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Unity 3D for Artists - From Beginner to Expert Course

Ivan Yosifov, 3D Game Artist & Animator

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5 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 01 - Install Unity

    • 3. 02 - Unity UI & Panels

    • 4. 03 - Unity 3D Mesh

    • 5. 04 - Unity Materials and Textures

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About This Class

Welcome to this amazing course Unity 3D for Artists - From Beginner to Expert

In this Part 1 of the course you will learn:

1) How to Install Unity
2) Unity UI and Panels
3) Importing a Mesh and all the details around it
4) Materials and Textures

Take advantage of the things you will learn and push your artwork and workflow to the next level - from beginner to expert.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me, i'll try to respond as soon as possible!


1. Introduction: Welcome to this unity for artists course. In this course, you're gonna learn how to install unit. We're going to start with that. I'm going to show you the website. I'm going to walk you through the process of Italian unity of creating an accounting unit you're logging in as starting unity. And the second part, we're going to talk about how to customize the banners. Were the banners do how to change them, how to resize them, how to move and navigate in unity. Next, we're going to talk about meshes, how to import 3D measure sculptural, manipulate them, how to create different optimizations for them. And in the final part, we can talk about materials and textures. How to import materials, how to manipulate textures, different material types, BBR, mobile, et cetera. So enrollment discourse now, thank you. 2. 01 - Install Unity: Hello, guys. And this, our first lecture on how to install unity. First, you're gonna need to open their website unity treated outcome. And once you open the website, you gonna find in the upper right get started. Just click on it. There are three different players for hubby A list which will cost 25 bucks monthly. There is also planned for teams and freelancers, but we're gonna choose plan for beginners. And as you can see, it's available to use if you're revenue or funding raised or self funded does not exceed 100 K per year. So once you click it, you gonna agree with their terms of service is of course. And once again you're going to check the three both points. The 1st 1 says that your annual gross riven you should not overcome 100 K The 2nd 1 says that you could not have investments funds in you or your company above 100 K and that you're not currently using unity prop about system requirements. It's pretty simple. For the version off 18 2003.5, you're gonna need a Windows seven or 10 or Mac OS with 10 11 plus in a graphics card that sports direct hicks nine. All right, you're gonna click on down all these tower A pop up. We were peer, so I'm gonna just save the file and now go to your folder and just double click it in the East. Our just clicked. Next, I'm gonna accept the terms of service. Of course, click Next. And there is a window which which says what to include in your unity. I'm going include the u 92,018. Of course, by the boat collecting you can enable and disable. I'm going to choose under rebuild because I want to build for mobile devices. Also, IOS build support. I'm going to exclude the TV OS and I'm going to include the Lennox Mac and Windows builds So India and I want to be a four enjoyed and I was, and I'm going to be able to build for all the PC platforms. I'm going to exclude the Facebook game room to Web. Geo is also excluded. And the other tree So I'm just gonna go with those Onley. I'm going to click next and now I'm gonna need 9.5 gigabytes of free space. I have enough in my system, and I'm gonna choose the stuff order to be default. So let's click next, and the installation process starts. All right, Once the process finished this correct on the finish bottom and you're gonna have an icon on your desktop. You 92,018. Just about cricket. We're gonna wait a little bit and a pop up will sign into your unity I d will appear. So you're gonna need to create a unity i d. You can create one by email, sign it with Google or signed with Facebook. I'm going to just put my email because I have already created a new indie I d but my password Real, real quick signing. And now I'm just going to click on the new project and I'm going to start creating a new project. So my organization would be this I'm gonna call it, um, unity artists. And I'm gonna point out my folder to be unity treated for artists. I'm gonna select the template to be treaty. Of course. Just click on it and I'm gonna leave, enable you in the analytics on on and just click create projects. This my fireable I'm gonna alot that access of unity through my firewall ends. It will abort a lot of assets. You're going to need to wait. This It depends on the speed of young machine. Just wait a little bit longer. Important scripts that we include. Compiling some definitions in boarding an under resources and Rolla, You have stopped your Yankee in the next lecture. We're going to continue. Thank you. 3. 02 - Unity UI & Panels: Welcome back, boys and girls. And we're going to continue with Elektra number two in this lecture. I'm gonna just quickly explain all the panels in unity, as you can see it from the start and we're going to start first with a higher heat. So this panel basically holds all the objects there are included in the current scene, for example, is you can see Right now we have a main camera and a directional light. This is old object that my scene are handling credit. Now, from the right side of the panel, you can just scale it up. And if you click the create button, you can just instantly create different objects like Trudy objects, treaty objects and everything you want can minimize it. Close it. Just scare it. Whatever you want, we're going to continue with the second panel, the project panel. Basically, this panel we hold everything that you need in your game, starting from the treaty models to the texture into the scripts, to the effects to the particle system to the scene files. So basically everything arranged in folders. If you right click in the empty area on the right, you can access a quick menu. You can create stuff from it like C Sharps, Crips like material, Saudi mixers, less flares and stuff like that. Let's click on the C Sharp script, and I've just created the quick script. Let's go it their script. As you can see, we have a new asset in our seen folder. It's pretty important toe. Create a good structure for it. For example, if I create a folder Art, I know that my artwork will be this folder. Let's create another folder Scripts. My scripts will be handled in this folder, and it's greed. A new supporter for the art. Let's go, it animations. So in this folder will be my animations and another one which we call tomatoes. So a clean structure is pretty important. That's my point. Over here, let me also show you how the search bar works here. I'm going to quickly create the material. For example, was creating material coat new Met. And as you can see, you here also a searchable like in the hair he so I'm just gonna type met and it research in all my assets folder for assets with the name Met. And if I put the new Matt name, it's going to search for the new Met. Also, you can create a favorite searches, which is pretty neat and pretty awesome. You just type the whatever you want to search and click click on stars They made like New Matt, and I can access it from here. So if I want Oh, A some point search for New Met instead of just typing it new math and just take my time. I'm just going to click over here, and it will automatically create a favorite search so you can just arrange favorite searches over here. So it will be very useful and helpful for you to arrange that, and it will save some time. Okay, so I'm going to show you from this bano its search by label so I can label my stuff with some labels like war, water, etcetera and I can search by it. Next to it is search by type. So, for example, get search on Lee for material Simard project or against search for models in my projects. The hot text is T semi com, so you can type t semi co mesh, and it will search for measures T semicolon scripts it to search for script for scripts. So basically, this is for the projects. Also, there is a burden created in the top left, which is to create quickly some objects. But as I can show you, you just need to right click in the empty area and access this menu. The second panel is the animation panel. It shows up timelines. You can sit up key frames you can animate here, but we got to come back to this panel later. The third panel is the console panel. In this panel, you can see errors, some warnings, etcetera in unity. And again, we're going to come back later to this panel as it is now, not the folks of it. And one of the most important panels is the inspector. It will show up the elements and the properties of an object. So, for example, if I select my main camera, as you can see, a lot of properties purple, like the position transform scale some other options for the camera. So in the inspector, it holds everything about a current object, every property of it. So, for example, for my election light, I have different properties for light and again the transform position, rotation and scale. The next window is the services. It is connected with the U D 70 services like the analytics, the in APP purchases. But we're going to come back to this later again. The Turpan oh is the lightning. So in this panel, there a lot of options about the lightning. Like the sky box, you can bake lightning and so on, so the next batter is called occlusion. It is an optimization methods for games. We're going to talk about it later. Again, let's move on to the other important panels, like the game panel. It shows what you see to the camera, and it represents your current game. Like if it's a first person person shooter, you're gonna watch it from the perspective of the ah guide, it is walking with the weapon. As you can see, if I'm rotating the camera a little bit, it's moving. So if I click on the gizmos, it's going to show the gizmos off the objects. For example, the lightning case on and I can't. The second thing in the top right is stats. It's showing Michael on GPU State ho. It's rendering the scene. How much? Uh, pictures I have. How much set bus cows. How much? Shadow casters, etcetera. The third window is new audio. It will do what it says. It will mute over the audio so it doesn't bothers you. And the fourth option is maximizing play. So if I hit the play button, it will maximize my window again if I turn it off. And if I hit my play bottom, it won't maximise my window. So it's simple. Is that again You will run your game to the play, but, um, just get it in the game, start you can't powers, but, um, and the third bottom is to play the game frame by frame. So you need to pass and then just press it, press it, press it, and you're gonna move the next to the next frame. You also have a scale slider, which was zoom in and zoom out. So basically it's just scaling the window. The third thing is adding different resolutions to your project. This is pretty candy. If you're working on mobile devices so you can simulate different devices, just click on the plus side and, for example, if I wanna adds a new resolution. Let's go with us. I want to be a fixed resolution in If I know that there is a device with, uh, with this resolution 1920 by 10 80 I can't put it in and just simulate the view with the right click, I can delete it, and the next thing are this place so I can just check out different this place. You just need Teoh. Point out the target display on the camera and check it out from this menu. So let's move further and check the scene window, which is pretty important as you gonna spans a lot of time, dear. So if you hold out button on the keyboard and left mouse better, you can rotate Hrones in this interview with holding the out bottom and right. Most button you can zoom in and zoom out and finally holding the out button and middle mouse button. You can ban across the screen, so those are the basic functions in order to navigate. So now let's just create a cube, go to the treaty objects and created cube, and at the same way you can navigate. But as you can see the camera is focused on Lee in the keep right now and again, I'm just holding the out key and just left Mouse button, right, Must burden and middle mouse button in the top left. You can see this is the move to if you select one of the arrows, you're going to move the cube at that direction. The next to is the rotation to you can rotate the objects on X, Y and Z The four to is just to scare it up. You can scare up the whole object or just on the different access. And 3rd 1 is to scare the object on Lee into D. So you're just killing on two accesses on white and Z, and the last one will be show older tools like everything we already said the move to the scale to an Otay to in just one interface which you can operate with. So basically, this is the two pallets, and to the 1st 1 is the can, so you can move around. The next thing I want to show you is in the upper right corner. You see a cube with arrows and if you click on dero, it will just, uh, rotate the camera on that axis and it will see the objects into T underneath it. You can change to perspective and isometric view. Let me show you If we go into side of you, let me just rotate. The little bids are on the cube. Okay. Like this? No, this season we're trick and you see the three d object in isometric view. And if you just click on it, you're going to switch the perspective, Mulk. Now let's continue with the upper left to box. With this picture frame you can turn on and off different effects in your scene like the skybox. The folk flares, somebody made materials And so the next icon you can tell go off the value on enough Simple is dead. And the 3rd 1 it will turn on and off the lightning in your scenes. So if it's clicked the lighting his own And if I will take the light you can see that the light has changed. If I turn it on off and again I would say the light nothing has changed And next icon to the light If I click on it, let me just pretty quick skybox and other stuff. And if I click on to the it really automatic, rotate my scene into to the view so I can only operate into the If I click it off, it will bring me back the treaty view. Seen the next thing about the shading. I'm gonna quickly explain it, So if you click on the wire frame, you're going to see the wire frame off the treaty objects. If you click on the shaded wife frame, you're going to see the geometry, the wire frame and the next thing that you can preview are pretty much, ah, about lightning and different methods of lightning and stuff like that. We're going to come back to them later. So again, from this menu you can see the different shadings. So now let me show Togo to off the handle and rotation. So let's rotate the cube. Ah, let's say let's do it. 45 degrees, minus 45 is you can see your two is rotating with the Cube, so your hand of Sarah rotated with the cube, and if I move them, they moved to Cuba in that direction. If I position it to global as you can see now I'm using the global system and my tools, like the move Arteta scale our positions in the global system. So I'm going to move. My object with the global rotation ends the global move to So this is pretty useful. It depends on what you want and let's go to the next thing is you can see if you drug and drop the Spano is gonna move across the screen. You can arrange your screen however you want, and move everything to figure taste. So this is pretty much about the basics of the user interface. I show you most of the things and we're gonna deep dive into the next. Listen. Thank you. Take care. 4. 03 - Unity 3D Mesh: Welcome back with lecture number three and this lecture, we're gonna talk about how to import mesh and the different settings of importing and mesh . First of all you need to have is a treaty package and creates a motto I'm using. Meyer. You can use three DS Max blender or whatever you want, and I'm gonna board this fishing house, which I've modeled in one of my tutorials. If you want tomorrow, there's just check out my profit in your enemy and you can get this tutorial for pretty cheap priced. All right, So first I'm going to select my miche, and I'm going to export it to a BX four months. I'm going to export it to my desktop, right? Yes, I want to write it. And now what I I want to do is just drag and drop this fishing house into my models folder in unity. And right now I have my motto imported into unity. Right now I'm going to just drag and drop it onto my scene. As you can see, it's already in my singing. And if you want to focus on it, just select the Fisher House. And like in the previous lesson. Just click F on your keyboard and you're gonna focus on your treaty model. So right now I have my three moderate boarded and we have a pretty good fbx in my seat. Now, what I want to show you is the various settings when importing I'm fbx. So I'm just gonna go and quick on my fishing house GXE and opened Inspector Tap, as you can see you here a lot of savings over here, and we're gonna go over them one by one. So let's start. The first ratings is gold scale factor. And what this does is scaling your model based on your original scape scale factor. So right now, my scale is 111 in mild and the scale factor in unity is one. So it's if I wanted, you know, to the scale it like five times I'm gonna. But the number five click apply, and my motto is scaled five times based on the regional one, I'm going to bring him back, and it's going to scale to be like the original one. The second thing is convert units, So this is pretty important. At least I think so. For me, So it converts your original units in my a tree DS max or Brender to unity units. So I've set up my mind to have centimeters for the units. So what it says is converting one centimeter, 2.1 meters immunity. So this is pretty candy. For example, If I motto, uh, some object and I want my object to be five centimeters or 50 centimeters on why I just put in my 50 centimeters. And I know that those 50 centimeters will be the same immunity if I turn this art. So basically, it's great equivalent between my immunity. So I always turn this. Keep this on. And I always use my scare factor to be one. And this is important because I always try to create my scale and my units like if I wanted table to be like 50 centimeters and hate, I just do it in Maya and export my motto. And the units are the same immunity. But if you wanna touch something, if you want to scale something up, you can always use the scale factor. All right, let's continue on. The third thing is in both blamed shapes, blend shapes. I'm going to show you a quick video. What blend shapes is so those are blend shapes, the the transition from one shape to another. So again, the first frame this my original shape. And if you create a rig in unity, there's a reading system called blind shape, and you can transition from one shape to another shape. So this my original and as you can see if I move the ring, the rick it's transitioned the eyelids, the neck, cheeks, everything. So this this is pretty much the blind shapes. And if you if you check the important land shape settings, it will import into these fbx the blend shape that you've created as you can see you create , you can create various blend shapes. But this is for a rig. So keep in mind if you wanna create a nice reading of head of character or so on, you can always create and important blood shape so it works. You d words with blood shapes. Pretty much let's continue on the next is important visibility. What visibilities me Just quickly show you in your treaty package. It doesn't matter if it's Max my own blender. You have visibility, tap in your geno box. So if I want this visibility sap to be included into unity, I just need to check this box. Where visibility does is when you create an animation. I'm just gonna create too quick frames and on the frames, and I'm going to set his ability to be off. And as you can see, the barrow just disappears. And if you're creating an animation when you need to hide something in my maximum or blender, you can use visibility and then in frames him, my barrel is hidden. So if I want this to transition community, I just need to check up the important visibility settings. Pretty simple. If I check if I turn it off. If you're animated visibility, it won't work in units. So that's pretty much about the visibility. The next to savings are import cameras and important lightning. So I'm going to quickly show you what this is. Let me just remove those key frames on the visibility stuff. So now if I want to create in my Maya or my treated package Ah, camera or lightning system, let me create the camera. All right. I want to look the cameras to look over here, for example. So I've created camera, Let's go a fishing camp and I'm going to create a lightning, a directional lights. And if we want to set up my lightning system and I admire and, you know, take the advantage of creating the lighting system in Maya and I don't want created in unity, I can't export camera and lighting systems from my also you can animate the camera and exported into unit and your emotional state. So what you need to do is export everything from the scene. Click on export so and it depends on the package. But you pretty much in your treaty package, you have two options, cameras and lights, and then they need to be check on in order to export the camera in the lighting system. I'm going to explore those two. All right there. Let me just quickly debts on board that again. Now, if I drug and drop onto my scene and again, I'm just pressing f on my keyboard, the focus on it, you see now I opened the hierarchy under my fishing house. You see, now that you can, you have a fishing light. So there is a directional light that I've created. Maya ends. It's no in unity. I can what state it and scale it. You use the daisy or whatever it wants. And I also have the camera that I've created in my So this is pretty much settings to import cameras and lighting from from Meyer. And if I turned them off, let me just lead it again. Drug drug and drop it. You see fishing camp and fishing Lightning have nothing in the inspector, so they're not important. I mean, to live again, maybe board my cameras whitening drug. Drop it. No, I have my lightning and my cameras important into All right, Let's continue on the next is preserve High are here. So let me just create a quick example. What? This is So right now, when I drag and drop my efficient house and if I click on this arrow, I see if I ever hear of it, you see different parts, the fishing houses built on the camera and everything. It's the same over here, So if I click, I hear the parts that have cameras and everything. All right, so now I'm gonna delete goes to and I'm gonna combine this mess to be one piece. I'm gonna leave my history. So I have the Fisher house in one piece. So if I export this right now, okay, and believe my house from here, Any boarded again? So right now preserve where he is. Turn off. So if I drag and drop it, I just have a fishing house Fbx and nothing under underneath. So this is my main object that he has mentioned render the material and everything. But if I turn this on and three comply, I've created an empty object holding my fbx. So right now, if I drugging drug decision House, I have a parent which unity creates, and I have my fishing house geometry like a child of it. So this is pretty much about preserve preserving higher he So we always create on a note that is the roots and your original objects will be the child. All right, so let's continue on. So, with next of his mission is hands in order to show you what this does I need to No, no, no. The lightning and I need to go and shaded wire frame oak, and you're gonna need toe lunch. Watch closely the geometry, So the first dismiss compression mesh compression is for optimization and for file size reducing. It's It's used on mobile devices, for example, by their fort Eastern off, and you can create a different measure. Compression compression from low to high. So let's set it so low and click apply. You don't see anything like they don't know big results. But if I click it on the high and click it apply, you see held. Imagine it forms so it's compressing the mesh. It's reducing some of the virgin sees and connecting them in order to optimize the geometry size. And this a good optimization methods. If you're using you're measures on mobile devices, for example, you can use the medium. It's not breaking up a lot of the geometry from medium and off. There is not a big difference, so this is pretty much about much compression. If you want to optimize your geometry, just you can use that read and write Enables. What this means is basically, if a programmer wants to, um, use the verdict sees or the geometry through code, this will allow him, so if it's enabled, you can access the verdict sees to script. If it's not, the programmers could not do that. Dr. Mayes Mesh were optimized. The Virgin sees or drinking the GPU. So it's again for performance. Just check. Live it on always. And you can use the measure compression to In order to boost the performance of your game. The next one is generated. Colliders. So what? What this does is to generate medical either by their fort for this fishing house, for example. Right now I just need that drug and drop it. All right. Right now, my fishing house doesn't have a collider. So if a player I want to walk on the first floor into a past rate because there is no collider. So what do you want to do is generate the collider, take a play. And right now I have a medical either on my fishing house. And if I turn off my mish render, I see a green lies. Those green lines are colliders. So if my prayer is sitting for example, over here, it won't pass through the wooden floor. It will keep him on the looting floor and you can walk around. So if you want to import medical lighters. So if you want to build up the collider from the mesh, you can turn this own. But this, I think, is geared for PC games sometimes is good for mobile games too. But if you want to create a new optimize colliders, you could do it by hands, like creating different colliders for this. We're gonna talk about this later, so generate collider seat. Well, generate mescal either for you. All right, I'm gonna turn enough and let's go for the geometry. Keep what's what. Keep cloths. Quotes is if you turn it on, it will work only on Derrick, ext. And it's used for test elation. What desolation is we're gonna talk about later because he's a little bit complicated. But this is pretty much for PC games and for direct X 11 All right, wailed ver disease. What this does is combining subverted the viruses that are on the same position in the world space. So if you have some virgin sees their overlapping and are not combined in Meyer, this pretty useful. You know, it will just combine your verdict sees in the space. All right, The next thing is about normals, so I always create my normals. And in Maya, let me just show you pretty quick pretty quick. So as you can see this, this golden plate I have a hard edge here. So I've created my normals over here in mild. So the first option is too important. Normals from my and whatever you have in my own, it will represent immunity. As you can see, I have this hard edge on the second floor. But if I don't want enormous Toby important from Meyer, I can set none. And you have no normals. And basically, the whitening quantum won't know which edge is soft or which edge is hard. You can calculated here in unity. As you can see, you have a calculations. So underneath you have different sects settings to calculated in unity. First is for blind shape. Normals. I already told you about blend shapes. The second is normal, normal, small. You have different settings. I'm not gonna go through them right now, but pretty much the Spano is to calculate different, different, normal. So if I change this mood angle, as you can see, I'm starting to calculating the normals differently in unity. And if you want to do this immunity. You can. You can access it by here, but I pretty much always like 99% of the time I import my my normals from Maya because it's easier for me to control it and set up my normals over here. And if my normals are okay, just important, just check on import normals and everything is working the next to import of important things that I wanted. So before we end up this session is the swap U V's and generate white mumps. So the first thing about swap movies is if you want your diffuse texture to use information from from the light map, you need to check it up. So that's pretty much what swipe you used us. And the final thing is, generate white mob movies. What this does is it's creating new UV channel just for the light maps. So if you don't want to use like your default channel like you ve Channel one, Unity will generate a new U V's and we create the light map in there. So I just jaqen up. So you click the box and just shake it up and thick. Apply now I'm going to set up my lightning. That's it. Strikes off Cetto, All right. And, um, I'm going to create a light map just to show you what it does. So I started generating my light map. I'm gonna come back later on how to generate that light Maps and stuff like that is gonna be in separate lecture. So basically, it's to bake the lightning onto your mesh and don't have a real tile time Lightning. So this is an optimization technique. So right now is you can see I have shadows. I have lightning inside my scene And if I turn on, turn off my direction on light nothing is happening, As you can see, So everything is pre baked into the mesh. So what? Let me show you how it looks like it creates a separate picture, which is with the lightning information. So this is pretty much about creating the lightning. And this pretty much about the settings generate like my beauties. So the general idea is if you want a big your lightning and if you want to create a new UV Geno for your mish, just click it up. And unity were automatic. Unwrap your motto and create a second UV Geno. Just food for the light map. So if you're working with big Lightning, this is pretty much very useful to use, as you can see. So this is all about importing the Fbx mish? I hope Youll intercepting. And I can't wait to see you in the next election by 5. 04 - Unity Materials and Textures: Hello, boys and girls. And welcome back with the next lecture in this lecture, we're going to talk about materials and how to apply them. And we're going to talk about a little bit about textures. So let's start first. I'm gonna import rapture dinosaur motto into my scene. So I'm gonna go to the Models folder and here you can see the fishing cows from the previous lecture. So I'm just gonna drag and drop my rapture and I'm gonna drug and drop him on the sea like so is you can see Right now it has a green material, and there is no pictures at all. First, when you import your rupture, if you're quick on the air BX and go to material staff Uh, you can import the materials from your treaty package so you can import materials from lender Maya or two DS Max. If you take this on and it's gonna it's gonna create the definite material for director referenced by your two D package. So I'm just gonna turn it off and I'm just gonna life. So in that way, I want to create my home own material inside you. So I just created a folder called Materials and a folder called Textures. So I'm just going to click on my materials folder. I'm gonna right click and, uh, here in the empty area I'm gonna go to create, and I'm gonna create a material. All right? I'm gonna co it rock in the score. Met. Call my materials with underscore, Matt. So I can easily find multiple material. See why he have, like, 20 material suggest Underscore met. She's reference to material hands I can easily scroll through my materials. All right, so I created created this material, and you just need to drag and drop to your mission. Just drag and drop, and I'm gonna click on my rupture. And as you can see in the materials tap under the measure Renderers, you can see you have a rupture. See the material properties. I'm going to go in this dull section and just click on the arrow right now I have a lot of slots. A lot Sliders. This is the standard PPR material. Which union has it? Has another one. Would you? Standard speculates it up If you click, it is going to change this. The savings about the mental illness that roughness and respect your So it's going to use Speak your channel and I'm going to show you how the standard Shader works. So the next step is that you need pictures. So I have pictures on my rapture. I'm going to select them all and drug them into my textures with a little bit. So can you abort and I'm going to go through each of the texture. So the first picture is rupture, Theo, Your stance for immunity allusion which will should represent my shadows on the motto is you gets you in the spine, on the legs, etcetera Let's connect this So I'm gonna click on the motto and drag and drop my corruptor ao to the conclusion slot in the square You just drag and drop and I have some shadows applied. I'm just gonna tweet this slider. As you can see, we're adding some shadows in our rap too. Start looking better. The shadows are working best with a normal map. As you can see, we define a lot of shapes by just adding to shadow. All right, the second thing that we wanna add is the diffuse material. This the cower information of the model you can see. So I'm just gonna drop drug and drug and drop my diffuse material into my Mobido. And now I have some fixtures on the road right now, but it's not looking too good. It's too shiny. It's like toys, and we want to add more details to the rapture. So I'm going to start with adding the normal my first, and then I'm gonna add the metallic and smoothness so I'm going to drag and drop the normal map into the normal slot. And as you can see, we we start to have some details on it, and we have and information a box that says this texture is not marked as a normal man. So a normal Mac texture. You should tell unity that this texture is a normal map, so you're gonna need to click on the texture, go to fixtures type and select normal man. So unity now knows that this picture is a normal and you're going to keep the play. And now, if I click on my Raptor, give my normal maps set up. No, we're starting to get more detail in the rapture, and he's looking better but still the shyness and the closeness is not good. It's too shiny. You can, you know, tweet this by from this lie. Either week it on just the later or making mitt with metallic You look But it's not gonna work Perfect for the whole motto. If you don't have this texture exported from your treaty package my blender uni two years, max or substance painter or cold or for the show, Whatever you takes, your model. So I have this texture wrapped. Er m s, what is M S m. Iss is metallic and smoothness. So let me just show you how this texture looks. So this represents my metallic channel. And in my Alfa Geno, you can switch from the generals from here so I can see the red, green and blue channel. Just click here and see the whole RGB. And if I click click here I can see my Alfa Channel and my Alfa Channel conveys this muteness information. So what the She either does if you hover over the metallic. It says the metallic is read from the Red Channel and smoothness is read from the Alfa Geno air in the after the metallic stands for red and a after the smoothness stands for our so right now in the source here it says in the metallic e selfies or obita out from whatever you want. So now I'm just going to drag and drop my rector m s over here and I start to get better shapes. But right now it's pretty bumped up. It's just one. So I'm gonna to any down. So maybe 0.58 and now is you guess you would get some pretty nice skin effect maybe tuning up a little bit just like that. Dio you need to play with it. You know, my wrapped her looks very clean and very nice Not a thing that you can do issue going to click on your directional light and you can, you know, bump up the things or just take your direction in life Check out the other the other side of director from the other side. And now my rupture is pretty damn awesome again. Pretty damn awesome looking pretty damn trooper trip away. Just just like for PC game. So this is how you set up and how you place your materials. Let me talk a little about that about the rapture, metallics, movements, our creative so them. It just opened this texture info to show in my RGB channel. I have this texture, and I have created an Al Pacino, which conveys the information about this movements. I've created another smoothness texture just to define a little bit. Mawr director shapes No, As you can see, the skin is like dead. Just bring back my lightning from the site and I read this pretty much is to let up like it's too bright and I wanted darken it a little bit. So how I get this texture, it's just simply select the levels from from the adjustment from image adjustments, levels or control. And I just played with those sliders just like that. The reason for this is I want to define his skin so the skin has more smoothness and it looks more believable. And I just click control us and is going to save, and he's going up. Bring me back to you now. Right now everything disappears, so I need to bump it up a little bit and check you. This is what I want. It's pretty much to the So let me try this one that I've created previously. It's not looking too good, so I'm gonna ramp it up. It's it's trial and error. You cannot get it from the first time. But it's good, treadle. The best way to do that is in substance painter or we will and software so you can bend it on and just go with it. Oh, okay. Looks better. No, I like my wrapped. How it looks. So this is pretty much how I created the M A structure which you need but in this slot in the metallic slot in order to work. So that spring much about off textures Let me go through about a stander shade. Uh, there is a section with mobile she aiders and let me show you what mobile she there's does . So if I go into the mobile station I have simple, diffuse material which will work only with the cower. And it's looking pretty pretty simple there. No, by lightning there speaking you are dirty or anything else. If I go to the bomb defuse, it will add my normal map, get details with bomb defuse when you bring back to defuse the details just disappears so bomb defuse. We add my neural map and my Mobido fixtures, and it's also looking get. But if you want to achieve something like Stander Shader, the PBR work work for on the mobile device, you can do it by choosing Bob speculum when I click it. As you can see, it's pretty burnout and it's It's not working. So what? What boom speak your needs is again. You have a base texture in your slot, the RGB, and it reads the spirituality of the model from the Alfa Channel. So what I need to do is to go my German rap corruptor a few sticks chur showing Explorer All right, I'm just going to double click. And right now, as you can see, my after channel is pure white. What I need to do is I need to have information about the speculator t my channel. So this tincture I've created is especially for spirituality. Just copy and based it and then just going to say And when it go back to unity, you can see here pretty nice speculator iti which is believe so again, this is looking for mobile. You can bump it up from here. Can see, you can tweak it up. This it's looking pretty them good. You can always in photo shop there for channel and set it up. How you want it? Foreign substance painter. So pretty much This is how it looks for more to look pretty damn amazing. To be honest with this, she either. Hence they switched to the standard. Yeah, it looks better and have better than finding shapes. It has better reflections, better shadows, it said from. But if you're looking for performance, can always look here in the mobile section and you can achieve good results with it to. So this is pretty much how you can apply material or their water, the important settings of the material and how you can tweet your textures. We have different channels like hate map you can generate from another picturing package. You can secondary map secondary map is to play something on top of your fish. This can place some objects, some pictures on top of your mission again. It could count use Mobido and normal hands. This is pretty much just fast overview on how to apply and the different materials settings from this year from this box the cower box. Your job. You'll you can change the the primary cower of your of your model. If you want to add, you know, different, different cower variations over or you want some effects on it. Different effects. You can do it from here. You can bump up the inclusion bumpy down how, however you want it. So this is pretty much about the materials were going to come back in depth for it later on . Uh, and let's talk a little bit about the textures. So the first thing that I told you is, if you're using in Orem up from here, you need to select its and to say that it's a normal map so so that unity can recognize it for the normal textures. Like the Beatles, the texture type should be if you're using Greek and legacy green in unity. This for interface. Your pictures should be like that. If you're using the U. S. Bright, uh, biology unity, you should used sprites. Picture. If you want to create a cursor, you should use the personal texture and the other two in the bottom are the what naps. If you're baking a lightning in your scene you can't use. Lighten up for. For example, if I'm exporting light mapping from Maya in unity and the lighting information is not big in unity, I should check out, shake it up. The state stories like that. And the last one, he is single channel, which pretty much says there that I can use a picture with only no. Only the Alfa Channel from picture can use only the Red Channel, for example. And the one amused is the kooky texture, which is pretty interesting. Uh, what cookie cookie picture does let me show you fast and, um, in unity, the limitation you do supply this texture, toe light and light projects it Let me show you pretty fast what coop texture is. So I'm just gonna create all right three d plane and I'm just gonna create spoke like, as you can see right now, we have a certain it's so this is the fourth sport life and the cookie. We'll create different shapes. So you hear about sap, which is called Cookie. Just click on it and let's three days. And now, as you can see, my lightning is projecting in a row, and this is my life so create like that and you can create different interesting shapes and different lightning effects with picture. It's free them awesome. So you can if you want to achieve interesting lightning, more professional lightning cooking pictures are good. Example how you can do that? We're gonna talk about liking later on. So this is pretty much for textured site again. The most important things are the texture type from this office Transparency You can you can tell there is an Alfa Channel, for example. Here you have in my brother and I say here and now for channel. But I can say that my aboriginal we act like transparency. So I started get getting transparency from my after channel. For example, if you wanna create some college, you can create some leaves and in the end there for China, anything you can create the mask that we'll create a transparency on the leaves. So ofrece transparency is important for things that have transparency to be checked on. We're not going to go to the vast savings a lot. I'm just gonna no skip it for now. And we could go back and some of the next lectures. I'm just gonna go into the bottom top the max size, the compression and use crunch. Compression, those three things. So, for example, if my picture from four shop or symptoms painter is 1 24 by 1 2024 this my original texture . I can set that immunity. I want to be 5 12 hands. I can click, apply and my textures is No. 5 12 I don't lose my regional texture. You just compress it to that size. And again, if I want to go back 10 24 we could play and I have my 10 24 in the bottom, you can see not that the texture is rgb A. So it contains Alfa Channel. It's bits and it cost 1.3 megabytes off space, and those will be also in the RAM memory. So if you want to optimize your game, So, for example, if we want to have this bad ass rapture into a mobile game, what we need to do is I need to compress those pictures and let me show you, like we use a normal map. So use 0.7 megabytes. You hear this about metallic and smoothness, which is 1.3 megabytes have the diffuse map, which is 0.7 megabytes. So really, get a calculator. Show you pretty much pretty fast. How much discussed? So one soon. Plus, the immune conclusion is point Sale goes, get 1.3 and we have points of so pictures off. This is 3.4 and is going to cost us space memory, and we're on memory. So in other this to one on a mobile device. What we need to do is I'm going up crunch older textures. So let's start first. I'm going to use the Mac's ice on every every picture I'm gonna like Director, you shit and select the normal man. So I'm gonna do hold the savings one time toe older, four textures. So first, the max ice. I'm gonna put it to five. When? 5 12 I'm gonna like in My textures are 5 12 So this was 120.1 megabyte now is 341 kilobytes . This is pretty good, so far from 1.3 megabytes to treat on that 41. But I can do more. So what I can do is I can use current compression, so I can click it. I'm going to use high quality compression and I'm going to use the compression Quartey to Max and I'm gonna click. Apply. And as you can see, my picture is 104 kilobytes, so it's three times three times lower with than previous. So what we have done is 1.3 megabytes toe 104 cure bites. So this is pretty much damn good optimization. And as you can see, we would lose quality in the few station. So no, uh, what we can do is we can't go back 10 24 If we wanna, uh, have a better quality click apply and we're going back point. So which is bad for us? So let's try and crunch it up by 239 cubits and I have the same quality, which is pretty good. So what I'm going what I'm using basically when I'm creating mobile games is my normal map . Should be like how off the diffuse map my ambient occlusion could be like, lower than and death like to 36. It's not gonna lose a lot of quality. You crunch it up. 18 Cure cure bites pretty awesome And the metallic in smoothness should be fairly dude quality life. But it's Tony back. So I came here for the skin pores and everything. So the most important pictures are the norm at Metallica's smoothness in diffuse. The other picture could be war. But the neural map also could be a little bit lower because you're not going to lose a lot of details. So right now, this is pretty much the set up I want. So from 3.53 point four megabits gigabytes, I got the Let me see to 93 we're under house. I think a bit. We're like, 500 cubits. So this is how you optimize your textures. And this is the full tap it will work for for enjoyed, for example. And what do you need to do is you need to go to this phone. You want a crunch it for I always to you're gonna need to click override for IOS and you're gonna meet use the best compression called the gonna play. So I'm always selecting those two. You want to make a custom compression or enjoyed, Just click over here, override for Android and use different compressions. I'm not gonna go to all of them. There. You can read about them. A combination of unity. But this is to override for the different devices. I'm basically using the default because it's overrides for everything. But if you are developing for PC and, for example, if we want to have these for my mobile devices in the default, I can say that those are the savings that I want. And here I don't want tell them overwrite for android or overwrite for right. But I also will be releasing this game for PC back in Lenox. So I need to override this and said the Max Ice one case and keep the place. So right now what he's going to do when I built for mobile devices is going to use this because I didn't override for those devices. But if I'm building for MacKinlay looks is going to use those both settings. So this is pretty much about extra compression optimization in how you can pictures, and this is dance off this lecture. I hope you enjoy. You can get the rupture from the packaged adds. I'm including with this this tutorial, Siri's ends. Thank you for your patience, and I hope I see you in the next lecture