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Upwork 5 - Upwork Proposal Example - Bad (template example) + Re-Written Proposal

Nina Kolari, Online Freelancer & Business Owner, Trainer

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Proposal Examples Course

    • Bad Proposal Example

    • Re-Written Proposal Example

    • Course Project

    • Final Thoughts & Thank You


About This Class

This course is part of Upwork Proposal Course and will show case one bad example (most used proposal template on Upwork!) and then how the proposal should be re-written for maximum impact.

Many want a template that they can you. But I have bad news... there is no one magic template that will work for you! To start with using a template is bad idea as no job is exactly same. You certainly could have a master template that has all your experience and then you delete/add according to the job post. I still do however recommend writing fully customized letter each time.

I know it takes time! But on Upwork quality is better than quantity! If you are sending tons of proposal you most likely are copy/pasting most of your proposal and aim for quantity. Stop that! Aim for quality proposal that really hits the bullseye on matching the client need.

To give you an idea what does not work on Upwork, I made this course and show case the most common template used on Upwork. I personally have hired hundreds of freelancers on Upwork and none of those ever used a template - they customized their proposal to match my exact need. 

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Very helpful class! I highly recommend it!





Nina Kolari

Online Freelancer & Business Owner, Trainer

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