Urban Sketching for Beginners: Two - Point Perspective | Julia Henze | Skillshare

Urban Sketching for Beginners: Two - Point Perspective

Julia Henze, Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher

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7 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Types of perspective

    • 3. How to recognize two-point perspective

    • 4. How to understand two-point perspective

    • 5. How to draw two-point perspective

    • 6. Drawing in two-point perspective

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class



This is the second, and the last, part of a series about perspective. In this class, we’ll go over two-point perspective in urban sketching. 

We will go through: 

- different types of perspective;

- basic perspective terms and how to recognize two-point perspective;

- how to understand two-point perspective (there you can find some ideas for practicing at the end);

- and how to draw it in different circumstances (with tips, tricks and shadowing matters).

Of course, there will be a speed drawing video at the end where I'll show you how I make a two-point perspective sketch in three steps. 

You can find a few reference photos in Your Project, but it would also be great if you use your own references or, even better, go outside and draw on location.

Enjoy the class!





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Julia Henze

Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher

Hello, creatives! My name is Julia Henze. I'm a freelance illustrator and urban sketcher living and working in a village with a name that nobody can pronounce, Bergschenhoek, in The Netherlands.

I love to share my passion for drawing and urban sketching with you, and show you how to make the drawing process easier and fun. All my Skillshare classes are very easy to follow and perfect for beginning artists. But also advanced students can find interesting tips and trick...

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