Unlock Your Voice: Energy Techniques for Rappers and Singers | Douglas Butner | Skillshare

Unlock Your Voice: Energy Techniques for Rappers and Singers

Douglas Butner, Creator @ douglas.life & music.cxc.world

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11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Physical Exercises

    • 3. Breathing

    • 4. Toning

    • 5. Your True Rap Voice [Fixed Vol]

    • 6. Rapping With Energy

    • 7. Finding Resonance with your Space

    • 8. Being Confortable and Confident

    • 9. Tapping Into an Emotional State

    • 10. Putting it all together

    • 11. Bonus Lesson: Recording Tips


About This Class

You won't get this information from a vocal coach, or any other artist. This course is more than a course on rapping, it is a course on tapping into and expressing your divine energy. We will work through express yourself, bringing out your true tone, and using visualization to tap into the light of the one and bring it to your music.

While I am a rapper, and this course is from that perspective, all the ideas apply to any kind of singing or vocal performance.

I feel blessed to share this information with you, and I know it will take your music to another level!

What we will cover

Physically Preparing

This course seeks to tell you what other's don't, so I won't repeat the vocal warm-ups you can find on Youtube. I will give you a short list of some of the best quick things you can do daily and before starting so you can stay vibrant, things like stretching out your tounge and face, and slapping to bring energy.


Breathing is important, and shouldn't get in the way of your performance. We will talk about building a healthy relationship with your breath.

You are an instrument that needs to be tuned. To tune, we tone. We will bring out our pure tone through creating pure vibration. It's amazing to me this is so forgotten to modern man. The Egyptians used this practice, and we will use an ancient Egyptian technique, tying it to the Indian seven chakra system. We will use our attention to visualize, using simple tones to experience magic!


Feeling good is the key to sounding good. We will cover getting in the right emotional state before you get on the mic.

Finding the courage to express yourself

You need to rid yourself of inhibition to be a channel for the higher self. You got this!

Room Resonance

Chances are, your first studio will be the room you are in now. Whatever it is, any room that hasn't been properly 'deaded' will have a resonance. This is traditionally seen as a bad thing, but if you learn to use it can provide natural reverb to your vocals and give you true presence.This also translates well into live performances of any scale.

Aligning your mood with the song

Making a happy song be happy!!!

Exude this mood, the settle into stillness and let the mood manifest in the vibrations of your voice

I recommend getting excited no matter what song it is, but calming energetic state right before you start recording, letting the excitement come through, like a potential you are holding

Rapping with Energy

We will talk about lighting up our chakras and rapping with divine energy.

Finding  Your True Rap Voice

We will talk about lighting up our chakras and rapping with divine energy.


Bringing it all together

Now we will take all that we learned and walk through how you can get in the zone for recording, freestyling, preforming, and more.

Bonus: Recording Tips

We will discuss layering vocals with three different voices to make a triangulated tone that is harmonious and richer, with texture and emotion!! This vibration is not one we can make in just one recording.