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Up your Insta Game: Instagram Stories

teacher avatar Jade Lau, Junior Architect living in Denmark

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Creative Ways to Edit Your Insta Stories!

    • 2. Instagram Filters Guide and Collection

    • 3. Play with Text and Font

    • 4. Pen Tricks and Art Doodles

    • 5. Sharing 'New Post' and Engaging with Followers

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About This Class

Always see people doing cool instagram stories but not knowing how they do them?

In this class, I'll be sharing 13 creative ways to design your instagram stories!

First I'll show you my favourite filters, how to use them, and where to find them. 

Next, I'll be sharing some tricks and techniques you can do with the instagram textbox and fonts!

Lastly, we will be using the different pen tools to create the perfect instagram doodles!

:) hope you enjoy watching my video!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jade Lau

Junior Architect living in Denmark


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1. Creative Ways to Edit Your Insta Stories!: Hello, Jane. Welcome to my second video on Scotia. Today's video is going to be on instagram. Um, we're gonna be covering instagram stories and a few ways to change it up. We're going to split off into two pots. So in today's along with Great to be talking about instagram filters and stories and then the next one we're going to be creating our own Jim Stick is in today's class will be doing 13 creative ways to add text, change up the colors as well as add art dribbles onto instagram stories. So we'll only be using the instagram app on your phone. Basically, So it's pretty straightforward. He's a little sneak peek. About what? We're going to be three of this clause if you're doing 2. Instagram Filters Guide and Collection: So we're gonna open up Instagram and then go into this story camera, and the first filter is called Rudy Tones. It's a brown tone with the grain overlay. The bad thing is that it blows the photo quite a bit. 2nd 1 is color tone. It's a dark filter with the shadow effect to it. It's less saturated. Feel to it. 3rd 1 is rarity, which is my personal favorite. You can change the grains of the photo by tapping on the screen. It makes a big difference to the photo, but you can change it however you like, and that this is renegade. It's a light filter with the purple tone, and then moving up is a adjustable filter so you can change him out you want. This is retro cam, which is a film camera effect, and then the magic preset. This one, you can change the red tone pink tone, and then you can also add just the type of grain by typing on the screen and how much you want. This one is really popular. It's called the three aesthetic colors. It's got different colors, and it's got the grain as well. And then the cinnamon. It's a bit different because it has a film camera border, and it's got a purple tone is, well, this is a vertical pellet, which changes depending on the colors in the photo. Those are some of them, and then these air some other filters that I use out of my personal favorites. Just leave it up on the screen. So if you want to go download them to be really easy on Instagram after by searching it up in the filter of search bar. 3. Play with Text and Font: so we'll start off with instagram stories that deal with different text designs as well as phone styles. For this is on, it's a text box effect. You're going to type each letter up individually and then press the top left corner to change the background of the text. And it's going to be sort of like a box for each letter. And then you're gonna repeat this for all the alphabets, and then you re scaled up and place them however you want. Then here I use the highlighter pen to draw a little arrow to show where else hiking towards. And then I added a location as well, just for my own sake. This'll next One is a really simple shadow technique that you can add to your instagram stories. First you type up the text, since he would know only, and then what I did here was used the eyedropper tool and I selected a specific color from the photo. So it was a nice brown that match it with the color of the photo next year, going to type up the exact same text and then choose a lighter brown or beige color like I did here and then place it on top of the shadow, and if you've accidentally tapped on to the back text, it will bring it up to the front. So we have to do is tap the one that you want at the front, and then you can readjust it again. If you have a new favorite song, you can do this to your instagram story. You type up. I feel like so lyrics or song titles and you shrink the photo and then type the text around the booth and they can add a little doodle to it. And it looks really cute. I really like during this one, because it's really simple, and it makes the whole composition look like it's planned up. All you do is used to different fonts and stack the text on top of each other, and and then you can use the pen tool and drop little lines or little drawings onto the screen. This one's another one of my favorites. All you have to do is use the highlighter pen and write up your first word, and then, if you have a second word, you can type it up and then choose your font and then also added little drawings. In the end, it's really nice at a retro sort of look to your stories, especially if you're using an instagram filter. 4. Pen Tricks and Art Doodles: and then now we're going to do more of the stories on the pen tools. The 1st 1 is the pen sick ones, the highlighter 3rd 1 is a glowing pen, and the 4th 1 is the erasure. So what I did was I drew a little squiggle around my friend with the highlighter tool, and then I chose a yellow color. And then you're going to choose the different parts that you want to be behind the person. So you see razor and what it did was erased. The pots knew her head, shoulders and then her legs as well. This one is really simple. You just use one of the pens and you draw whatever you want on the screen. And if you have a better artist to me, this will look way better. But I added some lines, birds and also a son. Not a very good looking song. But get the idea. This reminds me of like an artistic art board. All I did was I talking to let her up in separate textbooks. And then I used the eyedropper tool and selective different colors, some greens and blues and also the Browns. And then I colored them onto the screen so it looks like a paint palette, This one's liking title page. It's called a strike through. I guess I used a large highlight of print for this, and then I wrote up the word height of a juicy razor and that I erased the middle part of the word. So it's sort of like unrecognizable, but also sort of you can see text, and then you can type up the text with the same word that you wrote and then choose a font and color for it and place it in the middle. And then I just went in with a pen and a pad of two black lines. This is optional, of course. I love doing this one to food stories. You just choose the color of whatever food objective is. For example, this was an ice cream, so I use the eye dropper and selected that rage color as the base. And then I used a pen and that I colored up the entire shape of the ice cream. It's like a cartoon version of your photo on. You only added to specific parts for food. Let's see a lot of people used this technique especially afford the plane window. And then they put in to points of where they're flying from and where they flying to. But for this one, I did it for a hike. We did. So we started off in lot of Britain and ended up in rear end, I think so. You go into the emoji keyboard and then find to red pins and then you place it on the bottom and on top of this green, and then you type up where you coming from, And then where you going? Teoh. And then all you have to do is use a highlighter or pin, and you do a little squiggle from the top to bottom, which would be really cute with plain window that I see a little people do but you know, to do is with whatever places you're traveling to. And if you're doing that, you can add a plane emoji to show when you're flying from in and your destination in the end 5. Sharing 'New Post' and Engaging with Followers : last section is instagram stories that share your own post. So, for example, your affording a new post today, and then you want people to click onto actual photo. You can go into your profile and then share this post onto your story. And then after you do that, you can resize it. Two. However you like it, then all you have to do is type up new posts and then copy and paste it as many times that needs to fill up the entire screen. And then what you do is you place your text fully in the background, and then you tuck your own post that it moves to the front of the text. And then there's also a few ways you can show your post. You can tap on it so you can see where there's no border or there's a border with caption. Is this sort of like giving your followers a sneak peek of what you just posted? You do the same thing as you did earlier by sharing the post, and then you move it to the side of the screen, and then, with the space left over, you can add a caption to it. Or you can also do this with a normal photo. If you're not sharing next video, we're going to be creating our own juice stickers to add on to instagram stories. We're going to go through how toe draw them up and then how to animate them. And then also how to import that. Want to instagram? If you're interested, stick around and stay on to the next video.