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Updated Editing Style | Lightroom CC w/ SebVisuals

teacher avatar Sebastian Segura, Canon | 18 | Photography

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Updated Editing Style w/ SebVisuals

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About This Class

Hey Guys, 

I've been gone for a while and I wanted to come back with an updated editing style. So here you guys go

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Sebastian Segura

Canon | 18 | Photography


Hello, I'm Sebastian.

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1. Intro: What's up, guys? Said visuals here. I made a video not too long ago that I'm gonna be posting on here now. I'm just making the insurer now, but, um, it's of my updated Id'ing style. Just just to show you guys over this time, Like, I can't remember the last time I posted a video. But it was a good amount of months ago, and I just wanted uploaded another video. Their skills share just to show you guys, like how smart editing and, like the way move around light room has changed up a bit. Um, so, yeah, I just thought I could I would share that with you guys. Um, be a, um in the video. I think I talked about how might start posting on here again, which might be a thing, but it just comes down there thinking about what? I want to show you guys like there's a lot of things people are, you know, But then again, a lot of people don't know some certain things, and I just feel like maybe I should help some people out with developing new skills and seeing ways they can, like, find a way of editing their own way and finding their own style and like what they like. So, yeah. Um, thanks for coming, guys. Enjoyed the video. And, Paul, you come back with the other video later on. It's been said visuals piece. 2. Updated Editing Style w/ SebVisuals: What's up, guys? It's visuals here, coming back to skill share after a really long time. I know it's been a while. It's pretty cool to see that. Recently. When I got back on, I gained a 146 followers. Like over the past time. I don't know. It's been a good in my months over this time just being shooting, still editing. Um, sometimes I hop on school, sharing that I learned a good amount of skills. So, um, it's pretty cool. Like just to see how much I've developed over the time of just shooting recently turned 18 ? Um, no, just a lot. A lot of been since I've been back on. So I'm just I'm just hopping on, just ready to go. Sure. You guys, like maybe how my editing styles changed up over the time so much? Just go into this looking at the shot. I can already see that it's really under explosives, like really bad. Um, with, uh, obviously I'm sure Always shooting 40 million years 3 20 of a second. I was under a final order now, in return, it was on under a bridge, so it was like pretty dark under there, so yeah, it's most likely I mean, really created to my shot, Eric, to my to my settings because I was just trying to start really quickly because these people were like, paddleboarding a paddle paddle, boating, paddling or something. I don't know. Parable hoping it's paddleboarding. I'm sorry, but yeah, they were just moving, you know, is it's trying to get started fast, kid, but yeah, let's just go right into this. First, we're gonna try out with extraction level. It may be our crop crop. Good. What about Syria? Cool. Uh, put. I was like, my default starting. There's between green negative 15 yet Maybe I make anymore. I'm not sure, but authority Dart, um, most likely gonna have some exposure to it bringing up a little bit. Okay, I'm a move onto tankers leader, But first, I'm starting with the base. I had a little bit of I open a federal a little bit, uh, one cool tips for you guys that hold all and dragging. You can see where the solid white in a VCR great years with solid was more and more what you add, the brighter it isn't more solid. White it is, but you don't want solid weight, so you're gonna go to the smallest speckle you get. And maybe I, like, just lowered a little bit more, just a little break. But that's good for their blacks. Do the same thing. You can do that. So it's on the darknet up later on in the tone curve can leave a little speckled black clarity just dark enough, the lines and everything. Now, when we got Tucker tone Curve, I didn't go for the straight line first. Just add the fate in ads Blacks, usually from my neutral or default choice. I just go for it. 5.500 sex with for the state in the black, and then we want to the actual curve for regions and light highlights. I might have a little bit highlights at a little bit of light, really darks darkening. I think I might go through the door things being because I want to open it. Placed somewhere so far. Now tell me something I recently learned like I don't know, I just it's kind of cool how it works, but really fully get it, like I get to start to like learning a little bit more about it. Like everything, but basically, like if you kind of just read it, you noticed highlights Will You can make it a certain color shadows. You can make it. There you go. Making history in color and adding saturation. So big speech, more color are less color. So for here, um, knowing Look, the lights on the left side of the shadows and more on the right side. Since the lights coming from from the left side Obviously, the color is gonna be on colors are gonna be on two different sides. So knowing this, I'm probably just gonna tryto make you know, like you can see these photos on instagram and traffic where it's like right there blue cider like it's like a warm or cold Thanks. So maybe it, like, just go for the warm and cold. So for a year I'm playing in a like they got in between making corn and 43 a little more family. See, it makes you a little bit warmer, so that's pretty good. Now we're gonna go for cold. There's a big choice between beginning to go for, like, the baby blue and blue. So in between that you go for, like, a purplish color so we can write, choose between, see, that's pretty clean. And, like, maybe we switched sides. That looks like, you know, much of a difference of Maybe you should just go back to 2 50 Yeah, that's nice. Like that. Kind of overtaking this size a little. That's your friend now. Okay. It just looks like the water is, like, really dark. So I just What's up? It's maybe try to add trees. You make districts, it doesn't really right here. You can see it a little bit more. Boom. Right here. That's a little bit more like just a little bit more definition to it. I might duplicate this just weekends of credit. He decides detailing sharpness to it. Very good. It's pretty good. Anything else? Maybe yellow just seemed too much right now. Thank you. Faceted position. Should we get a more rosy color? Rosie would work 25. Yeah, you look now it's like a cozy coming over here. Excessive for really under clothes. Overall, that's really good. And then after colors on too. Yeah, I know something. I decided to hop on and start anything cause recently. I'm just trying to get three shots trying again, trying to learn new things. Anything? Um, yeah, I think it's I think I might want to share uploading a little bit more on here just just because I like making very pretty cool and just seeing that I can, like, retired people and teach people some stuff. And then at the same time, I can hop on the side and get taught some change by some other people on just It's really cool, like the whole process in the whole way, Like this whole website works. Um, I've learned just an amazing and manage like skills over the time of the shooting and editing practices. Really awesome, right? Like skill slash talent type thing that over time, I developed over this, and I don't know, double community here, too, is incredible. It's, like, so awesome. Because it just brings everyone together to teach each other skills, and we all get better and better together. But again, thank you so much, guys, for the support. Just how you guys follow along with me. I remember just to follow me cause I'm probably just gonna start posting videos on you. I'm sharing skills and developed over time. Thank you so much for watching, uh, listen. Said visuals in amount piece