Urban Portrait Photography | Looking for Light in the City | Paul Wilkinson | Skillshare

Urban Portrait Photography | Looking for Light in the City

Paul Wilkinson, Mastering Portrait Photography

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11 Videos (28m)
    • Light makes the portrait (intro)

    • Location 1: The Courtyard

    • Location 2: The Shadowed Wall

    • Location 3: Under the Bridge

    • Location 4: Sunlit Wall

    • Location 5: Street Corner

    • Location 6: The Park

    • Location 7: The Alleyway

    • Location 8: Office Windows

    • Location 9: Concrete Pillars

    • What light to look for | Now it's your turn

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About This Class

Great portrait photography starts with great light. But how do you find great light? How do you learn to notice it? And how do you place your subject to take advantage of it?

Join Master Photographer Paul Wilkinson behind-the-scenes in various locations around the City of Oxford, from beautiful medieval courtyards to office blocks and graffiti-strewn alleyways. Paul shares how the light makes each of these nine portrait locations special, and you'll see his camera settings as well as the unedited and final images.

Afterwards, use your new skills to create images that will help you start making a living from your photography - and don't forget to upload them so we can give feedback!






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Paul Wilkinson

Mastering Portrait Photography

Paul is one of the UK's most sought-after portrait and wedding photographers - not just for his eye for an image but for the manner in which they are created (mostly laughing, always relaxed!)

His images have adorned numerous publications from the BBC to the Times and have won countless awards as well as giving him the accolade of Fellowship of the Master Photographers Association.

He and his team are based near Oxford in the UK though often you'll find him clutching his passpor...

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