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Up-selling & Cross-selling | The #1 Strategy to Maximize Your eCommerce Sales

teacher avatar Alex Huston, Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. App Overview: Bold Product Upsell

    • 3. Create An Upsell Offer & Psychology of Upselling

    • 4. Configure Upsell Offer Settings

    • 5. Testing Our Upsell Offer

    • 6. Recap & Outro

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About This Class

Check out Strung: http://bit.ly/STRUNG-1


So you've started your online eCommerce business but are looking for ways to increase your store's revenue? Perfect! Let me introduce you to Bold Product Upsell. With this single app, you will be able to drive additional revenue with each potential customer you acquire! 

In this course we will learn:

  • The difference between Upselling and Cross-selling
  • How to install and configure Bold Product Upsell
  • The sales psychology needed to create a powerful Upsell or Cross-sell offer
  • How to Upsell and Cross-sell strategically with your products to drive additional revenue on each new sale you make


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses around digital marketing, eCommerce, music production and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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1. Introduction: a right, guys. Thanks for joining me here once again today we're gonna talk about increasing your average order value on your shop. If I store, we're gonna do this with the use of a singular app called Bold product Up sell. Um, and I'm gonna walk you through how to implement this and the psychology and mindset we want to put behind trying to increase our average order value for each consumer that comes to our Shopify e commerce store. Um, if you haven't seen this in my other videos Ah, the example I'm gonna be using is an awesome company that I've been working with called Strung. Ah, they've been nice enough to allow me to use them as an example. Um, they make guitar string jewelry inspired by your favorite songs. Ah, they used recycled guitar strings from live are for from famous artists. Um, and each piece of their jewellery correlates to a specific song. Eso It's really cool. You can shot by your favorite songs. Um, they do a lot of charitable efforts with their with their company, giving back to music organizations and helping create the future rock stars of tomorrow. Ah, and and putting funds towards, um, music, charities and music education. Um, so take a look. If you're interested there www dot get strong dot com. Um, I may even put a special coupon code in the description if you have any interest and checking out what they have to offer. 2. App Overview: Bold Product Upsell: Okay, guys. So we're in the back end of our Shopify store. We're in the application section here on the left, and again the app we're gonna be focusing on today is product up, sell by bold. Um so if you visit your Shopify app store, you can go ahead and download that install it to your to your shop. If I store bold is a great app, they offer a 14 day free trial and then I believe they have paid plans after that, anywhere from $9 to $90 a month. The only difference in the cost um per plan is how many people you're driving to your store . Um, and how many times the up sell will trigger and display on your website. Um, so if you're if you're driving very high volumes of traffic to your store than $90 a month fee is is really not going to be anything, um, to substantial comparative to the revenue that you're bringing in. Um, but let's go ahead and download that get it, get it integrated to our to our ah Shopify store, and we'll click in here and go over a quick overview of what we'll see when we open the app . So this is gonna be our dashboard will get to see the views of the product. Upsell pop up itself. Uh, who added to cart how maney add two carts in the last seven days conversions and the revenue that the application has actually brought in. So this is a good, good way to make sure that your Upsell is actually working for you. Um, and it's worth having on your store, um, and installed and, you know, paying a monthly fee to use their services. Um, the main place we're gonna be focusing on today is gonna be offers. So let's head over to there and will hit, create offer. 3. Create An Upsell Offer & Psychology of Upselling: All right, so after we hit, create offer, this is what we're going to see. And we're gonna go through this, um, pretty much step by step. And I'm gonna give you the psychology behind what we want to implement and how we're going to use this to our advantage to increase our sales and drive, drive a higher average order value, um, and really increase the lifetime value of each consumer that comes to to our website. So let me switch back over to our our strong front end, and I'm gonna show you the psychology behind what we want to do here. So on this, on this particular store, we offer not only single bracelets, as you can see here, but we also offer collections of similar bracelets that fit into, um, a certain category or genre of music or theme. And so we're gonna be focusing on the I love rock n roll collection today, and we'll click on here and I'll give you a brief overview of what we're gonna dio. So as you can see, we've got three different blake bracelets that are in this collection. We've got a skull and crossbones bracelet. We've got a guitar prick pick bracelet. And we've got a, um, rock hand bracelet. And so what we're gonna do is we're gonna place are bold product up, sell on the individual product pages of each one of these products. Okay. And what we're gonna offer is when somebody adds just the skull and crossbones product to their cart, we're going to say, Wait a second. Why don't you finish the collection and add all three? We think you'll love all three. Um, add this to your cart instead. And let's get rockin. And so I believe we offer each individual bracelet for about 20 to $28. So if we can take a customer who comes to our site, that was gonna only spend $28 entice them to a point where they're spending 60 plus dollars , um were really driving up the average order value and the lifetime value of that, that customer for us. So that's gonna be the brief overview. Let's dive into how to create the offer. 4. Configure Upsell Offer Settings: Okay, guys. So here we are in the create offer section were over and offers create. And the first step is gonna be the basic information we're gonna name. What are offers that we can stay organized. It's always important to stay organized here. So we're gonna name this. I love rock and roll collection. The next section is gonna be the up sell trigger. So we're gonna set trigger parameters based on ah, what product we want this to display on. So we're gonna set triggers the trigger event. You can either set it to when the consumer presses the add to cart button or before they check out. I like to do the add to cart button. Um, you can play with this and see what works better for you. But so effectively, if they're adding the single bracelet to their cart and they hit adieu cart, they'll get a pop up, giving them this different offer. Um, we've got two different card options. We've got across cell in an up sell. The cross sell is gonna add the offer product in the pop up to the card as well. So if you want to add if you If you want to try and sell your consumer on two different products, this is what you're gonna want to dio today. We're going to do an up sell where effectively were offering instead of that single bracelet. Why don't you put all three in your cart, which is what we're gonna want to do here. So replace the trigger product with the offer product. That's gonna be the up sell. And then we go into our trigger products. Okay, so we go in and we select our products. We're gonna We're gonna have to take some time to find these. But again, we've got three products that we want this to trigger on. We've got our skull and crossbones. We've got a guitar pick and our rock hands, so we're gonna go through and find those and set those is our trigger product, you know, and skull there. We g o. All right. So we've got our three trigger products set up. It's the individual single bracelets of the three products that are part of our collection that we want to try and Upsell on. So we've got our pick. We've got our rock hand, and we've got our school and cross bones. So we're gonna hit, continue with selected products, and then we're gonna move on. And now we need to set our Upsell offer. So we need to set this offer, and then you get a few Ah, text boxes toe add, um, toe add some scarcity to add some language to, ah, communicate what you were trying to offer your consumers. So we're gonna say, Wait, don't check out just yet. We thought you may like our I love rock and roll collection. Based on the products you are shopping, add the entire collection to your cart now available today only. So we want to add a little scarcity there. Ah, really. Entice our consumers to add the bigger offer to their cart and then we do the same thing we going in select our products So we gotta find our I love rock n roll collection will go. Let's see Page four. Maybe. Here we go. I love rock n roll. We're gonna add that continuous selected products offer options only display the additional cost of the replacement product. Um, I'm gonna leave that off match quantities of up sold products. I'm gonna leave that off for now. If we need to come back and change that, we can set a date range. Um, so if you wanted to only display this offer for a certain period of days, maybe it's a holiday sale. A week long sale. Um, whatever it is, you can set that date range here. I'm gonna leave this untouched because we want this to populate all the time. Let's see some additional options here. Make the product image or product names a link to the product page. Ah, we can do that. Hide products that are out of stock. Don't allow back orders were going to say that automatically remove items from cart. If the trigger or conditions are unmet, we're gonna click that on as well. And then we're gonna hit, save offer. And so you can see that we have our manage offers tab. So if we go over the offers and we click current offers, we're going to see all of the offers in the app that we've created. And we could manage them. We can, um we can see what the name is. We can see the type of whether this will either be cross seller up sale, we can see the location. We've placed it on whether that's going to be the add to cart or that's gonna be the check out process. Ah, we can see what date we created on. We can see our trigger, our trigger products and our offer products. We can see her actions, and then we cantata all this on and off. So if we want to keeping offer in the back end of the app but not have a display on our website, we can trigger it off. And once we we hit that button on, it's gonna be live. Um, so now let's go over and test out our offer. We'll switch back to the site. 5. Testing Our Upsell Offer: cool. So we're back on our front end of the site, and we're here to test out our offer to make sure it's operating properly. So we're gonna go over to the skull single bracelet page, We're gonna click on it, and, you know, we're gonna We're gonna click that. We want the silver, and we're gonna add it to cart. Okay. And there we go. There's our pop up. As soon as we hit the add to cart button, we get the pop up of weight. Don't check out just yet. We thought you may like our I love rock n roll collection. Based on the products you are shopping at the entire collection to your cart now available today only, right? And so it show it'll display are full collection that we want to up sell them on. We actually have our size variants here is. Well, so are the bracelets. Come in small, small slash medium and medium slash large, and then we have a replace item button. So if the consumer hits this, it'll add the, um, the new collection to the cart. They've also got a no thanks link and an ex spot an X button if they wanna. Ah, I refused the offer and only get this product, but we're gonna go ahead and hit replace item. It's gonna be added to our cart. And now we can see that our cart now has the full collection in it instead of this product . So we can see how this is really, really powerful. Where our consumer came in to buy a single bracelet for $28 they ended up with a $60 product in their cart. And then they can continue the check out process, Um, as as normal. So we're gonna go through and make sure that this got ah triggered on all of our other pages here. So we have our rock hand right collection were actually going to do it here on the quick ad . So the great thing about this theme is that we can pull up, um, a miniature product page without actually clicking on the product itself. So we're gonna add this to cart, and there's our Upsell again, which is perfect. That's operating great. We're gonna go to the last one are guitar pick. We're going to click on it, and we're gonna add it to car. Oh, okay. That didn't work. Lets see why that didn't work. Let's reload this. Here. Add to cart. There we go. OK, I believe because we already had the collection in our cart. Um, that the up Selden trigger. So just a quick note. If you're testing this out, make sure your cart is empty when you're making sure that Europe's Ellis set properly. So this is gonna work for us, and we're gonna check out great guys. 6. Recap & Outro: All right, guys, Thanks for sticking with me through this quick explanation of how we can increase our average order value on our Shopify e commerce store. I hope that was beneficial again. A quick overview. What we're doing here is trying to up sell our consumers on mawr expensive products or adding additional products while they're checking out by displaying them with a special offer during the shopping experience. So as we saw with with the bold up cell, we could see that it was extremely powerful in order to, um, turn a $28 order into a $60 order. So if you guys have any questions at all, be sure to shoot me a message. I'm happy to answer any technical questions any, um, psychological questions behind how to place the offer. Um, how The word things in order to increase your your average order value, Um, anything of that matter. And again, thank you very much. Too strong. The Guitar String Jewelry company inspired by our favorite songs for giving me, um, the permission to use them as an example again, if you're interested in checking out this company, they do a lot of great things for music charities, um, and music education. Um, they've got great products and we're really excited. Teoh tow. Launch this new website. It's still in development, but they have a current site up. If you want to check it out, it's www dot get strong dot com. Um, and again, I may put a special discount code in the description, so be sure to check that out, too. If you have any interest in, I'm seeing what they have to offer. Thanks again, guys, I'll see in the next one.