Upcycle T-shirts into Yarn! | Jill Tarabar | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Upcycle T shirt Yarn Introduction

    • 2. Upcycle T shirt Yarn Supplies

    • 3. Upcycle T shirt Yarn Get started

    • 4. Upcycle T shirt Yarn Final Steps

    • 5. Upcycle T shirt Yarn Conclusion


About This Class


If you're like our family... we're "just in it for the t-shirt!" Whether it's a charity event, concert or sports team, the t-shirts accumulate fast!

This project is a great way to UPcycle those shirts... but if you'd rather not part with your memories, a wide variety of colorful t-shirts can be found at your local thrift store a a great price. 

Follow these few easy steps to create approximately 40 yards of a continuous strand of colorful, machine washable, cotton, heavy worsted to bulky weight yarn out of each shirt.