Unleash the Power of Amazon Echo Dot | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

Unleash the Power of Amazon Echo Dot

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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10 Videos (31m)
    • 0.0 - the awesome amazon echo dot

    • 1.0 - what is alexa from amazon?

    • 1.0 - *bonus* - unboxing, setup, testing!

    • 1.1 - behind the scenes how does it work?

    • 1.2 - awesome addon skills you can get!

    • 1.3 - developing your own amazon skills

    • 1.4 - build your own dot with a raspberry pi 3

    • 1.5 - the future of dedicated voice hardware

    • 1.6 - the amazon alexa roundup

    • 1.7 - let's carry on the conversation


About This Class


it's near the end of January!

wanted to push this out because I just got my amazon echo dot and I'm pumped about what is possible with this amazing little piece of hardware! :)

with my Christmas/birthday funds I managed to pick one up and I've got a clear plan of how I'm going to use it, I've found some great sites that allow me to track my interactions with the 'skills' - the amazon version of an app store and we are in the early adopter phase so it's perfect timing!

will you use voice devices this year?

in this course we discuss. . .

  • just what is Alexa from amazon? do you need one? what can it do? bonus, unboxing setup!
  • behind the scenes of how amazon Alexa works and why you need their hardware.
  • awesome existing add-on software you can get today for your Alexa powered device
  • developing your own software and programs for the Alexa, we look at what we need
  • building your own Alexa enabled raspberry pi 3 with walk-through instructions and links
  • the future of dedicated hardware for voice comms, who will win or is it a passing fad?

please watch to the end, if your not premium please go premium, it's only 99 cents for three months access, that's a crazy price! - get it now, get updates on every new course that i drop! :)





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Philip 'dm' Campbell

Decentralised Your Life

I'm Phil (and this is my lovely daughter) from England and I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!

an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and cov...

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