Unique Embroidery: Bead Your Own Coral Tide Pool! | Eleanor Pigman | Skillshare

Unique Embroidery: Bead Your Own Coral Tide Pool!

Eleanor Pigman, Contemporary Bead Embroidery

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8 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Preview

    • 3. Project Overview & Materials

    • 4. The Couching Stitch

    • 5. The Stacking Stitch

    • 6. The Peyote Stitch

    • 7. Incorporating Pearls

    • 8. Outro


About This Class

Hello! My class will introduce you to various bead embroidery stitches to create your own 3x3 inch coral tide pool abstract beaded piece. This class will cover 4 embroidery stitches: freeform peyote, stacking, the incorporation of pearls, and couching. We will explore the use of various bead sizes to create dimension, as well as the power of shading with beads, creating texture and movement and the incorporation of fabric and paper within bead work.

We’ll also discuss how to stimulate creativity and find inspiration to keep making unique art pieces.

No prior knowledge is needed to enroll. This is an excellent introduction class as well as a great class for advanced beaders to push their creativity to a new dimension. Anyone interested in stitching, pushing the limits of a medium, and for people like me who like to think outside the box will enjoy the next 40 minutes!

I’ll be right there beside you to give feedback, support and of course my favorite fun!

Let’s do this!