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Unleash Your Creativity: Draw Without Fear in 5 Simple Exercises

Marie-Noëlle Wurm, Artist, illustrator, stargazer

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14 Videos (39m)
    • Unleash your creativity & Draw without fear - Introduction

    • Key Concept for this class: Artistic experiments

    • Tools

    • Experiment 1: Your tools, your curiosity, an abstract drawing

    • Demo - experiment 1

    • Experiment 2: Having fun with hand-lettering

    • Demo - experiment 2

    • Experiment 3: Creative self-portraits + drawing to music

    • Demo - experiment 3

    • Exercise 4: Create a chaotic sketchbook page

    • Demo - Experiment 4

    • Experiment 5: Make a mistake on purpose and have fun with it

    • Demo - Experiment 5

    • Thoughts for your future creative endeavors


About This Class


Drawing is like reading - a skill that can be developed and honed; an activity that everyone can enjoy, even if you think you can't draw. By tapping into your intuitive side, and through 5 simple exercises, you will tap into your creativity, stretch your comfort zone and become more comfortable with drawing from your imagination.

If drawing is something you've always wanted to, then this is the class for you. If you already have experience drawing but want to push yourself out of your comfort zone or find new ways to get over creative blocks, this class is also for you!

In this class, you will learn several techniques to overcome fear and unleash your creativity - so that you fully experience the fun and freedom that comes with drawing from imagination. 

Here are some examples of my work, which I've made using the techniques you will be applying in the class.

This one is called "Show me the way".


This one is called "Light-years away, stars turn to dust."



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Lovely manner, informative, fun, easy to get going. I loved it thank you! Could do with little less music though especially volume as it's distracting from the instruction.
Fun way to discover
I really like your classes. For me personally it is easier to focus without music in the background competing with explanations though.





Marie-Noëlle Wurm

Artist, illustrator, stargazer

When I was little, I loved drawing. Like most people. As I got older and settled into my teenage years, a voice telling me that I wasn't talented, that my drawings weren't good enough, that other people were way better at drawing than I was, just got louder and louder. Every once in a while, the voice would quiet down enough for me to bring out my drawing tools and make something. Most of the time though, the voice was so deafening that I didn't.

And then one year, I signed up for a pa...

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