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    • 1. Welcome

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About This Class

This class helps you setup an upwork profile in few minutes. The idea behind it is very client-centric which gives you an edge over other freelancers and makes you stand out of the crowd when making bids on Upwork which is a freelancing website.

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Qambar Raza

Leadership, Management & Test Automation


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1. Welcome: Hello again. So in this video we will learn how do you put yourself out there. By that, I mean, you need up profile where you can actually go to your client and ask them for the projects. So one of the ways is to register yourself on a freelancing website like Upwork, which I will be covering in this course. I will teach you how to create your profile. How do you make your profile more attractive? So use the words that client is using. All the, don't use your own words. Because searching, using the terminologies that they understand better. And if you use the same technologies in your profile, they will find it easy to find it. Okay, so I'm going to cover that. How do you create a willing profile? And also, mankind has posted a project. How do you read the description of that project? How do you understand what is the requirement and how do you write a winning proposal? And I will be covering all this in this video. 2. Keyword Mining : So when we talk about a book, what does that mean? So if you can go to a vogue.com, you will see this page over here. This is the landing page for Upwork. If you are new, but sin, someone knew who's registering to upload to take on sign-up and go from there. So I also already managed to sign up on these profiles are just basic stuff. Just follow, follow to the wizard that Africa has provided you some current login using my email address. So this is my backup profile. It's not something that I use on my basis. But I will be using this as a part of this course so that I can explain you. How do you do everything from the start? So even though I and I don't use this for file, you can see I still have some interview request and available connects. So the Kinects are basically the amount of bedding that you can do by month on job. So if, for example, if this is a job looking for a web designer, you can bid once and you will. That would cost you one connect. So before even jumping onto how do you like make you profile better our start bit, what kind of projects that we want to walk on. So this is a good keyword, automated testing. So when you search for Tony testing, we will find some of the jobs over here. Some jobs are our li and some jobs are like fixed price. So let's see. So most of them are hourly. When it says fixed price, this estimated budget dislike really low. So I'll already be embodied. Looking at them at this point is more about effort versus value. So let's look at this one, software development engineering test. So in this job is saying that they could pay up to 12k. And to apply for this, we need to have the knowledge about QA automation. Somewhere it is Kafka nor G, S by D. These are like extra, mainly what were they looking for? A strong proficiency of desperate looks. So It's an interesting bit that you can capture from here is, are these keywords. So it their decimal. So I'm gonna start in local weaker. Some. Let's see. So like do you use vgs, you quote for Mickey Montezuma or Damasio February, I liked Google, uses one. So if we talk about keywords, because Job has EPA testing. Javascript automation framework, end to end testing, testing, testing, load testing. Qe, proclamation of gray, Q8, casting, site breaths. We're going to leave some of the other ones to bet because they convey specific to this job. So I'm looking for keywords which I generate. We get add MySQL and radius over here, but that does just extra keywords. I know that from my experience, but if you even add them to your profile, it would be a benefit for you. It doesn't matter. For, for me, b2 are a relatively bigger right? Study. So let's look at another job. Sr tuition desks are needed to write test scripts. Here the keyword is automation frameworks, so we have already covered it and JavaScript and, and the one that we are missing is that testing. And let's go to another one. So this is more about how do you do keyword research. So we've got API testing, we've got webcasting. But automation for a MOOC and to investing. Selenium is some thing that didn't look for it. So I'm going to put deck. And selenium are grammars or software engineer performance testing. Let's us. Ok. So thats execution. We already got API gravity, load testing, performance testing. And we only have Selenium and Chrome. So if you have only covered one p, that would be enough for you to like start with your profile. So these are the main keywords that you're Profiles should have. Now, if you look at the first job again, what what is the person looking for? So he's looking for Senior Software Development Engineer in test. Okay. So that's his requirement. What is this personality form is looking for senior automation tester. Now, this one as dead is basically Software Development Engineering Test Automation Engineer. So now, when we talk about their titles, what kind of titles should be have? So bridles is like a tagline for your profile. So I go, let's this, look at all of them. So this person needs Software. Engineer in Test. In-person needs automation. Has to herd is instead, as dead. Software development engineering has off to our software development engineering because here there, that's basically the same thing. And automation engineer, quality engineer will call that but not the easiest fixes like Oldham menu let documented Qe. Okay, I think that's fine. So we've got a deadline. We've gotta keywords, nel, quadro, meta description, file profile. The blind is already writing, are your profile for you. You don't have to like come up with your own wordings. So it says my multi is an margin first crypto x change, fade out of frustration. The lack of products. No user-centered development and transparency is just describing about his product or here. We are going to looking for. Now after this, what he's going to say is, is going to be a part of the perfectly or provide a Senior Software Development Engineer in desk to develop and maintain test automation. Same truly, humans be self-driven. There does have motivation. You're looking voting members were comfortable. This you will have part of now up until here using the initiative in seeing to the completion, so on cooperatives. And then that he's describes what, what else should be able to understand software in general is d blood cooled, augmented with PDF files. As debt should understand customer usage models that are done. Because gotten a copy paste some of the data we're and skills, they keep on changing. So humbling, gone dead. Let's look another one. To come. The IGS. No, that wasn't much information. We're experiencing. Automation testing. And this ten based scenario, edge case coverage and eastern business requirement. These are good ones. Nerdy engineer needed to build an automated test suite. Now, when he says we need an engineer to help us build and mature our automated test suite. Ok, so there's not a sorry. There hasn't been any specification about like what kind of engine AND need. Okay. Let's look at this one. Yeah. I think we have covered most of the MOU. Now let's look at the tricks in the next block. 3. Bidding: So now we're going to learn how to bid on a project. So the simplest way is to find a project for us using the keywords like automated testing. So we are going to do that. Let me share my screen with you. So on the outlook, on the top, you can see are committed. So you can see the fine gums pen here. You would automated testing and try to keep you all really rate low. So away my profile, $60 per hour is slightly higher. If you look at the jobs, the ammonia willing to pay is between adding. Let let's have a look. Between 30 to 60 hourly. So it's it's okay. My hourly rate is on a higher end as compared to the job, so widow. But I don't mind. But for you if you're sauteing onwards suggests keeping it, Turkey would be the best thing. So for example, I'm interested in this job. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to take on a job. And on top I can see a green button will cease. Submit a proposal. I've got 16 valuable connects and it sees acquired connects to submit a proposal is six. And if you hover over the question mark, since this is a number of Connects acquired to submit a proposal for this job. Now, if I click on it again. So this job is in the United States. The things that have been asked in this job is about experience with nor JS Aussie, Phyton, some experience with a black box and white box testing strong analytical problem-solving decision-making skills. And the questions are, you will be asked to answer the following questions. Friends submit a proposal. What cryptocurrency volatile excuse Have you use? How familiar are you with cryptocurrency? What do you think you are going to? Well, why do you think you are going to fit for this particular project? Okay. So submit a proposal. Let's start with this. Milla is belive, AFL and range. This is an Arabic saying. If you start with the word Bismol lie recommended Rahim, you're more likely to get your job Gattaca bleeding. So that's why I said dead. So proposal settings, automated testing. That's fine. Dms, $60 an hour. That's what I have gotten. Leopard fuzzy has picked up automatically. Here as a cover letter. I would basically save. So inequality, you're basically giving some credibility about yourself, like who you are, and what do you think about? I mean, it's more about yourselves, like I'll probably write data we give in the cover letter by UR. Press ten beaded. Far. What would we say by your desk and it wouldn't be like your credibly yes. Your credibility. And in here, what x changes? Why do you think you're a good fit for this particular project? Yes. So this is where you are going to explain why you up the best fit for this project. Like here, you are going to talk about your credibility. So if I were you, I would basically to talk about, I've done training programs like Fuck assemble discourse. You can refer to discourse and a cover letter. You can talk about some examples that you have fact-based and techniques that, you know. For example, if over here I can mention, it says by peeking into what they are looking for. So skills and experience a glide. So he can copy most of the things from here and tell them. Hello. My name is combined, runs off. And I have got now I didn't say my experiences more than 15 years, but that is not what the client is looking for. So you can say, My name is cameras and have been walking in the industry. Press automation in Guinea. Push aspect for three-plus years. Because he asks what Craigslist's use X1, X2, X3 plus years on prepubescent means 1520 or a 100 isn't met a fruitless. So that's, that's how I incorporated that. Now he's talking about ru flamed in English. I'm flowing in English language. And happy whose zoom calls all this guy, if necessary. Then is talking about strong proficiency off desk frameworks. So I'm phi shunt in MLK cod Chai, puppet. And just sorry, just and Cyprus. And then next thing is experience. I have got a good X credence, writ, Kafka, MySQL and big arthritis. But m coefficient, OJS. And see. I have written many scripts in Python. Significant experience, all working in software development teams. Referred to look in teams in a dull manner that can be pulled in. And please any issues. I also enjoy walking in as now, he's asking a more wide bugs on black-box testing. So what white box testing means is that you can see that code and you need to test us off by looking at the quote, I blogged. That black box testing means that you cannot see anything. You just testing the app from a flexible right now, become see how I'll flip was created. And if somebody else has to test, this is walk, we got God. So we don't know that internal locus. So I have got the experience of white and black box testing. You can do I'd better with ice is sought a ship. Strong analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills, ability to stay on schedule and produces up sometime Eva. I will indicate. Any. Issues in well in advance. I feel the line fall reliquary like impacted quality is my. So here we can write them out something about quality and also something about risk. So enjoy the balance between quality and communicate grid. Formed and September this rich helps the codec delivered on time and MIT feature migrations. So that was my cover letter. As you can see, I haven't copied, pasted it from anywhere else. I've used Klein's loadings and I've converted that into a calculator on that. That is what client likes. Basically, he likes to see his wordings being used because that is what He has requested. This this thing is called mirroring. Okay. So what's the next thing that died is asking us what cryptocurrencies and mold have to use. So I've use venn rate coin, light coin a currently use coinbase. I have Bitcoin creating exchange, which will be mindfully created. It meets my colleague Grice. I have also done creating in light coin and men. I guess that's basically what do you think? Why do you think you're a good fit for this particular project? Ok, this is the most important question that he's looking for. Like, why lie you lie to someone else? So first thing that he mentioned over here was the Milky, right? So you can see a way you can walk remotely without any issues. As I have brought up, whole office setup. It's number one waits and what's the next reason? Only he'll say says no one on the team to the micromanage view. You need to be salad motivational. So I'll just use his winnings again. I am self motivated in the visual is so self motivated. Individual was excited about quality. So stri, using some good words so that he can see your passion. I'm a self-motivated, unusual who's excited about oligarchy and cryptocurrency? Thing. Cripple, currency is the future of wealth and money to creating some statements like bees because it helps them. So over here basically in this question, decline is looking for groupings. Are you by shared and all you're interested. And he has mentioned the name of the company most valued. So I'll see if I can understand quota log. So I will write down honestly what I I do understand what I don't. So I have logged as software in Kenya in the past, which means I can understand debug code. And we'll get growth features and see. I'm passionate about sulfur quality, which is why I choose become now what, whatever my tiger loss. So I'm just gonna click because these things connect. So okay, so he's looking for software development engineering does so I'm just going to use this one. For determining the data doesn't go look. Lynn. Leukemia test. Okay. And unnecessary because somebody to say you want to learn to deal with desk plus like an unlit spring. That's going my usage models and got a look past lens. Paul ERP, live braggart, repost, bloke. But Kafka is creams. Be connected. Marty people. Lacquer services with Kafka to transform that data on the fly rather than exploring it in. You've got lease. The final output while stood in S3 and R1 plus. Well, this points will fall. And sharing the color E system. You will be a pod on dynamic floss boss Cosby's team, and you have the chance to ship directional malls. But as we go. So this is an interesting point that I can use the we here in the end. I would like a chance. So be humble to lie on this. I'm that just be humble about what you can do. So I would like a chance to shape the large and off mouse belt as Figaro. That's it. And because I'm doing this training video, I'm not going to attach my LinkedIn profile here. Because I want you to get the same kind of level from this training goals because you might not have a LinkedIn. You could file ready for this. But what I'm showing you over here, you can do this. Okay? This is in full conducting i plus k. I godly use coinbase Vail have gone Bitcoin into trading, exchange which will be automatically treated vended nice Montagues price. I also have done trading in light coin. In doing this for many years. Right? So let's just quickly go through it again. So my only rate a $160, that's the highest end. So don't feel shy, quoting a little bit higher. Because at the end of the day, you also need to make money. And men you're giving your effort, you need to receive Somali back. So hello, my name is convert as had been working in the industry as as automation engineer instead for three-plus years. I'm fluent in English language and happy to do is own calls on Skype. Let's say I'm proficient in Walcott Chai property edges to encipher is I've got a good experience with Kafka MySQL and bit off right is proficient in is sufficient is being created. So I'm well-versed in road, yes. And see, I've written many scripts in by them up before. Do walk in teams in an agile manner where we can import things in stand-up and raise any issues. Also enjoy walking in phase, I have got a got an experience by books on black-box testing on an communicate any issues and rallying prawns if it didn't line for a lawyer might be impacted. So that E can manage expectations well. I enjoy the balance between quality and I enjoy developing between quality and this quality and us. So so that can make informed decisions. Yep. I currently use coinbase frey, I have gotten that. I can welcome Morley without an issues. I have got a home office setup. I'm self-motivated individual who's excited about quality cryptocurrency. I think it'll become sees a visa. So over here, I highlighted the question, why I should be a good fit for this job. And mentioned that company name. And I would like them to go. Okay, so that's basically it. Now I'm going to click on submit a proposal. This will send a proposal to the client. And because I have used a wedding that client used in his job description, this supposedly is more likely to be looking at and then climb might get back to me in my messages and asks me for a few more abortions. And I need to have that ability to satisfy him. So try it, try sending multiple proposals. Initially, you might not get the job, but you will learn from it. You will get better. And that will be a point of a client's would be requesting you to take on login. You wouldn't have much time to do it. So looking forward to that. Thank you.