Unique Lettering with Watercolors I

Ana Victoria Calderón, Artist

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9 Videos (4h 18m)
    • Trailer: Unique Lettering with Watercolors

    • Supplies

    • Artists to Admire

    • Warm Up

    • Alphabet Worksheets 1

    • Alphabet Worksheets 2

    • Personal Handwriting to Lettering Development

    • Quotes: Swashes, Spacing and Lay Out

    • Final Project: Lettering Name Collection

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About This Class

An instructive workshop to develop your personal lettering style using watercolor paints.

I am extremely excited to bring my new watercolor class to Skillshare. This is not your typical lettering or calligraphy class. Think of this class as a workshop, with thought out lessons and activities to help you work out a personal lettering style. My goal is for you to create something that is yours and only yours, a signature hand painted letter style that will differentiate you from other artists and help you stand out.

We will prepare using simple warm up activities, go over and practice with a variety of fonts, observe and review the art of some of my favorite illustrators, explore possibilities of our personal handwriting and create a final project with what we’ve learned.

Video by: The Stills http://www.the-stills.com/
Graphics by: Old Magic Design https://oldmagic.myportfolio.com/
Music by: Panda Transport https://open.spotify.com/artist/1hPyU1DMvyg1TVD5VRx5kp

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I love Ana's approach to hand lettering! I appreciated not only the time spent going through various styles you can find online, but more importantly, how to hone in on your own personal style. I had no idea that I had so many personal styles of my own that I use unconsciously for different things in my life! Ana is a true teacher and this class is no different. Loved it, highly reccommend!!
Thank you Ana! You are such a wonderful teacher and have taught me soo much! I thought I could never get into watercolor, but your classes have increased my confidence. I am a fashion designer and now I am creating my own watercolor prints for my fabric. I also am in the works of creating my own handwritten font! Thanks for the inspiration and guidance. Peace and love, Kayla Durham
Simply amazing, inspirational, insightful and so much fun!





My name is Ana Victoria Calder?n, and I'm an American/Mexican artist based in Mexico City. I have a degree in Graphic Design with continued studies in Fine Arts. Over the past 7 years I have developed a signature watercolor technique, which I am very excited to share with you!

I teach a few in person workshops and creative retreats a year, sell my art prints and products online and license my art to amazing companies, including Hallmark, Papyrus, Demdaco and Trader Joe's. I also paint ...

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