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Uplevel Your Intuition: Get in the flow with six intuition-enhancing exercises.

teacher avatar Whitney Strong, Get Creative. Feel Better. Have Fun.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Uplevel Your Intuition - Intro

    • 2. Exercise 1 - Consider Your Closet

    • 3. Exercise 2 - Don't Think, Just Tear

    • 4. Exercise 3 - Talk To Your Pets

    • 5. Exercise 4 - Let Your Feet Guide You

    • 6. Exercise 5 - Just Keep (Free)Writing,

    • 7. Exercise 6 - Do Nothing & See What Comes Up

    • 8. Bonus Exercise - Pick A Card

    • 9. Uplevel Your Intuition - Congratulations! Keep Going.

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About This Class


Your class project is to get in touch with your intuition! Try each activity (or pick your favorite 2-3) and make time to really explore them. Take notes so you can go back and see your progress. We’d love to hear your feedback in the Project section (but don’t feel obligated to share if you’d rather keep your entries to yourself). 


Use whatever you have available, though I always recommend writing in a notebook instead of digitally. Attempt every activity at least once, and adapt it to what you have handy (that’s just going to give your creative mind extra power).

  • Sitting around and doing nothing can be reeeeally challenging for some of us. But I also believe that’s when some of the best ideas show up. Remember being bored as a kid and creating ridiculous games and stories?
  • I have the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, but any with distinct images will be perfect. Don’t have a deck? Find a book with pictures or a magazine, and flip to a page instead.
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art (philamuseum.org) and The Spy Museum (spymuseum.org) have access to some pieces online.

Creativity and Intuition go hand-in-hand, so always look for a way to make it work!

Getting Started:

The best advice I can give about Intuition and Creativity is to just show your inner-editor the door. There’s a time and place to edit, and that’s later.

Play, try to surprise yourself, and most of all, don’t try too hard.




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Whitney Strong

Get Creative. Feel Better. Have Fun.


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1. Uplevel Your Intuition - Intro: Hi, I'm Whitney Strong and I'm a creativity and intuition coach. I help people get back in touch with their intuition and their creativity, mainly through writing, but through a lot of other modalities as well. I kind of use everything that I can help people get back to that feeling of being powerful and in tune with themselves as kind of their inner guide encompass, rather than depending on someone else to tell you what to do. I have a background in marketing and copywriting, but I actually was a teacher before that. So I've kind of been through a lot of different phases that all kind of somehow revolved around writing. And I focus on writing with a pen and paper or a pencil and paper. Mainly just because it's, it gets your body a little bit more involved. It tends to help your memory better when you're actually writing it down physically. And I also just feel like writing into a notebook helps you with that kind of catharsis of getting something out onto a page. And it also has the added bonus of not being able to be lost or accidentally deleted on a computer or phone, which I've experienced. Unfortunately, today we're going to go over some my quickest, easiest ways to get in touch with your intuition. So I absolutely recommend, you know, doing these as many times as you can, maybe make a schedule or set aside time may be few times a week to practice these and choose the ones that you like the best. If some of them don't resonate with you, that's perfectly fine with this project is going to be a little different. You aren't really going to have much physically to leave with other than your reflections and your notebook. But there's no specific thing that I want you to come away with. You don't need to post anything in the group. If you want to. I'd love to hear your feedback. Or if you have something to share, something that you feel like might help someone else, honestly feel free to, but otherwise, I just feel like this is for you. Put it in your notebook, go back, reflect, and just see how far you've come to get in touch with your intuition. 2. Exercise 1 - Consider Your Closet: So the first thing that you can do to get in touch with your intuition actually is very simple and straightforward. And you probably already do this every day, but maybe not with as much thought as you might consider, go through your closet. And this could be as simple as in the morning, really trying to take an extra few minutes, maybe seconds, depending on how late you're running to pick out clothes that you feel like will suit you for the day. So whether you're feeling kind of high-energy and you wanna feel more where more colors. Or if you just grab a jacket just because really kind of take some extra time to think about why you're doing that. And this just helps you get in touch with your intuition for why that's what r over this sweater or, you know, why do you always pick those genes everyday? If I were talking to myself, probably I would recommend going through your closet and actually choosing the things that you like the most and that bring you joy. And maybe getting rid of things that you don't really wear or that you don't really love. And this is obviously inspired by Marie condos. The life-changing magic of tidying up. This book is just so amazing. It is a really great way to get in touch with your intuition just to kind of feel into, you know, I never wear this. Why don't I ever wear this? I'm not that person maybe or, you know, kind of the sky's the limit really with clothes, it is kinda fascinating to see kind of what we've collected over the years and maybe why and the stories we tell ourselves about those things. If you do have time, feel free to go through your closet, keep what you love, and maybe donate what you don't love or toss things that are just totally done or cut them interacts if you like, it's a really great start to getting in touch with your intuition because it is something that we're already pretty familiar with. So there's not that big, steep learning curve that might come with something else. Feel free to pause this video and go through cause right now if you want, or just keep watching. And the next lesson will discuss your next intuitive activity. 3. Exercise 2 - Don't Think, Just Tear: My next activity is something that I honestly wish I made more time before, but haven't in the past. And that is making a collage out of magazine pages. And this is just kind of an easy, simple thing to do if you have some free time. So if you have some old magazines lying around and you don't mind turning some pages out, flip through, try not to overthink it. But taro pages that you like, that kind of grab you. And then once you have a good stack, may be, you know, at least five pages, maybe 20, you know, if you're like really going nuts, you know, just take those, put them together, make a collage, maybe on another piece of paper or on a page in your notebook. And really kind of when you're done, reflect a little bit about that process. You know. Why did you choose the pages you chose? Why did you arrange them the way that you did? Where you just following your intuition or you following a voice. You know, some of us kind of feel more like when you see it, it looks right. Others feel like here a little bit more like the voice in your head telling you, like, ooh, that local, thats a pretty easy, simple thing, especially if you have magazines lying around. If you don't, you could make something on Pinterest or another website like that. But obviously, if any of these sound intriguing to you, but you don't have the materials. A little bit of creativity will help you still be able to do these activities with just maybe a twist. 4. Exercise 3 - Talk To Your Pets: So this next activity is literally just to talk to your pets or your plants or your personal items, like the things that you own. This is a great exercise for your intuition because you can kind of let that filter go. You're not really talking to someone for feedback. You're not really talking to them to make dinner plans. You really just kind of talking to talk. And I feel like pets are great listeners because they don't really hear what you're saying word for word. It's kind of word that energy. And they're also pretty non-judgmental, which is quite nice. So if you have some pets or a pet, or some plants, or really anything that you feel like you could talk to. And you know, full disclosure, this is going to be easier if you're by yourself and not in a room with your family at the same time. Getting into the habit of talking. Just to talk a little bit can really help you loosen up this ability to speak unfiltered, which I feel like is the biggest takeaway, you know, talking to a plant. Really kind of like getting into it, you know, like for free. If you feel like the planet has something to say to you, like see if that will come out. It's pretty easy to tell when they're thirsty. So it might be really easy for you. It might be more difficult. But I think it's definitely worth trying just to see how easy that is for you and that just tells you something about yourself as well. And yes, people might think you're a little crazy, but I think ultimately, if you're trying so hard to be normal and fitting, you probably are ignoring some aspect of yourself. I think it's the weird parts of ourselves to other people really kind of like the most. And I mean, I know personally that's kind of the side of, you know, new friends that I'm always kind of like yes. You know, like it's just kind of more endearing than kind of the facade that we all kinda have when we're just kind of like getting things done, try not to over think it as I obviously do sometimes. 5. Exercise 4 - Let Your Feet Guide You: This one is a fun one because you get to leave your house if you so choose. Obviously, what I'd like you to try is go to a bookstore without any real intention of what you're looking for. And if there is something you are looking for, get it out of the way. The first, like right when you get there and then spend a decent amount of time wandering after that. So wander around in the bookstore and really kind of let your feet take you where you want to go. And, you know, you might be tempted to go to the same section. You always go to you. Or you might be tempted to wander into a corner where you've never been before. You don't really know what's over there is a good way to kind of get your body involved rate because you're moving through a space. And you're also kind of dealing with all of the information being presented to you, like all of the titles on the shelves, the little coffee shop in the corner, the interesting family over there fighting about whatever they might fight about. I do this. I used bookstores, but you can also do it in a new bookstore or even not a bookstore, right? Like you could try it in another type of store or place. But I feel like books are kind of good way to do this because generally once you find like the shelf that you're being drawn to and the book you're being drawn to, you'll probably find a reason for why you found that and it might not be immediately apparent to you. But I usually try if I can to buy the book that I've kind of been led to. It's also led to some really amazing discoveries and some books that I don't think I would have found any other way. It is really fun, especially if you're in a new town. I always love perusing used bookstores because they always have just the selection of older books and kind of things that other people have brought in with, like notes in the front. There. Just always so fun. So I would definitely recommend taking a half-hour to an hour and like wandering around and seeing what you come up with. If you want to let us know what book you found in the group, please steal otherwise. Take some time to write about it in your notebook and maybe spend some time thinking about why you find that book if you liked it or not, what it taught you about you and maybe your intuition and where it's kind of maybe trying to lead you. Don't worry. If you feel like you're in there for a long time. I feel like really, honestly, most of the time people are just doing their own thing and you can kind of disappear into the background. 6. Exercise 5 - Just Keep (Free)Writing, : The next activity is pretty easy. It's pretty much just free writing, which is putting your pen to paper and writing anything and everything that comes out trying not to Paul's, right. Because when you pause, you're probably thinking or over thinking about what you're writing. Maybe you're going back to read what you'd already written and you're saying to yourself, well that makes no sense. And then you start really getting into your head about it. Free riding is really just trying not to involve the inner editor at all. Just writing whatever comes out and don't worry about completing sentences if a new word comes in, go and follow that stream of consciousness. This is a really great way to get in touch with your intuition because you really are letting that filter come down for a bit. It's really great for creative writers. And I'd say artists in general to kind of get used to getting rid of that filter because that creativity aspect of surprising yourself and what can come out of, you know, of literally your hand, from your brain down to your hand is kind of like just so fascinating. And I feel like it can really give you this boost of power that you don't need to have an amazing idea. You can just sit down and write and something will come out. It is really so interesting to look back over a few pages, see like, well, it was my mind doing email and obviously no one ever needs to see it because it's in your notebook. And so you don't really need to worry about like misspelling words are using punctuation correctly. So it's kind of just like a fun, kind of a good time. You know. 7. Exercise 6 - Do Nothing & See What Comes Up: My last activity is pretty simple. Set aside time every day or regularly enough to do nothing. And ideally you'll set aside at least 20 minutes. And 20 minutes is totally arbitrary, but I feel like five minutes is too short. Ten minutes is also kind of too short. So we're going to say 20. But anything more is also great to really just do nothing. And for those of us that are really busy and really over-scheduled, this might seem very concerning. But I really love having unstructured time to just let your self think and just kind of listen. So pretty much you could look at this as a meditation, but you could also look at it as, what do you do when you have nothing to do? And what does that say about you? Do you try to find something to do to keep you busy? Do you love sitting there with nothing to do? Or do you try to block out what you're thinking about? Do you start make to-do lists? But ultimately, I feel like this is a really great opportunity to just sit and get to know yourself a little bit more. I would treat this as a meditation, but you don't have to. And I do think that this is just a great way to strengthen your intuition. Because the better you know yourself in the better you know your mind, the more you'll be able to kind of discern between your intuition and maybe like your anxiety in your worry loops, right? The whole idea is to look at your brain, looking at what it's doing and focus on what you want to focus on. And that's something that's totally up to you. 8. Bonus Exercise - Pick A Card: So I actually have a bonus exercise for you to do to help get in touch with your intuition. This is basically for people who already have a tarot deck or who are looking for an excuse to buy a tarot deck. Basically, I want you to go arbitrary codec, preferably one with different images on every card. If you're not sure, feel free to ask me and I can kind of guide you. But basically, I think I've the writer Smith, right, or weight Smith deck. And they will have different ones. So if you're not sure that's kind of a good place to start. Basically just pick a card. You can find them out, you can shuffle. And then when you see one that grabs your attention, describe it, look at it. And then try to verbalize or write down what it makes you think of or what you see first, right? So I just put this on. This is the ten of cups and it's kind of lovely imagery. The first thing I saw was the rainbow with the cups. And then obviously we have some very happy people, some kids dancing, right? This looks like a very happy seemed to me. I mean, I feel like you could you could really go into like, oh, there's a house back here and the water. There's no clouds in the sky, there's no storm, there's no sign of a storm, but obviously there's a rainbow. So there once was a storm, right? Like you can just like go down like this whole path of the imagery of it, someone else might see something totally different. I mean, obviously there's still going to, going to see the same image. Maybe the first thing they noticed something else or it reminds them of a story that they know or that they, I would like to write. It's really just kind of a good way to kind of, I would say bounds here, intuition of something else, which is something that I find really useful. Sometimes it's nice to kind of use a like an instigator for your intuition to have something to look at and respond to, rather than just sitting and waiting for something to come, which is obviously also something you can try. But we're looking for options here. So consider a deck. You could use this, gosh, if you go to a museum and look at the art, it's like the sky's the limit. Or you could look online. I think a lot of big museums now you can have access to certain like permanent collections. And I'll actually do some research and I'll put them, if I find anything good, I'll put it in the notes. But if you have any suggestions, also, feel free to add it to the group. 9. Uplevel Your Intuition - Congratulations! Keep Going.: So those are just a few intuitive activities that you can try. Ultimately, I recommend getting a notebook and a pen. Just didn't jot down kind of things that come up. Sometimes we think that we'll remember things forever, but, you know, you'd be surprised how fast you forget things. Almost like a dream. You know, you wake up in your legato so vivid. And by lunchtime it's just totally gone. I just wanted to say thank you. You guys are always so awesome. I really love reading your feedback on all my courses. And I really tried to make my courses better because of your feedback. So thank you. Thank you, thank you so much for that. And I just wanted to say for anyone who is looking for more, feel free to find me on Instagram. I'm at wild corners. And my website also has a lot of resources and that's wild corners.com. My name is Whitney again, and it's been so fun going over this with you. I know, through the magic of the Internet. You know, we're all kind of here right now. But it's just, it's always so fun to kinda see what you guys think. So I just wanted to say thank you again and have fun with this. Really try not to take yourself so seriously. That's something that I am still practicing. And it just so much more fun if you kind of let yourself open up too weird or whatever may happen, kind of things. So just wanted to say thank you again, and I will talk to you soon.