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Unity 5 techniques to generate unique worlds quickly

teacher avatar Yohann Taieb, Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction to Unity Automatic World Maker

    • 2. 01 Download and install Unity 3D 5

    • 3. 02 How to download the Unity world maker

    • 4. 03 How to open the Unity World Maker start project

    • 5. 04 Quickly generate terrains with Unity 5

    • 6. 05 Customizing Unity terrains trees water lakes rivers

    • 7. 06 Unity terrain topography smooth hard snowy

    • 8. 07 Adjusting terrain algorithms

    • 9. 08 Unity Mixing multiple terrain algorithms

    • 10. 09 Begining generating villages with Unity

    • 11. 10 Customizing village time pf the day

    • 12. 11 Adjusting the unity village settings

    • 13. 12 Extra village settigs

    • 14. 13 Changing the house prefabs

    • 15. 14 Tweaking village accessories

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About This Class

A-Z guide to use Unity 5 to build fantastic worlds quickly for everyone

Have you ever wanted to build video games where players go on adventures and explore fantastic worlds full of amazing characters and treasures?

Remember Zelda, World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy?

Now you can do it too! 

Thanks to this course that comes with the Unity World Generator, anyone can now create unique worlds with just a few clicks. No kidding! All it take is to generate a terrain (a few clicks), then generate the village (a few clicks), and voila!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yohann Taieb

Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin


Yohann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from FIU University. He has been a College instructor for over 7 years, teaching iPhone Development, iOS 9, Apple Watch development, Swift 2, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, Photoshop for programmers, and Android. Yohann also has plenty of ideas which naturally turned him into an entrepreneur, where he owns over 100 mobile apps and games in both the Apple app store and the Android store.

Yohann is one of the leading experts in mobile game programming, app flipping and reskinning. His teaching style is unique, hands on and very detailed. Yohann has enabled more than 20000 students to publish their own apps and reach the top spots in iTunes App Stores, which has been picked up by blogs and medias like WIRED magazine, Yahoo News, an... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Unity Automatic World Maker: Hello and welcome. My name is Johan. I would be your instructor. I believe the best way to learn is to do it yourself. And that's how my courses are made. You get hands on training. Now let's take a look at what you will. Er, in this course. What you see here is an actual game playing life inside of unity. And as you can see, this is really time where I can move through a whole village. Now, you may think that creating such a village with all the animals, the houses, the chimneys, all the different variables that there's the parent and the trees. You think that this took forever. You will see that this can be done in literally less than 30 seconds. So I'm going to go through and show you all the different steps. Let me show you how I did this in no time. First of all, I went to the town. I went to the Terran and created a new terrain back working on Generate. And once I do this, I can change a bunch of settings and I will explain you all the settings intercourse, and that would create a new terrain. For me, there is a new Terry injures for me. Now I'm going to add an actual town. So I pick on town village editor any no time. I can just change a few settings and click on generates to generate the roads as you can see a couple clicks And there we are. We have the full village with the fields and all the animals in so long, ready in no time. So if you want to know how to do this and get your hands on this amazing world generator for unity five and up, now is the time coming. His course and its duties. I can guarantee you will enjoy this course. Why? Learning new skills? Let's say somehow this course is not for you. This can happen. You can get a full refund, no questions asked. What are you waiting for? Joint now and let's get started 2. 01 Download and install Unity 3D 5: all right, since this course is for every level, I know that some of you already have unity to be installed on your computer, and this course is using unity Version five and up. So make sure you have at least the new unity version five or up, And what you need to do here is to Donald Unity. If you do not have it again, this is for every level off from beginners to advance. So if you do not have unity yet, go to unity. Three d dot com on Anywhere brothers. Whether you're in Windows, Mac or Linux, it's not a problem. Once you are in unity. Three d dot com In the top right corner you will see Erling that says, Get unity. So click on this link and then select any of the version from Unity. I'm gonna go with the personal versions of personal, but you can go in the press or the pro. But the personal is free to use, and you can do anything that you can do with the press or the pro for this specific course , or go ahead and download. Now again, this works on Windows, the Knicks or PC, I will not drag you through the steps to install it on your computer. It is pretty straightforward now, at some point, you will have to choose if you want to published for us or Andrew It store and so on. So selector install everything that you want, depending on where you want to publish your app or game, all right. 3. 02 How to download the Unity world maker: in this lecture, I will show you the steps to download the unity world maker. First of all, open anywhere Brothers, open a new tab and go to aps fresh dot com, which is spelled a p p s f r e s h dot com. That's my cough on the website. Once you are there, what you need to do is locate the unity world generator. And if you take a good look at it, man is right here. Unity will generator that you might not find it right away. So what you could do in the top right corner there is a search box. You can just click there and you can just tap unity will generator. Or what you could do is just type the actual your area right here. So I'm gonna zoom in so that you guys can type that feel free to pause the video lecture and enter these as fresh dot com backslash products. Backslash unity dash world dash generator. All right. Once you're on the page, what you need to do is download any of the versions. Now, as you can see, there will be three different versions. There would be a free 1 19 under one and a $600.1. Now you can do found with the starter pack. That's free. And that's the one that you can use for these video lectures. But if somehow you wanted perversion, all the unlimited profession go for it. It's totally worth every single penny. All right, so once you at two cards, you just have to go ahead, and then under my account, you will be able to download all the files, all right? 4. 03 How to open the Unity World Maker start project: now is a good time to open the world maker inside of unity. Now you should have the Unity project downloaded as zip file from the abstract dot com website and you end up with the world generator as a pro TEM or also as a package of unity package you can use both. If you have the free edition, you will end up with the standard as well and also unity package. So for the sake of having everyone work, I'm going to use the standard package for now, but that we also show you the pro back age. All right, so we've distended packages and zip it and you end up Weaver Z five. That's folder and inside of that folder. You have all the unity project files now open immunity. If you're on Windows, you go to the program fires an opportunity. If you're on the Mac, just have to type it in the search on the bottom right or use Siri to do so and now click on open and locate that folder. Here it is, and then click on open and then in no time, unity will open the project, depending on the speed of your computer, it is may take quite a few minutes or not. And that's what that as soon as this opens. As you can see, I have a world example. If you do not see anything at first, not a problem inside of the assets on the project. Go to the scene and you will see the world example seen. Just double click on it, and this will open. It's easy to see it has the unity icon, so it's easy to locate all right, and inside of this, it's already have seen that's already made for you. All right, so that's how you open the project. Now, if you have the profession, I will show you how to do that for the Pro one. If you Democratic on the world pro. Now this will open, and once it's unzipped, I'm going to do the exact same steps. Very similar, and the name of the world protected the same one, but now is going to say, Well, generator Project number two. So I'm going inside of Unity file. Open project. That's another way of doing that. And now I'm gonna treat on open and select the World Project to and Now it's about to load again. And as you can see, it will already be opened with the right project. Now, if you want, you can always go back inside off the scene instead of the assets. And they were click on the world example. All right, so whether you're on the free version or the profession, you are to follow the same exact steps. 5. 04 Quickly generate terrains with Unity 5: in this lecture, I would show you how to create custom terrains in no time. All right, once you're inside of unity and you have the world example, Doc Unity project seen open, now is a good time to create a new Terran. Now, you miss your tearing here, and that's not a problem, because he's going to get over return. All right, So if you take a look inside of the unity menu, there is a new I 10. That's a town. And I want you to click on this item and then click own Terran editor. Once you see the Terran editor, make sure you select custom Teran. Okay? So select the check box and select any off the six tearing their possible random one random to rent on three there and one and tearing two. Or save the tearing. Now I'm going to select a Terran number two and all the way down. I'm going to click on Generate. So I'm not gonna touch anything else. All right, generates. And as soon as this gets un selected, we're ready to go. So sometimes you may take a about 10 20 seconds, depending on the speed of your computer, and that's it. Now if I who put this underside, I see that I have a new Terran inside of my sin, that's totally different Now. If I want, I can create another tyranny. No time. I can just bring back to tearing editor and select Let's say terrain one and Creek on Generate and check this out in no time to tearing is about to change from all all these mountains. The Tarrant will change, all right. And as you can see, it's a totally different terrain with lots of trees this time. Okay, Now, the next thing that we want to do is explain. Knew all the different possibilities to generate completely customizable terrains. So you guys the next lecture? 6. 05 Customizing Unity terrains trees water lakes rivers: in this lecture, I will go over the Terran parameters and in depth overview. All right, Back to unity. Now. Earlier, we created a Terran unitary. A few seconds. Now is a good time to understand all the different perimeters off creating a Terran. Now, what we did first was to select any off the custom, Terran, by having the check box. And then what we did is create. Generate. Now what I want to show you is that we can still use custom, Terrence, but still make unique already know, Terrance in no time now one way east to, for example, on this tearing that we already created earlier by creating or clicking on Jenna generate button is to add different variable. So chad, other more trees. I can pick on trees and this will add trees. Now, as you can see, when you click on our trees, it removes some of the trees, are already there and creates new trees. As you can see, it created the nutrients in the back. Now what I want to show you is that if I click on the ad tree again, it will remove all the trees and add a new one. So I'm going to click on a trees and check this out. All the trees here are gone, and this trees are back. Now I'm going to zoom in on the trees because there's something I want you to see is that right now it's like a forest, and the trees are very dance in the sense. What do I mean by dance? I mean that the trees are right on top of each other. Can you guys see that we see like the trees are very then, so it's very hard to have somebody going through the trees. It's almost impossible. There's way too many trees, so if somehow you want characters to go through the trees, you'll have to modify the density of the trees. So select the tree density and put it down instead of one bullet at 0.1. Usually that's a good start, 0.1 and then click on add trees, and as soon as you do that, you will see that now the trees are sparse. Zero upon one is a great value because now we can have characters going through all the different trees. All right, so going on with adding and customizing the custom terrains. The next thing you can do, he's add water or lake. So what I want to show you is actually adding a river. So all types of waters, whether it's just water like a river, the best that I prefer the most is to add a river. So go ahead and click on Add River as soon as you do so. This will add a random river and just allow it a few seconds. It's loading, so actually it takes. It's doing a lot of things at the same time, and there we go in no time. You have a beautiful river that's crossing the land, all right, Isn't that amazing? Feel free to add also water or lake. Now, sometimes you may not see the water, or you may not see the leg or the river. And if you don't, that's probably because the water level needs to go up right now. As you can see, the water level is at zero. So if I put it a little bit up is going to cover more land, so make sure you select a good value here. So just for the sake of learning I'm going to put it at 0.3, which is pretty high. But let's go with that and I'm going to add a lake and let's see if we can see something. As you can see, we don't see the legs so at the river. So let's see. So, as you can see, it's thinking so they might take a while, depending on what you are and which staring you have. And here is the river. Now I can make the river way higher again by changing the water level and peak on at lake or a river. All right, and as you can see, it's thinking. And as you can see, the river is a bit more dance. Now this is this type of terrain. But if I choose a different type of turn, that's a Terran number two and click on Generate, you will see that the actual reverse will change. So I just kept on Generate. I'm going to have a new terrain. Here we go, and now I'm going to add river on this. Well, it's too late. Here we go. I just have a lake. So sometimes, if you do not see like that's because some parents cannot generate a lake now at the river and you'll see the river we pre cross through the lake. Let's see. All right. And as you can see, we have the river and the lake. Cool. So feel free to play with that and the the next lecture week, I'm going to show you how to customise these even more. 7. 06 Unity terrain topography smooth hard snowy: in this lecture on, we'll work on customers. Indo tearing, topography now topography. Maybe some kind of a very scientific A work for some of you, but what it means It's basically the reef or the up and down off the mountains. Or how flat or how Mantei knee tearing can be. That's pretty much the gist of it. No. How do you do this? Well, if you want more or less maintains, you can work on the multiplication factor off deterring. So if I take the multiplication and pull it all the way to zero like I just did and click on Generates, you will see that now the Terran will be all flat. Why? Because it has no multiplication off the topography. And as you can see, it's just a basic flattering. Now, if I want a lot of mountains, I can put this to the maximum, which is a value of one and click on Generates Now Wait. A real abate is about to happen, and you would see it's very maintain e. There you go. As you can see, the mountains goes really high Now, if you want even more maintains and you want more tearing not a problem. Just change the Terran width and length. Now, obviously, the more the bigger it becomes, the more time it will take to generate. So just for the sake of it, I will double it. That's actually court reporting it because I'm doubling it on both the which ender length. Now click on Generate and you and see that is going to be a bigger terrain. We've more details. As you can see, it's taking longer and here we go. We have way bigger tearing now something that you might want to work on. Let me put it back to 1000 is also how smooth your terrain can be and to work on how smooth or hard or turn would be changed the debilitation. If you put a small delectation, the tearing will not be smooth at all. So I put it at one and click on Generate and you will see that now the terrain is gonna be with steep mountains. Let me show you. All right. As you can see, this lad's off steep maintains, as you can see, lots of bumps going on. And if I change the dedication and say to the max value, which is the value of two here and click on Generate. You will see that it's going to be a lot smoother, so it's up to you. If you're planning on creating a video game that has character than it is to go in the mountains, then guess what you want to increase the delectation because you don't a character to be stuck in the part of the mountain. You want the character to be able to smoothly go up and down all the mountains. So I advise you to Lee to use the Mac's delectation for making world RPG games and stuff like that. All right now, another thing I wanted to show you here is work on making the snowy terrain Click on Snow Teran and just get going, Generate. And in no time you will have some kind of a snow adding to these and gets ready. By the way. This may take a bit longer, and here we go. Very nice, snowy terrain. All right, so how often and play with all the different details? You can make some amazing terrains in no time 8. 07 Adjusting terrain algorithms: in this lecture, you will see how toe adjust the Terran algorithm to get all different types off effects on the Terran now. But to unity, something that I need to show you is one off. The things you can change for the aneurysm is to go from normal to discrete. Now, what do I mean by discreet? Now, this great means that everything happens with steep steps. What do we mean? Steps, Steps Where if you guys are familiar weaver rice fields, things happen on different level. It's very similar to stairs. All right, so click on discrete. And then you can change your discreet division and the discreet multiplication. So leave it to 40 and 40 which are the default values, and then click on Generate. And you will see in no time that we get some kind of like rice fields looking for the mountains. Check this out. All right, you guys see that? So now it's pretty cool. It looks very like Minecraft ish. So if that's something that you won't go ahead and feel free to use that all right, having said so, I prefer not to use this because it's harder for a character to move from one step to another unless you definitely want a character to stop jumping, which could be also some kind of like a three D marry. Oh, growth type of game. Okay, All right. So feel free to change this quick division and multiplication, and you will see that things changed as we change these. All right, let's go with these values and click on Generate. And you will see that this will change the the height off the off the stairs as well as how spread it is. All right, you can see that now. It's a lot less spread, and it looks more like a pixel ish art or pig soul aren't looking. So it's up to you at this point and go for it and play with these settings. All right. Now, something else that's also very interesting is that you can remove the custom, Terrence there are already made for you and adjust the algorithm. And these are called algorithms. The pink noise, the below noise and originals. Now, if you was not from the from math background or computer science background, you might not know what these are about. Even though even if Ewing from Computer Science. You may never have crossed these, so these are algorithms to generate map noise, and these are different noise now. Some other noise are also the Pellerin noise. You may have heard about it that I've uses between previous lectures to create the camera shake when on game over. So these are other types of noise, and you can change the octave, the persistence and the multiplication. So let's locate the below noise and just click on Generate, and you will see that the Terran we look totally different because we're using a different nose than the usual noise. And as you can see right now, it's actually almost non existent. And the reason why this is happening is that because we chose nothing, but you can use a gain and try different ones. Now, the bolo notes is going to just spread trees around, so it's going to be very smooth and very flat. If you want something more ad equate, use maybe the pink noise and increase the octave and the multiplication for the actual height off the mountains and then click on generates and it's about to happen. All right, now, as you can see we have lots of stairs and it's actually very high. So it could be very cool, especially if you change the color off the grass. So from green to red, which will make red Montanes like it is in in Texas in America, right? Very cool, right? And who is these days? So something else you might want to do is reduce the octave and reduce the multiplication and let's we can generate. And obviously this will not be as high, right, So feel free to play with that same thing. Persistence again and remove the multiplication. Let go your three a higher persistence and generate. All right, by the way, as you can see do gang here, is that the maximum? So that's why this happens. If you put the modifications would be down and decreased. Increase the octave and the multiplication. Now this would work better. It will be a bit smoother because the modification was way too high. As you can see now it's a bit down, so feel free to change the modification to something higher, depending on how high you want the mountains to be right. So play with that okay and also If you want to change the actual noise, change the seed of the entry seed. So I'm going to go from 40 to toe their to 68 random seat up to 68 you can generate. And this we look totally different. All right, you can see that now you can put us a smaller seat. That's not a problem. And taken, generate, and its seed will totally change the actual look and feel off the land. All right, so again, another seat taken, generate. And there we go. Cool, totally different. Now feel free to play also with the rich noise and see which one you prefer. You can go with gang and click on Generate, and the regionals would be obviously like on the rejects. It says it on top, right There you go, as you can see a lot smoother and wrote Montaigne ish looking Change the octaves if you want and the multiplication and with this will in no time change the look and feel off the field, all right. They're not going to spend too much of your time here, and that's what I wanted to show you. The next step is also blend the two noises. I'm going to show that in the next lecture 9. 08 Unity Mixing multiple terrain algorithms: in his lecture, I will show you how to mix multiple Terran algorithms to get different results back to unity. Make sure you have the Terran editor open and in the top pick on blend to noises. Now they say noses. But these are actual, our charism and and is he spread in two different ones. So on the left side, you have the first organism, and the second is the second prism on the right side, and you get should be familiar with both of them because he is the same exact, um, interface. So I'm gonna go. We've the reach noise for the 1st 1 and then the pink noise for the 2nd 1 The 2nd 1 will put some gain and decreases modification because one is a lot. Okay, so I'm gonna go with 10.9 and change the seed to 100 right? And now I'm going to click on generates and let's see what we get. As you can see by adding to algorithms, guess what happens is going to take even longer because it needs to apply to algorithms. But then we get something very interesting here that we did not get before is that we actually get some can off a big. So if in some games if you want some kind of a well or things where you can have more water , then it's very good to add two different noise at the same time. All right, so increasing the modification, changing the seeds and then and I'm going to change the octave to, let's say two and one right and let's go ahead and we can generate and see what comes out of this. All right, so it's very flat, and that's because of the multiplication eso feel free to change the modification or even change the seeds. And as you can see as you change seats, you get different results. So feel free. Teoh do this. So when you add notification, this takes over in the sense that the higher modification is the algorithm that will take older. That's how you know, Okay, so make sure you the one that you want the most action from select its multiplication up. All right, so feel free to generate more terrains on your own by changing the noise. If not, you can always take a custom one because it is already well done and feel free to modify all the value 10. 09 Begining generating villages with Unity: In this lecture, we will begin the introduction to generating village ease. All right, back to unity. Now we should have a tear in. If you don't again, go back to the lectures on how to create your own Terran in no time and then click in the unity menu. There's the town and select the village editor. All right. Now, something you may understand here is that there are two different versions. There's the standard version and the pro version. Again, if you are on abstraction, come, you will see that you have to start her back. That's free. And then you have the pro versions here as well. So that's what I mean by pro version and starter version or standard. All right, back to unity. Now, something you have to understand is that what we need is to actually create de houses. If you have the standard package again, if you have the pro one, you do not have to create them. They come. We've the software. What do I mean by that? Where? Let me show you with the pro version. Okay, so this is the pro version and something that you notice is inside off the Assets folder, there is a folder called Village and Inside of the Village. There are plenty of animals that the ships here and the balconies beams. Bridge ease, fancies floors, house ease on different models already assembled for you like apples, doors, flowers or ng's rocks and so on. And you have also flags, dummies, lanterns and a bunch of different things ready to use that Do not come. We've the standard version, obviously, because these costs a lot of money just to create. So for those of you that have to standard Russian, please do yourself a favor and save some money and get the pro version and for meanwhile, what you can do is go on abstract dot com, and you can download some assets, so there are some unity assets that you can find. For example, you have a unity modular village here, and it does a free edition. So go ahead and click purchase, but it's free, so don't worry about it, and you can drag and drop this inside off your projects and you'll be able to use These are right now. Once you do that, so download and install them D I'm going to shoot a quick way off, creating a village in no time. So here I have to land and I have the village editor That's open. And the next thing I want to do is just click on Generate. I'm not even changing any settings. I click on the generate button and in no time. As you can see, there's these kind of roles here. Right you get, see that. And these roads are where the city will be inside off these blocks and each different areas will be a different patch of the city and then click on build and automatically. The build will add the cities. So if you have the profession in no time, you will see a city very similar to the one I see right now with chiefs, trees and all different types of villages and something very important. Click on game and click on play. Why? Because when you click on play, you can actually see everything in action. You can see the the animals there are moving. As you can see here, you can see the chimneys are popping and you can move around. We've d of keys, W A S D and see everything in action is a beautiful. You can even see the lentil here. And the light's there are moving. All right. Very cool. All right, so that's for the pro version. Okay, So now in the next lectures, I will show you how to customise these and create all types off villages and world. It doesn't have to be a medieval fantastic. Just like this one. It could be futuristic. It could be a planet. It could be a history. Primitive. Anything you would you like. It can be down. Just let's customize this. 11. 10 Customizing village time pf the day: in this lecture, you will learn how to customise villages. All right, So simply put, whenever you are inside of unity, click on the town on the village editor And the first thing you would notice is that you can change the daytime and by default I put the noontime, which is when the sun is all the way to the top. But what I would like you to do is put nighttime, which basically would put the lights off or down. And the beauty of doing this and taking on generate and build. And by the way, whenever you click on generating being, it will automatically clear it for you. So clear on generate and then build again. And now this would be during the night time. And as you can see, the lights, the lights are off. Now the beauty of doing this during the night time is that you can see that here we see the lights off the environment. So if you click on game and then press play, you see it's denied time is on that amazing guys would. You don't have to do anything. It is the night time. It's very cool looking and something even more amazing is that you can see the lights off the game their own. And as you can see, you have the lanterns here that playing it's a bit spooky, just liking like Halloween. And that's great. Now something that I may have wanted to add. If it were me here, I would definitely add lights on each housings because it's a little bit dark, so each house will have some kind of light attached to it so you can add a lantern onto houses, pre fabs. All right, so that's one way to play with that. And by the way, what you can play we've is the seeds. Now. You guys should be family with changing the seeds with change, it would change the the way the villages are generated. So I just changed the seed and then taken, generate and build right? So let me do it again. Change the seed. I'm going to click on Generate and then build and the daytime noon so that we can see better. And if I go in the scene now, my village is totally different looking it Zakaria bigger village and you guys can see it's huge. All right in no time. Havoc. Hundreds of housings. Amazing. All right, so that's it for this lecture. And I'm going to go into more tweaking in the next lecture. 12. 11 Adjusting the unity village settings: in this lecture, we will go over modifying the village settings. So back to unity. We are in the village Editor and here are the village settings. Now, some of them are very obvious. So, Chancellor, size off the city, the bigger the size, the bigger your city will be. Now be aware that the bigger your city ease, the longer it would take to generates. And it might not be very good for mobile platforms such as, er, iPhones and android phones because it would take more resources. So make sure you test the games before changing the size of the city. But just for the sake of learning, I'm going to put way bigger size and then click on Generate and beyond. And you will see that now we have a way bigger city. That's all the way in the back there. All right. So as you can see, each city have a way bigger size and by the way, feel free to change. No, just the size of the city. But where things will be in your city Now, How do you change that? Where click unclear First and first of all, let me just clear this up. So sometimes there's left over from the tearing before and they keep adding, So one way to clear this up is Teoh Inside off the same click on town. Go back to the Terran editor and click on Generate again for the Terran and this will clean up this piece seized are added as as we go. And that's bound to happen if you keep modifying it. All right, cool. So now it's cleaned up. Now going back to the, um, to the village editor. The next step is to actually change different roads. How do you generate different roads? Well, you have to change the seed right now if the city's 74 I click on Generate and we will see this type of looking roads. Now, if I change the seed to, let's say 2 56 and click on generates the roads are changes are changing. So feel free to play with that to get the exact same land that you'd like. All right, so here is another seed. Okay, so this would do now. If I change the size of the city, you will see that by clicking on generators will change the look of this. Since the city size is smaller, there's more room to create more cities. So obviously, if you make it even smaller, you will be able to generate even more small cities. Now it may be a bit too small, So feel free to take a size that you like and then click unbilled and you will see a bunch of different cities off city blocks. Depends on how you see it. All right, the next setting that I want you to understand is the organised city. So right now let's put the size of the city to 200 click on generating build because I want you to see that here is like a few blocks and the cities are a big cramped on each other. Now, if you make it more organic is going to be smoother, right? So click on, generate and then build, and you will see that decides would be a lot smoother. Check this out. Look at that. Now is going to be more, more, more aza as a packs off cities. Okay, so they are like separate cities within the city. And if you don't want that to happen, you can just put it all the way down and click on generating build and check this out. So I think it's too low. So let me generate another time. There we go. And now it will be a lot more organic or let's less cramped. Okay, so the more you increase that the more cramped your cities we look Okay, so the more dense your city will be okay again. So the density of the city will happen with the organise city. OK, so that's something you have to remember. Cool. Now you can have the universe uniforms minimization. There was a tough world to say uniform ization and the bigger the more uniforms your city we look so the most squarish looking they will be right. So click on generate and you will see that that they will all look more similar. That's what the universe need form ization is about And then you can have different levels off how highly cities will be and that will use the mountains. So the higher DEA, the more the more it will go over the mountains, as you can see now is going all the way to the mountains. And before it wasn't touching it. All right, then you can make it deeper length or not, and add more or remove the fields. Now, these fears would be removed if you put the fields to zero. But before the meeting of the Terran town tearing editor again, generate to clean this up right, is going to clean everything you get a second or so. Okay, So obviously, the more you change, the more is going to change. All right, here we go. Now, sometimes, as you can see, there are some leftovers. And here there's a leftover, and you can actually see them here. All these cities are leftover. Sometimes it doesn't clean up where, No problem. You can select them all and then right, click and deal it. That would remove them all. Right, Now, this city has a lot off off trees, and I don't want that many tree. So what I'm going to do is change the tree settings to a smaller density and click on trees , and I would take care of that. All right, cool. Now going back to the village editor. Here it is. My next step is to remove all the fields and click on Generate and you will see that now it's only going to be villages. So there's a bunch of villages, and if you want less villages, you have to increase the number of fields. If you put it to five, you have more fields with cows and sheeps and so on. All right, so that's how you make the difference, As you can see now have lots of fields. So that's the density off the fields. All right, so that's pretty much everything you need to know. For the village things feel free to play with them. It's amazing the number of different cities you can make in no time. As you can see, I just did in front of your eyes, have fun. 13. 12 Extra village settigs: all right in this lecture, we're going to continue on working on the settings now. If you have the standard version, some of the settings might not apply the only apply to the professional version, such as the prop settings. If you want to see some cards, statues and also there's the center place and the street lights. So if I click on generate and then build, you will see that I have street lights and statues and so on. And let me show you. You can go to the props and you can click on it and you see the cards so you can also see some statues and lights. They are all here. The banners and all of these are for the pro version, and the professional version would appear right away right there. All right, so that's why I don't spend too much time on this so that everybody can have the same level of knowledge. But feel free to play. We've also how smooth the streets can be. What is the distance between each city notes, The higher the distance, the most spread the cities will be, and the lower distance the more closer to each other. The cities will be increased the air. So the street length. So to have more houses and then we can generate and build again. And it would be totally different. Look and field or I check this out. Check how cramped this is because I increased their city nodes and decrease the distance in between all the houses. All right, so it can be a very cramped, like like, like, you know, like a Manhattan New York type of city. So by replacing these homes by using buildings like skyscrapers, the city can be huge and dance all right. 14. 13 Changing the house prefabs: in this lecture, I will show you how to customize the city housing. Now what do I mean by the city housing? Well, you want to be able to change the actual houses and homes that you see there. And right now, if I click on, let's say generate and build, let me do it right and fast. You will see that there's a bunch of different houses now what if you don't want these houses you want your own house is right. You're or you want skyscraper buildings where? Actually, it's easier than you may think. And I can show you that this can be done in no time. So I'm going to remove all the houses here. There we go. And now I'm going to click on the CT generator. Once you click there, go inside of the Inspector all the way to the right or wherever you're Inspector ease and you will see there is a city generator scripts that has two houses right there. So if you expend the houses, you see they has seven different houses. But feel free to change this number from seven. Let's say to one, why one so that you guys can see the difference. All right. And now I can't. I just have the simple yellow house. And what I want to do is generate the village. We've just this yellow house. How do you live? Well, become, generate, and then build and check this out. Whoa. In no time. Now, I have an actual game with only one type of houses. Very uniform. So that's great. If you will create some kind of an elf city or non city where every single houses are identical. So feel free to do this yourself. As you can see, in no time, I was able to totally change the look off the of the game right now, if you want to make it even more different, it doesn't even have to be a house. You know, you can use something different. You can have a field of animals. I can just feel it selective sheep right here and put the sheep instead of the housings and protect the sheep and drag it inside of their houses element. And now if I generate these check this out is going to look totally different. You guys ready? We have toe generate first and then build. Yep. There we go. As you can see, there is no more houses, but there's a bunch of sheep inside of it. So we have huge landed. We've animals. Now, I can add more animals to these, and it will be just animals. Amazing, right? Cool. All right. So, uh, that seats for the houses. And in the next lecture, we're going to change other settings. Now feel free to add your own houses here in the sense that you can go inside off the village folder. And that's for the professional version, by the way. And inside of the village's folder, you can see a folder called Houses. And inside of that folder, you will see there is a bunch of different houses that you can use. If you want to take a look at these houses, you can just click on any of them, and they will appear in D top in the bottom right corner. So feel free to take a look at all the different houses that come. We've these with the pro version, all right? And by the way, if you want to create different houses, not a problem, you can actually reuse the the stuff that comes here, You can go. There's the walls here so you can see all the walls from the houses. You have the roofs, the windows or types of windows. So everything is here, guys. So your imagination is the limit. You can create anything you like on maybe 10 20 floors if you want. That's not a problem. It can be done here, so definitely recommend you getting the pro version cool. 15. 14 Tweaking village accessories: in his lecture. We're going to work on customizing the city accessories now. What do we mean by accessories? If you click on the city generator and look inside of the inspector, you will see that the city comes. We have a bunch of animals that up with the pro version. If not, you have to add your own animals here. Also, it has a different lights. Start the lanterns, the trees and the cards and so on. So all of these are pre fabs already made for you. But feel free to modify them to make it look and feel totally different. Now, how do you do this? Well, these are prefab, so you can use any of the pre fabs are leaving the village for the pro version. And if not, you can create your own. And I have other courses that will show you how to create your own graphics for unity in no time. Whether you're a non artist or not, no need to be an artist and just add your pre fabs here in no time. Now, as you can see, there's different trees and feel free to add more trees. How do you do that well, you can change the size here. It's a size five. You can put a size 10 and double the amount of different trees and change the element five and so long, and you can do the same for the animals. You can have 20 different animals and add horse ease, camels, dogs, cats and so on. Same thing for all the different bridges. So as you can see, there's already a breach here that's made out of wood. So let me show you. There's a bunch of bridges. You just have to type bridge and you can add and change bridges. So this is one bridge here, but feel free to select other bridges. As you can see, this comes We've plenty of bridges and PC's off bridges so that you can make your own bridge. All right, so definitely amazing looking Bridges very professional stuff, guys that has been used in professional games. So I advise you to use the same two. Right graphics are very important. I don't have to tell you this. I'm sure you already know that it makes their nights in the number of downloads in games or right. So if you're free to go back to the city generator and modifying all of these. And once you do so then go back to the Village Editor and click on Generate and build to create this new city. Have fun. Your imagination is the limit. Please continue and have fun. And then I was available in the forums. You have any questions or