Unity 5 Environment Design using Voxel Art - for everyone

Yohann Taieb, Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

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14 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Introduction to the course

    • 00 Course overview and download project files

    • 01 What you will learn in this course

    • 02 Coming up with a plan of attack

    • 03 Working on the hobbit house overall shape part 1

    • 04 Working on the hobbit house overall shape part 2

    • 05 working on the hobbit house details part 1

    • 06 working on the hobbit house details part 2 windows

    • 07 Building the outdoor look part 1

    • 08 Building the outdoor look part 2

    • 09 Building the outdoor look part 3

    • 10 Working on outdoor details

    • 11 Final touch camera and special effects

    • 12 Wrapping up and conclusion


About This Class


Instructor Yohann and professional 3D artist Gian have partnered to give you the behind the scenes tips and tricks on how to easily create 3D graphic assets for Unity using very smart and simple voxel techniques. Gian, the voxel artist, will remake the Hobbit House from the Lord of the Rings within Unity. You will get an insider look at all the backstage work.

Enough talk, watch the demo, it's mind blowing!

What's Pixel Art?

Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of raster graphics software, where images are edited on the pixel level. Graphics in most old (or relatively limited) computer, console, graphing calculator and mobile games are mostly pixel art. (source Wikipedia)






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Yohann Taieb

Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

Yohann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from FIU University. He has been a College instructor for over 7 years, teaching iPhone Development, iOS 9, Apple Watch development, Swift 2, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, Photoshop for programmers, and Android. Yohann also has plenty of ideas which naturally turned him into an entrepreneur, where he owns over 100 mobile apps and games in both the Apple app store and the Android store.

Yohann is one of the leading experts in mobile game programming, app flipping and reskinning. His teaching style is unique, hands on and very detailed. Yohann has enabled more than 20000 students to publish their own apps and reach the top spots in iTunes App Stores, which has been picked up by blogs and medias like WIRED magazine, Yahoo News, and Forbes Online. Thanks to him, thousands of students now make a living using iOS 9, Swift 2, Objective C ( ObjC ), Android, Apple Watch ( watchOS ), Apple TV ( TVOS ), Unity 3D, and Pixel art animation.

More info at https://www.appsfresh.com ans www.iosOnlineCourses.com

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