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9 Videos (16m)
    • Intro video

    • UIW Inspiration

    • UIW 2 Attitude

    • UIW 3 Daily Habit

    • UIW 4 Perfection

    • IUW Doubt 5

    • IUW Techniques 6

    • UIW Project 7

    • Thank You video


About This Class

Do you want to make things up and write them down? Do you want to go on an inner journey to your soul and explore magical kingdoms, human relationships, highs and lows, joy and despair? Enough of waxing lyrical, as they say. 

You want to, but you can't find the inspiration, or you are confronted with a great big writer's block that fills your screen and crushes your efforts.

However you want to express yourself in creative writing, storytelling, fiction, blogging or journaling, you need oodles of productivity along with the creativity.

A good storyline is an essential component, even the starting point, for written narrative, and for visual storytelling, such as storyboarding, screenwriting, comics and visual storytelling.

In this class I summarize tried and tested techniques of both great and lesser known writers across the ages to help you find your inspiration and boost your writing creativity.

Class Cover Art by HLa. on PeoplePerHour.

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An interesting approach to help get the creative juices flowing when attempting a creative writing piece, or to break up some writers block.
Excellent. Lots of ideas, suggestions and techniques to help get the creative juices flowing!
Paul Kruger

Hold on tight!!!

Several crucial points: Don't wait for inspiration to find you. Go look for it! Write daily, even for just a few minutes. Don't accept the notion of writer's block!
Allison Trutzel

Everyone is capable of genius.





Fiona Faith R.

Passionate about Writing

Web content writer, author and screenwriter.