Unravelling Your Yarn Stash with Evernote | Mery J | Skillshare

Unravelling Your Yarn Stash with Evernote

Mery J, Crafting, technology, and paper less living

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10 Videos (28m)
    • Welcome to Unravelling Your Yarn Stash with Evernote!

    • Photographing Your Inventory

    • Creating a Free Evernote Account

    • Accessing Your Yarn Inventory

    • Creating Notes

    • Tags and Notebooks for Your Yarn Inventory

    • Creating a Saved Search for Easy Inventory Access

    • Maintaining Your Inventory

    • Class Project

    • Unravel Final


About This Class

Any fiber arts lover knows the call of the yarn aisle.  Given that it's nearly impossible to pass up those beautiful skeins, it's important to find a way to know just what you have in your stash! In this class you will learn how to quickly inventory your yarn stash with photos and details in Evernote.. for free! Your yarn stash will be searchable and available to you, no matter where you are thanks to the magic of their mobile app. Never again will you be questioning just what shade and dye lot you needed to complete the project you have on your needles. Not only will you save time (to spend on your next project!), you'll also save money (to spend growing your stash!). Join this class today and we'll have your yarn stash organized in no time! 





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Mery J

Crafting, technology, and paper less living

Hi! I'm Meredith - a virtual assistant and crafter who loves to share with others how technology can enhance their personal and business crafting!

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