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6 Videos (33m)
    • Intro

    • Proportions

    • Shadows

    • Colors

    • Drawing a door in 3 steps

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class


This is another Urban Sketching class for beginners and this time you'll be learning how to draw a door, but there is more... For this class, I took into account the following difficulties some of you mentioned in my very first class - Urban Sketching for Beginners: Watercolour Sketch in 3 Steps:

1. How to measure PROPORTIONS


3. How to choose COLORS for your sketch

In this class, I'll be explaining these three topics using some examples and my own sketches, and demonstrating how I draw a door myself. Find reference photos in Your Project page.  

I hope all your question will be cleared up in the videos, but if you don't understand something, need any help with your sketches or if you have suggestions/feedback, please, don't hesitate to ask me anything on the Community page.   

♥ Looking forward to seeing your amazing doors in the Project Gallery! ♥

Enjoy and have fun!

P.S. For INSTAGRAM: tag me @julia_henze and use a hashtag #juliahenze_skillshare

63 of 64 students recommendSee All

Basic, useful, concepts and tips explained in a very digestible way. I really enjoyed the class, just the right amount of time and scope.
5 Flavors

Working on getting better

Lovely class, easy to follow. Learned a lot from Julia. Looking forward to drawing more doors! :)
Jamaica Arvisu

Pursuing Creativity

Great class. Lots of detail and clearly presented tips. Techniques can be applied to other subjects so well worth taking the class even if doors aren't your thing.
Natasha Chambers






Julia Henze

Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher

Hello, creatives! My name is Julia Henze. I'm a freelance illustrator and urban sketcher living and working in a village with a name that nobody can pronounce, Bergschenhoek, in The Netherlands.

I love to share my passion for drawing and urban sketching with you, and show you how to make the drawing process easier and fun. All my Skillshare classes are very easy to follow and perfect for beginning artists. But also advanced students can find interesting tips and trick...

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