Upwork 4 | Nina Kolari | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Proposal Template Kills your changes of Success on Upwork

    • 3. Proposal In Detail

    • 4. Best Proposal Format

    • 5. Video Proposal

    • 6. Course Project

    • 7. Thank You & Final Words


About This Class


Get ready to make part-time or full time income by freelancing via Upwork! If you have a passion for your craft, you can become an online freelancer working with global clients at comfort of your own home.

By showing you how to create a winning proposal, build a successful freelancing career and revealing how clients think, this program will have you making income in no time working with high paying international clients.

Learn How to Share Your Knowledge Online to Boost Your Income.

  • Learn Proposal Creation Skills
  • Adopt New Untraditional Techniques for Proposal
  • Discover How Upwork Clients Think and See Proposals
  • Identify Proposal Techniques That Work in Real Life
  • Learn Why Traditional Proposals Don’t Work in the Online Marketplaces such as Upwork


This is a how to guide on Proposal - no high level suggestions like many Udemy freelance courses offer, but actual practical and tested techniques that work on Upwork!


Share Your Knowledge with a World of Clients

Unlike traditional corporate jobs, online freelancing provides students with flexibility and freedom for their life, not to mention often better work-life balance.

This is also valuable to those who wish to freelance, but want to continue pursuing a corporate career while still having the opportunity to earn extra income.

This course shows you the ins and outs of freelancing via Upwork focusing on the core success factor, the Proposal.

Contents and Overview

Through 20+ lectures you'll learn how to build an effective proposal that clients can't resist to open.

In the section on Proposal Basic, I’ll show you the beginning steps in creating a master, professional proposal including how to read a job ad.

Next, you'll learn what clients think when hiring on Upwork which is one of the key factors. Each part of the proposal is separated into its own video talking what you should be doing and what to avoid.

Finally, you get to spy on your competition and see an example proposal and how its re-written into an highly effective proposal.

Upon completion of this course, you'll know how to create an effective proposal, right down to greeting, proposal title, portfolio, know what CRR means and establishing the right keywords and prices to pitch.

***Plus, you'll have access to bonus materials to help you take your online freelancing career to the next level.

When you finish this course, you'll feel confident to send in your proposals for your dream jobs, and have access to a community of other online freelancers so you can continue to gain more insight for success.

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