Upwork 1 - Online Freelancer Success | Nina Kolari | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. What is Upwork

    • 3. What You Could be Earning Right Now!

    • 4. What Type of Roles You Will Find on Upwork

    • 5. Online interview - Online Interview Secrets - Successfully Negotiate Your Way to New Project

    • 6. Upwork Contract Options

    • 7. How to Become a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork

    • 8. How Much Can You Charge From Client


About This Class

This course is aimed towards helping corporate escapees to build a career as a successful freelancer utilizing opportunities available on Upwork. Packed with tried and tested solutions, I offer highly informative videos help a new Upwork freelancer to outperform the competition and land dream job opportunities.

MY SUCCESS WITH UPWORK - verified earnings (very important!)

I started my career as a freelancer because I got tired of working in the cubicle – I wanted freedom that corporate world could not offer. That’s where Upwork (or Odesk at a time) came in to play.

Today, I currently am within top 3 in Upwork’s Top Rated Freelancers in my niche. I’ve been able to work both as a freelancer and as a client. I have hired hundreds of freelancers for various client projects, and I have also worked for number of premium clients as well.

That is not all. I have also hired hundreds of Freelancers on Upwork for Client Projects! I know both sides of the table, freelancers and clients - that is why I know what works. 

- 3000 Hours worked via Upwork

- 40+ client contracts

- Longest freelance contract 2+ years

- Hundreds of Freelancers Headhunted, Interviewed and Hired for clients

Now, it is my turn to help you do what I did it!

On the course I talk about why traditional freelancing methods do not work on Upwork or online - lengthy proposals are a great example. I will tell you how to brake those rules and BEAT YOUR COMPETITION BY A MILE!

In this course, I’ll teach practical strategies that I used when I started, and still today, using Upwork. I will show you the exact strategies I did when I build an Upwork income from zero to $40,000 in a year (verified earnings!). And I can tell you that I did not use any traditional methods!

The best part of this particular course is the community forum wherein you will be able to ask me directly! I will be available for more questions and clarifications once you joined this course.


Is Upwork intimidating because of its busy marketplace? Do you ever doubt how your profile is going to stand out from thousands of freelancers that have their eyes on the same job?

This course is your beginners guide on Upwork, an easy to understand guide, how you can make that leap from newbie to a successful freelancer.

This course (check whole course series on my profile) will help new and struggling freelancers have the opportunity to land real job opportunities, regardless if you are looking for a long term or a short term project.

This course is designed to help to improve your profile to win clients and convince they need your services.


  • Understand how Upwork works

If you are a bit intimidated about Upwork, this course will help lessen that anxiety. I’ll teach the ins and outs of Upwork. Here, you’ll know how the system and interface work.

  • Learn to market yourself in your niche

After the course you are able to know exactly how to market yourself. You will be able to build a profile that showcases your skills and abilities in your niche.

  • Learn how to make attention grabbing proposals

Before you even showcase your skill, you need to be noticed by potential clients. In this particular course, I discusse easy to understand methods on how to make an effective proposal letter allowing you to land an interview.

  • Locate HIGH PAYING job opportunities

It is a struggle for every newbie to locate lucrative job opportunities online. To help avoid devaluing your own work, I will be teaching students how to find job opportunities that are financially rewarding.

  • Learn how to handle client interviews and consultations

Once you land an interview, we’ll teach you how to impress your potential client and close the deal.

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