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5 Videos (10m)
    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Introduction

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Supplies

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Get started

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Final Steps

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Conclusion


About This Class


If you're like our family... we're "just in it for the t-shirt!" Whether it's a charity event, concert or sports team, the t-shirts accumulate fast!

This project is a great way to UPcycle those shirts... but if you'd rather not part with your memories, a wide variety of colorful t-shirts can be found at your local thrift store a a great price. 

Follow these few easy steps to create approximately 40 yards of a continuous strand of colorful, machine washable, cotton, heavy worsted to bulky weight yarn out of each shirt.

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Very clear directions on how to turn an old t-shirt into yarn!
This technique is mind blowing
With 5 kids . we have sooo many bins of clothing , many never worn, this will be great for me! I can easily make a blanket arm knitting or finger knitting while watching tv or make anything I want! Class direction was very informative, easy to watch, voice of instructor soft and easy to listen to, look forward to the next one. Hang onto your extra clothes and use them! Im having trouble finding class notes on projects for downloads or sheets on other classes and the projet directions on this one..where do I find these on the page?
Mary Springer






Jill Tarabar

Graphic Designer by day. Fiber Artist by night.

me in a nutshell:
mom of 2 great young adults
wife of a wonderful husband
graphic designer by day
fiber and glass artist by night
somewhat obsessed by the creative process
blessed (or cursed) by fearless creativity...

I have been knitting for as long as I can remember, learning from my mother and grandmother. Always searching for an interesting project or technique, unusual fiber or stitch pattern. I've knit with yarn, wire and up-cycled yarn from old t-sh...

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