I just really need to be sketching a city life. You can just tap out and sketch your backyard A door or window which has some brilliant details opens getting us not about creating very well detail. Perfect sketches. It doesn't matter. Body wants catch. The general idea is to make loose and freestyles catches a bloody scene. Hello, everyone. My sides. Any non abuse? I'm an artist and an instructor. I'm also an architect by profession. I loves getting buildings, people on anything I see around opens getting really help me pass of the sea city and absorb et plants and capture the essence of a place it isn't. Just about drawing belongs. It is more about capturing the life and energy. For me, it is a way to slow down on enjoy the moment. You don't need to be scared of sports catching for outdoors catching. Come here to help you understand how to break down a complex cityscape. I will teach you how to quickly illustrate what you see. We will also look into some techniques on how to add more life into your sketches on also derive at a loose on a freestyle off your own. In this class, I will be explaining each and every material you need in detail on. Along with that, we'll also be learning to set up a custom palette for opens getting. We will also be learning about proportion and perspective have to measure accurate proportions. We were looking to the concept off perspective, sketching on loan. How to get the best perspective ankles. There are many more exercises which will help you understand proportion on perspective. Sketching. We will be working with pen on light washes of watercolor on by the end of the class. I will make sure each of you have the confidence to schedule you see in front off. So in short, this class is all about understanding. Open sketching, learning about proportion and prospector how to choose a sport and created that needs sketch on gradually documenting what you see in your sketchbook. If you ever wanted to try open sketchy, this is the time there is a lot to known in this class, and I'm super excited to share my tips and techniques with the old All right, go grab your favorites gets book a pen, a brush and some watercolors. Let's together explore the world through the skaters. 2. A PEP talk before we start: sketching in public needs a lot of confidence at his little scary if you're doing it for the first time to worry that start with our surrounding our daily experiences on from reference photographs. Recently we went on a trip toe Georgia and I was so excited about Opens Kitchen. But I became so conscious about the people passing by and looking at me on I couldn't paint at all. It was a total disaster. I had to click reference photographs, and I used to paint them while I'm back at my hotel. From then on, I decided I'll only sport sketch when I'm comfortable with the surroundings. Otherwise I'll just take reference. Photograph on. Do them later. It is very normal to be scared off sketching in public. So are we. Start with the place. You know, this is a Morse gorgeous. Close to where? Be a living. Andi. I used to take a book, and there is a bench which is close by, and I used to sit there and sketch what I see. Always start with a place which is familiar to you or the view from your balcony and interesting door or up into a gate. maybe, or even some plant pots opens getting us most enjoyed. Then you go out and experience a place and sketching right there, looking at your subject and enjoying the moment. But this is not always possible, either. You yourself is not comfortable sitting other place, and it's getting something when there is a lot of people around are you are making others not comfortable because maybe you're making them more conscious, So give equal respect to the people who are there to inside the place. If you feel like they're not comfortable with the way you are sketching, don't get from their change your location. The Romany Open Sketchers who travel around the world to build their sketchbook. But I'm not as privileged as they are. I don't have the choice to travel a lot. So renderers Internet. I don't think we don't need to worry a lot about it. We get millions and millions of pictures from Internet. It is a great feeling to sketch in public, enjoying a place on sketching that on the sport. It will really meet you come out off your comfort zone. There is no doubt in that. This one you see here I sketched from a reference photograph on this one. I did lives catching. This is an entrance toe hotel complex on this one again, the bush Kali far ided lives catching. Most of the time. I add the watercolor wash when I'm back at home on Lee, the Brazil people around I Coupet, adding the ward clerk in this class we will be mainly focusing on is getting from reference photographs. But I would really suggest if you could get something that you see around you maybe our door or a pinto, a building or a bicycle or anything, which is more comfortable for you to start. This doesn't need to be well detailed. We just need to get the shape and the proportion, right? This is just to help you understand yourself how good you are at absolving paints. Don't go with the specific plan B very loose on casual. Just catch. What about you feel like even there some extra strokes? Or if there is some detail, nothing. It is absolutely key. I have the habit of carrying a small sketchbook, always in my path. So whenever I get places like this, when there's no much people around me. I just jump into scared something on. I always give myself a timeline off 10 to 15 minutes so that I know to manage my time. Because when you're traveling somewhere you consider at a place and sketch for like 2 to 3 hours, you need to be very quick and spontaneous and finish your sketches and 10 to 15 minutes maximum so that you can enjoy your next place. Otherwise, you will be just watching the same place and getting that for ever. These are some sketches I did while we were in a parking lot. So I had this 15 minutes and I had to finish the entire painting in less than 15 minutes. So once in a while, give yourself a deadline off 10 or 15 minutes on by Pat, You alone to manage your time. So before they start with our class, I just wanted to see open sketching us not about creating perfectly details. Catches at us more about coming out of your comfort zone, Aunt having the confidence to scheduled. You see, in a way you want to sketch it 3. Materials you'll need: Let's have a look at the material Sad you will need. Let's begin with the sketchbook. This is my little sketchbook from Qadi Papers at this off 300 GSM. You could see the cranes of the paper on this one. Here is from Artista. I will be using this four of a class. This paper is to 20 gs and it is good for light. What is a watercolor? It doesnt great for heavy washes. Dough on this one is from my own home of the brand To be honest And it's also good for light or so watercolor. The paper is Britain on normal, which is not artist great quality as we will be working with pen on light washes of water glory you don't really require Art is great sketchbook. So the sketch work solely depends on your style the way you want to do your opens catching . If you want to go with heavy washes of watercolor, you have to go at the artist Great sketchbook. Otherwise a normal one. That's absolutely fine on most importantly, make sure the size of your sketchbook is very handy and comfortable to you to work with. Don't go with a big size catch book. Now let's have a look at the watercolor palette. So this one US traveled in bogs, which can hold up to 18 shades. I have chosen this colors by myself, opens getting us more about reacting quick and spontaneously on sketching out. So I would prefer to go but a custom made pallet where you have all the shades, but you will be using readily available. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time taking the tubes out, squeezing the paint and putting that into your palate and mixing and getting the right color. This way, you can say a lot of time on. You can be very quick and spontaneous while you sketch one thing I love about this palette tous this little metallic flap here that is so good to mix in your colors you can easily cleaner, desperate. There is little space over here. This can also be used for mixing what is good enough as we're not using too many complicated watercolor techniques or anything on. One thing I do is after every session I make sure I clean both the sides on. I make it clean for the next session In the next video, I will be talking about all these colors which are used to my palette. Now we're talking about the brush. These will be the two pressures that I will be using. These are travel precious by Princeton. This becomes very handy viol traveling. You can just keep it in your pocket. This comes as two parts, though handle and a cap on. Same with this one. Societies number eight. The other one was ice number six. This way, you don't spoil the bristles off your brush, they said the two ones that I used normally, if you don't have a travel brush, it is absolutely okay to use your normal brush, go what are medium sized fresh, which is either size eight or six, which will be perfect for the kind of watercolour washes that we will be doing in this class. You can also use about a brush instead of the normal brush. You can feel the handle of the water, brush with water and squeeze it to release the water. They're great to travel light. Andi gives a fluid painting experience for the basics Kitchen. You believe a pencil and an eraser and then you will need some black imprints. This one here is by art line. They are pigment ink, which is water based on their water resistant as well. So the two sides of that I use in general is 20.5 and point to the only thing you need to be careful as the pain that you're using should be water resistant. It shouldn't Smart char spread when you apply the water cooler waters over. This is another bold open that I use when I'm doing black and wide sketches. Now I have this fancy scale. It is called the fans. Kim, you can have a normal jeweler with you in case you need to measure or understand the scale and proportion of something. I always carry water with me in this bottle. This is a coffee bottle from Starbucks. I'm quite particular about the plastic ways that I dispose. So I always try and reduce the ways that I two on. Finally, I have a set off paper trouble with me. Either I carry people trouble or a clean cloth. A piece off clean court. Include can be the best replacement off people trouble. All right, so those have stubs that I carry between while I go for open sketching so quickly. Go grab all the materials. Don't worry. If you don't have the exacting brand that I'm using here, go with any sketchbook. Anyone glow Brandt on. We just need one single brush and a pen and let's get started. 4. My Urban Sketching Palette: this is my travel to palette can hold up to 18 half pounds. This is metallic and very handy. And I have this empty magnetic half pants which I squeeze in the paint and two and then fill it in here talking about the color. I'm starting with the alone. This is primary yellow from similiar on. I'm gonna first heard that into my ballot. It's a nice and fresh yellow on. After that, I have the ceelo orange from Mitchell omission that also goes in. Then I have this orange, the Sicilian orange on that also goes in there, and this one here is one of my most favorite color. It is bright yellow green by sent earlier. It's a perfect shade for that fresh on tender Karina reef on. Then I have sub cream battle to go skiing. I will be listing the details off each and every shade at the end of this video. The next shade that I have us sent earlier Green. This is a perfect shade for those. Then Santic Forest on mountains. Now coming to my favorite section off the pallet. All this based on blues. This is composed bluepi Mitchell location that goes in there, then I have this couple green again from Mitchell. A motion. It's a very nice pretty blue. I use it a lot for the stores sky water on almost everything. It is a nice based on blue. I use it quite a lot because I always like that Fresh on pace still style for my WILBON sketches in the next sections, you will understand how beautiful the scullers than we to our booking villa and door painting That goes until now. I have this couple green by Sen earlier, but it is entirely different from the cabal green from the television. Even though the names are the same, the color really depends on the pigment, each brandis using. So be extra careful value. Choose your clothes. Then I have this pride blue by white nights on. After that, I have to cais blue again by white nights, and now I have brushing blue that also goes right in there, and this is the selection so far and now into go joins the team. This is also from severe that goes there. That is a selection. So far, I have slightly rearranged the colors so as to add in more. Read This one is cobalt violet light again from Sommelier that goes next to the similiar orange. Then I have Carmine from white nights, and after that I have the dioxin purple from san earlier again on somebody use a lot off purple in my sketches. So having one and my pal, it saves a lot of time. Now I have been degree from White Knight. This is so much needed. Then you have to add more shadows and darker tones to your sketches that goes in there. Now I have Bullen Sina. So that is the complete selection off my open skating palette, the color that I have chosen here as in a way, how I used them in my sketches. So it will be totally the friend when you chew so colors, giving more importance to your style. I always go with fresh on pace. Total tones. I don't go with a lot off muted colors. I always allowed to have a fresh and bright, so that is the reason why I have chosen some vibrant Andi based on tones here. Once we do all the exercises and want to finish the class, you will have an idea of what kind of close you allowed to use in your sketches, and that is how you derive your own palette. When you have chosen your palate, always stick to those colors. This will give a unique identity to your sketches, and people can recognize it is your sketch by looking at the colors on the way help you use them. Maybe you will prefer more off neutral on out and tools, so that's totally up to you and your style that you're gonna focus on. So here are the swatches of the colors that I have chosen in my palate. You can alter it, asked for your preference and style. Once you do to our three open schedules, you will definitely have a certain color palette that you want a full load. So don't stress out a lot. It will automatically happen 5. Assessing the scene: when you're awful, Robles getting the first thing you have to do us understand on analyze the place. Maybe by the first look itself something have grabbed your attention. Or maybe you're totally confused looking at the complex city like this and you're trying to figure out what to sketch. So relax and look around. Experience your place. Give it at least 5 to 10 minutes. Look for each and every detail that strikes your I food instance Imagine we are right here enjoying this particular scene. There are so many little friends which you can make until unique sketches. Maybe this particular scene. But all those trees on this arched buildings are maybe this that longer block off this hotel, this vertical blocks meets a nice frame. You can have that contrast of class and that red brick all you can go with this block, which is kind of symmetrical. You have this balcony at the center and then you have this almost symmetrical blocks on either side. But as nice arched doors that also makes a great frame are, maybe you could cope with this particular block here at the party which has so many archers on that balcony. It has a nice light blue wall, and also there is a stone wall on the right that also makes a great friend on all these means. You have plenty off options to choose from this one single frame. So when you are through location, you can either split your friend and to multiple frames. Or you can draw the entire view. You can use your fingers this way to frame your subject. When Urata location, you can go with a landscape manner or a portrait manner. You can go with a view, however you wanna frame it. Imagine a few on me. It's at this location looking at this scene or drugs, you and we will be different. Maybe I would like to sketch this particular scene here on you will be thinking of sketching something else, so it is totally up to you. You can choose the offering, but you want us catch on. All this means you have the absolute freedom to simplify your skitch. You can take whatever you want, and you can omit whatever you don't want a sketch. You can also make your friend horizontal or vertical. In short, the sketch that you're gonna produce is the way that you interpret the same. All right, so let's quickly go on juice. A common train just for learning purpose. 6. Creating the thumbnail sketch: from the previous exercise alone. We can break down this one single horizontal frame and toe multiple single frames. If you want us gets the entire horizontal frame, you can do that. Or you can simplify your sketch toe tiny frames like this by looking at the freeing like this, you will be able to understand what you want to take and what you want. Omit. So maybe you will end up sketching a tiny corner off this entire facade. So that's what exactly would be going to do in this section. We gonna create companies sketches as many as possible. Campaign skaters are quick joints. They are usually done very rapidly without any correction. You can use any medium either just a pen or a pencil. They are more often than to understand the basic format on the shape on the proportion of what you are intending to sketch. So start by the major shapes. In this case, it is a big rectangle, which is broken down and two different segments. So when you draw attempting sketch, your major focus should be on identifying the major shapes and lines. You don't need to detail out every been toe or door that you see. Thumbnail sketches are usually done as very wrap Small sketches. These are usually used to explore multiple ideas quickly. You can also play with light and shadow. Using in car, you open itself. This will help you. Then you frame your bigger sketch drew of the writing off cos sketches from one location sketch as many as you can. This will help you understand which one you want to focus on. Always start with the major shape, then go with the major worthy guilts and holder Sometimes then outlined the key shapes and quickly hatches the darker idea. This will give you an understanding how the light and shadow was playing. Now I'm gonna try this particular bit here. I really loud this little cantilevered balcony. So when you're standing on the location looking for inspiration, it could be some shapes, which is fascinating. You are. It could be some textures. Carry a pocket notebook, always with you on, try and sketch as many companies as you can. Because kitchen is a powerful process, it will always help you discover new ideas. The more us gets, the more fool because you will be you will be more jobs, a win towards everything around you. Skating also helps develop different areas off your brain. You also developed the ability to focus and pay attention, a skilled that is very useful throughout your life and career. No, just for opens getting. If you really look into that, it is your hand and eye coordination. You look at something and you translate that into a sketch, the more faster you can do that you are. Other everyday task also becomes easier. This means your coordination off your brain. Andi, your observation is becoming faster. I hope that made some sense coming back to opens kitchen. So go to a location trying to ask me tough meals. Catches as you can. Don't worry about the detailed Central fiction. Just focus on the major shapes, lines on proportions. All right, so let's go ahead under a bit more about perspective and proportion. 7. Understanding Proportion & Perspective: proportions are the relationship between the height and the width off an object or a building. In this case, it is a relationship between the height and the width off this door as the last of going to . And if you look at this building as a whole, you have to get the relationship between the height and the width right, so as to make it look proportionate. Now let's have a look. Quarters attribution. So this is a building here, Andi. Imagine if I am standing here and I'm looking straight across the building. There is no angry produce. My line of vision, a straight, and that means I'm looking at this surface here. As I'm looking at the Sofa Street, what I will be seeing will be in true shapes. It will be in parallel and perpendicular lines. Everything that I'm looking at will be a scene, and it's true shapes, So my elevation will be all perpendicular and parallel lines, the one being inclined line or any tilted lines on the elevation. Now let's have a look at the real examples. This photograph is a great example ful evolution. Whatever you see in this photograph, ISS, parliament and particular lines can see there is the Squire, which is at its true shape. Andi. Then you have a rectangular piece here. The rest of the facade. It's also perpendicular and parallel lines. The whole facade is composed with various sized rectangles on. Now I have this famous Venturi house you can see in here. Also, you have basic lines and shapes. There was no perspective. You on this photograph hands this assault spent innovation with this composed off parallel and perpendicular lines. So that was elevation view. You can have your sketch as an elevation there on your lines are parallel and perpendicular . Now, let's have a quote as one point perspective. That's my horizon line. Now I'm gonna add a vanishing point right there. The area below the horizon line is called the Crown Clean. Now I'm gonna draw two lines toe orthogonal lines like this from the vanishing point. So this is your horizon line on this issue. Vanishing point. Just like the name sees, everything just vanishes. At this point, everything converges to a single point when it meets right here. So you have your horizon line right there, workable subject that you drew about the horizon line that is beyond your eye level on Bordeaux, a subject you droop below the horizon line. That is your ground plane there where you can add trees, people, road vehicles, water are any other subject. Now, let's see. What does this mean when you are drawing a streetscape? I have my vanishing point there, and I'm drawing orthogonal lines over either side. So our full line there now, I'm gonna try drawing some buildings. I have my building right there on the left side. The same thing I'm gonna do on the right side. As for so, this is what is more close to you. Everything you draw beyond this line as you go to towards the vanishing point become shorter. That is how you have that proportion and scale in your streetscape or any trying that you make. And these are your vanishing lines. All these ads, more scale and proportion to your sketches. So these are some rough sketches. Now, let's have a look at some realistic photographs. Very. You can identify this one point perspective now I have the street for the graph, but it clearly shows the vanishing point The ground plane, the artery lines on the area beyond the rice and line. The same goes with this photograph. Aspar. We have the vanishing point. Then the buildings are disappearing as it reaches that point. This is also a clear example off one point perspective. Now let's try do point perspective. Just like the name say's. I'll have two points that still vanishing points that is my horizon line on. I have to vanishing point or at the right, on the other one on the left. Now I'm going to draw a line at the center. Then I will connect the vanishing point to this line. So I made all those connecting lines. Now I'm going to draw a building right at the center. At this line, I'll add a line like those on Dhere Asper on that presents a building. This will be the one closer to you on As you go towards the vanishing point, everything's become shocked Er, and hence you get your scale and proportion dried. The basic concept is everything. Appeal shocked. Er, as you go towards the vanishing point here, the trees became shocker. You cannot, um, Doc Oto san. Also add some 19th floor. Now let's have a look at some photographs, very will identify two point perspective. And I have this photograph which clearly explains two point perspective and a real life scenario. We have to imaginary banishing points there. And the buildings appears to be shorter as it Brokenness towards the vanishing point. The same concept goes to this photograph fastball. All right, so that was one point and two point perspective. Now, let's have a look how we can draw human figures proportionately. I have my horizon line and vanishing point right there. Now I will draw a rough human figure. So there we have a man standing on. Do we have other vanishing point? Now I'm going to draw a line connecting the vanishing point and the head of this guy. I'm going to do the same thing connecting the vanishing point on connecting this guys feet . If you drew street lines right from his head on from his door just like this, that is the height off this guy. Now imagine I want to draw another guy standing at this particular point. Now, how do you know how tall this guy should be? It is quite simple. You need to draw a line like this from this point straight across touching that line. And from there, take it down, drew a straight line and again from there, draw a line on. Finished that into a box on This will be the height off the guy you want to drop. You think this technique you can easily identify the height of a person you want to draw. At any point, it will be proportionate. 8. Drawing a streetscape ONE point perspective: in the previous video, we had a quick look about waters for fine perspective. Now I'm gonna show you how to draw upon fine perspective streetscape. I have my horizon line Vanishing Point on the sport of lines here I'm starting with basic rectangular blocks. So one point perspective is a drawing, which has only one vanishing point on the horizon line. Just like how I showed you examples off real life. One point perspective. You will find so many inspirational pictures from Internet. Maybe you can take one as a reference and try drawing that with the concept of one point perspective on This will make the idea clear in your mind. So I added basic shapes on either side of the street. I'll jump into time Labs on. You can just watch out how I'm drawing this. I'll just go with a pencil sketch first, then I'll come back with a pinned under rubble. Oh, and after that I'll add some shadows using ink. So just watch out. I'm switching to time lattes. - We have the basic pence's Get ready There. I'll switch tow a pen. - Just remember as he moved closer to the vanishing point. Everything just disappears. That means that becomes shorter as you approach the vanishing point. Then only you can achieve that scale and proportion in your streetscape. So we have our sketch there. Now I'm gonna add some shadows using pains. Great. This will add more life to your streetscape. So this was a very quick and drop sketch. This is the basic concept you have to follow. If you are drawing one point streetscape, I hope the idea is clear. The next week you will try a quick two point perspective. Here is some more inspiration for the graph by the concept of one point perspective is clearly with Sibu. 9. Drawing a streetscape TWO point perspective: In the previous video, we tried one point perspective. Now let's have a look at a two point perspective. Streetscape. I have drawn a horizon line on. I have my two vanishing find right there. Now I'm drawing a line at the same tour. Then I'm connecting Goes to the vanishing point. Now I'm going. Don't that center line into the major building, which is the closest building to you on that will be the biggest one and the lot. So that is my rough sketch of the building right there. Now I'm going with the building. Next word on the right. So one face off, your building will be flat on straight this issue elevation on the other side of the building will be barrel to that inclined line on the floor on the other one, on the top. And also remember, as you go closer to the vanishing point, your buildings either become smaller, are it disappears as it reaches the vanishing point. - Just like how we did on the right side. I'm gonna do the same thing over the net side as food again. Remember, your buildings will appear smaller as they approached the vanishing point. - You had your vanishing points right there on this building here. Appear to be the big guest. Asked at us closer to you on. As you approach towards the vanishing point on either side, the buildings appear to be shorter. I hope the basic idea is clear. Now I'm gonna add some shadows to armor streetscape again. I'm using things great on. I'm adding some darko tones on one freeze off the building. - Get a great photograph from the Internet on, Sketch it out. That way you will understand the two point perspective better. 10. Let's get Sketching Trees, mountains & people: way had a look into the basics off proportion. One point perspective and two point perspective. Now, let's try some sketches. You can either go with your pencil fist. Oregon directly. Go in with your pen, Whichever is comfortable with you. I'm gonna directly go into my pants. This is my are Klein, 0.5 men. So what, we're gonna try in this video as some loose on casual strokes, which you can use in your Alban's kitchen. I'm gonna roughly draw some mountains like this. You can see my lines are not sharp and perfect. They're not crisp. I'm just casually drawing some loose on draft lines. I'm not worrying about the perfection. If you worry a lot about perfection, you may not be able to do them quickly. You will end up looking the tiny details and perfection off your lines, and you will end up taking a lot of time. So just put in your lines and a very free and casual manner. I know when you do it for the first time, it will hold you back. You may not be so loose and free. Drawing your lines. Let go off your fear randomly draw the lines. Don't worry about the perfection. Don't agree about the details. Just put the strokes in a way you like them. There is no Dolan Urban sketching that to your strokes needs to be in this way or that way . It is totally up to you. The only thing you should be concentrating as the basic shape on proportion on then adding the Darko tunes, which adds more life to your sketches. So I added the mountains in the background, and I added some grass. Now I'm adding some stones on. Then I'm adding the shadows. You can see how casually and putting in my lines. I'm not worrying about the perfection. Some of them are overlapping. Some of them are not in place, and some of them are looking ugly. But I'm not worrying too much about them. I'm just putting in whatever I feel like. You can take your lines in a screw. Please. Scratchy manner. Don't go with sharp hand straight perfect lines. You can a tiny daughter lines like this, which will add more value to your sketches. I just had some more grass on the right side. Try out two or three quick sketches on Once you try them, you will understand. What kind of strokes are you getting better at on. Both kind of strokes are looking great with your sketches. Now I'll add some water here. I just went with all Kobe line on that made my land on. Then I'm adding some lines like thes and this will make my water reflection at this line. You Can we get more docker so that you get your reflection on that shadow? Keep adding more lines if you wish on that sketch, I had a stopwatch running. I took only four minutes to finish this sketch. Try some loose and free styling sketches on From that you will derive at the style off for your own Skitch. As many as you can. Now it's drives getting trees in different methods. Trees are something which adds more life to your sketches. You can go with a tree like this, which doesn't have any leaves, but just branches. That is one thing which you can do this quite easy on next one as just adding a shaped like this. This also looks classy in the sketches you can adam dot and some scribbles just toe represent the Four Liege. The next one we're gonna try is a very minimalist tree. I'm starting with this to him. Then I'm gonna add a balloon. Sort of a shape. Just a simple outline like that on that makes our poetry. There's also looks very classy in the sketches that looks very minimalist on stylish. On next one, I'm going with a but more detailed stem on branches on. I'm gonna draw the leaves like this. You can keep adding more and more thoughts and those with patterns to increase the density of the foliage. Now we're going with our fifth tree, which is gonna be a bit more dense. Abortion for food one. I'm starting by scribbling the tree cover. I'm drawing it like a tangled cable surface pattern. I don't know how to call them on. Now I'm adding those stem on the branches. Now you can keep adding more and more to make it more dancer. You can add more taco tones here and there. This will make the tree look more intense on ticker, I'll glide. So those are our five different trees. Give it a try. Maybe you will end up getting a better trip Now I'll show you how you can is lethal at the ground with some grass on patterns on some little stones. Just adds exact lines in the in perfect way, which will make your craft looks more perfect. You can make some media more thicker and darker on some area, thinner and lighter. Some of them you can make taller and some of them can be shorter. Then you can add some little scribble sand. Acton's like those same dogs on tiny lines in some shadows on Darko Tunes. So that was mountains, trees and some grass. Now, let's try sketching some human figures. This is one of the most important part off open sketching. If you add more people into your sketches, it will give more life and energy to your sketches. I added a horizon line there. What will you see? Above your horizon? Line is beyond your eye level. So you have to try and keep your human figures under this line. Um, drawing the head of this guy right at that line. Now I'm gonna throw the body. You can always go with reference pictures off. People can look at the photograph on try and replicate the basic hook line off a human being. Try different postures like a guy holding a barrack or somebody running somebody lying down . You can try different posters to a variety off human figures. Try and create a collection. This will help you in your future projects. When you're adding more people in your sketches, you have to be very careful about the proportion. So this guy, the second guy, which I drew a smaller compared to the one I drew fest toe ask. You go closer to the horizon line or your vanishing point. They have to become smaller. Otherwise, that will go out of proportion. When you're drawing human figures, you don't need to worry about the details. You don't need to draw 10 fingers and his hands just focus on the basic shape and proportion. Ask. It's a few more people who are very far from us just for the same technique which we tried in the previous session. So I have this line here. Now I'm going to draw a line from here meeting the vanishing point. Then this is the height off this guy here with the same technique. I'm gonna add another guy here at this particular point. So this will be the height off this guy on guy Have another tiny guy here. So you can use this technique on Drew as many people as he warned at any given location. This technique is very important. When you are sketching a streets, keep on one point perspective. Now I'm gonna draw another guy. I drew his head right to the horizon line. Now I'm gonna go with this body. This is a short and then comes this hands. I'm going to sketch Asif, He's walking. So there comes this next leg and a posture as if he's walking. All right, so those are the basic human pickers. Try Andrew. As many as you can take reference. But choose off People walking, sitting, lying down, talking to each other on try and replicate them. Ask itches. In the next we dio I'm gonna teach you how to add light watercolour washes. So I'll see you there 11. Adding Watercolor to your Sketches: to add in the wooded color, you can either use your normal brush, our water brush. I'm going with my Princeton travel brush. That's a size number eight. Andi, I'm gonna directly apply. My compose blew over the sky. I'm not waiting the paper, so I don't really go for wet on wet when I do my open sketches, mostly because I don't have a time. If I'm doing it outdoor, I have to make try and make it very quick as possible. And secondly, because my sketchbook was not an artist. Great quality, so I cannot use too many layers of Walker. This is a very normal people without any texture. All queens on. Another reason is I always do small sketches. I don't go for on extra large size catches, so for me it is much easier to manage the painting. But it's I don't dry. So that was a sky. I applied the blue directly over the sky. Now I'm going with the mountains, Amusing honor, Love Interco and Bright Blue for the Mountain. Unlike in the other classes, I'm not focusing on any particular techniques. My whole idea is to show you have lose on quick you can be while applying the water car without thinking a lot you can just directly by your color or the mountains, and add in some darker and lighter tones here and there. Now I'm adding some integral to make some parts but brighter in between. I'm leaving the people space Lassiter's By leaving this paper white, it will give a new damage into your paintings. You can also represents new by leaving your paper white as I come down, I'm taking this similar green and mixing that with into go to get that forest green kind of color on. I'm applying that over the boredom off the mountain. Just apply you paint. Don't worry if they are not perfectly blended or they have grated some dirty patters. Those are absolutely okay. Don't worry a lot about perfection because sometimes perfectly done, things can be boring. As my pen was water resistant. I don't need to worry about them. Smudging are spreading into the pain that I'm applying. So that is one main reason why I ask you to go with the water resistant pen now or this area. I'm gonna use this bright yellow green, which is again by similiar. I have explained this colors in the pilot section, but you can duffel bag if you missed it. This is a very nice, bright, fresh light green. I'm going to apply the color with a grass. Here it is one of my favorite color. I allow the freshness off this color. Apply the color in a very loose and free style. You can lead a little off paper space in between. Some areas can be a bit more brighter and some media's can be lighter. Now I let some branzino in between. Maybe I'll just drop little here. I'm just trying to show the way I apply watercolor onto my open sketches. If you want to go with a more detailed style, you can go with that. Now I'm applying some bones, you know, over the stones, which I have here now to add more DACA tones, alcohol with a tent off pain scream just on one side of the stroll. This will give them more dimension on values. So try and be asked loose and free as possible. We're not going with perfectly detailed sketches. We're gonna try and embrace the imperfection. Now I'm gonna add color to my water. This is Coble Green by Mitchell Omission. I just simply apply the color over the water. As I had already drawn the reflection on the shadows. You sing my pen. I just need to add a light wash off color. There. Looks like it is done. I'm going to stop it there. If you want, add more darko tools and shadows. You can go ahead and do that little bit. Your men are with more taco colors, so that's it. Now let's go ahead and paint the trees. I will be following the same loose and free style for the trees as well. They have drawn five here. One doesn't have any leave, so forget about that. So they have full remaining trees there. I'm going to start with this store tree here. I'm taking this bright yellow green and applying that over only one side off the tree and remaining the other side. I'm gonna live it as white. I just dabbed in the slide cream on Lee on the left side. On the right side, I left acid er's now I'm gonna drop in a little off sap green to this just little dogs here and there. Andi, That was my tree. This is a very nice, minimalist way off painting your tree, but you can use in your sketches. Now I'm going with this one. I'm just applying the color directly over it over that entire balloon shape on. That's a Superman ministry. You would have seen these kind of treason. Some sketches. I used to paint trees this way in my architectural sketches when I was in college. Now I'm going with this tree again. I'm gonna apply the paint over the entire shape. Now I'll take a little off sap green on. I will make it darker on the left side. On the right side, I leave acid. Er's that is another super easy. Be off painting a tree, which was added a taco tune on the left side. On the right side, we left us a lighter shade. Now I'm going with this last tree in the rule. I'm directly applying the slide green over the entire tree cover. Some of the being can go out. It doesn't need to stay inside the shape. Now I'm gonna drop in some darker green into this. My background the stood, but it hasn't dried just drop in some dogs off any darker queen now with the Klemperer's. Just dab on it and give it a bit smoker. Look on, but that we are done with the trees to give more life to the trees. I'm just starting some shadows on the ground when you had shadows and more taco tones to your sketches that gives more life on value to your sketches. Now let's try and our watercolor to the grass, which we drew on, obviously again, going with my vibrate bright yellow green. I know why you said quite a lot. When you do toward three sketches, you will also find some colors. Your favorite and some of them you will try and limit because they are going very pale, are neutral. If you are someone who likes those set of colors, you might and abusing them and you will try and a wide as fresh and bright colors. So around the Antonio style, which you want toe derive. Now I'm going with little off Mancina. Just tap the paint on your people, put some dogs and since crudely pattern and gradually you will learn to do it faster. Now, to add more textures and life to your paintings. You can just plateau some color I'm gonna splatter some sub green on bone Say now over the grass This can be done to anything that you drew If you want to go for already rustic on day 40 That abstract sort of Look, I don't know if I'm sounding right. Yeah, but you can splatter your colors to give it more kept on life So I splattered sap green on bones in over the grass on the tight I'm done with my grass So we tried to mountain some trees and some ground cover how you can paint them Now I'm gonna show you how to add water glow to your human figures. This is one of the most important part off Oban sketching If you add more human figures to your sketches, which will bring more life and energy to your sketches in the previous video, we learn how we can draw human because in a proportionate way, don't spend a lot of time detaining the human figures who are far from you. You can go with a bit more detail way for the ones who are closer to you in the sketch. I went with a very rough on blues style for my human because they are known at all details . But as a whole, I really now that's catch. Now let's try painting these human figures. So whenever you have painting your human for girls, try and go but off brighter and fresh colors so that they will stand out from the remaining off the scared Chan will make it more lively. I'm going with the bright orange for this guy and I'm gonna fill his short with that color . Now I'm adding a blue for his plans. That was bright blue after you have applied your first layer, give some Darko tools some dark atones for his short. As for I went with a brighter orange there on being brave for his head and shoes on a bright orange. For that back. He's scatting and I'm going with the same color for this guy. Showed on the blue pants now adding paint agreed to all their heads on this guy. I'm going with a green showed on a blue pound. Then this guy I'm giving out playing shot. I'm adding some darko tones with a brighter cocoa on giving him a green pans. You could see the colors that I'm going with Their kind off bright and fresh had some lighter colors for the people who are far from you. Now, as a final touch, I'm adding some shadows on the ground. I'm going with pain screen mixed with a little off Mancina Just add shadows for all the human beings you have here. And remember, when you adding shadows always do them in the same direction. So we tried how to add watercolour washes, trios, catches very quickly. Now, in the next session, I'm gonna teach you how to identify yours time. 12. Identifying your style: In the previous video, we tried bending this landscape even with the colors from nature event with a green for the land and blue for the water on some pains Great on brown for the stones, it was all inspired from nature. Now, if you look at these sketches, these are done it earlier. Even these ones, I try to incorporate the rial colors on the sketch I tried to play with between practical owes. Dan, How was it in real for all these sketches, I used many colors. That is one way off sketching. You can try and incorporate the same colors from the nature. There's nothing bad in getting inspired from the nature and trying and replicating the same colors. Now, on the space of paper, I have rough sketch here. Now I'm gonna do a monochrome painting with this one. I'm using pain scree, and I'm adding some lighter washes here and there. Some place I'm making a darker to add more depth and value to the painting. Here I'm making some lighter washers on the mountain. There are many open schedules who used the style for the painting. They just use a blacking and different tonal values. Even with a single color, you can add a lot off stepped on value to your paintings. You just need to play. But the tuna values of the color you need to add more darko values where you have the shadows on more lie to their lighters, falling that you can make a great open sketch just with a single color. This style of doing an open sketches. Very common. You would have seen many famous open schedules painting they are. I'll bet sketches in this week. So we try the traditionally off open sketching instead of the inquiry went with pains. Grief. Now I'm trying another style where I'm focusing only on the grains. So I'm gonna add Greenbury Weathers grass and ground cover. I'm only focusing on that. The rest off the sketch. I'm leaving as white. The style becomes very classy when you have so many trees and ground cover on so many elements in your sketches. I'm only focusing on the queen. The rest offered. It was going black on. This is understand up doing it. It's very good for people who allow minimalist kind of sketches. Now I have two sketches here. Similar sort of sketches on the 1st 1 I'm gonna try and focus only on blue shades so I'll paint my sky. Then I'll paint water. Then I'll add some bluish tint for the mountain. Then I leave the rest. Acid is for the sky I used composed blue. Now I'm gonna paint the water. I'm using the same shade for the water rescue. Either you can leave it like this, just focusing on the sky and the water where you are using the same color. That means your focus will be just on a single color. I'm gonna add a little color for the mountain aspirin. I'm using Indigo and I'll add light Force yourself into Go for the mountain. So the whole painting as a variation off blues I just used different shapes off blue for this painting on adding little off into Go on the grass as well. You can play with Darko tones that is totally up to you. Maybe you can add more stepped on value by making the colors more intense. So that is animal style on focusing on the radiation off a single color. Now I'm gonna try under style there. I'm going but out of the box. This one. I'm using this bright yellow orange and I'm gonna focus on the orange shade on all the others cages We tried and went with natural colors on this one. We are being the type of it to go. I'm going with some flashy clothes here, the same thing you can do with some dread or purple. This is a very stylish way off interpreting your open sketches. Maybe in the next kid she can go with a purple on on the other one. You can go but blue are green, so you can always try and choose the color that you want to focus on, play with super vibrant and flashy clothes and create a unique collection off your own vibrant sketches. So those were some inspiration for arriving at your own style. You can go with any sort of style that you want to focus on 13. Class Project 1 The Church on the Hilltop: We tried a lot of exercises and techniques in the previous videos. Now it's time to paint our class project. This photograph you see here as from one off our traveled to Georgia. This is from a place called Speaky. It is a great please. With a great history. I'm going to start by clipping my sketchbook. Otherwise, it will just fly around and disturb. Meanwhile, painting this is what we're gonna get him today. It is a beautiful George sitting on top. I have Lingus image in the project section where you can download it from on can try it by looking at it on a bigger scale. So I have my sketchbook here. The very first thing that I'm gonna do us adding some basic Benson sketch the pencil sketch will act as a guide when I'm doing my skates using depend so that I won't make any mistake . Hopefully I'm using this mechanical pencil by a Stettler. Go with any pencil. Doesn't really matter. I'm gonna compose my sketch over this area off my sheet. So this is where my church will be on. I'm going to begin by putting the basic shapes the roof off this church on either sides. That has been a cone guilty. But when you look at that from the friend, it will appear ass if it is a try, Uncle. But from the inside, you can see a SoCal are proof. I'm going to switch to time lapse and I'll finish the basic Benson sketch. I have finished sketching this particular block. Now I'm adding this company call on to create an effect off the Children sitting on top of a hill. I drew this cov lines which would represent the road to this judge. The first block of the churches don't. Now I'm moving to the second block, which is over the right side asked. You could see from the image one off the door as sitting but higher than the other one. So I'm going to draw a line like this. Then I can draw the other room proportionately all these Try and notice little details like this in this photograph board. The rules are sitting little apart on a stroller and the other one as sitting but low. That is why it is appearing to be shorter and also the distance between these two blocks. So try and obsolete. Those little details which will make a lot of back Tony, is catch. I la quickly finished the remaining off the sketch. I'm adding this openings on this both the blocks on. They have another little block over the right side. That is also done. All right, so the basic mental sketches done. Now I'm gonna go. But my art line 0.5 number water resistant Ben, which is very important on I'm gonna run my pen over this pencil sketch. Now I'm taking my Ben over the pensees kitsch. As you could see, my lines are not perfect. I'm making them in a screw. Billy's scratchy plateau are not making my lines perfectly straight and aligned. Try and make your sketch very quick and spontaneous. Don't ever look into the perfection off the lines you are trying. It is great to spend 10 minutes a day for sketching, which will help you improve your strokes and the way you sketch them. It will also help you make yours getting faster. If you want to try skating something else other than this photograph. Go ahead. Please do that. Make sure you focus on the basic shapes and proportions that is the main thing. You have to focus when you do your sketch. This is a very old charge which is going toff, Brooke and stoles, which has a lot off textures and that so you can add this tiny daughter lines which which will represent all those textures on all this blood daughter lines will stand out and apply a watercolor over it, which will give a new diamond chintu your catch. So the same way I'm gonna finish the second block, which is on the right side. I'm going to switch to time lapse. Otherwise you will be so bored of thinking is getting This is a buddy tightness kitsch. So we don't have the option to do a lot with water club struggle while is getting itself. You can Abba Darko Tones Just like how I did for those openings. This is where we are now. The next thing you have to draw as the stool tenders him, try and put little doors and tiny patterns on. Do you have this road here? You have a Hilbert is going down on the right and finally they have another small block on the right which is half eaten by the him on that is also done. So this this our final skitch as the skaters to tiny, we don't have a lot off opportunity to add water color. We can have some quick washes of watercolor. All right, let's try and do that. Now I'm using my custom made open sketching palette on down, using my Princeton travel brush size number eight, and I'm using this combat queen for this guy in the actual photograph there some mountains on trees and all those declines in the background, which I'm not focusing on. So I'm applying the sky color over the entire background. You can use any color bitch you like. I apply the light worship cabal cream. Now I'm adding a tent off the sprite flu over some areas to meet the sky. More dramatic. Let's read for this guy to dry after that will pay in the church. Now let's go ahead with the hills. I'm using this bright yellow green bison. Earlier, I'm going to apply light washed off this color over the entire hill on either side. You can make some media like tourism may be a bit more brighter on some places you can leave the paperwhite fast food. Now I'm going with Sac Ri on. I'm gonna apply a bit off submarine here and there to make him look more realistic. Now I'm going with Mancina. Ongoing. Apply this or that compound wall, which I have around the church. Now I'm going with a very light tune off pain screen and I'm gonna apply that over the ruled on it would look like a tart food looks like my sky and the background has tried. So it's time to go with the church. Or before that, I'm gonna apply. Attend off. Blew over all the openings on now back to the church. I'm using this bright yellow orange leaving the roof the rest of the area and filling up with a light worship this bright yellow orange. Same goes with this block asked. Well, you can see those little black daughter lines are very much visible. This is what I wanted. And I added those lines on some or angel with this block. Casper. So this is where we are now. I'm going, but a brighter tool. I'm using Branzino Onda adding tiny dogs off Bonzi now over the church, the background, the stone. But that does why it is blending into the background. You could see the sketches very tiny, so you don't need to put a lot of effort and creating those textures and patterns. Just had some taco tunes where there will be shadows. Next, I'm going with Payne's gray mixed with a little of bonds, you know? And you see this color, I'm gonna add some taco to in school with the road right here at some shadows. When I added the shadow, the road is really looking like the other end is too far. And artists on the higher side with the same color, you can have some scruples and little patterns over the him to give it more time. Incheon. Just real Denmark. Enough. I'm doing the same thing over the compound wall asked for to make it with more talker on bond. Heavier some more. Darko Tune goes right at that. Roared. I'm not happy with the Indian city off that color. Okay, this looks bullfight. Be some would have. Don't over here. Yep. And next I'm gonna splatter Awesome color. I'm going with this bright orange. This is Senator Orange, and I'm gonna splatter that over the church to give it more texture on life. With the same color, you can add some strokes, aspirin. This will give a more texture off the stone on those Break next, I'm gonna splatter some sap green over the hill, some strong successful to give it a more than so look, I want to apply a color water in town. So we have finished almost everything other than the roof off that church. I'm going with a grayish blue on mixing the spry blue with a pain Charles Payne screen. And this is the color that I'm going with. There are a series off rules on applying this color over all of them. We're nearly done. I'm not really happy with the darko tones that we have in this get. So I'm taking my Ben back and I'm adding some taco tools. Wherever I feel like it needs a little more, we can add some shadows under the roof. Yes, that looks for a fight. Now, some textures on this role you can add some shadow over destroy possibles. Now I'm quite happy to find an outcome. I like the doctor. Tunes on the light of values are never forget to sign your open sketches. Find out a cool signature off your old on. Try and sign all off your open sketches I've allowed some boat asked for on. I think I'll call it a ton. 14. Class Project 2 The Bougainvilleas and the Blue door: I think almost everyone is obsessed with this bright pink booking villa and a blue door on . That is exactly what we're gonna sketch in the station. I'm sketching a rough outline off the tour at us. A rectangle. I'm not adding any other deals. Just a plain rectangle. Now I'm adding two steps on and then a rectangle. Opie's on the top. Then, ah, handle for the door and then a port on the left side on some stone on branches of the booking with the plant. Now I'm gonna run my pen over this pencil sketch to make it more border on brighter. This is my are trying 0.5 pin roughly skating over the pencils. Catch, um, taking my lines in a very loose and free style. Now, take a pen. Were the outline of the tour. I'm making the handle border, then allowed some planes on the tour and then I'll make the steps Gorder on. Then I'm gonna add some lines on the wall to make it look like it is a brick wall. You could see it is a very basic sketch, but some loose lines Now I'm gonna add a particular let's start by painting the door I'm going with bright blue First on, then I'll call with cabal cream I'm gonna apply the bright blue over the left side So I'm gonna make the side of the door but darker If you don't have a bright blue, you can use ultra Marine, our civilian or any bright blue. Now I'm going with Cabal Green. The spy Major Omission. This is a very pleasant faced, a greenish blue. You can go with any lighter, pleasant blue that you are caught. Andi, I'm gonna fill up the rest off the door and this color, I could see how nice this colorless leaking. Next, I'm gonna makes a little off purple to that remaining couple cream that I had taken the scholar regard by mixing these two shades. The purple on Cabal green is a great shade toe shadows. So I'm gonna add that shed over this face off the strip Leaded. They're on there. Then a little on the ground as well. Next, I'm gonna fill up the plant part in bright blue. Now I'm taking But more Indians washed off bright blue Ongoing Philip, the entire, both in that shed. I'm not looking at any reference picture. I'm just going with some colors that I like. If you want to look at some reference picture, you can do that. And triplicate what you see in the reference picture next time taking a lighter tone off born Sina Andi, I'm gonna create patterns off a brick wall. Just add some lines on the wall on. Do that. Don't. Either side. You don't need to follow the brook pattern on all the places. Some places you can just roughly Philip the area. And Bon Sina just like how I'm doing it here and now I'm going with this bright yellow green on gonna dap some paint over to this brick wall. Just add some totes and listen patterns. Using this color, you can make sap green and lemony allude to make a similar sort of color. Just babson paint onto the wall. This is just to try and replicate the leaves of the booking the plant. Now I'm going to switch to Carmine. You can use creams and ask for Andi. I'm just doubling it over the green. So this is our booking. The life levels go the brighter shade on. Just tap it onto the screen on it will automatically look like your booking laugh loss. You can do some of them on the door. It will create an effect off the overgrown plant. Keep adding as many levels as you want. Play with brighter and lighter to himself, crimson or carmine. You can also use Scarlett. Now switch the color to SAB cream on again. Do the same thing this time. You don't need to do it a lot. Just add a few dots of sap Green human there. We still have to see that bright and bold Fred. So don't add the sap green a lot. We still have a little off lighter green in the background, so we have our first lay already there. Now I'm gonna detail out the tool. I'm going with bright blue on time adding some taco values. I'm adding a line across the center on now. I'm gonna add some water your lines at equal intervals, water it down and give it a faded look. We don't want these lines to be too sharp. Now I'm going with a bit more intense blue on adding some Wardak atones for the plant part on the door. Add some water on blended. Now I'm taking a little off pain Scree mixed with Mancino Onda matting some shadow for the plant pot. You could see how the shadows that's making a difference to this painting. It is giving it more dimension on value. Now I'm gonna take the same color and draw the brake lines so we have our first layer on the secondly already there. Now I'm gonna splatter some darker crimson were to the book in the last. So this will be a bowler crimson with the same color. You can add some dots on to make the booking the last more intends and right, So we have added enough for booking the last. Now take a lighter version off purple on to create a pattern something similar to those Just put some dots on the door. This is to create an effect of the shadow off the booking villa Flowers on the door after you have applied those patterns. Take a clean brush on just turn it toward those patterns on to give it a faded look. We don't want those patterns to be sharp. It was a shadow. So it has to be but dull on Faded. All right With that, we're done. Adding the water clerk. Now I'm coming back with my pen. Now I'm gonna add more cartoons and Charles using my parents, I'm making the step border. You can add more shadows and lines on the floor, and you can make the brook outlines more boulder. You can see the difference when I'm adding depend lines. It is making the details more precise. It is giving the sketch more life. Add some DACA dunes with a port. Give it two more time, mention, and now I'm making this branches more boulder. You can also add some dogs and little scribbles, and the booking allowed Andi. Finally, I'm adding some more lines on the door, but that we would be done. You can add more horizontal and what can lines in the door, which will give a more dimension. Once I'm done with the black pin, I'll take my wife, Children, and I'll add some lying to the door. This is a gradually roll size number eight. Andi, just starting some random lines on the tour on this plant, part because the color would you have chosen as a bright blue. The white lines will stand out and give it different look on but that we had done. Don't forget to addio signature. As I said earlier, find out a cool signature for your sketches, Andi, at that because that is your identity on Dhere is some inspirational pictures from Internet , which you can try sketching. You can find plenty off them. You just need to type in booking Villa on to blue or green tour, and you will find millions off amazing pictures. 15. Bonus Lesson The Island of Burano, Venice 1: So here is your bonus. Listen, we're gonna try the super producing from Venice, as you could see from the photographs, but it's kind of one point perspective there. The vanishing point is slightly shifted towards the left. It was not placed at the center, So it start from the basics. I'm gonna put my vanishing find right there, and then I will have this. We're doing a line towards either side. So this side off, my image is slightly longer than the left side on there. I have my next line over here. So these are my guidelines. If you are confident you don't need to put this land to can really start sketching Andi. I'm gonna add the same lines which is likely shocked her on the left side. So this is how my either side of the street is distributed. Then we have this tiny part ways on either side toe. I'm adding ghost line task for I have all my guidelines in place. Now I'm going to start sketching. I'm starting with this building on the left. Start with the major shape, which is a rectangle that still major shape. Andi now divide that into three segments. As you see in the picture. It is a three story building. The ground floor has an orange color and then you have to blue blocks on the top of that. So that is your first building. Now you can add in your windows the window shadows on the ground floor as wide open, so you can add that same way I'm gonna go with the next building, which is also a three story building. When you are drawing from reference photograph, you don't need to detail everything, and you don't need to follow exactly how it is looking at the picture because some details will be a little weak for you. Unless and until you're at that port, you won't be able to capture the real details. So in this case, only the first building is completely visible to us, and the rest of those buildings is going, you know, like a coolie way, and you are not able to see what exactly is happening on that part, so you can slightly modify your details. So I have my building sales and I'm drawing this line, which is a part way, which is going along with the buildings Now I have a boat here. You could see that orange board. I'm drawing that along with Daddy can add this motor and those rods which are connected to the board. So that's all the deal aside now. I'm gonna go with the right side of the street. Andi. I'm adding this tiny houses, which is far beyond your I site, so that will be quite smaller as it it's more closer to the vanishing point. As you come away from the vanishing point, the buildings will be much bigger as much Grosso to you on, there will be more details, so you need to put a bit more effort on the buildings, which are away from the vanishing point, which means they are much closer to you on all the details will be possible. As I mentioned earlier, start with your major shapes, then break it down to different segments. So this again is a three story building. Andi. I'm taking the vanishing lines as my guide on making major shapes and then breaking a town into a three story building. Want to have the major shapes and lines and place keep adding the windows and the doors so if you have noticed the picture carefully, the major identity off all those buildings are there Brighton color on Also, all the doors and windows have ah white border around them. That is the main identity off this building. So when you are adding a watercolor, make sure you leave a white border around all the window and doors. So whenever you're ready, location always look for those little Layton's, which will make your sketch more closer to the rial photograph or the location you are sketching. Now I'm adding this board, which is green and color. I'm gonna draw that a rough outline of the board. All right, so it looks like our basic pencil sketches. Ready. Now, I'm gonna go with a pen on top of the pencils. Catch. I'm using this arc lamp in 0.5, which is waterproof. So that means I can draw my watercolor over the sketch without the fear of them spreading and smarty. So now go ahead and make all the pencil lines bold and sharp. Using your pen along this part way, I'm just adding some texture off the stools. Go with the very loose and Cashman's time make your lines very free. Don't stress too much on the details. I know I'm repeating this too many times, but I want to focus on it. That's why I am repeating it, because if you worry too much on the details you will be so conscious on, then you will end up taking a lot of time to make your sketches. And also you won't be that confident while sketching because you will be like matching your sketch to the rial detail on that will put a lot of pressure on you. So go with the very loose and Cashman style. Ignore the teeny tiny details. Just focus on the major shapes and proportion, along with making the lines boulder, you cannot. So at some shadows and DACA tunes on the floor and in the water here, I'm adding the deflection off this boot. The left side is done. Now I'm going to the right side and I'm taking this piece of paper to draw all my straight lines. It is just a piece of paper as I couldn't find my true love. All right, so draw all your major 40 kills on. After that, we'll go with all the horror sandals then we'll go in. But the smaller teams I have added a Google drive link in the discussion section where you can find all those photographs from. If you want to look at it on a because kill, you can open it and have a look. Once you have made your shape and divisions off your buildings, go ahead by adding the windows on. Make sure you draw that border that white border, which we spoke about for all the windows which are more closer to you, especially this building right here, which I'm drawing now. This is what is more closer to so you have to add, does white bardos the rest off? It began adjusted. While we are painting, we could just add pain for the window just inside, leaving a little white space around it. But for these funds, which are more closer to which has to be more detailed, you can draw a border. I slightly changed this building. I added a little part in between these two buildings you can maybe stick toward are there in the photograph on now I'm going, though the things which are far behind. I just drunk through the outline on to make all the lines sharp on finally onto this boat. This is the last thing that I have to sketch as there were too many details in this photograph. It took us like almost 12 minutes to finish the sketching. But that's okay. If you want to make it faster, reduce the amount of time that you put for your pencil sketch. Just draw the proportion, eight lines and major shapes, and then go ahead with your pen. Now we are not in a location. We are just getting from a reference photograph. But when ureter location, you have to be with more fast and spontaneous, amounting to more tiny boards here, one right here on one after this, which will be but more smaller. All right, I think the sketch is almost done. So go grab a political a pallet on. Very sure it's gonna be super fun painting this vibrant streetscape 16. Bonus Lesson The Island of Burano, Venice 2: All right. We have ours. Gets ready. Here. Now. I'm gonna go with my Princeton travel. Brush size number six. This will be the brush that I'll be using for this entire painting. You can go with any medium sized brush. Our ah water brush. Also been work perfect for this class. Let's begin with the sky. I'm using this composed blue and a bit of bright blue tow ard some more drama to the sky. You can use civilian blue or cabal blue or any brighter blue for your sky. I'm just removing this clip to make it, but he's here. Next, I'm going with this building on the left end. It is a blue and an orange building. You have blue on the 1st 2 blocks, the first floor on the second floor. So again, I'm going with combos blue on to add more taco tones and add in the sprite blue. You don't need to stick to the colors that I'm using here and go with any pride to blow that have got, try and use bright and fresh colors because he could see from the photograph the identity off the scene as its bold and pride colors. So we have toe create a similar kind of effect. After the blue, I'm going with the ground floor and it has an or in shed. I'm going to this bright yellow orange. Andi, I'm gonna add that we're here. I'm going with a bit off a lighter tool. And now I'm going with this building right next to it again. That is also an orange building. I'm going with a bit more brighter orange for this one on the lighter toe for the second floor for the next block, I'm using a light proper on. After that, I lose yellow for the next block. If you closely look at the photograph, all of those windows are a crane color on them. Adding Sandler green toe All these windows call with any grain that you have got and we have the stool windows at the left. Barca Andi, I'm adding some born seen after the window chateau's I missed to add grain for these windows. I'm adding that in all of the windows course and with green all right, so the windows are done. And now I'm gonna add a brighter orange mixed with a little love born to know. I'm gonna add that for the roof. Make sure your sky has dried. I'm adding that right there, because there is a white band. I forgot to add that. So I left the white space and added the roof after that. And I feed all those rules and this color, which is so writer bon Sina I mixed Mancina and Scarlett. All right, so we are almost done with this left side. Now the only thing left as though pot again. I'm going with the same color. Andi, I'm adding the brighter washing closer to the buildings on. Now I'm taking a little water and I'm bringing the tone little down, adding shapes of the stones in between the rest. I'm just lending it out with water. I'm just because my fresh has little more paint left. I'm just adding some taco tunes on this wall without a brighter color. All right, so that's it with the left side. For now. Now I'm going with this board. It is a bright orange boot with the blue covering, one to talk after I pain the board in this bright orange, I'm gonna add a blue for this mortar on on that top covering. So that's a with Villa Side for now will come back and out of moon taco tools. Now we're going to the right side of the street. We have this orange building and then we have all green building right next to that. And after that, we have all rate make a Grimsson sort of a color for the next two building on. All of the three stories are of the same colors. So I'm gonna add that I'm using sillier orange for this building. I'll make these two floors but lighter on the ground floor. I'll make it more brighter and mixing a little off car mind with the orange to make it to Boulder. So the temporal is wherever you have the doc. Oh, Don's coming at a brighter and bolder tour on wherever the light is sitting. Take a little water on to bring me down to the light to tone. So that is the common rule you have to follow throughout this painting. Next, I'm going with this little group here. I'm going with combos Blue for this. On day after that, I'm gonna take a little off bright blue toe. Adul Doc kowtowing to it on for this building. All the windows are off bluish green color. So I'm gonna make Sprite blue and certainly queen to get a nice bluish green for my rentals . Now the same way how we added the orange for office building, I'm gonna add grain for the second building. I'm going with the bolder and brighter color where there will be more Doc Cottle's. And then after that, I'll come in with other laws bright yellow, green and then turned it down to a lighter value. So we added green to the walls. Now I'm taking a little off purple on. I'm mixing that with pain screen. Andi, I'm gonna add that shade or the doors we have on the right side leaving a white border around it, using the same color. I'm adding some shadows on the floor. And now I'm taking a little off bones in on light of ocean on adding that over the outer side on adding some darko dunes here. Aspar. Now I'm adding a blue tone for the windows and doors off the screen building, living a bite border around all of them to finish up the orange and the green building. We need to add color for this roof here. I'm using crimson mixed with a little off orange to get a brighter orange and adding that for all the roof. Now we're going to move to this third block. I'm using Carmine for that building. I'm beginning with the Darko tools at thes Jews. Then I'll tone it down, but a little award. Oh, on next, I'm going with the yellow for the spending. So our main aim is to use bright and pull clothes for all of the spending, as they have. Ah, great energy and wipe because of the colors that you see in the photograph on We're trying to replicate what you see in the photograph. I I didn't compose blue for this on disco bad light while it for this one. And now adding this bright orange for all these remaining groove on that's done. Now I'm going with this board. I'm going with combos Blue for the major portion off the boat on now I'm gonna go in but this yellow orange and I'm gonna add that to your on remaining that centerpiece I'll are bright blue ally Toe blue andan a Jackal blue for this poor glassful on for this board, which is very far from us. I'm adding a lighter washn off orange on that tiny one. I large yellow. Now it's time to paint the water. As you could see here it is more off a greenish color for the water. I'm also trying to get more greenish in color. I mixed suddenly green on fried clue, and I called home bluish green kind of color on I'm adding that underneath the boards. So I'm trying to make this area a bit more clinician color on the rest. Off the water, I'll make a bit more fruition. Shade. You can go with any green and blue that have got mixed them together to get a greenish blue sort of color Onda remaining. I'm just filling it with compose blew a light abortion. I'll only are the darker tones as reflection. The rest remain as a lighter tone, so the basic color is added to the water. Now I'm adding some reflection using bright blue Andi. After this, I'm gonna repeat the same thing with integral adding some more darker reflections. All right, we have added water glow to the entire sketch that we did now. The last step is to add more darko tools and shadows to the entire painting. I'm using pains grateful this, and I'm starting to act more shadows and Dakotans just like how I'm doing here. This will be done for the entire painting that waited. So as toe add more life and energy to our sketch, you can see the kind of impact this Darko tunes are making toe over little painting. Once we add those Jarkko tombs and shadows, it was giving a fantastic wife and energy to our painting. Go ahead at all those darker tones. Variable. You feel like you need them. Andhra. Meeting off the windows, which I left, which are almost closer to the vanishing point. I'm adding pains. Great toe all those windows if you can leave a tiny white outline around it, add more shadows in the water at more lines, had more reflections to make the water more realistic. You just need to add this tiny lines and reflections on that will give O a great effect in your water. I'm adding some dark Odomes here on for the building total left Aspar on. With that, we have time. I really allow the kind off, vibrant colors and energy that this painting has caught. I have never been to Venice. This is making me plan a vacation to business. And enjoy this, please, for really? Anyway, you have guardian reference images. If you want to try it in a more detailed way or in a more similar close to the photograph, go ahead to that on. Do pose them in the Bridget Gallery. I'm glad to see them. 17. Thank you for joining: first of all, thanks a lot for joining me. They made it to the end. I hope you all enjoyed my class on opens. Getting for signals. We tried so many exercises right from building your ballot Understanding proportion perspective, identifying your style and so many things we discussed in this class. I wanted to remind you all that opens getting It's not about creating perfectly detailed sketches. It is more about making sketching a daily part of your life. You can reinterpret what you're seeing and sketch it in a way that astutely you need to you the two part of the world you are from the will be a team off open schedules. Try and find their Facebook page or instagram page, where you can join a community where there are so many sketch shows. You will have a wonderful experience learning from different people. There will be regular trips they organize or regular coaching classes where can shine. This will give you a lot more confidence in trying out new places on new techniques, just like how you can sing in a group. But then you're afraid to sing alone the same way. If you are part of a group, you will end up sketching it. It's more fun to do in a group rather than you doing it alone. The best way to improve your sketching is to practice. So invest at least 10 Minutes city and try to get something, something that you see in front off you. It could be a teapot or a plant or a bicycle or anything on. Keep building your sketchbook, no matter how good or bad they are. Nevels Top sketching When you flip through your sketchbook, you can see your exploration memory. The art had been Joe's. Everything involved, please. That's a great feeling. Go create a dairy off your our journey and enjoy it yourself. Thanks a lot for watching and happy sketching.