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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Unlock Your Hips Intro & Class Project

    • 2. Lesson 1: Anatomy & Breathing Technique

    • 3. Lesson 2: Abs & Hamstring Connection

    • 4. Lesson 3: Spinal Twist & Leg Extension

    • 5. Lesson 4: Lower Back Flexion & Extension

    • 6. Lesson 5: Pelvic Tilt & Glute Engagement

    • 7. Lesson 6: Lunge Series

    • 8. Lesson 7: Gobiln Squats & Ankles

    • 9. Lesson 8: Pigeon Variations

    • 10. Lesson 9: True Split & Open Split

    • 11. Unlock Your Hips: Outro

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About This Class

This class teaches an active approach to releasing muscle tightness in the hip area. We combine lessons in anatomy and body mechanics with stretch exercises and breathing technique so that you can return to your natural coordination and flexibility. Annie and Jones demonstrate proper form and provide daily workouts to strengthen and lengthen over time. The activities are adaptable to any ability level, and we focus on feeling into your body and finding freedom in movement. We recommend you start slow, by doing lessons 1-3, then come back the next day and do lessons 1-5, and so on. Keep adding on lessons in the class sequence until you can do the whole class from beginning to end (about 1 hour). If you do 14 days of stretching for 5-45 minutes, then you will start to see remarkable improvement and feel better in your body. Get ready for upgraded freedom and awareness!  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anne-Marie & Jones Talmadge

We are Strength, Flexibility, and Skill.


Hello, Anne-Marie and Jones currently live in Asia, performing with Chinese pop stars and Cirque du Soleil. They teach extensive programs in fitness, acrobatics, contemporary dance, partnering, and pole dance.

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1. Unlock Your Hips Intro & Class Project: everybody. I'm Jones and I. Annie, welcome to unlock your hips on the introduction to flexibility. So we are professional dancers and acrobats. We travel the world for over 20 years, performing and teaching. We work with companies like Diablo Architecture in motion. We were see the 12 finalists on America's Got talent and now we're currently in Asia working with Cirque du Soleil and pop stars. So we get our thrills on stage and contributing to people like you were teaching you how to use your body and for general health and well being. Now, if you're an athlete, this is a great plan for you because we're gonna dive deep into the flexibility and it will give you an opening like never before. But if you're a beginner, this is the best place to start because we're gonna go over the anatomy and physiology and give you the foundation to have a great practice. We're going to be teaching you about the hip area. This class focuses on the hips, will teach a couple of different body mechanics anatomy, and then how to open up this area of your body with breathing techniques. The key to flexibility is consistency. So you're going to repeat this class for 14 days and document your progress? The class project will consist of you taking a daily photo of yourself and then writing down a quote that starts today. After stretching, I feel and then finishing the sentence for yourself. After 14 days, you're in a number one compiling photos of your great frog. Rest number two, you're gonna make a time lapse video of the full stretching sequence so we can see it. And number three, you're gonna take your favorite photo and at one of the quotes that you have previously said about yourself. So that could be a great photo of you that says today after stretching, I feel powerful and maybe it's just I feel powerful. The goal is to start where you are and document your progress with no judgment. OK, so find a clear area for yourself. Maybe have a mat or rug toe lay down on and let's get start 2. Lesson 1: Anatomy & Breathing Technique: So we're going to start standing hip width apart and we're gonna touch the bones of your pelvis, starting with the sacrum in the back. That sacred is fused with the other bones of the hip going up to the iliac. The iliac crest is the bone that you feel at the top of your hip, and that goes down to the other. Bone's connected on the bottom, which is called your sits bones or your issue. Feel where it connects up to the pubic bone in the front, which is just about a hands with away from your belly button right below your belly button . You can feel it right in the front. The whole bone structure of the pelvis makes a bowl like the sequence of bones I just showed you is connected with a big open area in the middle for your guts to be, but the bones surround those all around. We could also feel the top of the leg bone in this area called the femur. It's the thigh bone that goes all the way up to the hip. It inserts on the side where the ilium in issue are meeting. Now that leg bone that you feel just below the iliac crest is not where the joint is. There's a bony part that goes out like one end of a hammer, and then the other end of the hammer goes into the hip a couple centimeters in there so that you actually would need to really dig into the muscles surrounding that area to feel where that hit boat connects. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, which means it can move in many directions and is made to have a broad range of movements front and back into the side. And so just move your leg around, lift your femur up and experience that on both sides. Right now, if you have a chair, go ahead and lift one leg up onto the chair. We're going to experience a muscle called the So as muscle, which connects at the back of the femur and goes up the inside of the hip and has to connection points. One is just on the inside of the iliac crest that upper hipbone and the other is on the side of the spine. Now, when you lift your leg, it should feel like it's compressing towards your spine because these muscles are really deep, almost like underneath your abs. Let's go ahead and practice on both sides, getting your knee up and then experiencing the so as muscle, activating, pulling your knee up and towards your center really deep inside guts. Go ahead and experience that on both legs, so put the other leg up on the chair, or you could just do it by lifting your knee up. So as muscle is often ignored, and if you do a lot of sitting, it can get really tight. So we want to be able to access that muscle. So also that means feeling with your fingertips, digging in there and releasing it. If necessary. Go ahead and have a seat. The next thing we're gonna practice is a couple of breathing techniques because the so as muscle is also connected to the diaphragm through fascia. Take a deep breath in through your nose and feel your diaphragm pulling down, letting your lungs fill with air. And then when you release that muscle, it allows the air to go out by retracting back up, take another breath and this time we're going to add the activation of the so as to the movement. So when you exhale, imagine the knee engaging and going up with the exit of the breath. Inhale again and let the need drop back down, thinking about it, settling into the earth as the belly fills with air and on the exhale as your air goes up and out of your lungs, think about the knee also rising. Inhale again and try to feel with your fingers the activation of these two muscles the diaphragm and exhale the activation of the so as lifting your knee up towards your spine. Find your what? Your back. We're going to do a few more exercises, distinguishing the movement of the hip flexor and so as muscle. So first on an inhale, you're going to engage your hip flexor and pull your knee up to 90 degrees. And then on the Exhale, just like we were, you're going to lift the knee with the so as muscle. Hip flexor should release at this point and then inhale your leg all the way down and exhale. Inhale again to bring your knee to 90 degrees and then release that hit. Flex her as you exhale and users so as muscle to pull the knee closer to your spine and then inhale you like all the way down. Exhale again and inhale. Need to 90 and then exhale and engage your so as as your diaphragm rises the hip flexor release Switching to the other side. We're going to inhale the knee up to 90 degrees and exhale engaged the so as bringing all the way in closer to your chest and inhale. Release it down. Exhale, inhale again. Bring the need 90 and exhale. Bring the knee in. Try not to use your hands to pull on the knee. Just use it as a guide. Inhale down and exhale one more time. Inhale need 90 head flex er and release the Flex er as you engage the so as on the Exhale and then release all the way down. Inhale and exhale. Good work. Pull your knees up to this neutral position and we're gonna dive right into a couple of different stretch. Siri's the Unlock Your hips. Journey begins 3. Lesson 2: Abs & Hamstring Connection: continue lying on your back and breathing we're going to now engage your abs and your hamstring muscles toe. Lift your pelvis up off the ground five times, so we want to try to peel the hips up and the vertebrae follow one at a time, so engaging your abs to tilt your pelvis. Also your hamstring. Tilt the pelvis in that same direction to then lift those hips nice and slow and then lower them back down. Just a slow. Keep your hands on your glutes. We don't want them to engage. This should be on Lee, a hamstring and AB muscle engagement, and your glutes should stay nice and released firmly. Press the feet into the ground and let the hip tilting be the initiation of this movement. Next, lift your legs into a 90 degree position, and we're gonna use your lower abs, too. Then lift your hips off of the ground, trying not to change the hip socket, trying to keep your leg in relationship to your hips as we just engage the abs and lift the hips off of the ground. Once you've done, five of those were gonna then engage the so as muscle to then lift the leg. The hips are grounded. This is no longer a spinal movement. The spine is straight and long, and you're just using the so as muscle to lift the leg up past 90. After you've done five on each side, go ahead and settle back down to the neutral position, opening legs out into a butterfly position. We're just gonna allow the hip to open to the sides for 10 seconds, breathing, letting the inner thighs release, and then start to engage your so as again and lift the knees up to 90 on the outsides of your body. Use your hands on the inside of your knees and press your heels. Now flex your feet and press your heels up towards the sky a little bit and allow the legs to fall up and out to the side. If you can thread your fingers together behind your knees and use the weight of your arms and a little bit of muscle pole to pull the knees even farther, you want to alternate between engaging the so as to try to lift your knees closer to your chest and then releasing them and allow the arms toe help drop down the leg and pulled the leg closer to the most important part of this is that your hips state grounded on the ground. They are not gonna tip up. They're going to stay planted on the ground so that it's a leg movement. Only good job next to want to slide your hands up your leg, either to your ankle or your foot, if you can grab it and then allow the weight of your upper body and your and your chest to pull down even mawr on your feet so that you can get an even in more intense stretch. But don't let those hips come up off the ground. Keep them tilted down towards your tail so that you can really make sure it's planted and grounded and a leg movement only 10 more seconds. Hold for one more breath cycles come to straight leg position, so if you need to slide your hand farther down your leg to get your need all the way locked , let's do that. And then we're going to engage energy into your feet and start to move your legs in and out . Try to keep them straight as you do this, engaging your inner thigh muscles once again focusing on grounding your hips. This is a leg movement to finish off this Siri's. Let's alternate flexing and bending your knees, pulling your knee closer to your chest and then pushing the knee straight again. Straighten both legs up again one last time. Really fuel the leg dropping engages so as to pull any closer the lead closer to your chest and then release it. Allow the arms to pull it. Take a nice, deep breath and then we'll release that bending your knees. Hands to your knees. Give him a nice Poland. One more tug before settling back to neutral position. Great job. Continue on to the next video or take another little rest here if you need it. 4. Lesson 3: Spinal Twist & Leg Extension: for this next series, we're gonna do some spinal twisting and lay extension. So lower one leg and lift the right knee up. We're gonna twist it to the ground, keeping your right shoulder on your left shoulder locked and anchored to the ground. We're just gonna try to pull the unique close as you can to the floor and get all the way down. Great. If you can't pulse the need about 10 times reaching it towards the ground, letting the weight of the leg twists the spine across the lateral plane. Also, twist your head 10 more seconds. After that, we're gonna open your need to the outside, making a figure four position. From there. We're gonna lift your legs, both of them up to the sky, get to the 93 position and then from there, bend that knee and then thread the hands through the middle of that figure for and around the outside to grab. You need pull it into your chest. Were gonna hold this for about 30 seconds. So ground your sake room down to the ground, flex both feet, and we're gonna allow your breaths to go into the hip socket. So that you can feel your tailbone reaching down on the way into the ground as you drop your knee towards your chest. More seconds. Take one more breath cycle on. Do five pulses of the knee towards the chest that we're going to unhook this top leg extended towards sky and then switch knees from here. Ground to your left shoulder so that both shoulders stay connected to the ground as you twist your left knee across your body to the right side, holding me across your chest so you start to feel the leg bone. Pull on hip, which is then twists the spine. You can twist your head so that it looks also in the opposite direction. Feel the full spinal twist, and once again we're gonna do 10 pulses towards the ground with that. Me. If it's not touching the ground yet, we could reach it, reach it, reach it and then relax and take some deep breaths, allowing the weight of the leg paying down spinal twist constantly increasing on the exhale and then on the inhale. Think about your spine getting longer coming out of that, letting your leg open to the outside to figure four position, and we're gonna lift those legs up to vertical two times and then thread the hands through the middle of that figure for and around the outside to grab me and pull it into your chest . You don't have to use a lot of arm strength to hold this position. You can just allow the weight of your upper body to fall back and pull your legs with Oh, hold it for about 30 seconds, about 10 seconds left. You can pulse with leg to get it closer to your knee, using your biceps, your arm muscles to Rio, and when you're done, you can switch your legs. Roll onto your right side. We're gonna do a couple of leg kicks to the front, into the back. Really anchor your hip down with that right leg so that you can kick your left leg Onley rotating at the hip socket. So try not to have any public tilt while you're doing this exercise. Five kicks to the front, five kicks to the back. We'll do two rounds really thinking about the hip, moving the energy in the foot, going towards the head. Lift that foot high. Go ahead and roll to your left side. Anchor that left leg so that you can kick your right leg. Same movements. Five kicks to the front, five kicks to the back. And then we'll do that two times so that you can feel the hip moving the femur bone moving in the hip socket up and then to the back. Great work. You can now take a rest or continue to the next video. 5. Lesson 4: Lower Back Flexion & Extension: roll yourself on your belly and find yourself in this sphinx pose with your elbows going straight down from your shoulders, your forearms out in front. Try to lift your hands off the ground and just balance and engage your back muscles from here. Put your hands back down and push them as straight as you can. You don't have to push them all the way straight, but you do want to leave your hips anchored to the ground if you want. You can also throw your head back. Look at the ceiling reaching the spine longer, not scrunching anywhere but having a nice, long spine. If you have your elbows bent, that's OK. Try to feel like your chest is pushing through those arms to the front, and then take a nice deep breath and lower back down. Take a rest in this wide leg child's pose. Take a few deep breaths in this position, letting head reach to the ground as your tailbone. Just to the ground. Come up out of the child posed by curling your toes underneath you and straightening your legs so that your hips rise toward the sky into downward dog your armpits opening I feel like somebody's grabbing your tail and pulling it up towards the sky from you were going to do five kicks with the right leg towards the sky. Think about engaging your abs as you arch your back, trying to kick your heel towards the back of your head. Switch to the left, but you want to experience is that your hips don't tilt so much. You want to have your leg moving in the hip socket switch and we'll do one more time. Five kicks to the right and five kicks the left. Good job. Now slide Ford into a plank position. We're gonna lower down to your belly on. Push back into a Spinks arc over. Place your right hand in the center so that you can reach your left hand backwards towards your heel. Just get us far down your legs. You can crawling that left hand down the leg, twisting and extending the back, then will switch sides, placing the left hand in the center and reaching the right hand down the right leg as close as you can get to your heel. Still, keeping that arch in your back and twisting the spine at the same time about 10 more seconds. Take one more deep breath cycle. When you come out of it, sit all the way up, lengthening your spine towards the sky, lower down and push back to the child's pose again with wide knees. Take several deep breaths in this position, allowing hip priest tailbone going towards the ground, allowing your arms and your head toe lengthen in the opposite direction. From this position, we're going to do another child's pose, keeping your knees together as full Ford, get your hands back and massage your sacrum, encouraging the pelvic tilt. Once again, your head reaches ford down your mat as your tailbone reaches in the opposite direction towards the ground. We want the belly button to relax and sink down into your thighs and then reach your hands out. This is your opportunity to rest and imagine the legs creasing at the hip just as much as they preset the me You're doing great work. 10 more seconds. Nice. Deep breaths. Keep it up, go ahead and keep resting. Bore. You can continue on to the next video 6. Lesson 5: Pelvic Tilt & Glute Engagement: to start out this section on pelvic tilt and bloodiest engagement or your butt muscles were gonna make your way to your feet and find yourself in a ford fold just hanging down from your hit. Let your spine relax and then we're slowly roll up, starting with a public tipped. So feel your hip sockets, moved into a vertical line with your hips and then roll up through your spine one burger Time. Next. Just practiced tilting your pelvis from the front to the back. Use your hands to feel your bones. Actually move to the front end and the back end of that public. Put your fingertips into the crease of your hip and pulled forward again. But this time, instead of unrolling your spine, you're gonna try to leave your spine as straight as you can and only tilt the pelvis from that. No spine releasing. Take a couple of deep breaths in this position with your neck, reaching long your spine as long as you can reach it and tilting that pelvis as far forward as you can from the hip socket in the last deep breath, exhale and release a spine again. Let it hang taken headed out to find out. If you need to let it go, pull your nose your knees for a moment before transitioning position. Really? Let the hamstrings release in this condition. Then we're gonna slowly roll up your feet again, one vertebra at a time. Step forward with your right foot and place your hands on the back of your tips. We're gonna use your hands in your arms to push your hips forward, drowned down through the feet and lock out your knees. Once you have your hips as far forward as he can push them, then we can start to unroll your spine from the bottom to top until your head is looking up at the sky. Take long, deep roots in this position. Try to extend even mawr with your hip forward. Arch your back is much as you can, and then we're gonna start to slide your hands down your back leg your left leg. That fact that left hand markets way down for you need and then you can extend your arms over your head. Try to release both hands for a moment before rolling back. Go ahead and switch to the other side we're gonna point your feet in the same direction like their on train tracks, your knee straight defeat grounding. They will push your hips forward with your hands pulsing them. And then we're gonna start to push those hits as far forward as you can start to unroll your spine from the bottom to top until your head is looking up at the sky from their start to drop your head back in more, push your hips farther even more. Really. Take a nice deep breath. And on the exhale, we want to release into that pit movement even more. Your right hand now walking down your right leg and then reached that left arm up old of the top and try to get a nice extension all throughout your spine, not crunching it, but extending that spine to the backspace. Find a moment where you can release both hands before you roll up. We're gonna do some side bends next, so zig your arm your forearm in that five for a little extra support and also to push your hips to the sides than that other arm. Your top arm can reach over the top to the side, try to get behind your head, and then you can twist your head to look down and look up. I really grieve the release into the side. Grab your own hand and pull it over the top even more to the side and down. Reach your right arm down your Legace far as you can before rolling up and coming to the other side. Once again, the forearm digs into the thigh and we're gonna reach that right arm now over the top and then try to get the hand behind the head. Push the hips as far to the side as you can. We're gonna reach that arm and then two. It's the head looking up, looking down. Grab your own hand and pull it over the top even more trying to get that arm behind the head, reeking to the side and down in the hips in the opposite direction. Twister, head up and down and then slide. That left hand down your legacy far as you can before we roll out. You're doing great. Go ahead and take a rest or continue on to the next video 7. Lesson 6: Lunge Series: for this lunch. Siri's. You're going to start on your right leg, starting with London rocks going forward and backwards with your knee pushing forward and your back heel pushing back after 10 rocks, you're gonna switch your foot so the top of your foot is pressing into the mat. Keep your leg long for 10 hit bounces with a straight leg and back flexing the quad. Next, you're gonna push your chest up for a 32nd runner's lunge. Now, what's important about this is that we tuck your pelvis under so that the bottom of your hip is coming to the front and that the top of the iliac crest is going back. Really trying to use your arms to support that movement by pushing on your knee and you could even push your shoulders back and your head back if you want to get a little arch in your back as well. But this position is rate for opening up that front of the hip on the left side. Next, we're gonna drop down again. Put your hands on the ground and we're gonna do five and need Ben's toe leg extension Each time you extend your leg. Try to keep your hips as low as you can. Try not to lift them as you flex the quad and straighten the knee. Really be attentive off the level of the hips. When you do this exercise, try to keep them down as you are extending that knee. No lifting next transition sideways into a Spiderman position stretch. We're gonna hold this for 15 seconds each side, pressing your knee on your elbow, really making sure that that opens up the hip and then pressing the other hand on the straight leg to skip the knee straight. Switch sides to then do 15 seconds on the other side, opening the legs apart from each other and also keeping the heels down on both sides. Left leg lunge rocks next 10 times, pushing that knee Ford and the back heel back legs reaching in opposition. Switch to the top of your foot and once again do 10 bounces up and down. Now, keeping that back leg even straighter. Energy through the foot and the knee, pushing the chest up to a runner's lunge. Once more, tucking that Telmex under really trying to get the abs engaged here and opening that back hip so that you can drop your hips down as you do the stretch as well as use your arms to support the movement of the hips by pushing back or even massaging out the hip with the hands. 10 more seconds. Go for one more breath cycle. When you come out of it, we're gonna do these five knee bends again. So put your hands back on the ground and we're going to get the knee close to mount as you can, and then try to keep the hips low as you extend that knee, flexing the quad reaching he'll back five reps trying to get your hips lower and lower each time. Great job transition into that spider man's stretch again. Put your elbow on your knee so opening up your legs and pushing that other hand on the top of your need to keep the legs straight. Switch to the other side just 15 seconds on each side, keeping your heels press down and come on up to the middle. Great work. You can rest here, or you can continue on to the next video 8. Lesson 7: Gobiln Squats & Ankles: moving right along. We're gonna do some different squats. But before we do, we're gonna take a Ford fold again, this time with legs wide, open your toes pointed to the front, or maybe even a little pigeon toed pointed towards each other. Fixem Nice deep breaths and allow that pelvic tilt to come from the hip socket and then let your spine unfurl and hang down after you really feel your pelvic tilts as far you can go and then let the spine hang for the rest of the 30 seconds. Got about 10 seconds left breath. Go ahead and put your hands on your knees to come up to that flat back again and then into a wide second squad. This is a position where you want your knees to be going over your toes as much as possible so that you have a turnout of the hip with widest point and you're gonna push your right arm into your me. We're gonna hold that position for 30 seconds, getting the spinal twist while you're opening your hips to this middle split position. But since it's in a second position with your needs spent, you should specifically feel it just on your inner thighs. While your quads are working to hold this position, switch to the other side. We're gonna twist your body so that you're left arm is pushing on that. Me on the left leg, your shoulder dropping down to the front as you are looking over your right shoulder. You really feel this mostly in your inner thighs. You push your legs open and apart from each other about 10 seconds left. Keep keep breathing and come back to the front stand all the way up again. Next, let's move your feet a little closer together so that we can have them just about outside the width of your shoulders. From there, we go down into this goblin squat position where you want to have your knees being pressed out by your elbows about 10 seconds left. Really try to drop your hips lows you can with your heels still connected to the ground. Put yourself back up and just roll your hips out. Take them from side to side front, back. Take a deep breath Before we go down into the next government squat thing time. We're gonna hold a twisted goblin squat position to go ahead and grab your left ankle with your right arm and your left arm should be reaching up towards the sky as much as you can get. That final twist now with your hips drops below. Once again, we weren't your ankle and your he'll to stay connected to the ground about 10 more seconds . Deep breath passed through center to go to the other side. So now we're gonna grab your right ankle with your left hand, and we're gonna reach that right arm up to the sky over the top of your head if you can twist in your spine looking to the side and up, dropping the deal down. Dropping hips found nice feet, Breath trying to release. Two weeks into this position, about 10 seconds left. One more breath cycle center and press your quads to stand yourself Back up. Go ahead and shake your legs out. Now is that's a lot of work. Next section we're gonna do some parallel squat by bending your knees. Your knees should stay touching and your ankles touching your heels on the ground from this physician. We're gonna take tonight. Beat breaths. Go as low as you can. If you can't keep your knees together, then we want to wing them to the inside. Pulse is about 10 times before you then grabbing, catching these and please, um, together with your arms. Once again, try to keep the deals. Press down as much as you can without losing your balance, and then reach your chest and arms forward to counter balance the weight of your hips behind you and stand back up with feels crafting down. After all that, if you're feeling up to it, let's move on to the next video. 9. Lesson 8: Pigeon Variations: in this next series, we're going to do a few more lunges, dropping a hips down all the way into a pigeon variation. So go ahead and start in your right leg. Lunge. We're going to just hold this lizard position for about 30 seconds, which elbows down. You want to be thinking about your knee and your backheel reaching in opposition. So the front knees reaching forward as your back heel is reaching back and your quad is flexed. Go ahead and switch to the top of your foot so that you can drop your hips down even more, really focusing on the energy through the back legs, keeping that knee straight toe pointed. Next, place your need down and just pick your heel up towards your bottom a few times. See how close you can get it with your muscles before grabbing with your hand, pulling it in for a nice quad stretch. Remember to keep dropping your hips down as you pull your foot closer to your bottom. It helps to alternate between those two things. You can switch hands to the other side once again, pulling the foot closer to the bottom and then dropping the hips down farther. Go ahead and release that. We're gonna go into a hamstring stretch called the Hurdler Stretch, where we get that me locked out in front. Now the foot should be flexed, or he could also point your toes just as long as there's energy in the foot and you want to bend at the hips once again. Don't just release the spine. That this is not a spinal movement we're looking for were stretching your hamstrings, which is your leg muscles. So, really reach your whole chest and head forward rather than just down. You can try to walk your fingers as far forward as you can as well take nice deep breaths in this position, trying to drop your chest down even farther on. Exhale now we can move into a pigeon position, so walk your foot to the opposite side of your math and then drop your need down in front. Ideally, this is a parallel position, but let's get your foot to wherever it can be comfortably on the ground and then fold forward with your chest as far as you can. You want to try to get your hips as close to the ground behind your heel as you can think about your ankle coming closer to your belly button. Take a nice deep breaths in this position and relax and let the belly go down farther. Glenn, push your chest back up and reposition your front length so that it's comfortable trying to get a parallel to your body. And then we're gonna aren't you back as far as you can towards the backfield, pushing with your arms if you need to. If you can kick your heel up your bottom and grab that foot for an extra quad stretch dropping hits down as you pull your foot to your bottom. If you want to go for the King pigeon, you're more than welcome to it's gonna be a foot Grab that you have your toes locked in. Your grip on your elbow opens out to the side. But don't worry about that. Just getting used to this pigeon position. Just hold it and read. Come on out of it into a lunge. Straighten those legs to the center and we're going to switch to the other side. This first position again is this lizard position where we get your elbows down Ah, long leg and back, your heel reaching to the back and your front knee reaching to the front, trying to get your legs reaching an opposition of each other. And also try to keep that back leg super straight by flexing your quad when you go to the top of your foot. Want to focus even more on that straight leg and back, energy out through your toes and your knee locked and straight as you drop your hips down? Ben being at that hip socket to get the hips farther down to the ground, place the knee on the ground and kicked that he'll up to the bottom a few times before trying to reach back and grab it, pulling the knee all the way to the bottom. As you drop your hips down in front, it really helps. To do that with a breath cycle is, well, dropping hips down on Exhale and then on the inhale, pulling the hell to the bottom. Switch hands and continue breathing, dropping the hip, pulling the foot in. Next, we're gonna go to the hurdler stretch again, so straighten that front knee, flexing the quad a little bit to really push that need down to the ground, and the hell is flecks of the toes really pointed up to the stealing. You can also point the foot in front, but the main thing is that we're bending forward from that hip socket from the leg bone connected to the hip, so the spine should really be reaching long. Don't just collapse over your leg, but try to reach the top of the head down the leg to the front. Come out of that and come to that pigeon position again on the left side. So we're gonna have that parallel leg in front as much as you can. Most importantly, is to get the ankle and the knee down, and then you want to drop your hips to the front and reach your chest forward so that we can try to think about the naval. Coming close to the ankle reaches far Ford as you can and then relax in this position. Nice depressed another 10 seconds and then come on out of it and press your head up to the ceiling, arching your back. Use your hands to really get your shoulders as far back as you can reposition your leg if you need to, then you can try to pull to your foot to the bottom again for a nice quad stretch. If you want to try to go for the King pigeon, go ahead and grab the toes. Hokum with your fingers on your elbow can come up to the side as you bring your foot close to your head. But don't worry about that. If you're not there yet, just know that's where you're going. A couple more deep breaths. You're doing great. This completes this section, and if you're wanting a break, go ahead and take a break, shake it out or just continue right onto the next video and stretch it on. 10. Lesson 9: True Split & Open Split: to go into these split positions. We're going to start in the hurdler stretch, sliding your front leg. Ford will start on the right, then keep your hips square to be in true split. So just slide it out to the front as far as you can. But don't let your hip twist open. We're gonna hold this for 30 seconds, really? Allowing your hip to drop down and open in the back leg. You're so as your hip flexor and your quad releasing in the back leg is your hamstring releases in front. Next, we're gonna alternate your chest forward and your chest back three times dropping your chest. Ford on the Exhale. Take a deep breath cycle there and then on the inhale with your chest up. So, three reps of this really allowing the hamstring to release alternating than with the flexor. So, as in quads, release in the back. Once you've done those three reps with the breast cycle, allow your hips to now twist open. This will help your hips drop down farther to the ground, and then we're gonna hold that right leg open split as far as you can. Just breathe and relax try to keep your spine as vertical as you can may need to support yourself with some chairs on the side or yoga blocks. You can't touch the ground with your hands. You could also touch your hands on the front leg. Reach to the back legs as well for a nice position where you're twisting your upper body in line with your hips as we switch to the left side. Remember, we start in this hurdler stretch and then we slide forward. Keeping your hips square. Don't allow them to twist open to the side. It all both hit phones. The iliac crest should be pointing to the front evenly, and they were gonna hold this position for 30 seconds. Far down that you can go opening hamstring in the front hip flexor. So as on the quad in the back. Next we'll alternate chessboard and chest up once again on the breath cycle. Exhale as you release down. Take a deep breath also on the inhale on the way up, so you really get a movement of the body pelvis tilting forward and backwards with the movement of the chest. After you've done your three reps really point your toes nice and pretty, and then we're gonna let your hips open and twist your body into a front split position. A couple of variations you can try. You can fold forward in this position as well. Or you can keep your chest high once again twisting your upper body to match the angle of your hips. For that nice reach with your arms in the front and back. Excellent job would come out of that nice and slow. Jake, your legs out. We're complete. Excellent work. That's a nice split, and it's only going to get better. 11. Unlock Your Hips: Outro: Hey, congratulations. He just finished the opening your hips class, so hopefully you feel unlocked. Remember that. This is if this is day one for you, then we do 14 days in a row off this same program. So we look forward to seeing your results if you need some help. Consistency is key to mastery. So definitely reach out us. We're your team. To help you build this habit. You can find me at healthy Annie. That's my instagram handle or you confined both of us. That center gravity underscore l. A. And we are happy to connect with you there as well as on this platform. Now you can work this program, but we also have other videos, so be sure to connect with us. And let's master your most flexible body ever. Check us out on center gravity dot org's and congratulations again. Um