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Upgrade Your Instagram: Draw a Stylized Portrait for Your Profile

teacher avatar Pitunah - Natasha, Illustrator and Product Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Take a Photo!

    • 5. Stylizing

    • 6. Sketching

    • 7. Going To Photoshop

    • 8. Lining Up

    • 9. Color Palette

    • 10. Coloring

    • 11. Shading

    • 12. Final Touches

    • 13. Share With Us!

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About This Class

This class is about creating a stylized portrait! But more than that: it is a totally new and personalized Instagram avatar using your own photo as reference!

You will learn: 

  • How to sketch a portrait using your photo as reference
  • How to stylize features like eyes, nose and mouth;
  • How to choose a nice color palette, consistent with your Instagram feed 
  • How to make the line art, base colors and shading;
  • How to add final touches and effects;

This class is made for you who is a heavy user of Instagram platform and want to upgrade your Instagram profile. If you are bored of your Instagram’s profile picture, here is the solution: learn how to draw a stylized portrait from your photo.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pitunah - Natasha

Illustrator and Product Designer


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1. Intro: Hello, guys. Meanings, Natasha. I am also known a spittoon. A. I have a background in architecture, which has helped me a lot with graphic design and organization. But what I really in love to tell stories drove characters and create entire worlds. I used interim a lot as a portfolio and also to communicate with amazing artists. Ace England has become one of the most popular social media's. Instagram has already passive demarche of one billion users. That's really impressive. Many artists use ERA comes as a business account, and they sell commissions using the platform. So having a Coke profile picture is a must have for the social media. In this class, you will learn how. Just catch a portrait, using your photo as reference how to East allies features like eyes, nose mouth, how to choose a nice Kohler palette consistent with your instagram feed. How do you make the liner base Callers in shady How to add final touch in a bus so you always want to to greet stylized portrait and you wanna have user on instagram. So this quest is for you board of your instagram profile picture. So come on, I'll see you in this glass, grab your created muscles and you Let's get started 2. Class Project: Hello again. I'm so Len, You're taking this class for a request project. You are going to great ice allies in portrait to upload in your instagram profile. First greeted class description in download the class worksheets to help you through this glass. They're available in the class project and resources section. Don't forget to share your project in a project section so it can receive feedback from me and from your classmates. You can mention your process in the hardest parts. Oh, don't forget to share with us your instagram user name, so we can go and check your profile and everything that happened doing use. Check this Catuna hashtag so we can track your project. Instagram, I hope you enjoy this class. I can't wait to see your project. 3. Materials: for disk class, you'll need simply ships of paper, very single ones, because we are going to use for the sketch. Only a razor I used to spend tell soft a razor, and I think it's pretty good for what we're doing. Mechanical pencil. I personally prefer to use mechanical funds, so because of the thing lines I can get, I like to use cholera, Griff Fides, blue or red ones. I think the caller creates a better contrast within the finished black line heart, and also it gives an aspect of the drama. Has a so and it's caller it, So that's why I like it. You also can use a normal fence. So for the sketch, that's no problem. You choose what you have. You also need a cell phone or camera to take a picture of yourself. And for the digital part, you need a tablet, iPad or pen display and a drawing software. I'm going to use photo show, but you can use Pento, side creator or procreate. All of those Softwares have similar tools, so even though the shortcuts or tools have different names, you can relate to process. So that's it. Let's go to take a photo 4. Take a Photo!: okay, Before I start drawing, you need a coach beaks Upper south. To use its reference, find a nice spot where the background is clean and won't create distractions. It's spot you choose has a great light kami. It's perfect. Taking pictures during the date is a good teeth because it can use the natural light in your favor. There is no artificial life that can be compared with the sun. Now make it bows. Remember that you are going to draw a portrait so the picture has to co over your head and shoulders. 5. Stylizing: we're going to create I stylized portrait using our photo as a reference. But what is I stylized drawing? Do you know I Stylized drawing is a drawing that it's not portraying reality. It's more focused on portraying an idea. Sometimes the idea is more abstract, and sometimes it is more objective. When we said Japanese Mangga received the carcass is to convey emotion. That's why the mouth and the nose are so small and the ours are so big. The eyes are the window to the So Have you heard this once? The eyes can tell so much about a character. Why not make the eyes bigger? And this way show so much of the characters. So nothing happens by chance. And when we choose the eyes to convey a certain in motion to our character, it's much easier for our audience to empathize with our character. Here's a quick example. We have this fish in a Morris allies, it way and this other fish more realistic. So which one is more interesting when we talk about storytelling and conveying emotion that said, Why do we need to step grill proportions then isn't much easier. Just go straight forward and create whatever we want the way we want. Well, it's not that simple. A. My journey and other artists agree. I found that understanding riel proportions make much easier stylization. You have to be a new Michelangelo. You understand reality. Observe reality, and you are going to operate imaginary things with much more confidence. Also, you need to create from something you need to have a base in realism, even if you're creating a totally new creature because it has to be convincing. Here have a more realistic proportions of a human face, and for this class way, we're not going to focus on it. What we need to observe and to understand that. Okay, so take your time. It's stuff rial proportions because it's important, even if you're going to great, totally different creature. Take some time to observe the picture you took of yourself. Observe your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your years, your hair. Observe the proportions. Don't hush love yourself. Take your time to do it. Hello. This face proportions available in the class Project in Resources section and use as a guideline to set your own face proportions and features. Now that we understand basically how the human face works. We can change a little some proportions. Grab your matures in practice with me. If you want. You can follow the sheets available in the class resources in practice using the same face . First, we're going to make the eyes from very simple shapes like ovals. Make the nose for a small triangle. Make the mouth using another oval. Now refine adding eyelashes and raising rough lines in the nose and lips. Now we're going to are finding it. Make the pupil the glow in the eyes, the hair in the eyebrow and and more details in the nose and lips to make them very cute. Do this exercise as many times you feel comfortable. It's a practice exercise so you can change the size off the nose, mouth and eyes. Play with details and create the face in your own way. Now that you have practised a lot leads to start to sketch of our picture 6. Sketching: Now that we've practiced with pictures, we can start our sketch. Don't worry about perfection. Thistle. Catch a draft of your drawing. I like to create the basic shapes first and then go into the details and try young girl shapes to create disease. Catch Don't forget to have fun Sketch was not supposed to be perfect is made for you to capture the main points and then play with style Way made our sketch way. Have to take a picture so you can trace in refining Photoshopped Or if you don't have Photoshopped then you can use Christa pen to sigh are procreate 7. Going To Photoshop: in a photo shop we're going to file, Then click Nuke, where we just set up our drawing to better fit in Instagram. So it has to be square format 10 80 by 10 80 pesos. I'll go with a resolution off 300 dp I just to be sure that in the future I want to bring you will have a better resolution than Presque. Okay, unlocked a white background layer. Create a new layer to place to photo. I want to main my layers so it is better organized. We're going to place, file, place and in select jurors. Catch photo, then just the file to better fit in the canvas crust. Okay, red click in the photo layer in select rest arised layer so you can't just two colors in light explosion. Go to image adjustments. Kurtz Image adjustments, hue saturation. Here I'm going to adjust to make this colors pop out a little bit more. Finally, I'll go to a bench. Adjustments, brightness, contrast and increased in a later. Now my scratches clear and ready for two Final line 8. Lining Up: for the line. I am going to use this hard brush for this class. We will be using only three types hard, soft and another one in between. You can download them in the class resources file. Don't forget to create a new layer on top of your sketch. - Look for the liners part. It's just give this aspect of a graphic novel comic book style, so changing the line thickness is the big secret. Sometimes thing lines sometimes very thick lines. Line weight is amazing, guys. It makes wonderful things. Sometimes I foot the canvas to check if the art looks great. This is useful once our eyes get used to the image when looking too much on it. When you flip the canvas, you give your eyes the opportunity to see your drawing from other perspective and then jacket. There is something off now that we have our liner. Let's talk about colors 9. Color Palette: before we actually call her are drawing. Let's talk a little about choosing callers. They're related with your instagram fate. Or if you don't have any cigarette account yet, you can start thinking about your preferences to make your life easier. I made a checklist for you to answer your preferences so it can guide you through this process. It is available in the class resources affection. Maybe you prefer cool colors like blue, maybe or more into warm colors like red. Are you into vivid or soft colors, Dark or bright? Colors? What is the sensation you want to achieve? Depending on this answer, some choices are better than others. Remember that couple ring is related to visual and psychological suspects. Often illustration. Here I have a new image on my instagram feed to analyze. You can deduce analysis to yours as well. It's good for practicing. Once I have a playful and cute style. I rather use warm callers. You can know it is that pinkish tones are the most used. But I like to create contrasts using cool callers like the light flu tomes. My palate is mostly made by soft and bright tones. Colors, air related to joy, Happiness, childhood puppies. But I also used vivid and dark collars for small details or when I want to create mysterious characters. Here are some color theory combinations to inspire you complementary callers. The combination off two opposite colors in the color will analogous colors are next to each other in the collar. Will sleep complimentary one caller and that you big adjacent colors off its complementary try angle. Three callers is facing evenly in the collar. Will square four callers he spacing evenly in the collar. Will rectangle four collars two pairs off complementary collars. Here. Some color palette suggestions for you After have found your preferences and studded collar theory, you can apply some principles of color theory combination. To start practicing, you will achieve much more interesting results. Let's apply. 10. Coloring: I choose a color palette using the principles off the last lesson. Now we're going to block our flat colors. Great. Four new layers. They will be the layers for hair, skin, clothing and background, but the hair layer on top, then clothing, skin and background. Create a group for the collars and let the line aren't on top Outside of the group. Start coloring the background using a paint bucket toe justice blue to contrast with the warm colors of the face and hair. But maybe I changed his color. Later, Firdous King used losses to just select the area you were going to call her, then paint bucket tour to paint again. I used the eyedropper tool to select the caller's. Use a glass 02 and paint bucket again for the closing in, hair refined, using the greater To be sure everything is well fueled. Don't forget to check if you are in the ride layer. Now it's time for shading 11. Shading: we have our Colorado throwing, we're going to create a new layer for the general shading. I have mine year, but this layer inside the collars group on top of all colors. I am going to place to put a reference here so I can check the lights and shadows. Identify in your photo where delight come from. I think in your layer the proper name. Keep your files organized, use our softer brush and for the color we're going to use lilac because there is a warm light. So when we have ah, warm light, we'll have a cool shadow. Type 160 for the caller, 150 for D cor and 23 free for the B Corps. Then we start our shading according to what we see in the photo. - When I finished this, General Shane, we're going to set up the blame mode to multiply and change the capacity around 30 to 45 Person. Now create a new layer and put on top off the flat Kohler off the hair. Choose to colors for the hair, one darker and a brighter tone. Then go to Grady in and apply the Grady in in the vertical direction quick in your right bottom and then clipping mask so the grading will be on. Lee applied in the painted regine on the layer below. Create a new layer and with a soft brush and a bright color paint, delight er parts off the hair. Also, apply the clipping mask to avoid painting outside of the hair. Regine selected a razor to and the middle brush to a raise and refined. The bright parts we painted. Create a new layer. Choose another bright color choice, mostly paying the hair and then again using a razor to refine and create flow on the hair. Create a new layer inches a darker color, depending on the color of your hair off course. Apply clipping mask again, blaming mode to multiply and decrease capacity a little bit. This way, you achieve much more interesting shades on your hair. Create any layer because we're going to shade in the skin and into care. Used the middle brush for it again. Using coop lilac tone. We're going to bring this layer on top of the skin layer and applied clipping mask, then blending mode again to multiply and Christie capacity abate now on top of the hair layers. Create a new layer to do the same process. Use it on the skin paint clipping mask than motive line, then decrease capacity. Not that we have our shades and colors. Let's go to the final touches. 12. Final Touches: The first thing you're going to do is to create a new group because our new layers are going on top of the callers. This makes easier our workflow inside a group create form layers one for the white magic, one for the eyes, one for the mouth and one for the blush on the layer blush used the soft to brush. She create pinkish tones on the chicks and knows where days more blood flow for the mouth. All uses soft brush and start with the same pinkish stone as a base color. Once I used a dark purple lipstick, I'll be using Burpo tones to the mouth. If you're not using a lipstick, just use a red or pink tone. Keep refining and adding more soft tones. - Now we're going to the layer eyes in fact, eyes and eyebrow, because we need to give a little color to the eyebrows. I am painting the eyes softly, and then I refined to create a Grady using the your razor with our middle brush, we will paint the eyebrows with the middle brush and then refine with the razor. Now it's time for the magic using first the middle brush with a white collar. We're going to look for the brightest parts of our photo and then create details in white. You'll see the magic happening, but the white magic layer on top of the line art layer so it pops out, are drawing much more. I know I'm not using earrings, but I wanted to add this to the drawing the drawings hours so we can make this cute. Details, as we want, vary the thickness off the white for the smaller details and aesthetic hair. We're almost Doan. I like to add a silly wig off wide in the back of the character to create a contrast with the background. So create a new layer on top of our background layer and with the heart brush, create this white, see what now and cute details. - Now I'm going to change background color. Trick Order's closer to the clothing. So this way my face with the warmer collars will be highlighted in contrast with the soft, cool colors off the clothing and background. Oh, I almost forgot to paint the white part in the eyes to do that great. A new layer on top of the shade and painted using a white collar who were almost there. Delete the layers. You don't need any more. Select all off your layers and make a copy. Then merge all the selected copied layers. Now we have a murdered layer that united everything we made and the owner layers. Create a new group and put the rest of the layers there just as a backup in the final murdered layer. I you'd like to add one more last effect, go to future noise, add noise and then choose the amount of noise. This is a particular choice of detail. Um, I put 7% of noise, and I think it's pretty good this way. This detail makes the illustration much more acute that, uh 13. Share With Us!: congratulations. You made it. Not that you have finished your illustration. You can claim with the callers and see what comes up. Just play around with you, saturation. I hope you had a lot of on drawing a cell. Isaac Orchard of yourself. Don't forget to show your project. Lee Bus cheering the project section and also in Instagram. I can't wait to see what you came up with. Have a wonderful day. I'll see you in the next quest she creating