Unity 5 techniques to generate unique worlds quickly | Yohann Taieb | Skillshare

Unity 5 techniques to generate unique worlds quickly

Yohann Taieb, Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

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15 Videos (46m)
    • Introduction to Unity Automatic World Maker

    • 01 Download and install Unity 3D 5

    • 02 How to download the Unity world maker

    • 03 How to open the Unity World Maker start project

    • 04 Quickly generate terrains with Unity 5

    • 05 Customizing Unity terrains trees water lakes rivers

    • 06 Unity terrain topography smooth hard snowy

    • 07 Adjusting terrain algorithms

    • 08 Unity Mixing multiple terrain algorithms

    • 09 Begining generating villages with Unity

    • 10 Customizing village time pf the day

    • 11 Adjusting the unity village settings

    • 12 Extra village settigs

    • 13 Changing the house prefabs

    • 14 Tweaking village accessories


About This Class

A-Z guide to use Unity 5 to build fantastic worlds quickly for everyone

Have you ever wanted to build video games where players go on adventures and explore fantastic worlds full of amazing characters and treasures?

Remember Zelda, World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy?

Now you can do it too! 

Thanks to this course that comes with the Unity World Generator, anyone can now create unique worlds with just a few clicks. No kidding! All it take is to generate a terrain (a few clicks), then generate the village (a few clicks), and voila!





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Yohann Taieb

Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

Yohann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from FIU University. He has been a College instructor for over 7 years, teaching iPhone Development, iOS 9, Apple Watch development, Swift 2, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, Photoshop for programmers, and Android. Yohann also has plenty of ideas which naturally turned him into an entrepreneur, where he owns over 100 mobile apps and games in both the Apple app store and the Android store.

Yohann is one of the leading experts in mobile g...

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