Unlocking Blended Family Success (A Christian Based Course) | Jed Jurchenko | Skillshare

Unlocking Blended Family Success (A Christian Based Course)

Jed Jurchenko

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12 Videos (51m)
    • Unlocking Bleded Family Success Overview

    • Course Introduction

    • Defining Success

    • Class Project: 131 Conversations For StepFamily Success

    • Four Common Blended Family Challenges

    • Key #1: Know God Loves Blended Families

    • Key #2: Connect Like Velcro

    • Class Project #2: The Love Challenge

    • Key#3: Allow Messy Feelings

    • Key#4: Relax The Righting Reflex

    • Class Project #3: The Gratitude Challenge

    • Putting the Success Principles to Work


About This Class

Transform your blended family from discouraged and disjointed to more closely connected than ever before! This course, especially designed for blended family parents and step-parents, will guide you on the journey. 

In this course:

  • You will discover the four obstacles that all blended families face.
  • You will learn the four keys to unlocking blended family success.
  • You will practice the keys to success with your spouse, using 131 creative conversation starters designed for blended families.
  • You will examine practical strategies for implementing these skills in your blended family home, every single day!

Blended families face a number of challenges that traditional families never encounter, leaving family members feeling lonely and isolated. Parents and step-parents wonder, "Why is our family taking so long to blend?" Arguments increase, family members disconnect, with additional pain and heartache as the final result.

Fortunately, this does not have to happen to your family. There is hope! In this faith-based course, we examine what the Bible says about blended family success. Next, we dive into key principles for success that are based on latest marriage and family research. This course provide specific action steps that you can take for a happier, healthier, and holier blended family home. 

This course is based upon the key principles taught in 131 Conversations for StepFamily success, and a copy of the eBook is included with the course.

Unlocking Blended Family Success, is presented in an engaging, highly-practical, and coffee shop casual manner. So grab a cup of coffee, tea, or another favorite beverage as you discover the four success principles, apply them, and draw closer together than ever before!





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