Unlimited Skillshare Ideas: Warrior Forum As Endless Fountain of Ideas | Kenny Moses Adetu | Skillshare

Unlimited Skillshare Ideas: Warrior Forum As Endless Fountain of Ideas

Kenny Moses Adetu, Maximizing skillshare Profit.

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4 Videos (21m)
    • Unlimited Skillshare Ideas 1 Introduction

    • Browsing Warrior Forum As Guest

    • Paid Warrior Membership

    • Class Assignment WF Skillshare


About This Class

Many of the future Skillshare teachers are handicapped for lack of what to teach. No more. In this series of tutorials, we will be exploring different avenues of inspiration. The first class is titled: "Unlimited Skillshare Ideas: Warrior Forum As Endless Fountain of Ideas." In this class, we shall see how easy it is to tap into the best internet marketing forum- Warrior Forum, popularly known as WF. Briefly, we will see:

(1.) How to get inspiration as a mere guest browser of the WF

(2.) Paid membership of WF and its benefits to Skillshare.

(3.) Assignment that when implemented will give you unlimited daily creative juice for your skillshare tutorials.

I attached an excel workbook where you can note down your daily topics that you can adapt from WF





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Kenny Moses Adetu

Maximizing skillshare Profit.

A short story, novella and script writer. An actor by profession, for Television, film and stage. Now a web-entrepreneur and content curator. Love the idea of endless possibilities of making recurring income online. Have been an expert graphic designer, using tools that people underrate to rake in earnings for many years. Have designed book covers, posters of various sizes, anything at all. Also am SEO expert, being fortunate to get in contact with some people who think out of box about anyth...

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