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Unleashing Creativity: Increase Team Creativity At Work

teacher avatar Zee Shaun

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Reciprocity Principle

    • 3. Constraints Identification

    • 4. Lets Start Giving Ideas

    • 5. Breaking Problem Into Smaller Parts

    • 6. Make Use of Diversity

    • 7. Resolution Change

    • 8. Removing Identity

    • 9. Evaluate Ideas Systematically

    • 10. Closing

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About This Class

In the class you'll learn tips and techniques that will help you increase your creativity at work.

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Zee Shaun


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1. Introduction: creativity is an important skill. Companies expected employees to have New Orleans and all kinds of businesses. But many people think that they're not creative, as they have been told by their friends. Their co workers were by their teachers. Or they're not curative breaking. The also such kind of people that career devotees is killed. It's not a gift. You can learn creativity like you would any other skill. It's not something you're born that just like learning to play a musical instrument or learning a new sport. Creativity can learn in a systematic and predictable way, so you can generate ideas any time you want to. In this cause, I'm going to share with you. Ah, few simple tips and techniques that will, in strenuously boost your creative l could at work whether you're working alone over the group off the leaks 2. Reciprocity Principle: So what is the best way to boost your creative output? Well, it is to connect to the brain power off others. Creativity is a team activity on Did. You will generate better our ideas if you surround yourself with creative people who are prepared to help you with your creative products. But the question Rick rises here is why I will help you. Let me give you instruction to the principle of reciprocity. It's a well established social rule that every human society teaches other members of the same society, so it states that people give back to those in the form they have received from others. Just, like even take you give back to those who have given to you. But the key is that you have to take the first step. You have to develop a reputation at work as a helping person, even if that other person hasn't helped you. There are many ways you can help your colleagues at work. You can give them information on feedback about their projects. The key is not to expect and help without expectation and offer. Sometime people will start helping you. When you will help someone, they really appreciate you, for example, Imagine that your online and you find an article that one of your colleagues would like. Now you can send them an email with a link to that article. But instead of this, if you have printed out, the article means you gave more efforts, perhaps highlight relevant keyboards, maybe even wrote a small load in the margin. And instead of sending that articles, two company male who will hand delivery to your colleague now doctors called a favor and according to the principle of reciprocity that colleague will feel and even stronger sense of responsibility Who held you with your creativity projects. This is the golden rule of creativity. Practice it and everyone around you will feel responsibility. How to you underdone. 3. Constraints Identification: Let's imagine you have connected to a group of people to help you generate ideas. You're sitting in a meeting room there, are willing to help. They wanted to offer ideas. Wait. Well, don't let them. There are some important steps to take right here to improve the quality off the idea. The first step is to identify the constraints around the problem. Think of constraints like cost or time lines or other factors. These are the compulsory requirements that any idea has to satisfy. Wait a minute. Can you just hear the reaction from your colleagues and you told them to start with constraints. They'll tankers the bad idea for all that goes against everything. Divert that we should think outside the box that we should have no constraints and consider all possibilities that we should push the boundaries. But here's what happens If you start generating ideas without constraints, you open your mind to a wide open space taken over them. Your mind. You'll send your mind on the wire rational ghouls finding an idea that you may never find by other methods. Instead, you liked remain and think inside the box. Here is why some off these constraints are really on that cannot be disrupted on. It doesn't make sense to generate an idea. It's just not viable. You're doing yourself a big favor by weeding out ideas that don't make any sense before the start taking shape. There's another very important reason for starting with constraints. It likes you and your colleagues decide if they're still well, it things change, and these constraints may no longer developed By removing some off them. You increase the size of the box on the potential for new ideas, constraining stand of struck creativity just the opposite. They make your mind work harder and smarter inside the box. 4. Lets Start Giving Ideas: it's time to start giving artists, but from there to begin, well, the answer might give you a surprise. There's a simple trick that you can and different trees the quality of the ideas. Instead of imagining solving your problem, try to imagine solving the same problem part for someone else, their strike or someone else. Where does this work? Research into the psychology of how people solve problems shows that people are 50% more successful when they imagine solving a problem. But for someone else, here's an example. Let's say you were trying to come up with the ideas on the hard America Kagetora smell. You're organizing this meeting, Andrew, Please want to dive right in. But don't let them tell them instead, but warned them to solve the same problem. But for another product, for example, have to imagine making a living room so far more convenient. What this will do is activate their mind on didn't have him come back and turned their attention to the original problem. Do the physical after £1 off, ideation the show to know that they can use ideas that they come up with using the living room sofa because they might find some new problem that I didn't even know the hot. You got to get people out of their daily routing to help them see opportunities, and you like just having them step away will lose their creative outlook. 5. Breaking Problem Into Smaller Parts: creativity is the process off. Changing your viewpoint. Understand new opportunities. If we don't do this, you'll get stuck in Iraq. You look at the same rule problem the same old way. Best way is co particular problem includes components. Take a problem apart piece by piece. Now here is how you do it, just like you take the product or the problem on your list are the components one by one. You can do this on a white boat on a piece of paper. When you do this, make sure you number the components. This will help you facilitate later. When you work in small teams, then you change perspective this way. What it does is it helps you know which components to focus on. Perhaps there's a way to take a compelling in the make or perfect what changed in some way . Another way to manipulate the components is take a component and put it somewhere ALS back into the problem or process that alone could change your perspective enough to see a completely new possibility. It's only when you break the problem down into its components that let your mind go in a new direction 6. Make Use of Diversity: look at the people around, you would work. What do you observe? Well, we all are dissimilar from one another. But presences aren't the only way we differ. There's a unique views and backgrounds one brings that can help you improve your creativity . Get work. There was the driver of creativity, the new and wider group of colleagues to an ideation session. It's important that you have diversity in your team and your own diversity in these three ways. First, you won't function anniversary Next. You want gender diversely and, finally, cultural diversity. When you know white people for team ideation session trying to get people from a least these three departments first, you need commercial marketing people. Thes marketers are the ones that can help you figure out if an idea is commercial pretension. They'll figure out any idea that found make it into the marketplace. We will all senator technical people. They're the ones that understand how your products and services work on. They're going to help you classify those ideas. There just aren't viable. They would be great ideas for technically their current to make, and finally you need people who were customer centric. These are the people that deal with your customers everyday people like your salespeople. For people in your call center, they are the ones. Start to give support to your customers, and they are. The ones will help you identify those ideas that will resonate the most with them. Taken together, these three veep wants help you answer the questions. Will our customers wanted? Can we make it? And how do we commercialize it? We also want gender diversity on your team. Research proposes that men tend to generate ideas that are more risky, while women turn to generate ideas that are more practical when they work together. These biases trying to reach out and you end up with ideas that are built in trusting and practical. You also want to make sure your team has good culture. I was he people were different. Experiences will help you create ideas that are relevant in money. Global regions. Without cultural diversity, you end up creating ideas that are perhaps, unless suitable for a surgeon region off the work. Diversity is a driver of creativity. Diverse team see new potentials there, hold each other responsibility to bring their just thinking of hers on it holds you boost procreative creativity is a driver off? That was these air diversities arrival of creativity. I was teams see new potentials there hold each other responsible for bring their best thinking on it helps you boost your creativity at work and it helps you boost your creativity at work. 7. Resolution Change: you might have observed how once in a while you get stuck find to create new ideas. Darcy Julia sign that wants to change the resolution. How to do doctor will, he says the matter off, zooming in and zooming out. Think of zooming in and zooming out like you would see the lens of a camera. Every time the photographer zones into the subject or zooms out, he sees a whole new set of components and that triggers and inside on how best predict actual. You can do the exact same thing on your problem or photo. Let me give you an example. Let's imagine the Georgian rating ideas on how to improve our refrigerator. They would start the session by listing the components off the refrigerator that, though, the shells to compressor the ice maker light wilbon sewn. But now it's time to zoom in. What you do is to pick one component from the list and imagine a new component list for just one particular component. For example, dough, you make a new list that would include the door Colonel to those sides, the rubber gasket and so on. Now, when you want to zoom out to imagine the refrigerator as just one component of a larger system. The pigeon you list the refrigerator is one component, along with other things. Open the kitchen countertops to kitchen flow. Even the family members zooming in and zooming out completely changes your perspective and opens up a whole new set of possibilities to dues to your creative out. 8. Removing Identity: you have heard it over problem. Don't judge a book by its cover. The same holds true and creativity. We want to fight the temptation of judging ideas depending on where it came from. Theatrics. Very challenging Forester duties If you like the person, we tend to like their idea. And if you don't like the person, well, let's just say we might see a few more false than we might have otherwise. Now you and your co workers might not even be aware that you were doing this. But what this means for you in practices that you have to find a way to strip out ideas off their uniqueness? Nous You can lose the creative output off a plane just by making sure these ideas don't get turnout. Impulsively, Here's how you do it when you're helping a session to produce areas proclaimed to the group that there's a new ground rules. The ground rule is simply this. People cannot put a name to any idea. That means that people are going to have to stop saying things like, Hey, that was my idea or hey, let's go back to that very diarrhea that Michelle had earlier people find it hard to do so you're going to have to be found about the rule. Another thing. Another go technique is to tell people that whenever they have an idea, they have provided down on a piece of paper again without putting unable his name on it. Every so often. Go around and collect those pieces off favor and then passed them out randomly to people in the group and have people take an idea and read it aloud to the rest of the group that keeps the ideas anonymous. And finally, another good technique is to have people work in pairs or groups of three. And whenever the Schrader idea they do it as coming from the entire group, not just from one team member on what this does it. It makes it more difficult for other people in the group to figure out where that idea came from. It helps them eliminate that natural tendency to have a bias to that idea. Now these techniques might take a little bit more time, and they may feel a bit awkward. But trust me, it's well worth it. You'll boost your creative output at work by making sure good ideas don't get town out too quickly. 9. Evaluate Ideas Systematically: generating lots of ideas. Careers? A. Her new problem for you. How do you know which ideas to focus on filtering ideas is an essential part of the creativity process. You convinced your creative airport just by knowing for each ideas are the best. Now when you get feedback, you want to get feedback. That is both positive about the idea, but you also want to understand the weak points. And this is especially true if you're Rive elevating argues off yours. You have heard it earlier, saying there is no such thing as an ugly baby. Well, when evaluating your own ideas, it's especially important to get objective feedback. Now here's a great technique to do this. It was developed by a creativity expert named Edward de Bono. He called it the positive, negative, interesting technique. Here is how to do it when it's time to get some feedback, to pass out sheets of paper to everybody and you have them dividing and thirds and a doctored asked them to write down one commented practice positive about the idea in the middle part. Have them write something negative, something critical, but in important part of the paper, have them write a comment that is neither positive nor negative but interesting. Doing this forces people to look at both sides of the issue under its especially important to take a close look. Hurt is interesting comments. Many times these comments are not about the idea itself, but rather they give you insights about organizational, expects off what you're going to need to do to support on implement those ideas. If you want to try this technique, I want you to try this technique. Evaluate your ideas systematically. You will be surprised. Ah, simple technique like this off gaining constructive feedback will help you boost your creative output at work. 10. Closing: being creative increases your value under small world file for you, as we cover up by all this, want you to remember that creativity is a skill. It's not a gift. It's not something you have one of it. Anybody conduced their creative output, no matter where the star from on the creativity, skill, practice these techniques implement them, it work, and you'll soon be seen a somebody who can generate minorities on demand.