Unofficial SkillShare Student Guide: Free Classes and Cheap Subscription | Brian Jackson | Skillshare

Unofficial SkillShare Student Guide: Free Classes and Cheap Subscription

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

Unofficial SkillShare Student Guide: Free Classes and Cheap Subscription

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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6 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Finding Free SkillShare Classes

    • 2. Finding Free Links to Premium SkillShare Classes

    • 3. Addendum: Searching for Free SkillShare Class Links on the Internet

    • 4. Cheap Premium SkillShare Subscriptions

    • 5. Bonus: Fast SkillShare Lessons and Class Timeline Notes

    • 6. Unofficial SkillShare Student Guide Conclusion

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About This Class

Unofficial SkillShare Student Guide: Free Classes and Cheap Subscription

Want to know all the information you should know before becoming a SkillShare student?

This is the SkillShare class you must watch if you're either a SkillShare student or instructor...

Talk about important topics.  In this class you'll learn:

  • How to subscribe for a free SkillShare account
  • How to find free SkillShare classes
  • How to find free links to premium SkillShare classes
  • How to search the Internet for free SkillShare classes
  • How to get a three month trial SkillShare premium subscription for just $0.99
  • How to get 15 month of SkillShare rermium subscription for ju $6.47 per month
  • How to watch SkillShare classes at up to double speed
  • How to leave notes for yourself and your instructor on the video timeline

And more!!!

Nough said...

I'll see you in the classroom,


Meet Your Teacher

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Brian Jackson



Born in Los Angeles in the middle of the last century, I have always wanted to be a writer. After twenty-five some odd years spent working in the computer industry in the heart of the Silicon Valley, first for Lockheed as a Systems Programmer and later for Cisco Systems as a test tool developer, I managed to retire early and begin my next career as a self-published author.

Along with writing and publishing my own novels I also publish the works of my wife, Melanie Jackson. During the past four years I've published well over 100 books in paperback and eBook formats. Oddly enough this includes eBooks on how to self-publish books and how to create professional looking book covers using the GIMP. I've also recorded and distributed a pair of audiobooks available for purchase on Amazon... See full profile

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1. Finding Free SkillShare Classes: hello and welcome to my skill share class, which is pretty much dedicated to finding skill share classes, either free or cheap. Let's begin by looking at what you're going to learn in this lesson. First, we're gonna look at where to find skill share, and a hand is skill. Share dot com is a good place to start. Then we're going to see how to subscribe for a freeze skill share account. Then we'll look at the differences between free skill share subscriptions and premium subscriptions. Then we'll look at the meaning of the skill share premium subscriber star In the second half. The lesson will start using the class hierarchy menus to find classes and look at the other way to find classes, which is using the search interface and discuss the fact that they both produce different results sorted in different ways. Then we'll look at setting the search relevance for search results and displaying free classes. This will be our first access on how to find free classes. Then we'll conclude with a summary of the rest of this class. So without more ado, let's get started first. If you're watching this on skill, share your already a skill share members, so this isn't going to really apply to you. But if you're watching it on YouTube, what I want you to do is to go to skill share dot com, and what you'll be presented with is a screen that looks an awful lot like this now. Skill share changes their screens quite often, so I can't guarantee that these were gonna be the words, or this is what it's gonna look like. But for now, what you want to do is get started for free, so get your free account first. Don't worry about paying for subscriptions and stuff like that. Start with free and understand skill share and get the full use of free before paying. Now, when you sign up for a free account, you'll be presented with this form where you can either sign up with Facebook or enter a few simple fields to create your account. And voila! You have a free skill share account. Now what I want to talk with you about upfront is the difference between a free subscription and a premium subscription, which is one that you pay for now. This is a rather complex slide and the data in it is valid. As of 12 3 2000 and 16. Let's understand what this is saying. First, you have two types of subscription free, and premium free is $0 per month. Premium can be as much as $12 per month to become a premium member. Now what do you get with free both free and premium. Get access to all of the free classes on skill share, and I'm gonna show you how to find those. By the end of this lesson, they also get access to premium classes that have free links to them. Instructors can create free links to their premium classes in order to build up the student body for the class. Now, the area where free cannot access classes is in premium classes that do not have free links . To access those, you have to be a premium member, so becoming a premium member opens up the whole whatever 15,000 classes and I think you only have around 600 free classes. I'm going to show you how to get to premium free, which is gonna add a lot more to that. And by the end of this glass. I'm also gonna show you an option for getting premium a premium skill share subscription for as little as 6 47 per month. But don't start with that. Start with free and along the way they're going to want to tempt you into this deal. This is currently going on right now is of 12 3 2016 that you can get three months of premium enrollment for just 99 cents. Skill share always has deals like this. And when it comes to getting into premium, you're gonna want to try it first with this three month deal. Now, the last thing that I want to point out relative to Premium is this little star next to the name you might be wondering what it means. Some people have gold stars, some don't. It means that I'm a premium member and I've been a proud bring me a member of skill share since I've been training on it and plan on staying that way as long as I remain here. Now there are two sources for listing skill share classes for when you're looking at things and they provide results in slightly different ways. So I want to go over those two sources and show you my preferred source. The first is notice this classes menu option in the upper left of the screen. This is on all of the skill share screens. Well, not when you're viewing, of course, but the main navigation screens and what it does is it pulls up the list of class categories. So you have the all classes. And here's the categories a design, photography business and so on, and that's under all classes. Once I click on one of these, I get presented with a sub menu to further select what I would be interested in Now. Once I finally select something, it will display the results and the order in which it displays. It is a thing called your trending score. It looks at the classes, it says. How many students is that? God, How many thumbs up? How many projects of students submitted? How many discussions are there, all these good things that mean interaction and it turns them into a trending score? And it sorts the results that way. Now the other option that you have is the search window in the top of the screen no nos here I entered the search term gimp for good new image manipulation program. It's a key word for which I have several classes and that's the way to look at it. Really? You're talking about keyword matches on the title and the contents of the course. How are these sorted right now? The S E o algorithm for sorting by keyword Search is pretty much students there. There sorted in a number of students of the most students, the class with the most students will be at the top all the way down toe ones with zero. Now, the next thing that I want to talk with you is about how to search for and find free skill share classes. Now, once again, here I am. I have entered a search for a gimp and notice that I can refine the search down below. Relevancy means that the Standard s CEO keyword search results are being displayed. I can click on the pull down and I can change the trending the method used for the classes categories, menu interface or I can do best. I don't know what the best class means or newest. So in order of release. Next to that pull down is a filter pull down, and here I can display class type. And here finally, we can click on free so I can see where. What are all of the free gimp classes Now that's this other search criteria here, too, which is how long the class has been out, whether it's from a teacher, that I am already taking lessons from the length of the class. So all of these constraints can be used to filter your results to get closer. But the big one that you want is free. That's how you get to the free courses for a particular keyword. Now the problem I got with using the classes category menu system is here. We've gone through it and we've selected WordPress classes, and everything is sorted by trending. But notice there's no sort by relevancy or there's no free. There's no filter, so to filter and so on, you have to do a search. That's why I don't use the class category menu interface to find things. I use search, It's it's in. It's easy if I want self publishing. If I want S CEO, whatever it is, just type that in the search criteria, and then I can refine my search. Now what I want to do is provide a summary to both this lesson in this class. First of all, what you'll learn in this class. The rest of it is how to find premium free classes, which is coming up next. How to get a three month premium sample subscription for 99 cents. You've already seen that, actually, how to get a 15 month premium subscription for his little 6 47 per month. That's almost half price. And then as a bonus, I'm gonna show you how to speed up class video so you can watch a video in half the time Now, what did we learn in this class? Where to find skill share, right. Go to skill share dot com If you're watching this on YouTube and subscribe for a free account, we know the difference between free and premium subscriptions and what you get with them. We want a free one. For now, we'll worry about premium later the meaning of the premium subscribers star. And then we looked at using the class hierarchy. Men used to find classes vs class Search interface, which is my preferred way, which is just a ender, the keywords that I'm looking for in the search field and press enter. Then we looked at changing the search results from relevance to others, sort criteria and finally, how to filter to find free classes. And then we saw a summary of the rest of the class. So that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, get ready to start finding premium classes. I'll see you there. 2. Finding Free Links to Premium SkillShare Classes: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the second lesson in the class finding free premium classes. If you'll remember in the last lesson, we found out how to find all of the free classes there on skill share for a particular topic that we're interested in are a key word for a class in this class. We're gonna look at how to find links to those premium classes free links, which are also available to free students. So let's begin by looking at what we're gonna learn in this lesson. First, we're going to learn all about skill share links, and then we're gonna learn the difference between premium and free links. Next will use Facebook groups to get free links to premium classes and will learn how to search Facebook groups for the classes that were interested in. Next, we'll look at using a place called Best Black hat form to find links to premium or free links to Freemium premium classes. And once again, we'll look at how to search best black at form for the particular classes that we want. So let's get started with skill share links. What are these? Well, they look really nasty. There shortened links and from them you have no idea what classes being pointed to and whether it's a free or a premium link. It looks like this now. Remember that these could be either free links to premium classes or premium links. And if you remember from the original description of free and premium access that Onley premium students can get access to premium linked classes, however, there's thes free links to premium class is that a lot of instructors used to bulk up their classes, and that's what we're looking for. There are literally thousands of these classes. You may never have to get a premium subscription to see all the classes you're interested in. So two types of skill share links premium those air available only to premium members. Free members, if they try to use them, will be prompted to subscribe and get a premium subscription, and they have an unlimited link. Life thes links can last forever, whereas free links to premium classes are available to all skill share muses both free and premium subscription users, and you must have the lake. So you gotta find that secret link to get the free access to the class and there are limited enrollments as set by the instructor per free lake. So if he says I'm gonna give out 50 free enrollments, it's gonna skill share will give him a link, and he'll advertise that around. And once there are 50 enrollments using that link, that link expires. Now, the question that should be in your mind is where do skill share instructors advertise thes free premium links. And that's what we're gonna talk about now. First, they advertise them in Facebook groups. Now, you should have a Facebook account already. If you're not familiar with Facebook, go sign up. Now, there's more reasons than finding free skill. Share classes toe have a Facebook account and this is the location of Facebook. Once you go there, then this is the list of the Facebook groups to which I post my free links to premium course classes. I have placed a copy of this in the your project area. If you go there, you're going to see over to the right related links or something like that, or downloadable files. I put a downloadable copy of this file there. If I have not put it there, then it's your job to contact me and remind me to do so. And that's gonna be the easiest way to get these links. Many of these groups you're gonna need to be a member of before you can participate. So just ask for a membership and your membership will be pending. Once you're accepted, then you'll be able to participate in the group. Now here's one of my favorite groups. This is the first group on the list has the most members enrolled. And what I wanted to show you is that it? All of the coupons that are being given away all go down the middle and you just scroll through just like any other Facebook group looking at free enrollment opportunities, and people will give you links. Notice this 1st 1 has two links, and it identifies. The 1st 1 is a premium link. So he's saying, If you have a premium subscription pre, please use this link. And if you're a free user, here's the free linked to the premium course. Now the other thing that I want you to notice, too, is that up here, where it says skill share free classes. I can type anything I want like just skill share and then hit the search button and Facebook will return all of the groups that have the word skill sharing it. So this is the way that I accumulated my list of free science. And if you want to update your list, you might periodically just go out and search the skill, share things and see if there are any new groups that you're not members of and you can join them if you want. Over to the right is an area that says, Search this group and we're going to use that to search this particular group for free links to classes that were interested. So he type something like gimp once again. We've been using that as an example. If I type gimp, I get down the middle all of the classes related to gimp and not, oddly enough, the 1st 1 up is by me, and the second went up is buying me. I have a lot of game courses, so that's the way you search for the classes. If you want to search for self publishing s CEO, whatever and other topics that you're interested watercolor painting, all kinds of non technical topics are also on skill share, so that's using Facebook groups. Go download that list that I have attached to this class, and use that as your list of Facebook groups to access. Now this may be easier for you. It may be harder. It's called Best Black Hat Forum. It's a form that gives you access to a lot of different discussion groups, but a few of them are specifically free skill share classes and also free you Demi classes if you happen to be a you Demi user, so you goto best black at form dot com and you'll be presented. If you don't have a log in with a form something like this, I'm not sure I just logged out in. This is the form it gave me. So what you'll want to do if you don't have an account, is click on, Register up here on the upper left and you'll be presented with a fairly elaborate form actually to describe your account. And once you're registered, then you're gonna be able to participate in the group, and this is the main screen that you'll be presented with. It has all of the forums listed below and you're going to scroll down to this one skills shares section, and interesting enough. It's under the you Demi section, which is an interesting place to put it. But this is where the free skills share classes air posted. By the way, you Demi discounts and free you Demi classes are posted right up above it. If you're interested in those, so you want to click on skill Share section. Once you do, you're gonna be presented with all of the free links being posted to skill share classes. Now the word get means free. That's their little code for that in brackets and then after it is the name of the course. And then you'll see the number of replies people discussing the courses and the number of people that are read it to give you an idea. You can also see who posted last and and when the last time I was posted and it's going to be sorted in post order, but you can actually change that. So the first thing that we want to do is want to be able to search this. So if I enter up here, I can either search titles or Aiken. Search the entire post. Let's say I search the title for gimp and press enter. I get all my gimp courses that I have been posting to Best Black at form. That's the quick way to search the Skill Share forum for gimp courses. And if I click on any of these, it's going to give me the free link to that course. Now the other thing that I can do is I can go to, if you notice up in the left upper left hand corner of the screen is advanced search. If I click on that, I'm gonna get a much more advanced search form where I can. I can search by user name the entire post titles, different groups I can select by number of replies. I can pick the sort order, all kinds of things. So advanced search is very handy, and this is the way that you search best black hat form for the free premium links to the classes that you want. So in conclusion, what did we learn in this class? What we learned about skill share links and the difference between premium and free links. We learned to use Facebook groups to get free links to premium classes. And we learned how to search Facebook groups not only for classes but for other groups that might be of interest. Then we learned to use the best black hat form to find links to premium classes. Finally, we learned how to search best black hat form for the classes that we want. And coming up next is another interesting lesson on how to get sheep skill share subscriptions. I'll see you that. 3. Addendum: Searching for Free SkillShare Class Links on the Internet: Hello and welcome to the lesson. I know I promised you a lesson on getting cheap subscriptions to skill shares, cheap premium subscriptions. But along the way, I remembered one more place that you really oughta look for free classes. So I'm just gonna slip this in as a quickie before we get back to skill share premium subscriptions. So let's begin by looking at where you can go to search on the Internet. And obviously it's Google. So the strategy here is that you go to Google and you take, Let's say there's some course that you're interested in. You haven't been able to find on Facebook or best Black Hat Forum any free coupons for it. So what you do is you copied the entire name of the course and you paste it into Google. For instance, here I'm interested in a course called Gimp for beginners. One install and used the gimp create logos and graphics. I copied the entire course name, and I just paste it into the Google search window. And then I press return, and what I end up getting is a list of all of the classes that match that and one of them just happens to be my skill share class. Now, if I scroll through here, there's lots of other sites like retail, me not, and so on that will have free coupons also. So this is a way to get coupons that are not on Facebook or best black at form. You can still find coupons, even if that fails. So here's your last resort. You might even find other interesting resource is related to the class. So that was a quick aside and now up next is cheap premium subscriptions to skill share. 4. Cheap Premium SkillShare Subscriptions: Hello and welcome to the next lesson. Cheap scale share premium subscriptions. In this lesson, we're going to learn how to get a premium skill. Shares subscription really inexpensively. But remember, this is a last resort. You should only use this after you've completely used your free options to plumb whatever that can get you. So let's review again why we want a premium subscription. Remember, free can get us everything except for those premium classes. So if you look at it free classes, I think there's about 600 free links to premium classes. I might be able to get you maybe another 2000 classes. But there are 15,000 classes or so on skill share right now. So if you want the other 12.5 1000 courses, then you're gonna have to get a premium subscription someday. So this is where we're going to start talking about how to do that. And what we're going to learn in this lesson is how to sign up for a three month trial premium subscription for 99 cents. And then we're going to look at yearly versus monthly skill share premium subscription costs. And then finally, I'm going to make a recommendation as to your course of action. So let's begin by looking at signing up for a three month free trial premium subscription. This is being advertised everywhere. If you ever try to access a premium course, you're gonna be asked to sign up again. So it's not hard to find and pick a particular U R L. Where it is is tough. It's all over the place. Just go ahead and take one of the links. To sign up in the current deal as of December of 2016 is to get three months of premium enrollment for 99 cents. That's a pretty good deal, causes normally $12. So you're saving a great deal of money. And in this way you could try out Premium to see if it's worth it, rather than getting stuck with expensive monthly or even yearly subscription costs. Now, the next thing I want to talk with you about is the low cost yearly premium subscriptions. Now, if you look at the cost of subscribing to skill share, ah, monthly standard subscription is $12 a month, so that's gonna cost you what $144 a year. That's kind of expensive. Now, if you look at the yearly subscription rate, it's on Lee $96 per year or $8 a month. You're saving 1/3 automatically. And here's my calculation. This is how I made it to $6.47 per month. If you add the yearly subscription cost to your 99 cents for three months, that means you're getting 15 months for $96.99 which comes out to $6.47 per month. That's the cheapest that you're going to be getting. Skills share for a while, and it's actually this is description I currently have. I have 15 months of skill share four. $96.99 or $6.47 a month. So this is what I recommend. However, we're talking about premium subscription and so on, and it's nice tohave. But what I would recommend is that what you do is get a free skill, share subscription and search for free classes and see what free can do for you. There's a very good likelihood that because of the number of premium free links being put out there. You may never need a premium subscription, but if you're really getting in specific into what you want to learn, and they're just not showing up free than what I recommend you do is you do the three month trial of skill share. Give it a try Sceviour actually going to use premium. And if you do, don't go for the monthly subscription. If you're gonna use skill share premium, go for the yearly subscription and you'll end up getting it for $8 a month. So that's what I recommend your growth path become on skill share, learn it for free and then eventually get yearly subscriptions. And with that, I'm going to conclude by saying this is what you learned in the lesson. How to sign up for a three month, 99 cents for subscription yearly versus monthly skill share premium costs and my recommendation. And in the next lesson, we're going to look into watching skill share classes fast so you could actually get them out of the way quicker and learn faster. I'll see you there 5. Bonus: Fast SkillShare Lessons and Class Timeline Notes: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the concluding bonus lesson on first, how toe watch skill share lessons fast and later, how to use timeline notes to keep track of various interesting things and to communicate with world and your instructor. So we're gonna begin first with how toe watch skill share lessons fast. I don't know if you noticed, but as you're watching skill share lessons, I want to point out the various areas of screen. Let's begin up on top. It tells you what lesson that you're in watching that it's a premium class and so on. I have ways to get in touch with the instructor and so on. And next comes that big one. We're going to talk about this in the next lesson. How to recommend a course now over on the right, Aiken, jump between lessons by jumping to any of these check marks so you can see that I have introduction playing right now, which is highlighted in gray. Now I have a timeline bar here, and I can click anywhere on the timeline Bar. You'll notice the lighter grey bar within the Timeline bar shows me how much of the timeline is loaded so it may take a while the load more of the timeline than I select. Next is the play pause button in the lower left hand corner, and right next to it is a button that I find fascinating and the focus of this lesson, which is that I can speed up lessons from one times 22 times speed. Notice that I'm watching this particular lesson, it two times speed. So if it is, let me see three minutes and 45 seconds long in reality, then I'll watch it in about a minute and 50 seconds somewhere in that ranch so I can set various speeds based on how clearly the person speaks or how slowly they speak. If they're not very clear, it all Aiken set point five times and listen to them at half speed and try to understand them. So this is a key to use in the timeline. Okay, now, further beyond this is that on the far right, I find them one of the most interesting buttons, and that is to increase the entire thing to full screen. But below that is the notes, which were about to talk about in the next part of this lesson. Now, this is the way to make timeline notes and why you might want to do that if you notice when you pause or even actually while you're running. But you can make notes when you pause. If I pause the video, I can then type in the note field. Something like This is a sample note. Please include your own notes by pausing the video and typing and note here. I'll try to respond if I'm notified of such notes. To tell you the truth, I'm not real familiar with such notes, so I don't know how I might be notified and is an instructor. But if I am, I'll try to respond to yours. And once you do that, then you press post, and what you'll see is a little dot in the timeline. Now, if I put my cursor over the dot, up comes the note itself, and within it, look, I can like it. I can go back and edit it. Aiken, delete that particular note. Now, the other thing that I want to point out is that while I'm making a note, I can make that public or Onley for me so I can put personal notes on the timeline. Is this perfect or not? This is a cool skill share feature. Make use of it now. Why would you use timeline notes Toe mark Important points to return to in a video, maybe to complement the instructor to ask for clarification on certain points. To identify your own points of reentry into classes and know that your timeline notes can be private. They can be edited and they can be deleted. So there's no fear of cluttering other people's view of your course, even if you choose to share your view with other people and please keep your notes tidy in my classes. Thank you. So coming up next is the class conclusion. Those were the bonus exercises. And if you'll remember, we talked about ways to speed up the viewing of classes and other options while you're viewing. And we looked at using timeline notes to keep track of our own location in the course and to communicate with the instructor and fellow students. So coming up next is the class conclusion, and we're outta here 6. Unofficial SkillShare Student Guide Conclusion: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the class conclusion here. I'm going to summarize what we learned in the class and actually add a few tidbits as to things that you might want to start learning in the future. So let's begin with what we learn in the class. Now we've learned how to find free skill share classes, remember, do a search rather than a classes category menu interface. And from there you can set a filter to display on Lee the free courses, so use that heavily to take full advantage of your free skill share subscription. Next, we learned how to find free premium classes by looking on Facebook and then best black at form and then actually doing in, ah, Google Internet search if that's not sufficient. Next, we looked at the fact that you could always get probably into the future. A three month premium sample subscription for 99 cents is this is a great way to sample things if you're just finding that you're not getting the courses you need for free. Next, we talked about how to get your 15 month premium subscription for 6 47 per month. I showed you how the math works on that. And then we concluded with a couple bonus lessons, how to speed up class video display and how to make class timeline notes. I'm hoping it was a worthwhile class, and if it was, you might want to search for other Brian Jackson classes. And all you do is you go to that search box with which we previously used to search for gimp as an example. And enter Brian Jackson. And what you're gonna find is gimp courses and create space courses and another courses on how to publish various places. How toe format slides for presentation, how to use the word processors out a right. How to use Power Point Excel, How to use Trail Oh, a to do list manager. How to set up your own WordPress website and a mailing list out of published Kindle e books on Katie P. How to publish your own skill share courses using Cam Tasia Studio out of Publish another Siri's and we have more camped Asia and how toe draw how to use windows. I have in full ah 124 skill share classes for you to select from including this class which you have just watched. I congratulate you and thank you for watching. And please do that Search for Brian Jackson. And you can include other keywords like gimp, self publishing, whatever you might be interested in if you saw something interesting along the way and thank you for that, I now say goodbye, and that's the end of the class.