Urban Sketching for Beginners: One - Point Perspective

Julia Henze, Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher

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8 Videos (56m)
    • Intro

    • Types of perspective

    • How to recognize one-point perspective

    • How to understand one-point perspective 1

    • How to understand one-point perspective 2

    • How to draw one-point perspective

    • Drawing a street in one-point perspective

    • Final thoughts


About This Class


Do you love urban sketching, as I do, but you struggle with perspective? Then this class is for you! This is the first part of a series about perspective. In this class we will focus on the fundamentals of the one-point perspective in urban sketching. 

This is a beginners class, so my intention is not to show you one method to draw one particular street, but I want you to understand how to draw your own illustration with one-point perspective in different circumstances. I know that for many of you it’s a quite tough stuff but I’ll try to make it as clear as possible by explaining every detail and by showing different examples. And, of course, we will draw a nice one-point perspective at the end.

Enjoy the class!

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I really learned a lot and it was very well structured and easy to understand. The only suggestion on further videos would be to change the angle of the camera as I like to see the actual drawing/inking/colouring in a way like I am sitting in front (requires positioning of the camera above). In both classes we saw it from the side and I tended to sit in front of the computer turning my self horizontally to the left to have a better view :-D.
Thanks for breaking down one-point perspective in a way that makes it so easy to understand! I'm looking forward to taking your next class on two-point perspective!
Really very helpful! I needed to watch it twice and then it all started to make sense.





Julia Henze

Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher


My name is Julia Henze. I'm a freelance illustrator, letterer and urban sketcher living and working in a village with a name that nobody can pronounce, Bergschenhoek, in The Netherlands. I primary work in retail illustration, mainly the hand drawn lettering, and beside it, I have a great hobby which is urban sketching.  

I'd love to share my passion for urban sketching with you and I want to show you how to make a sketching process easier and fun. 

To follow my work explore my Instagram and my website www.blueinkstudio.nl