Upwork Proposal Writing Hacks: 3-Steps Strategy With 14 Winning Case Studies) | Sagar Shakhari | Skillshare

Upwork Proposal Writing Hacks: 3-Steps Strategy With 14 Winning Case Studies)

Sagar Shakhari, Helping you grow your business online

Upwork Proposal Writing Hacks: 3-Steps Strategy With 14 Winning Case Studies)

Sagar Shakhari, Helping you grow your business online

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5 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. A quick intro of the course and the instructor

    • 2. What is winning proposals & why most proposals get rejected

    • 3. 3 simple steps to write winning proposals with 10 winning case studies

    • 4. All about invitations with 2 more winning case studies

    • 5. How to deal with screening questions fearlessly explained with 2 more winning case studies

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About This Class

✅ Are you an Upwork freelancer?
✅ Are you trying Upwork for months and don't get that success you want?
✅ Are you sending proposals one after another and don't get much response?

If yes, this course is for you.

Hey everyone, I am Sagar, a top-rated Upwork freelancer, and an Upwork community guru. In this course, I reveal my simple 3-step strategy to write winning proposals on Upwork. I believe the course content will help you to understand the techniques for writing proposals that work.

In this course you will learn:

  • What is a winning proposal and why most proposals get rejected? What's the phycology behind proposal writing?
  • My proven 3-step strategy which I called the LSD method. You will learn step by step formula of writing winning proposals on Upwork along with 10 winning case studies.
  • All about invitations, dos, and don’ts of invitations and how to answer them with 2 winning case studies.
  • All about screening questions, how to answer them with 2 more winning case studies.
  • And finally, along with the course, you will get a proposal checklist, mostly asked screening question list, and many more tricks and tips which I have learned in my Upwork career.

5 videos & almost 1.5 hours of focussed content derived from my personal experience to help you achieve success on Upwork.

Cheers and love!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sagar Shakhari

Helping you grow your business online


Sagar is a successful freelancer,  presentation design expert & graphic designer. He has been working with organizations like The World Bank, Hitachi ABB, McCain Institute, Stanley Security, and many other small companies.

His organized & consistent working style, experience, and innovative approaches help organizations build their visuals that communicate effectively with their audiences.

Besides his professional work, Sagar loves digital marketing, reading, and traveling.

But what he loves the most is to teach & share his experiences with people who love to build a successful service-based business online.

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1. A quick intro of the course and the instructor: Hey friends, welcome. Thank you very much for choosing this course. I am really, really happy to see you here inside this course. I hope this course will help you build your Upwork freelancing career and you will find it extremely helpful. Here is a quick intro of myself, I am Sagar Shakhari, your instructor. a Top-rated Upwork freelancer and Upwork Community Guru I'm a professional presentation consultant and a graphic designer. In my freelancing career, I have worked with hundreds of companies, including the World Bank, Hitachi ABB, McCain Institute, Stanley security, and many more. In this course, I'm going to share my Upwork proposal, writing knowledge, tricks, and tips with you. Now, what’s inside this course Well, this course has four videos. You will get more than 1.5 hours effective content derived from my own experience. In these four videos, I covered four different things. From the first video, you will learn what is a winning proposal and why most proposals get rejected. This video will tell you the psychology behind proposal writing. In the second video, I will tell my proven three-step strategy, which I call the LSD method. You will learn step-by-step formula of writing winning proposals on Upwork, along with ten winning case studies. In the third video, you will learn all about invitations, do's, and don'ts of invitations and how to answer them with two more winning case studies. And in the final video, you will learn all about screening questions, how to answer them fearlessly what’s the importance of screening questions and everything about it. And in this video, you will get two more winning case studies. And finally, along with the course, you will get a proposal checklist, mostly asked screening question list, and many more tricks and tips of mine. I'm trying my best to overdeliver you so that you get the utmost help from it. If you want to learn Upwork freelancing as a whole, then you can check out my complete course on Upwork via this link you see on the screen. Or you can use the invitation link to check out all my courses here in skillshare. Anyway, before starting, here are some points I want to mention very clearly. First thing first, this is a practical course. And in my opinion, there are three types of people out there. One who buy courses but never study, or even if they start, they never finish. The second category people by courses, they study, they loan, but they do not imply that knowledge practically. And the third category, people study, learn, imply and finally become the gainer. So please just don't listen and learn. Imply whatever you have learned from this course. Otherwise, there is no meaning to join this course. Okay. I know you had a third category person, isn't it? Okay. Now, it's time to communicate. I know you will be going to facing while you are trying practically. That time, you need a hand, right? You may ask me any questions here on the discussion board. I normally respond within 24 hours on weekdays. So you will get your answer within 24 to 48 hours due to different time, zone, except weekend. Another way to connect with me is to join our private Facebook group where you can ask any questions regarding this course. I share my Winning Proposals in that group. So you will get a proposal library there. I think that will be very helpful for you. I also request you to share your success and Winning Proposals with others and to be active in this group, you know, things happen like that. If you are active, you will get noticed. Sometimes people shy to ask questions. They're thinking, are my questions relevant? am I asking a dumb question? But the fact is, you don't need to be shy at all. I'm not encouraging you to ask personal questions. But obviously you may ask anything related to Upwork and I will do my best to solve your problem. And one more thing to mention, please do not mail me directly or do not send me any direct message to Facebook. Any questions about this course are only answered through this group or via this platform, ok. And finally, for a better listening experience, please use a headphone. That's all. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, enough intro, I guess let's dive deep into this course together. Cheers. 2. What is winning proposals & why most proposals get rejected: Welcome guys. We're going to talk about Writing Winning Proposals on Upwork. The ability to writing a winning proposal is one of the most important skills you must know as an Upwork freelancer, It is obvious that you are writing proposals when you're bidding, right? Every freelancer does. But all of the proposals, you are writing are not Winning Proposals. So you need to know what is a winning proposal. In this lesson, we're going to cover this topic, actually, we will cover four topics. First, what is a winning proposal? Secondly, why most proposals get rejected? Third, why the word proposal is a trap itself? And finally, what to avoid when sending a proposal. Okay, so let's get started. Now. What is a winning proposal? A winning proposal is something that clients loved to answer. It doesn't mean it's a sure job. It means a doorway to start a conversation with the client. And once you can start a conversation, you've had a chance to convince the client how good you are for their job, isn't it? Most Upwork freelancers write their proposals in the wrong way. And that's why most of them get rejected at the very first sight. Okay. Let me explain it with an example. As an Upwork client, once I have posted a job for a video editor, I got 22 proposals and I rejected 16 proposals At the first glance. I didn't even read a single line of their proposals You know why? Because the profile Title was totally irrelevant. As you see on the screen, the profile title of one freelancer is data entry, admin support transcription, Bengali translation, Web research, and another’s title is translator. You tell me, what did I do with a data entry operator or translator for editing my videos? Is there any point at all? This happens many times. Most of the freelancers don't even read the job post carefully. They consistently send proposals for random jobs and hope when that next job comes. But this doesn't work that way. So if you're sending proposals for random jobs, you are going to be disappointed very soon and want to leave this awesome marketplace. So here are few points you must keep in mind before sending your next proposal, right? Let's check them one by one First of all. you have to be a good fit for the job. And your profile title must reflect your ability. Otherwise, there's no point to send the proposal, right. As I mentioned earlier, why I rejected 16 proposals without even reading a single line? So make sure you are good for the job and you have the required skill set to finish it. Now, read the job post very, very carefully. Most of the freelancers don't even read the post, and many freelancers send a genetic proposals Don't do it. Without reading the post How could you be so sure that you can do the job? Honestly, clients are not fools. They are familiar with these behaviors. So many clients in their job post write some phrases and instruct freelancers to follow them. It is a way to ensure that you read the job post carefully from top to bottom. For example, the client may mention type FLOWER at the top of your application. No, if you miss the point and don't start your proposal with the word flower, you are out of the game, right? So reading the job post carefully is a must do. Finally, you need to send the right proposal and you need to do it first. The quicker you send your proposals, your chance of getting noticed will grow. So you need to practice how to write quality proposal very quickly. It's not difficult though. With good practice. You can craft a winning proposal within five to ten minutes. So these are the main three points you should do when you're sending your proposal. Now, we are going to check the word proposal in a different perspective. Think for a second that you are applying for a job. For a nine to five job, you think they will hire you based on your application without even interviewing you. No right? The application is a doorway to confirm, a seat for the interview. The word application and the word proposal create different impacts on our heads. When you are applying for a job, your mind hopes for an interview call or rejection, isn't it? But when it is the question of proposing something, people get desperate. They are pushing hard to close the deal. In love People propose, they don't apply. Ok? So my point is, Upwork uses the word proposal deliberately to give you a feel that you are going to close a deal. Most freelancer fell into this trap and they desperately tried to sell them. And to do this, they either undersell them by offering a very low price or they push clients hard to hire them. And it makes them either a random Pennymaker freelancer or they don't get any job at all. So be sure you are not in the same trap. Remember, Upwork proposal is not actually a proposal. This is an application. Now let us go back to the nine to five job application. What will you write in your application? Is that like something? I will work 2 hours extra daily Please give me the job or I will take dollar one thousand less salary for this post. Is that make any sense to you at all. Nobody writes an application in this manner. They write something that tells why they are a good fit or how they can help the company to grow, or how their quality and skill sets become a great help for their business. Right? Same thing in the Upwork proposals too. if you think your proposal is an application, you're not going to undersell you or you don't need to push the client too high. Instead, you will focus more on client's problems and will write how you can solve them. Now think from the client's shoes, they got tons of proposals. I mean, literally, they got a lot of proposals. Well, there are very few applications. Eventually, it is 20 to 30%. So if you can shift your perspective, you can easily overshine 70 to 80% of freelancers who are bidding for the same job. Makes sense. So here are some don'ts you need to keep in mind while sending a proposal. First, Upwork proposal is actually an application, not a proposal at all. Secondly, do not focus on closing the deal first, focusing on the end result at the beginning may be harmful for you. Thirdly, don't undersell yourself or do not push the client to hire you. And finally, don't get desperate by thinking you are closing a deal, your goal here is to open a space for a conversation. That's it. Now, you know the dos and dont's In the next lesson, I will show you how you can write your application or proposals whatever you said in a persuasive way Okay. I hope you have enjoyed it. See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 3. 3 simple steps to write winning proposals with 10 winning case studies: Welcome back guys. In the previous lesson, we talked about how the word proposal traps most Srilanka and how to skip it. We also saw how a shifting of perspective from proposal to application can outrun most of the competitors. Now, it's time to write some winning proposals. In this lesson, I'll tell you my three-step rules to write a persuasive popular, what I call the elastic method. L stands for likable is for Solver and default doable action. I want to remind you that writing a proposal for only getting hurt is not the goal. We're not trying to close the deal on a first contact with the client. The hiring decision is a big deal. So we are not going to push the client for this commitment at the very first, Adam, what should you do? Big the big deal in a very small goal that is easy, doable. And this is a response back from the client. And how can we do that? Here comes the first rule that is l or likeable. Now to get a response, the client must have to read the entire proposal. Again. Climbs have toss a proposal to Jake. And all they can see is only one or two lines from your proposal at first sight as you see on the screen. So make sure your first-line or maximum first two lines of the proposals are starting. Now. It doesn't mean something poetic. Yes, something easy to read and attach clients emotionally. So the keep going. Note that I said it, emotional attachment, not logical. In the very first line, you need to prove that you care for the clients. Failing to do It means clients dislike him, so they will probably skip. The client must like you first and you are the man who has to make it possible. Sounds difficult. Don't worry. There are several ways to do it. The most effective way is to start with the name of the client. Most freelancers start with, hi, hey, dear, Hello, and phrases like them. But they don't take the benefits of addressing clients by the name. Now, you may ask, how do I know that him? With a little research, you can find it. If the clients didn't send any job post, actually, clients don't bother to do that. Check the client recent history. And if find freelancers feedback there, many freelancers use the name while giving Fitbit. You can find the name form. They're seeing the example how a freelancers feedback reveals the client's name. In this case, you can write, hi Jeremy instead of only high, clear. But what if the clients are new to our POC and doesn't get any feedback yet, then you can check that job post carefully. For a name. In many job post, clients mentioned their company name or upside. In that case, it can address by the company name like Dear Walden client. If the job post doesn't have the information to, then check about the client section just right side of your post. You've seen. It shows where the clients live. As you see in the image. The client lives in London. You don't have the client's name, right? So you can say, Hi, London client, at least it works far better than a simple high. Once I posted a job for some of my walk, I didn't mentioned my name all company in for in the Post. One of the freelancers started with DEA, Mumbai client. These word Mumbai. I don't know why I click on my head and I started reading her proposal and finally heard, you've seen how a simple trick of HA, make me emotionally attached and later helped her to win the job. So this is the starting, rather than saying just high elders, the client by the name, company, or even the location. Now, it's time to get it Mental yes. From the client. And you need to get it from your first-line or first two lines max. I always recommend binding this in the very first line, not the second or third. Fourth, you need is a trigger line about the solution that clients are looking for. If you read the job post very carefully, you see clients keep some information about what the need. You need to pull out one of the most important information from there and just use it. Let me explain this with an example. Seeing the job posts to the client says needed brochure, finished, have content from previous brochure, we've said, and design that's already started but needs to be complete in a timely manner with content just brochure is for healthcare company. I can provide low images all brochure. And the start of the new brochure in PDF need design done in eight hours. That's it. And my proposal was like that. Hi Paula. I can help you finish that brochure design within less than a dose. But to do it, I need more information available now for a quick discussion. Thanks. You say in my proposal, I started with the name of the client. It took one exterminate to find an m, but it were better than other competitors rather than writing it a very long proposal, I kept it shrunk. The reason behind it was she needed it very gently means she was eager to have someone very first. And I found this info former job post. If C in the job posts there was need a design Danny. Such a line, right? So I use this as a trigger light and we need to a $100 job. Here is another example. You can see how even with my incapability, I still managed to win the job by using the right trigger line. The job post was, we are looking to hire an experienced, an extremely talented editorial designer to create while books and Popper presentations for an online course called the School of freedom. The Warbucks will be both for online download but also footprint. As for the PowerPoint presentation, they will simply be the same as that one book page. But in pop and form, here is the first of all, A20 boost and then Klan put some links. Then this is an old version that we're looking to abed and modernized. You can see the new logo for inspiration. Thus it. And my proposal was like that. Hello Alexandra. I have seen your first 52 pages while book and don't understand the language. Is it mandatory to know the language you used in the workbook? If yes, I'm putting right now, but if no, I can help you finish the project, then I put links of my previous one and then put a testimonial from a previous slide and then write the testimonial is taken directly from one of my upper client, ADD to 70 pages long war book that helps people to fight, stretch. You can see the world by clicking the link. There is another 88 pigeons workbook I create for an even management class. You may want to see. In both cases, I use Adobe InDesign. By the way. Have you talked to predate if he is folded up pinned specification for your workbook, Harris, some of my PowerPoint works, and then I put some links. I'm interested to hear more about your work, the design style you are looking for, and other small details in your mind. A brief discussion of the project will be very helpful, available for five minutes up. Ok, check if C in the very first line i against US the client's name and wrote first 52 pages. What MOOC? The client never said how many pages in the book. She only gave a link. I check the link and counted the pigeons. This extra effort told the client that I care for her job and the worse, not understand the language told that I was honest with my work there. So even the lead of the language knowledge, I also trained to enter 250 trillion cells on the job. Thus symbol in order to find out a piece of important information to trigger. And in maximum cases, you can find it in the job post. Now, here comes some post where it is difficult to find some important information. In that case, you can repeat the clients were as it trigger line. Let me explain it with an example. The client mentioned, appoint that to apply these point to your print portfolio. High, we need an InDesign catalog, template, Delphic elements, colors and font should reflect the company, are set very basic, light and wait. Five pages cover company profile, index, product page, and back over to apply this 0.2 pink portfolio. We could have plenty of opportunities like that in the next future. And my proposal was like the high luca. I see. You are looking for a five pages catalog designed nice and clean. I'll be happy to help you with the project. Can you please show me the link to your website so that I can get a general idea of what type of look and feel you already had and how can I use this in the catalog I've posted to up my past projects, which are most relevant, and my Bianchi portfolio link. Anyway. Do you have ten minutes for a quick discussion of her above texts. You see how ADP the clients need in a single line. All he needed was it five pages InDesign catalog? And this is what I wrote. I see you're looking for a five bridges catalogue design, nice and clean in the very first line, thus symbol. This is the easiest way if you cannot put some very important information out from the job posting in that case, just repeat the client's work. Just to mention, I own that quick job or both, $105. Another effective way to create a trigger line is to ask a question very related to the problem or relevant to the job posts. Now, asking a question is a little tricky. No, not asked something that request too much time to answer. Like, if you're asking for the clients opinion of how they want to start, it will be very difficult for them to answer. The need to think before answering. So chances are they just skip you and checkout the next film set in the room. So keep your questions simple and make sure clients don't have to think hard to answer your question. A question with a answer yes or no is always the best caution to us. Let me show you an example. You can see how good quotient can win a job, even if the job description is not that clear. The New York Post said, I'm looking for someone who can help me finalize design and print a custom marketing project, it would require having printing capacity to print the collateral in small batches and do some dye cutting type work. I would provide the graphic design. You can provide salvation for changing it or improving it and then get it printed. And my proposal was like that. Has Julian, what do you need exactly? Is it a multi-page booklet type material or single flyer or brochure? I'm interested to know the detail about the project. I'm not sure about the industry of business or the design style you are looking for. So rather than showing you one or two relevant projects, I just put my Behance portfolio link for you. And then I put the link and said, if you come up with more details, I can show you relevant projects I did earlier and can give you my best physicians to make your existing design more beautiful, hover. When is a good time to talk to you? Mr. shush, the job posting was not that clear and it seemed the client didn't have a clear vision about what she wanted. That's why I started with a question for do need exactly. But there was not a question. Easy to answer, right? Actually, there was irritating. Probably she was thinking, What does the Hellman and need exactly. She needed to think right? That's where I put the second line with some option. Is it a multi-page booklet type material or single-page virtue? Whenever she viewed the second line, she saw something that should be mentioned in the job posting is somehow made me likeable cause I was pointing the client to particular direction. And she heard me for one-off consultation at the red $50, Paul. This is how a simple question can be trigger one and drive the client to start a conversation. Here's another effective technique. To write a trigger line. It can do this by appreciating the client. Now, appreciating client doesn't mean licking their boats. People don't like emulators. So if you don't find anything really appreciable, don't try this approach. It will surely BFA. And you just lost some connects means some money along with your effort and time. Let me show you an example how real appreciation can make you likable to the client. And you see the client was looking for a two-page fire. Actually, I'm not going to read the whole job post you can read it on your own. And my answer was like that, hi Corey. Out of ten job posts, I rarely see one organized posts like use you to clear about your nice. Appreciate it. I have seen the PDF. And as a designer, I think there should be more space to breathe. It is good design, but pretty congested. More spaces can make it more beautiful. For example, we can make the stapes and the important note section more prominent. And again, InDesign is a good choice for the Patriot. Notice. By the way, the top link is a brochure. I have catered for health lovesick, though your project is unique. It is, I think, pretty similar in the sense of design. Here is a testimonial from the satisfied client has doe sit. And then I wrote the testimonial. Hope to hear from you By 5pm EST on July 26th. Best triggers if C in the job post how the client expressed everything he needed. Honestly, many of the job post incomplete and don't have a clear direction to follow. But this post was not like others. That's why I appreciated the client and told him my proposal. Why I appreciated him. It was not like something to pump him or lithium to the sky. It was real emotions that are expressed in the propeller. Finally, I own that quick job and earn a $115 within just two hours. The client was so happy he gave me $15 extra as a bonus. That's the ill of my elastic method. Let's check it just one time more from top to bottom. In this Alpert, your goal is to become likable to the client and you can do it by approaching two methods. The first one is to address the client properly. It may be the name of a company or quite easily check the client's recent history or about the client section to get this information. And the second method is to write a single line that can attach your client emotionally and drive them to keep reading. To make the first line it trigger one, you may use the most important info from the job posting or repeat the client's word as a trigger line. If there is not much info. Or you can ask an easy question that is relevant to the job and very easy to answer. And finally, you can appreciate the clients. For the works in the very first line. So that's it. Let's check out the second rule of my three-step method. The second rule is S, that is solver. It means it had to prove to the client that you are solver. Means you understand the client's problem and are capable of solving this. You have the skill set and the authority to make the project more than successful. It doesn't mean to show clients your certificates or reverse. Focus on the problem first and give them a solution. Up to that, go with your academic skill, errors and other stuff if necessary. Well, let's talk all the approaches one by one. My favorite approach is to keep clients some room. Think of a department store and a local grocery shop. They both sells products, right? But in the local shop, you only see what the shopkeeper shows you. And in the departmental store inhabit space to think, Choose, and peak. In the first case, it may feel uncomfortable. It may hesitate to ask the shopkeeper for showing many products once at a time. But in the second case, you are free to do that, isn't it? It makes you more comfortable. The same approach. You can use it to prove that you're a good fit for the job. And how can I do it? It is simple. Just give some relevant samples of your work at the beginning of your proposals so they can check them first and then can proceed. This approach gapes clients some space to think about. It's better to see you walk first rather than reading a 1000 worst about you, isn't it? If they like you work, they obviously radium proposal. Now, it is very important how you are going to show you worse to the client. The oldest way is to attach your work until the client to see the attachment. But attachments have some drawbacks. First thing, APOC allows only a 25 MB file as an attachment. So if you have a file bigger than 25 MB, You can't attach it. Now, you can solve this issue by creating a GIF file or a raw file. But many clients do not have the required software to open it, or some don't know how to open a GIF file. So it will not work either. And finally, downloading an attachment and checking them is time taking and boring. It may difficult for some cases too, like when a client is using a mobile and hasn't enough space to save you at a sprint. So I advice you to skip attachments. Now, four is the right way. Just use it. Link. If you have a website or blog or it is some theft from like gribble GitHub. We hunch you can use it direct link. But what if you don't have any? You can use Google Drive. In that case, Google Drive, Gibbs, every user 15 GB space for free. Use it, you just need a Gmail account to get the freespace. So upload you works in Google Drive and send the clients a direct link. I suggest you to upload all awesome of you watch in your lizard time and make a note in Notepad or Excel sheet. The walk name and its link. When you send a proposal, you can check out the notepad or Excel sheet and copy paste the link from there. It will save some time of uploading files in Google Drive while you are applying for a job, you get my point. Now, if you don't know how to use Google Drive, such on YouTube, there are thousands of videos on Google ripe. It's a very basic, so I am not showing how to do it. Still, if you're facing any problem, you can ask me any question here. While using a Google Drive, you must upload your works in an organized manner. You can create folders inside Google, right, to get things organized. Now, why should you need to be organized? Because when you are applying for a job, you cannot put your entire mobile rivaling tomb proposal. It will confuse your clients. Giving them the entire portfolio is somehow boring. They don't have the time or intention to check every piece of your portfolio items. So we'd like a librarian. It should have a clear idea what you were going to show to your clients. And finally, select only the relevant items and give it to them. Here is a caution. Do not overflowed the client with relevant portfolio items. One single piece of your best work more than enough. But if you want to show more, try to keep it within a maximum three. Ok, now, here comes a confusion. What should I do? May put my walk links first or may I put my trigger line at the top? You can do both. You may put the Trigger Line first and then put your work links, or you may put your walk link first and then the Trigger Line both works great. In my case, the AUC links work better as I design my APA profile. As a presentation and graphic designer, I normally gives the client's room to see my work at first. But if you are from a different area, like a marketer or copywriter, maybe you should start with the Trigger Line. It's experimental, you know, five to six proposals and you can figure out which one works best for you. Another approach to prove your authority is to use testimonials from other plants. If you are telling the client you are the best, the client will not care. But if others are saying the same, they definitely do. So if you have some irrelevant testimonials, use it. Choosing random testimonials or irrelevant testimonial is a different thing. An elephant testimonial impacts the lot for decision-making. Suppose you are a digital marketer, you do Facebook marketing is target marketing and Googlers. You did three type of works for three different clans and got different testimonials from your clients. One about your skill on Facebook, one about your ad campaign, and one about your Instagram skill. Now, if you're going to send a proposal for a YouTube S campaign, which testimonial will you show? It is obviously the google S testimonial, isn't it? Because this is more relevant. So pick your testimonial wisely. And like walk links do not offer flood the client with so many testimonials. You only one, and that's enough. But if you are a very new and didn't get any feedback from clients it then you can skip it. A testimonial is a good approach to prove yourself, but it is not the list, okay, here is a professional tip for you while you are using a testimonial and walking both try to put that particular rescaling for which received the testimonial and mentioned clearly that you received a testimonial for this particular work on your propellant. Let me explain it with an example. The job post says, I'm looking for a graphic designer to redesign a slideshow that will be looked on TV screens at a charity golf tournament. I'll provide branding guidelines and additional information to we include it in the slideshow throughout the extent of the project timeline, completion of the slideshow must be done on or before June for 2090. And my answer was like that deaf client do have the written content ready for the slide shows. How many slides are you planning for this slideshow. And then I put a testimonial and wrote. The testimonial is taken directly from one of my happy client, the MSc Institute. I did it ten slides, ppt for them to present it to their donors. It can see the work by clicking the below link. Also, there are three more works. I did four. Exquisite you may want to see. And then I put the links. I had seen the big hearted Mavericks banned book, and I can produce a slideshow that goes with the brand guidelines. Anyway, a brief discussion on the project would be very helpful, available for five minutes up octet. If say, I mentioned the testimonial deceived from MSc Institute and also put the link of the work I did for Mack institute with other links. Here I did a mistake though. I should have told that you can see the work by clicking on the third link. Rather than saying, you can see the word by clicking the links. And it didn't make a problem to when the $200 job, I hope it will not do the same mistake. Well, let's see. Another approach to show you're a problem solver or an authority. And that is giving clients some Physician that can help to solve the problems. Giving us edition is not an easy thing to do. People often take this in the wrong way. Nobody wants you to lecture on the work. So if you're not very good at your work, you cannot give the rights position right? Now, there are two things you need to keep in mind while giving suspicions. First of all, be polite. Don't say your physician is a must do. Just say as a professional, you did similar types of jobs before. And your solution may help to solve the problem. And secondly, don't give a long list of citations, keep it short. And rather than using a long paragraph, is a short paragraph or Meter is a numbered list of bullet points. The list should have three to four points maximum. Here is an example of how when a job, by giving the client a proposition, the job post was like that. I'm working on a logo and a need to find two icons, or maybe slightly larger than an icon that are in a water color style. I want them to look similar to the attached. And my proposal was like that high. I have seen the attachment you gave and I think the best approach for getting best result is to draw the icon on a drawing paper, then watercolor, eat and take photographs and make it digitalized using Photoshop. This is what I'm going to do. It will give you the perfect result as per unit. What do you think? Thanks. Say cover rights position can help you with your job. Check the testimonial from the client. He also mentioned how the position when crate and produced a result beyond his expectations, anyway, Harris, a protein for you. What should you do while suggesting clients for a reward type of job, right? You know, sometimes clients needs some upgradation to the existing work as a professional MAC that the existing work is just a disaster. Don't tell directly how bad is their current work is. Event. If it is bad, clients don't want to hear it from a third party. Actually, it doesn't matter how bad the work is. The client still loved their business. That's what they want to renovate it, right? So it should point out how you can improve it, but never tell how bad it is and why it is oblique. Let me explain it with a real example. If say the drop was just cleaning of a very unorganized file and my proposal was high, but when do you need it completed into more? I just want to estimate the exact time lift for the predict. I see one paper. It is no doubt good and unique. It can be more attractive by changing some small details like milestone part by using a divided between each line, two. For each section, we can use an icon like for fact, problem-solution, et cetera. Three, the alignment of the text, background and image are not in line. We can change it to, and we can look up to remain small details like that. If you are interested, we can discuss the project at the top. I have posted three of my past projects in light to see, are you available for a quick check now? Thanks them best triggers. I knew that the file was ugly but didn't mention it in the cover letter. I just mentioned how it can be more attractive. And you see, I didn't give a lot of physicians to just treat with it. Numbered list. I own the job and $850 from that job. Okay. Another approach to providing your authority is to ask coaches to the client. Again, the questions you're asking must be relevant to the project and like the sedation, keep it short and to the point. If you have more than one question, then use number, list, or bullet points. Again. Do not overflow with so many questions. Three questions. Good enough. Here is an example of how I only job by asking the right question. The job post was to design a PDF. And it said, this is a short-term project and will need to have the first revision done by UD stan time in the US on Sunday for the final product to be completed by UD Monday, he ST in the US, the deliverable is a PDF handout design from a Word document with some facts and figures that need to be designed. There a few notes in the law that will help, and some example documents also in that note section, there are a bunch of US Federal Government Department logos that will have to be forced and implemented by the designer at the end of the document and arranged in a professional and visually appealing manner. This document to be presented to Amazon AWS executed so it needs to be created yet slick and professional. And my proposal was like that high as the time is very sensitive here. So let's get to the 0.1. What is the paper side of your handout? Do you need it for print? Then what should be the peat specification? Do you mind if I create a font cover for the handout? Do you want to keep the PDF to pages only or extend it if needed? Here're three works I need for the wall back, Mack institute and exquisite. You may want to see are you available now for a quick check? Thanks. If see the right questions helped me to win that job. To the flipped approach is to be convenient. Most of the Philadelphia same their proposals in a wrong better. Many are literally begging for the job. This is a very bad approach. People who don't have self-respect, cut, get the spectrum, others too. So do not under just your quality, are a good enough with your walk. If you show this confidence in your proposal. Now, this doesn't mean to be overconfident or rude. Respect yourself as well as the client, and confidently stick to your point and express your reason clear and loud. I want to share job that our own applying by this approach, the post-war US, create a simple, clean looking template and format 17 slides. Colors will have to follow specific branding guy Les must receive back by 11:00 PM ET this evening extra bonus of $1.50 if provided by 08:00 PM ET and font, name and color. Okay. And my proposal was like that high for the exact time on your watch now. This is very challenging and I get to take your challenge, but with a single condition, you need to communicate within one hour max. Because in my experience, I have seen many job post with a very agentic texts and the client never bother to interview single freelancer. Hope you are an exception. As you asked, I have posted some links to my best works below. When can we talk? Thanks. If see how I confidently told my point to the client. This is the fact that many clients post jobs with agentic and become unresponsive. Stating that fact, I put my own condition in my proposal. And as a result, I just not only own the job, but also got a $50 bonus. Okay, here comes the final approach, and that is to mention your ours or your academic qualification. Though, this is not a very favorite approach of mine. People really don't care about your academic qualification until unless this is something really big. Maybe authorized by some renowned institute like Google or Microsoft or something like that. You can use it, but keep it very short. I guess two lines are good enough. So the soul about s, I'm not saying to use all approaches together, it will make your cover letter unnecessary Big. Using one approach or a pawnshop, 2.2.3 approaches can produce an outstanding result. So let's check the expert one time. Move from top to bottom. In the S part, your goal is to prove your authority by becoming a problem solver. And to do it, you can apply one or more of the six approaches I have mentioned. Let's check out the six approaches. Real quick. Approach one, good clients, some room, give relevant samples of your works at the very beginning of your proposal. Don't use attachments, USE links from your website, blog, a portfolio site, or Google Drive approach to use testimonials from other clients. Approach three gives the client some cessation. Be polite, gives a maximum of three. Physicians. Use it. Short paragraph, number, list or bullet points i plus four, ask relevant questions. You can ask a maximum of three to four questions. Keep your questions to the point. I press F5, show confidence in your cover letter. And finally, a plus six mentioned spatial errors, certifications, if you have any. So that's it. The second rule of my three-step method is completed. Now I am going to talk about the final rule. What I called d, that is doable action. This is not an action unit to do. It is an easy doable action for the client. You just ask them to do it. What it means. It means if should in your proposal with the CTA, is CTA or call to action means the clear instruction to the client for to do next. Suppose the client loved x2 proposal, then what asked the client exactly what to do next? Now, what you should ask is a little tricky. Your goal is to make things simple for the client, right? So I do not ask the client for a long discussion or do not ask for a list of the needs are something that can be answered easily, literally by simple yes or no. I think if you're asking like, what is a thought about my solutions? This is something clients cut answer quickly until unless your solution is very, very impressive. In general, this type of question makes them pause because the need to think, you're goal is to open a room for conversation. More clients pause, it becomes more difficult for you. So tricky and try to figure out a question that can be answered without even thinking. Let's check out some sample questions here. I'm available for a five minutes check now, if see, the answer can be yes or no. Can you show me your current pitch deck? Again? The answer is yes or no. Heavy run an ad campaign before answer yes or no. Do you notice all of them can be answered by a simple yes or no. This is 40 gold. Just to get the answer to your question, check this screenshot from my APOC messes. You see how the clients responded to my question. The client say, yes, she can talk. Chick. Another screenshot here. In this case, the client went one step further. He provided is Skyfall talking. There's our goal to start a conversation. And once you start a conversation, you can lead it to a wind. That's it. That is how the method works. Now, before ending, I want to tell you two more tips that will help you look. Tip number one, when you're finished writing your proposal, don't press the Submit button. Immediately. Read it loudly so that you can hear it. And it will help you to find out any mistakes in your proposals copy. And secondly, I suggest you to use the grammar as a browser extension. This app is amazing and it will help you to correct your spelling and grammar mistakes. You don't need to buy their subscription. The free version is just awesome. So the sit, now you get an in-depth picture of how to write Winning Proposals, right? For your help, I'm attaching a proposal checklist sheet with this lesson. Download it and make sure you are applying the method properly. Now as you proposals need connects and connects and it money. So for practice, silicate three to four job post daily and select those job which you think you're a good fit. You don't have to submit the proposers, just select them and start to write the propellers for practice. Saved them in a Word doc or other nodes. And the very next day, check the previous didn't work and find out how it can be more effective. Initially, it will take time and actually this is boring also. In the beginning, it will take hours to write a winning proposals and checking them will take time to. But doing this for one or two weeks will make you so faster. You can ever imagine. After a few days, you will be able to write bread proposers within a few minutes. So keep practicing. With regular practice, it will become a master and can create your own style of writing, right? So guys go download the checklist and start writing you on proposals. I hope you have found this lesson extremely helpful, sieving The next lesson. Thank you so much. 4. All about invitations with 2 more winning case studies: Welcome back guys. In the previous lesson, we covered how to write winning proposals. In this lesson, we will talk about invitations, how to answer them. An invitation is little different from a regular job post. If you get an invitation from a client, you don't need any connect to send a propeller. And the MQ plus secondly, people who invites you are more likely to work with you. So in case of invitations, you are one step ahead from a regular propeller sending. Anyway, in this lesson, we will cover the following topics. First, does every invite you receive equality invite. Second, what to check when receiving an invitation or applying for a job? Third, how to answer an invitation for why decline invitation a must do. Okay, so let's start with the first question. Does every invite you receive equality invite? No, it's not. Let me explain why. Once the client posts a job, APOC sender client, a list of freelancers that operate things a good fit for the job. Clients can invite randomly from the list. All can such freelancers on their own? Many clients send invitation based on the box list. They don't have that time or energy to search for any freelancer according to the needs. In those cases, the invitation he received, just a random one. Also, in many cases are poor health clines to find finances for the job. So this sin, invitations on behalf of the plants. In my experience, many of these invitations are totally irrelevant. No matches with your skin. If say hair, I got an invitation from an APOC telling specialists. It says, ha shower. I'm Italian specialists from Apple who helps freelancers and clients use APOC to connect. I thought you might be interested in this job post Administrator since your background and skills appear to match this job, becomes I encourage you to submit a proposal. If you think it's a good fit for you. Freelance business, it's up to you to determine whether you are interested in and qualified for the job. No connects needed. When you accept a job irritation, you can find project details with the job post administrator. The client will ultimately decide who to hire. So please direct any message about the job posts to the client through up messes, messed up octal and specialist. Well, sounds nice, right? The truth is totally opposite. Let me show you the job post. Now. It says, looking for highly motivated and startup minded senior GO Python engineer to join a tight knit team to build the next integral. In this role, you will be working directly with the CTO as a core team member. It is fully Riemann position for long-term engagement. 40 plus Rs. And you see, I got an invitation for doing some Python developing walk. While I didn't know anything about Python programming, this happens. So each invite you receive is not a good fit for you. You need to check out what actually is for you and should act accordingly. So let's jump to the next question. And that is what to check when receiving an invitation or applying for a job. When you get an invitation or applying for a job or click on the View job posting link. It will give you the entire details about the job post. Now, first of all, read the job post carefully. Is that a match with your expertise and polity? If not, you have to stop here right now. Otherwise, check the right side of the page and you'll find details about the client here. First check if there is any badge like upper-class client or APOC enterprise client. If there is a badge like that, it means the client purchased artwork spatial plan, which means they're willing to work on this platform. So you can consider a job posts or an invitation as a Goodwin if it comes from a spatial batch plant. But hold, don't make your decisions so fast. Have more touching. Second thing is to check the payment method. Is it verified? Yes. Then grid. If no, then there is a chance that the client posts a job and never come back on the platform. So be careful if there is no verified payment method. Sometimes many new clients post jobs on our book without verifying the pivot method. They think they can edit letter, but they really want to have someone. I once got an invitation from a client without a verified payment method, but later on $1800 from that project. But how could we guess that clients intention, right? Well, you can get an idea from the job post. Is it really descriptive? One is it clearly talks about the client's need. People sometimes posted you off from a mobile device with full of typos. Avoid this type of job, especially if they have noted verified payment method, okay. Here is another technique of cross-checking. If the client without a verified M admitted, is what the or not. If you see, the client is very new, like the client joined up OK, last week and post a job today. It means maybe the client doesn't even know how to verify payment method or thing. It can be done later. So you can accept the invitation or can send a proposal. If the client is very new and the job posts is clear and loud. Now comes the most important thing. And that is the headed for an invitation. This section doesn't matter so much because you are not losing any connect, right? But when you are applying for a public job post check this section very carefully. A client with a very low hybrid means probably the client will not go in to anyone. Applying for a job, what the client has very low Herod can simply cost you connects means your money. I see clients with a 10% higher than two, means the client post ten jobs and half. Only wonder, isn't it? Well, so it'll be wise to avert such plants. Now, there is no exact rule to figure out what percentage is good. But in my opinion, you should avoid clients who's hired it is less than 60 to 65%. Now, check out the client is easy to work with or not. He can figure it out by checking the readings. A forced A-plus rating means the client is great to work with. But what if you see the ratings below Faustus? In that case? Check the client's recent history just below the job description. Find out why the rating is low. If you see most freelancers give the client great ratings, except one or two. It means the client is okay to walk with. Sometimes a good client receives an unfair rating from one or two freelancers, and this makes the inter, score bad. That's why you need to check out at least three to four reviews and then make your own decision. Finally, check that clients sprint is the client a high-ticket client. You can calculate this from that clients totals, paint, the average hourly rate paid and the number of job post. Also check the client recent history, find out how much they're paying for each recent project, forced the hourly rate they are paying for the last few projects. You'll get an idea from there. Okay, let's see the example and let's break it down. Here we see the clients spin M k with an average 13.06 hourly written, and the client post only eight jobs and Hesse's seventy-five percent hired. This means the half-full six jobs out of eight, red, the client join up up a few months ago. For six jobs. The client paid $10 thousand, which means each job has an average $1.6 thousand value, which means the client can provide big projects. Secondly, the clients spend 10 thousand in a few months. Most upper clients spent an average 10 thousand or less in a year. So the client is far better than the other plants. Thus, the process, this is how it can take a job posts or an invitation is fit for you or not. One last thing I want to mention, while you get an invitation, this is to check how many invitations are sent by the client. If you see the client sent so many invitations, tried to ever the invitation. In my experience, the clients who really want to have someone send fewer invitations to some selected freelancers, maybe ten to 15. But I see people sending 50 plus invitations and never, ever interview a single freelancer. In most cases the spammers, if should ever the spammers. But before doing that, please crosscheck with the other six criteria. I mentioned. Many new clients don't understand the need and that's why sometimes good clients also sent to many invitations. So cross-checking, Is it necessary part? That's it. Let's jump into the next question. The question is, how to answer an invitation? Well, you already know the answer is the same LSD method for answering the invitation. But remember, an invitation is always better than sending proposals. Because we were invites. You are surely interested in him. The check your profile and then decide to send you an invitation. So in the case of an invitation, you are one step ahead of sending the proposal for public job posts, right? The client is already interesting to work with him. For me is to close the deal. Most freelancers start with phrases like, thank you for your invitation. I advise you for avoiding this. That sounds like the same to the clients. Just apply the elastic method and it will give you a better rather than a simple thank you. At the very beginning. Still, you want to thank the client. No problem. You can do it. My advisees. Right. Things that are very relevant to the job and the first and the Sit, thanks to the client. Let me show you some example, has an invitation and it says, we have ever a Wordpress theme I want to fix. And chins few things in addition to redesign some pages, please see the attests doc. If see, this is invite only job, not a public job post. And my answer was, hello, Dr. chemo. I had been checking your website and I want to thank you from my heart because you are doing a really great job by helping people to quit smoking. One of my relatives got cancer for these dangerous habit, thumbs up. Let's talk business. You need a WordPress website. Now, it has two meaning that you are using any WordPress template and modify it. Or you can create a well-designed for each individual pages and then create the word precise accordingly. The question is, what do I want to do? Well, if you have some time to discuss the project, it will be read. Can you please message me a suitable time for quick up octet? Thanks for the invitation. If say, I started with addressing the client by his name and appreciate him for his work. There is becoming likeable. Then asking me very relevant questions. That is becoming a problem solver. And finally, end with the city. That is doable action. And at the very least, attempting for this invitation. That's simple. And I own the job. Even WordPress was not my spatial area. Now, if this was a public job post, I never applied for the job because the job title clearly told that the job was not fit the line of my walk, but as it was an invitation, so I took the chance. I have a little knowledge of purpose and I thought I can do it with this knowledge. So accepted it. But if I knew nothing about what risk I surely declining. So if you have little experience, you can take your chance to. But again, be honest, If you feel it cannot make it just decline the invitation. Here is another example of an invitation. If see, this is again an invite only job. It says the logo on XYZ.com is graphically confused. The logo needs to stand free of the Blue Ribbon behind it. And it doesn't. Someone thought having the blue background panel we've through the frame on the logo would be interesting, but it isn't. The logo needs to be lifted the thickly above the bed known, which involves adding some defining lines to the whole systems. Then we have to move with the same problem. And my answer was hello PET. This is because the logo, it had not a PNG format or SVG format. And there is a blank space between the blue border end up white area. What I will do that, I fill the space with white color and then the logo will be over the background. It will take a little more time to do it. Are interested, please feel free to contact me, Ben. Thanks. If c, I'll just pointed out the problem and toward exactly what to do to solve it. Simple, short and to the point, even no formal thanks for inviting me. And yeah, I own the short-time job with a $50 per audit. Thus it now you understand how to answer an invitation, right? Let's check out the last question. And the question is, why declined invitation is it must do. I already told you that many invitations are random and sometimes irrelevant. Just decline them to keep your responsiveness better. Now, what is responsiveness if symmetric, calculated by arpa and it defines how quickly into response while a client, since event invitation. Firstly, you do, your responsiveness will perform better. Suppose you get ten invitations and four of them are irrelevant. You didn't accept or decline them and keep them as it is for weeks. Now, what happens in that case? The upper will consider this as a lack of responsiveness and your response rate will go down, up. Ok, stop showing this metric on your public profile from the beginning of August 2020. But it doesn't mean arpa stopped calculating this metric. They monitor your responsiveness and if it goes bad, you rank will go down to. So, in a nutshell, a bad response rate makes your impression bed to the APOC, such algorithm. That's why decline invitation is it must do one protein for you. Whatever you do, accept or decline the invitation, do it within 24 hours, it will help you to make your response rate high, okay. There is another reason for which it should decline the 11 invitations. While you decline an invitation up of normally ask for a reason. If see a popup with the list of reasons, like job is now FIFO skill not interested in well-described, too busy on other projects and so on. You just need to select any one or just type your own reason by selecting other note while choosing any reason, you are giving up all the information, you are doing this, right? With this information, the upper such algorithm can find more suitable invitations for you. That's why if you see an invitation that is irrelevant, just decline it. That's all about the invitation. Now, we will check about the screening question in the upcoming video. So we have finished all the queries about invitation. I hope you found it helpful. See you in the next lesson. Thank you so much. 5. How to deal with screening questions fearlessly explained with 2 more winning case studies: Welcome back. We are almost done. A few things we'll cover in this lesson. One, what is the screening questions? How to answer screening questions? And can I beat more than the budget set by the client? Let's take them one by one. Now, what is a screening question? In many job post, you might see some questions that are asked by the client. These questions are called screening questions. When clients post a job, the c, a list of selected questions suggested by Upwork. Or client can ask their own questions anyway. In most cases, clients select questions randomly from the list and sometimes the coaches are out of context. But still, this coaches have played an important role in the selection process in a way, because this is the first thing the client sees when opening year properly. Yes. Note the proposal. The coaches come first as you see on the screen. So you need to gain the attention of the client in the very first question. And again, you can apply the same LSD method to answer it. Let me show you an example. Her job post from on-point client. As you see, the job was to design a report on violent extremism in Africa. With this job post, the client asked a question. Actually, it was three questions randomly picked from the list. It says what past projects or job having had that is most like this one. And why why do you think you were a good fit for the particular project? For challenging part of this job, are you most experienced in? And I answered the questions as dia UK client, I noticed you are looking for help designing to Orfeo products in a visually appealing way countering violent extremism over the last year and a half. It seems to me that your projects are completely rely best and will be a great help for humanity. I appreciate your effort in it. A few days back, I designed a one-piece layout for a non-profit company that helps kids all over the world. Below is the testimonial of the satisfied client. I attach the outcome PDF for you with the application. Please see the attachment. And then I put the testimonial and again, i rho if you are looking for another style of work, I can show you an annual report I did for x-rays that company. Please see the attachment. Still need more. Feel free to message me. I'll be happy to send you some more examples. I did more than 15 plus designs like US over the last six months. And my expertise in InDesign at last Rida helped me to make design stand out. Thanks. You say, I didn't go through the common path as all other philosophers do. Rather than giving some of my past projects or my qualification list, I just persuade the client from the beginning. Dea UK client was the first day. And then I appreciate their work which made me likeable. The L of that LSD method. And then giving a relevant projects with a testimonial established my authority, that is the S or sulfur from the LSD method. And finally, as the client to message me if the need different examples. That is D or doable action from that LSD method. This is how I focused on the question first and then the cover letter. As I mentioned, almost every relevant part in the screen courses. So I made my cover letter very small. It was like, hi, I see job posts carefully and it seems very interesting to me, I'd love to work with such projects. You have traded. I have some questions about the design part. First, other designs going to be used on the web or their footprint. Can you tell me the paper size? And finally, do you have any logo of your organization? However, if I can answer any questions for you, please click on the send message button for a brief discussion. Thanks for your time to read my parabola best Ashish c in this cover letter, I'll also applied some approaches from the LSD method. And yes, I earn from that project. That's the technique you need to apply when you are answering a screening question. Now, some screening questions are not from the list. It means clients know very well what they're asking in that case, onset to the point. Don't try to get out of the context. Let me explain it with an example. As you see, the job posting was to redesign a PowerPoint file. But you see the cushion was different, not from the upper suggested list. The client asked here, what makes your design defined? And my answer was consistency. This is the most important difference. You can see my works and you will find that every slide is consistent according to the design aesthetics, like the margin, colours, space, forms, and other design elements. Here are some words you may want to see, and then a port, three open, relevant work samples. If C, The answer was short and to the point, and I put some work links in the answer. Why is that? Because I wanted to prove my authority and I had to put that in the screening question. What if the client network goes down and check my proposal where I put my work Link. So I didn't give her the chance. Also, I didn't make it a robotic either. I pulled the walk links as it was the part of denser. So we honest with your answer, keep it short to the point, no extra talks. And tried to apply one to two approaches from LSD method to prove that you are capable. This a 120 jobs later expanded to $1300 and now this client is one of my regular clients. Thus all about the screening cautious. I hope you now understand how to answer the questions without fear. And why should you focus on the question first, you can download the mostly US screening question list attached to this video. Now comes the last question. The question is, can I beat more than the budget set by the client? The answer is yes, you can. Many quality clients don't know the exact cost of a particular job, so they just put a random figure in the budget. First, you need to check the client's quality is street and feedback, as I told earlier. And if you feel the client is a great one and you are good enough to do the job, then you can be more than the same budget. Remember, to get the extra money, you need to give some extra service that other financers think out of the box and find out what you can give extra and mention it in your cover letter. For example, lets the client needs a Word doc to be designed nicely. You can offer an extra cover page for the DOM. This extra offer Gibbs clients Israel satisfaction and they will be happy to pay you more than this and budget. Remember, great clients always seek quality works. Quality comes first to them and then the money. So if you had a solid proposal, the client will respond. Even if your proposed budget is high, you can convince the client, or at least you can negotiate. Here is an example for you. From the screenshot, you can see the client's budget was $300 and maybe to us for a $100. You see, the client responded and clearly told that my bead was out of his budget. I didn't just say, no, I can do that or is too cheap like that. Rather than this common phrases, I gave him a solid reason and told him I put my best bid for the project. But still, if it is too hot for you, I can do it for $1.360 so that I can get $300 after giving 20% of Apophis. I'd love to hear for me. And I still managed to earn $60 extra then his budget. So that's all guys. I hope you have enjoyed the course and found it extremely helpful for building you up Acadia. I also encourage you to share your winning proposals with others so other can get help from him about all this is our duty to make this world a better place. And what can be the best way rather than sharing and caring for each other, right? So thank you so much, guys, Susan.