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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

93 Lessons (9h 34m)
    • 1. 1 - Why should you take this course?

    • 2. Extra A: Understand why any Tarot Deck will work for you!

    • 3. 2 - Hello! I am a Tarot Deck! May I come with you?

    • 4. Read the cards, not the book! Read with your mind's eye!

    • 5. 5 - Card spreads are unnecessary

    • 6. 5 The Data, the engine, and the delivery

    • 7. 6 - A brief introduction to Major Arcana

    • 8. 7 - The Fool

    • 9. 8 - The Magician

    • 10. 9 - The Highest Priestess

    • 11. 10 - The Empress

    • 12. 11 - The Emperor

    • 13. 12 - The Hierophant

    • 14. 13 The Lovers

    • 15. 14 - The Chariot

    • 16. 15 - Justice

    • 17. 16 - Strength

    • 18. 17 Wheel of Fortune

    • 19. 18 The Hermit

    • 20. 19 The Hanged Man

    • 21. 20 - The Death

    • 22. 21 - Temperance

    • 23. 22 - The Devil

    • 24. 23 - The Tower

    • 25. 24 - The Star

    • 26. 25 - The Moon

    • 27. 26 - The Sun

    • 28. 27 - Judgment

    • 29. 28 The World

    • 30. 29 - Brief introduction to Minor Arcana

    • 31. 30 - Ace of Cups

    • 32. 31 - Two of Cups

    • 33. 32 - Three of Cups

    • 34. 33 - Four of Cups

    • 35. 34 - Five of Cups

    • 36. 35 - Six of Cups

    • 37. 36 - Seven of Cups

    • 38. 37 Eight of Cups

    • 39. 38 - Nine of Cups

    • 40. 39 - Ten of Cups

    • 41. 40 - Princess of Cups

    • 42. 41 - Prince of Cups

    • 43. 42 - Queen of Cups

    • 44. 43 - King of Cups

    • 45. 44 - Ace of Pentacles

    • 46. 45 - Two of Pentacles

    • 47. 46 - Three of Pentacles

    • 48. 47 - Four of Pentacles

    • 49. 48 - Five of Pentacles

    • 50. 49 - Six of Pentacles

    • 51. 50 - Seven of Pentacles

    • 52. 51 - Eight of Pentacles

    • 53. 52 - Nine of Pentacles

    • 54. 53 - Ten of Pentacles

    • 55. 54 - Princess of Pentacles

    • 56. 55 - Prince of Pentacles

    • 57. 56 - Queen of Pentacles

    • 58. 57 - King of Pentacles

    • 59. 58 - Ace of Wands

    • 60. 59 - Two of Wands

    • 61. 60 - Three of Wands

    • 62. 61 - Four of Wands

    • 63. 62 - Five of Wands

    • 64. 63 - Six of Wands

    • 65. 64 - Seven of Wands

    • 66. 65 - Eight of Wands

    • 67. 66 - Nine of Wands

    • 68. 67 - Ten of Wands

    • 69. 68 - Princess of Wands

    • 70. 69 - Prince of Wands

    • 71. 70 - Queen of Wands

    • 72. 71 - King of Wands

    • 73. 72 - Ace of Swords

    • 74. 73 - Two of Swords

    • 75. 74 - Three of Swords

    • 76. 75 - Four of Swords

    • 77. 76 - Five of Swords

    • 78. 77 - Six of Swords

    • 79. 78 - Seven of Swords

    • 80. 79 - Eight of Swords

    • 81. 80 - Nine of Swords

    • 82. 81 - Ten of Swords

    • 83. 82 - Princess of Swords

    • 84. 83 - Prince of Swords

    • 85. 84 - Queen of Swords

    • 86. 85 - King of Swords

    • 87. Extra B: Bonus 2: More about card spreads.

    • 88. Extra C: How about reversed cards.

    • 89. Extra D: Upkeep of your Cards

    • 90. Extra E: Meaning of colors.

    • 91. Class Project: Time to consult the cards!

    • 92. Extra F: Questions & Answers.

    • 93. Meditation: Activate and Open your Third Eye.

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About This Class


Tarot Cards have been around for a long time and have a great deal of wisdom.

"Understanding the Tarot" will be very straightforward yet smooth and enjoyable to understand. Through the centuries, Tarot gained a lot of rules and complications. However, it is much easier than it appears to be. 

In this course, you will get a good foundation about Tarot Cards, your Intuition, and how to combine both to provide excellent readings. After a few foundations classes, I will be sharing the symbolism of the cards themselves in a way that you will learn to connect that symbolism with your Intuition and interpretation. You will not need to know by heart everything I am saying. You will need an open mind and allow the information to blend with your knowings. 

While you are going through each of the cards, I will share additional tips and lessons to make it much more enjoyable! It is the best way to learn, especially when talking about the Tarot.

Do not hesitate to check out my Intro video. I am sure you will enjoy this course and learn a lot!

"Understanding the Tarot" has new classes. One of them is about Questions and Answers, while others are more topics that will help you with Tarot.

Most classes happen with the Cosmic Tarot.

Extra bonus classes with the new "Conspiracy Tarot" are available as well.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. 1 - Why should you take this course?: Welcome, My name is Ferdinando and they will teach you how to interpret their cards and start consulting them to your own needs. There are guards having with us for thousands of years. I'm still today. They are continuing to support us and they are our best advisors. I am teaching you how you can connect and work with his advisors. You can use a tariff for many means, satisfy consultation or maybe to receive a message to ponder them. It doesn't matter what you use your characters for, even if you yes, may take with them. By getting to know them, you will understand much more how the terror can impact your life. In this course, you're going to get a good foundation of Kierkegaard's your intuition and how to combine both to provide excellent readings or personal consultations. And after a few foundation classes, I will send a symbology of the cards themselves in a way that you will learn the actual way to connect with the cards using your intuition and your interpretation. You will not need to know by heart everything that I'm saying. You will need to have an open-mind and then at least information to sink in and to marriage with your knowledge. While you're going through its card, I will share additional tips, lessons, and making these more in jail. You know, this is the best way to learn, especially when talking out that arrow. I have been reading tarot cards for many, many years. In fact, after creating this course, I have assigned a new terror lake. So don't worry, if you don't have any prior experience. My code is very easy to do and it is easy enough that everybody will be doing it. You only need to have an open-mind and the trade-offs serve the cards with a canine. You would have realized that the more you read, the clearer, the more you will know your cards, you will find new symbology. Even years later after Rena terror and read the same deck, you will, It's fantastic. You will work your way to interpret the answer to one of your questions for the class project. And you will have to inquire about something that has a moderate importance in your life. By connecting with the terror, you will receive an answer that we'll guide you and we'll provide answers to your question. You will be able to interpret a symbolic cheese and a different message in the way you have learned in this class. And also, you will be able to know what messages are coming in either fulfill your question completely. I say yes. Did you ask yourself something that it's not very personal? Something that maybe you will be willing to share with the rest of the class. Because you're going to be welcome to comment also on other people. There are readings if you feel inclined and these, it's going to help you a lot to learn. I'm very excited to help you out to work within this course. So come on, join me in understanding that the records and hit Start green the carts soon. See you in class. 2. Extra A: Understand why any Tarot Deck will work for you!: Hey everyone, How are you guys doing? How are those readings going? Are you guys getting to connect deeper with your periodic curves? Well, I hope so. I actually come with his class to go precisely about a little bit about the importance of your connection with the cards and their symbolism, as well as the different decks, the difference in voltage, you know, plenty of you having asking me, you know, I have both the writers, you know, and some of the symbology is hard. For an instance. I know that's going to feel sorts is very different from one to another. But explained in an earlier class, it's normal. Every single day holds all the symbology that you need to provide accurate missed some things in different the existing volume changes. This is why I created this class card, mike hard. This is why this is one of the longest classes that you can find out what the terror, because we are talking about each of the cards and the kicker is not for you to learn all the meanings. Hard for you to get to see how I found the symbology. You know, by grouping at the car carrier see in the image located in the India. And then looking at where I am sharing with you. This way you will see, okay, she's getting these from, from that symbology, from the other symbology, he's getting that. Then you can get to start to do that with your own day. Your unique, it's very different exertion matter. Because what you want to do is to get to observe in the same way. How are they? Know what things come to you or the positive or the negative? You know, what sensation do you get? When you need to make sure if something you need to make sure that they can get you feel connected with hypotonia. So go ahead and make the waiters go ahead and see which feels more connected with it. In fact, that Pauline weeks, you don't emotionally, emotionally in St. Louis and accelerate raised. There will be another bonus class where I will be presenting a new pyruvate. It's going to be between two hands. You know, this in politics, the same places, this course. You can also will be able to grab if you want. But it's steel I wanted to share with you for any Thank You can bring to read the symbology when you get used to get to understand a little bit of a symbolic changes, what this course is going to help you out. Make sure you go ahead and you feel that you have to connect with your car, with your character, your heart. You know, it's very important that even if you have the writers sake, you're going to find all the symbology in this course and the writers next thing might change. I'm one or another card. And you know, actually I wanted to share with you. You might even tell me, Hey, why don't you explain something out of this car, whether you have the writer steak or not, I invite you to do that. If you listen to this and you would read, one car, can send you the image of the cart. And we may have a bonus class, maybe not because there's volume of requests, but some of them will have. You note. You need to make sure to test yourself. Where are they taking you first? What stands out the most in the symbolic? So that's something very important. Look at the car, whatever car and try to look Western borrow cheap fields you the most, the strongest, which one calls attention the most. Not the same, not every single thing that you pull a thorough card, the same pericardial going to feel drunk, who seemed symbolic. Something that you will feel drunk or difference in both. And this is how you get to make the shift changes. This is how you get could be able to indifferent readings least seven messages that are using the same card because maybe you came up in that way. Okay. So what stands out the most? What emotions do you get? You know, what the car tells you, what is the cartel? That's why you need to ask yourself, what does this car is? What's happening? What happens if I press plane and the car starts moving? What's going to happen next? That's what you asked yourself. Anything to spend five minutes with one card. They can extend, go analyze it. You have to go for it. The more time you spend with the theropods, the better the stronger your relationship which is going to be with your deck. So it's going to be a win-win situation requirements. This is pretty much it in terms of different decks and pushing the industry straightforward. Like I said, I'm going to be coming up with a new deck. So stay tuned and make sure to ask me any questions you guys hands. Because I like to be bringing bonus classes as you have seen, it may make more bonus questions regarding the question. Thank you very much. Next class. 3. 2 - Hello! I am a Tarot Deck! May I come with you?: Hello and welcome to class number two of understanding the taro. Today we are going to talk a little more about terror the next, how to find one, how to connect with them. For you to get a little introduction. He has to go through the basics. Terahertz, normally we have 78 cards tweaked to majors and 56 minor. These are always normally the common vase for alternate mics. However, there are other techniques that they do have, maybe more than four suits. There are some of them that they have vibrations in the sorts. And even some decks don't even have mature Canada. Or there are other types of x called Oracle dx or leaving a tree index that they may be completely different. But as you know, this course is going to focus mainly on terror and on the standard format. I like to focus on terror, like an aid. Normally for me, tarot cards are a great point for insight, but it wouldn't be the main foundation in a reading. For example, I normally like to use stereo cards when other sources of information don't hold a lot of it. Or when I need some pump, like I can either push I need something to help me to move forward. Well, I decided to go ahead and use a theorem cards because through their symbolism, you can get way a lot of information, okay, which is great. But it's important to remember that Thoreau cards are great. As an aid, you can do a reading on terror carts alone. Obviously, you're going to get amazing results. But it gets to a point that you've realized that after many years of where we are going to be thorough cards, you get to feel connected with the deck. Somethings you don't even need to bring the cards out. They come to you mentally. It's good to use them as an aid for this very reason. So you can use all their sources or their way to read the person who we're working with for the situation, for yourselves and then use it thera characters validations. And that's all. So maybe you're thinking, Well, I don't have a deck. How do we find one? To find a TVC, you will need to struggle really, because there is a subconscious connection that activates when you find the right thick. I do believe that the radix 2.5 consciousness at some degree and the actual deck that chooses you. If you ever have been in them in a physical store, you might have felt drum to a specific tariff, lake or a crystal or something. And you feel an urge to take it with you home. This is the connection I am referring to. When you look for your tarot card deck, you are going to feel the urge to buy one in a specific. You should listen to that urge and you should take it with you. There are also other ways to evaluate, like online for an instance, they only feel connected the most you want to go with it. If you plan to give a tarot card vector, someone that's the same way, you should gift one that it's drawn to you. Because the terracotta **** gnosis at some degree note that you are going to give that. It's always going to be the right terracotta codec for that person, which is fantastic. That's something that you went to keep into account. It's very easy to give you guys need to follow your intuition or what you feel drawn the most. Let's say that you have your tarot cards now and you went to get started in connecting with them. You know, there is a great way to connect with them. Initially, you know, take your time, open your thorough Descartes. Slowly pass the carts, analyze each one of them. Don't rush. Take your sweet time. You can even I'm going to make station take one card with you and use it as their main topic for your meditation. You can ask questions yourself. You can tell the client what are you trying to tell me, you know, and through this way, you're going to get familiarized with your Terrell cards. Then obviously doing practice readings with friends, family at quiet says online, there are many trade places. And even you can go ahead and start to use your cards more seriously if you feel Toronto, definitely, the more users, the more connected you are with them. And it becomes a strong bone and a strong relationship. One more thing before we go to the next class, I'd like to mention prokaryotes are very, very straightforward. I have used them many times even for myself to get validation. You know, you're in the situation that you say, Oh, come on, This is awesome. Why I can't go forward with this. Then it's like you need a validation from the universe. You pull a terracotta and you get in your face where you need to see, which is all about the tarot cards. They tell you in your face when you need to see. That's why they are so a mason. Well, let's go now to the next lesson and see how it goes. 4. Read the cards, not the book! Read with your mind's eye!: Hi folks. Welcome to class number three of understanding the terror. This is going to be a brief class because I just wanted to talk about something in ulterior cortex. You're going to find this little book right here. Well, now this one is precisely what, a similar one. Every terracotta ethic comes with these little white book. You know, these books come with a symbolism of the carts. And they explained to you a little about the therapeutic itself on spreads. Well, this book could be a good help. In reality, personally, I find that these books don't really serve a great purpose because they tell you the symbolism of the carts and that's it. You're gonna be thinking, isn't this class about that? That's totally right. However, the differentiating their book and this class is at, during this class you are going to be able to understand how to interpret the symbolism. There stand how to use your very own intuition to connect it with a symbolism of the cards. It's not only knowing the symbolism, the symbolism is a good eight. Definitely, it's a great aid, very important. But it's also important to know how to connect your intuition with this aid. Car. It doesn't mean the same in all the readings. You will find in the little book that every car has three or four positive meanings and three or four negative minutes. And you know, there are plenty, plenty more. I had been reading cards for over seven years and still today I get new insights and I find new symbolism in this very cosmic terracotta. Think you can pretty much say that a symbolism on the tarot cards is endless. And the key to be able to access to the right piece of symbolism eats through your own intuition. Number one and number two, through getting familiarized with your deck, okay, the more you use your deck, the better you can make date with a deck you can make, they'd be the cards. You can do practice readings. You can pull a card for yourself and try to see what it means. Obviously, taking this course will definitely help a lot. So as you can see, it's all about practice and all about getting to know your cards. It's the true meaning. I had one day where I did a reading to a friend. That was my very, very first terracotta reading. I would bring out the cards and then I would try to read the little book. I would try to say When I guess red and he couldn't remember it. It's like if I lost all type of consciousness and I didn't know how to read anymore. I tried three or four times and there was no way to do it. I guess went ahead and share the symbolism I was able to find in the cards and hoping for the best in what I first read enough thorough. Well, this friend was surprised because many private stuff came up at the point that even some of his stuff he wanted to come up. You can see how powerful that the records are. They always go straight to the point. And if you use your intuition to learn their symbolism, you can make an amazing team together. Yes, gets to know your carrots and let's continue with this course. See you next class. 5. 5 - Card spreads are unnecessary: Hi folks and welcome to class number four off and they're standing the taro. So in this class we're going to talk about something brief but very important. This is a terror card spreads. You know, I personally believe that terracotta spreads. Can they offer great aid, but you know, bigger, really not necessary. Because it's about reading the carrots, not about making a specific spread. You can find hundreds, if not thousands of different spreads. And they can provide amazing readings. Don't get me wrong. But I personally find that if you allow the pericardium to explain themselves, you will get the most out of each of your readings and waves then, well, you're going to notice that the carrots speak for themselves. If you decide to use a specific terror card spread, you're going to be able to do the reading, but you're going to find that one character that goes in a specific spot. It's trying to give you a message that we're supposed to be in a different spot, then you can get even confused because you can come to a point of realizing, well, if this character is in displacement, it only means that it has future events. It doesn't matter if I was able to perceive it has past life events. For instance, you know, that's wrong, that's wrong because you aren't limited and blocking the information. There are many great spreads and you can even have fun with some of them. I personally love one of them. It's about two cards. One of them is face up, and the second one is facedown. Technically they face up character represents a challenge. When you finish reading that challenge, you can reveal the second card they face on character, which is the reward. For little readings, for little games, they're fantastic. But if you want to provide someone with guidance, it's ideal to yes, at other carts to guide you. How can you do that? Simply after your chevron, you feel drunk to finish Ethylene? Yes. Draw one card, took about it. Everything that comes to you share it when you feel no more information is coming through? Yes. Draw another cart and place it almost on top of it. You're going to find out that the characters are going to draw a story for you. You even are going to find out that in the very guards, they get connected between themselves. They draw you a story in linear time. It's, it's fantastic to be honest, you know, and you allow the cards to talk about now about before, about what's the com, Our your subconscious about everything. This is why if you went to a serious reading, it's ideal to yes, use a carts without any additional spreads. But if you want to have alluvial fan and you want to try new things, you definitely want to go and try out there many spreads out there. Okay. Any of you guys aside here I can I can share some of them. Like I make a class sharing some of his spreads if you wanted. But it's ideal to yes, bring one cart, talk about it, next car took about it. And on either get to a point that you will know no more cards are needed, then you will stop. Again. It's all about the intuition and it's all about having a great connection with your tarot cards. From there, you will keep in progress. Okay, So we've sooner going to start talking about the symbolism of the cards. We have steel a couple more lessons before to that. So stick with me and let me know if you have any questions so far. Okay. See you next class. 6. 5 The Data, the engine, and the delivery: Hey guys, how are you today? So I am glad that you came so far with me steal. And today we are going with class number five in understanding the taro. Today we're going to talk about the most important part of the arrow itself or the mechanics of the taro. So first of all, I want you to understand that there is a symbolism. I am pretty sure they have mentioned that many times already. And probably I will mention that tomorrow. Your third eye, it's the one that will pick up the intuition. Then you interpreted the intuition and provide the message to the receiver. That's the basic mechanics of taro. You know, there is really no other complication. Additional complications are complications that we add that we try to increase our difficulty for whatever reasons. I went to mention to you, pericardial do connect with the soul of the people. When you, when you do a terracotta treating, you are really doing something very intimate because you are energetically opening to the energy of another person. That person is opening his or her energy to you. And a tarot cards, we'll create a breach between both of them. The terracotta, we'll know what's going on and the consciousness and the symbolism of the carrots. In addition of your very own intuition and your very own sensitivity to energy, it's going to make Betty friends. It's going to make the change. So it's very important that you are well aware of this. This is why when you where to buy your tarot card deck, you were to connect with it. You were to feel connected and you were to buy the one you feel drunk tool in our reading is the same. Let's say that you are going to do a terracotta accreting. It's best to, number one, clear your mind. Very important, okay? You are going to be able to find and exercise at hatch that will tell you how to clean your mind. Okay? Number two, how to know when it's intuition or when it's imagination. It's very simple. The intuition comes out of a blue. Like if suddenly an image appears in your mind. While imagination, you can feel that you build it up like you build a story. This is a difference. And then going to share with you a couple more exercises that you can find, attach on the right, okay? That you can download and you can practice the difference between intuition and imagination. Okay? What's up now? Once you are able to find this difference? Number three each, to protect yourself in bake your spirit guides visualize a babble of white light around you in order to raise your vibrations and to make sure you get the most clear information, then you will start shuffling your cards. There will be a point that you will feel drawn to stop. If at first it's hard for you is shuffled for a couple minutes and then stop. At that point, you draw your first card. What matters the most is to observe the cart. This is what it's all about this course. I'm going to tell you how to observe them. Even if this is a different periodic from yours. It doesn't matter because he's not about learning by heart, the symbolism, but learning how to find it. And I'm going to be explaining the courage. How to find the symbol is m itself. Another, a great way to utilize heroic arts. It's to get your confirmations, to get a validations in everything you are doing. Let's say that you have a promotion and you feel ready. But you are told you are ready, you are the best subject for this and you don't feel ready. Well, maybe looking for a terracotta deck. If you have your carrots and you're shuffling, you throw incorrect, you can get a good validation on that. You can get that measure. That will tell you if it's the right way or maybe not. You know, where these for shorter that there are characters will do. It's to show in your face that you can make a difference. Showing your face. What do you need to do? Or I do need to learn. It's right there in front of you. That's what matters the most. You are confused about a situation. You draw your tarot card and then you are going to get a straight interface. The answer whether you like it or not. But he's going to fulfill any degree of coefficient. I once wanted to rent an apartment. It was bigger than my prayer apartment, and it was St. Price. Everything was fine to rent it. I did a reading yesterday, I will check and I got a terrible reading. He was like, Oh, come on, What's going on here? Well, it said I had a few events in my life a couple of weeks later, such as the car breaking down, that would have put me in trouble financially if I went ahead and paid analytically policy and went with everything forward. So as you can see that there are characters can really, really bring closer and they're standing or clarification to any situation you have at a personal level. In fact, it's always said that it's very hard for a psychic to read him or herself. And it's true. That's why there are carrots are fantastic because their carts will give you the answer in your face whether you like it or not. It's a very good way to be able to read oneself, to receive messages, personal motivation, personal improvements. You can use it the records for limitless options, okay? But it's all about in their symbolism and it's all about in your intuition and your theory. If you are able to clear your mind, as he mentioned to you, protect yourself, shuffled, bring the character on. Yes, interpret the intuition. You already are going to have a great head advantage over others. So, you know, we have one more lesson. We are going to go into the major arcana first. I'm going to make a small introduction to them and then we jump right into a symbolism. Okay, so see you next class. 7. 6 - A brief introduction to Major Arcana: Hi guys. How is the going? We are in lesson number six of understanding a tariff. We are about to start to talk about the symbolism of the guards, yay family, but not before one more lesson. This one is just an introduction to what a mature cannot use. Prokaryotes are divided in mature arcana and minor made you are kinda, it's 22 cards. And you can notice that major or kind of cards do come numbered, okay? Then they do not belong to any specific suit. You can check it out on your left. You can realize that mature Canada, it's very similar from one to another deck. The messages themselves normally are similar. The symbolism from Michel normally is a very straightforward and very powerful symbolism. Let's say for example, about the death card, the disk card, when it comes up normally, it's bringing us closer in a situation and transition into a different one. Or it's telling us something needs to be completed in order for the next one to start. You know, that's pretty true for every single disk card that shows up. Major Arcana, it's much more cemented. However, it doesn't mean that if you see immature cannot you have to speak with a symbolism and yes, slim It. Definitely not. Because it's then when you have to use that intuition, that gut feeling of yours to connect the symbolism with a situation of the person because he's not as ECS. Yes. Saying this embolism, you need to make the other person understand how this applies in their life, in their situation. So you can realize that the material, really it's symptom stone what comes up? We can control our destiny and definitely if we change our actions, the outcome will change. But when we see a Major Arcana, you're going to realize that the actions actually are going to lead to premature only one result. If he'd seen Bosley fun. Definitely you want to stick with it. But if he turned negative one pretty much they mature. Canada is telling you that you are going into the wrong way. That you should turn around immediately. Because well-mannered Kenner, there could be variables in the outcome of the elections. He Major Arcana, it's pretty much seven stone. Let's say I want to go ahead and study, let's say a master's degree in a year. For an instance, it's impossible with AC. Yeah, I can't do it. And I pull it to your character. Probably I will be shown there. Chariot, the chariot will tell me you are going too fast. If you keep going this way, you're gonna crash. Because obviously if I pretend to learn a master's degree in a year, I would fail it because it takes a few years. This is a small example about how they mature. I cannot works because if it was minor Khanna, maybe you could be given options that could bring that action to fulfillment. But sometimes there are no options. Something's, there's only one growth in the action you are doing and they make you hurricane. I may show you the throat very, very clearly. Okay. It's good because Major Arcana can really tell you, you should definitely go for this. Or he should definitely not go for this. Mature candidates really good with life lessons. Because since you are being told things from their face, you have no way to question it, but to follow it if it's for your Haigis interest or to learn how to change it in order to change the outcome. Okay, That's the purpose of their characters readings. It's to know if you're in the right way to go to keeping the right way, and if you are going the wrong way, what do you need to do to change that and to re-engage into the right way. Well, that's pretty much it for this lesson. So now we're going to jump into the symbolism. Okay, I'll see you next lesson. 8. 7 - The Fool: Hey folks, where are you? So we are finally into the interpreting the symbolism. And we are already in our first card. As you can see on your left, you can see we are going to talk today about default. As you can see, the full is numbered with the 0. It's the only car that it's number with a 0. The others are numbered in Roman numbers generally. Okay. This is how it gets to interpret the symbolism, okay, the first thing you need to do, ETS need to observe the cart. Take few seconds, even pass this media if you prefer, and observe the full cart. What is y the first scene from the full cart? You know, when you are trying to address an issue, when you are trying to do a reading, it's going to become much easier for you. If able to tell you right now, you can do the cart and what draws to you the most you could feel that connection. And that could be because the parent has a message for you. But it's much easier when you do have a question or something to resolve. But in order for me to be able to use course, I am going to be pretending, you know, I feel drunk to one spot or to another one. For an instance, what does the full tell us initially, the full tell us that there is a reckless man having the time of his life. His stock is having theme of his life. And he's about to get in big, big trouble because he's on the edge of a cliff. The Voc is also playing happily. No one seems to care that he's about to fall and get badly injured. That's the main symbolism of a cart. Initially, you need to look out for the big picture. And this is especially true for Major Arcana cards because normally they show you easier. The best, the big picture. If you can see the symbolism of the card, you can find that there are plenty, plenty more symbolism, son, every single drawing in the character may have a message for you. Okay, if I wanted, I could make one hour or more worth for lecture with yes. The full cart with any car? Pretty much. But that's not the point. I went to make it simple and I want to make it straightforward. But you know, for an instance, the main symbolism you'll need to grab from the full is the fact that he is not taking care of his surroundings. He could say, you know, imagined that they are asking you, what's wrong with work? Why do I get why don't I get a promotion? Let's say that the full car shows up. Well, they measured from there. It might be, you know, beware. Pay attention to what you are doing. You are not paying attention to your job. You are taking it. Very likely. You should look closer to what you do because you might be making something wrong. You know, in a typical reading you get multiple cards. You can compliment one cart with another. And we can build a story. Another purpose, for example, for the full, let's say that someone is asking that they have a lot of stress, they have a lot of work. They enjoy their weekends with their children, but they go to plenty of activities. And the only way to know when to plan for vacation. And let's say that this person wants to know why it's depressed. You know, an a full cart shows up. Well, that would mean pretty much that the person needs to put more joy into life, needs to put more passion into it. Not only measures of danger itself, of pay attention or your wheel getting trebled, know some things it's all about stop working, relax, have fun and enjoy life because they're full is also remembering us at its very important to enjoy life. Other symbolism I could interpret from the full list. Success for an instance, default has reached to the cliff to the top. The full hash accomplish that and it's celebrating, now, he's delivering this success. Let's say that someone someone says, Well, I got a promotion at work. Whether basis do you get the next? Well, obviously the full wouldn't be the best car, but sometimes it might show up with a reason. Let's see if it shows up. Well, the remainder, maybe it's about celebrating. Maybe it's only that maybe you go to your promotion. You haven't done anything about it. You are almost up ethic. Well, the full might be every mind there. Hey, Legal more what you received. He's having blessing. You should be happy you listserv at its own reward and joined, celebrate life to the fullest your promotion. Remember to also celebrate, to be able to enjoy and to have more energy for the time she don't celebrate. As you can see, that's already three messages from the full, okay, in different situations, you can see space, you can see clouds, you can see the mountains from the bottom, on the bottom of the car. That could symbolize travel, that squid symbolize changes that were timber lays challenges. One thing could be very challenging. Another meeting of the full would be, you are not paying attention to your life. You are not paying attention to your doings. You need to put your feet on the ground and you need to start moving forward. Seriously. You know, now the full revolves around, okay. There are plenty more, but they went to keep it brief and he went to keep it more objective and more to the point of saying, these are the main symbol it seems you can get, this is how I see it. And you can hurt yourself with that, okay? But you are going to discover other symbolism stone before, you know, if you find them, you are more than welcome to post a general question. Send me a message and share your findings. We can enrich the course this way. See you next class. 9. 8 - The Magician: Hey folks, welcome to Understanding the terror. Today we are going to be talking about the my ischium. As you know, we are already talking about this embolisms. This embolisms, M-cells are to be interpreted in many, many ways. The migration, as you know, it's probably the most fabulous and the most popular terracotta art. You can even most of the times see the magician as the example correct for any Tarot deck, okay. But you know what's all about the migration? The migration personally, it contains pretty much the most symbolism that all cards may contain. Technically, this wouldn't be true because, you know, all the cards contained almost limitless symbolism, but the most volatile or the most flexible, correct? In a way, it's the migration. The migration could answer to pretty much any question by itself. Okay, My to analyze a symbolism, Let's, let us see what is the card. For an instance, the first thing that could make me feel drunk too. It would be the site of this migration. As you can see, these beams of light coming out from his eyes. You can perceive the, the magician is someone who can't see ahead. Someone that can foreseen this in a reading could signify that you need to pay attention to your intuition. You need to pay attention to observe your surroundings. You need to look out what's more than yes, in front of you. You need to look beyond what's in front of you and you need to look to the sides also, not yes, look straight. Okay. So another very strong symbolism front of my Haitian. As you can see, you can see in the very cared that there is a cap, there is a sort, there is a one, and there is a pinnacle. In addition of some flowers and such. But as you can see, the migration is holding all four suits from every single suit, okay, It's one of them, one of which you will realize that this is true for most my ischium in most thoroughly mixed in one way or another. This could signify that you have plenty of tools available at your disposition. It could also simplify for you to learn and understand what's the right tool in the given moment. If you combine that with what I said prior, then we already have, make sure for you to listen to your intuition to look very young that what ECS in front of you. Because if you though, you are going to be able to understand which tools are going to help you the most for your endeavors. As you can see, I have built a very strong sentence right now in this course. It's something that gets made up. But in our reading, something like that can come up. You can interpret also. You can even go further and you can see the flowers on his card and you can interpret well, you know, combining the insight of the magician who sees the young and who questions everything, and who knows what tool to use in the right time. It's going to discover the beauty of life, of life. And it's going to discover the amazement of achieving a successful result. You can also realize that from the magnesium, there is a life lesson that needs to be learned. You can notice that the infinity symbol on the very top of his head, okay, that could signify that you are being receiving a life lesson. Let's say that. Let's say that someone says, You know, I always happen to find the same guys. I have the same issues over and over. And you get a migration shown up then out a new field drawn to the infinite symbol. Well, you can say, well this is a loop. This is a life lesson is something that you need to learn. This is something that you need to work on. How well, yes, follow the rest of the symbolism funding my ischium, if you feel that's the only symbolism you need to get at this time, which it could happen, then you go for the next car. Okay, That's how it works. When you feel that nothing else is showing up, you need to move on to the next car. That's very important. So, you know, this is pretty much eat what they wanted to mention for them, I ischium. So I hope you are enjoying this course and let's go for next class. 10. 9 - The Highest Priestess: Hello everyone. In this lesson today we are going to be talking about the symbolism from the high priestess. This is the third major arcana heart. Okay? It's a very personally, it's a very powerful guard for me. You can notice plenty of symbolism here. You can notice the Alpha and the Omega. You can notice a moon if you interpret it that way, okay, connecting the Alpha and the Omega, you can figure out that gene Jan that you have over there. You can figure out that this woman over there, It's very connected to water and to the elements. It's very important to observe everything that the callers, their facial expression, what they are doing, okay, these are questions that you need to ask yourself. This is why I went into the terror card class this way. Because they will help you to ask yourself these questions, okay, and the best way, rather than slamming everything in one PDF lesson is to teach it through the different. Similarly some lessons, you know, if I would say what I've drawn them most in this card, I would say the Alpha and the Omega. That's a very strong message from the high priestess. A question that could be answered with a Haigis, with a high priestess. It could be something probably like, I am starting my journey in cooking class. And I am a little leucine confidence. I'm not sure if I will be able to pull this off. And let's say that you get the high priestess. Well, right on, right off the bat, you can say that you need to find peace of mind. How I'm pulling that off. Well, you know, they're wider as you can see it it feels gentle in the correct. Okay. You should pick that up. If you pick up this scene, if you pick up the gentleness, you can't go forward. You can see the face of the high priestess. She's column cease relax, but she's also very wise. He's observing. There are many, many things. So let's say you are asking yourself that if you are starting cooking school and you don't feel confident, well, this guy is going to tell you, you know, you were given this challenge and you were up for it at some point. When a challenge has given, you can overcome it easily if you put your heart and if you put your soul, this is a path that you can start and you can finish, and you will be able to accomplish it. For an instance, you could say that you are going to accomplish it if you feel drunk too, that, you know from that moon over there, it could represent a smile. Also. As you can see, it's endless. The symbolism here, another strong symbolism. It's that gene Jan on the term of the high priestess, the gin Janet symbolizing, well, what did Jim Jensen boluses itself. It's going to tell you what everybody's situation is. If it's something negative, it might tell you, Well, make sure to pick up what it's good for you because you can take something from this and then discard the rest. Or if it's possibly if it could be the other way around, it could be something like, you know what you are doing, fantastic and you are progressing and it's within your path. But beware because of this reason depth. That's where he wanted to get with the Haigis priestess. Also, in some cases, you can even observe the leg of his son and you can realized that various going to be everything. I'll write this guy sunny, the CSE column, there is nothing wrong, there is no turmoil coming up. The Hague is brisk could also represent offset of telling to you if you continue through this path and you accomplish it, you are going to have peace of mind in your future because you are going to be in sync with the universe doing what you were meant to either win and in a successful way. As you can see, you know, there are plenty, plenty of symbolism smarter mainly, these are the ones that connect with me for the high priestess. Okay? So as always, if you find other symbolism or you are able to interpret it in a different way, feel welcome to message me or to post it. And we can make a conversation and we can even strengthen our pool of symbolism because as I mentioned in an earlier lesson, the terracotta cheese, I constantly learning, I have been reinforced sewing years and he's still learn. So it's something quite, quite fantastic. Well, let's see, totally next class. 11. 10 - The Empress: Hey, hey, How is it going? So his class number ten and well, I really hope you guys are enjoying it so far. If you need or you have any suggestions or any questions by all means, let me know, okay, I am here to help you guys to chat with you all. So post your questions and if you have say yes by all means to improve this course too, something you will anthracene the course, let me know. Okay, I will be adding plenty of stuff. We're going to talk today about the emperor and the empress eats feminine power itself. Okay, for me, the filename in the pericardium is represented by the emperors and the masculine. It's obviously the emperor which we are going to be talking in next class. But they embrace, tells me that's the main symbolism, okay? Because as you know, it already starts to have a main symbolism and then they have their specific symbolism. The big picture of the Empress is telling that nothing is really going to be missing in your life that you are going to be taken care of. And you can even get to a point, you know, if you can see that bird over there, Give me an hour buried to the empress. You can pick up from there that you're going to receive external help, whether it's from totem animals, whether it's from someone physically where they're eats, a spirit. You know, that's something that your intuition. We all have to tell you as you know, symbolism, it's most of it, but it's not everything. But here you can perceive several things you can perceive for an instance, that you have reached a stating your life of abundance and competition. You can observe if there is a beautiful background, kinda like exotic or, you know, quite different than their normal. So if you feel drunk with that, okay, this is the clue I am trying to talk about alleles at everything. You know, actually in any of my readings, I have failed drunk that mountain with the trees on the very bottom of the parent. Okay. But, you know, it brought my attention now to share it. So as you can see, this symbol, it seems to me multiplying, okay? You can, you can observe what they're wearing. If they have dependence, if they have earrings, you need to observe them. For an instance, you can see that one of the earrings of Harry, he's making a spark. And you can notice from that that the earrings are good-quality earrings, probably diamond earrings. So it can talk to you about a VM that's, an interest, has high abundance. In practice, more carrying. You can look at her face. The terracotta, which shows you very well through their expressions with bake-off energy. Do they have? And you can notice that in the case of the Empress says kind, gentle, even listening to you. You can see her hand, you can see her body language. You can feel that she's very connected with nature as well. Let's say that you are asking a question. For an instance, rib well-being, how can I enjoy my business much better? I worked from home. Well and then press shows up. Well, you could be told many things. You could be told that maybe not like you are in a good place, a professionally, you want to take care of yourself and not work and bust yourself every single day by the go more in nature or enjoy more of the status you are in. For an instance, you are feeling lost and you are feeling that the person you're working with, It's not helping you out and the empress show up. Well, you can perceive from this third, this person might be willing to talk, might be willing to discuss with you what's going on because maybe something from on your end or maybe this person is going through a hard time. But if you see the Empress, you can symbolize dialogue. You can symbol lace and they're standing. You can symbolize receiving help, whether it's from your very own power as the Empress, having strong financial resources and strong connections. But it could also feel receiving external aid, whether it's from someone else, whether it's from they asked her realm as you can perceive in this current. You can also perceive that there is out of nature, these health of beauty in this, if you are looking or if you are seeking beauty or maybe something in your life feels desk or negative and the emperor shows up. Well then Prescriptive tells you that you'll need to take a look in a different perspective because there is more beauty than you think. You know pretty much for me, this is what the Empress is same as always if you have perceive of it experiences, even from this very videos, you will feel thrown to a specific symbolism on the Empress. You definitely want to go with it and you definitely want to share it if he went and we can talk about it. Okay. So I hope you enjoyed this one and see you next one. 12. 11 - The Emperor: Hello everyone. How is it going? Last class, we talked about the Empress. So today we're going to talk about the emperor. So as you know, I like to allow myself to be guided to where the symbolism takes me. Saving, advising through they produce classes. It's important to look at facial expression about what the character is doing, etc. For me, you know, they impair, it means the highest at some degree. When you need help, when you are looking for advice, when you are looking for guidance of some sort. And let's say that someone tells you when there's going to come a person in your life and that person represents the emperor. That only one way to interpret the emperor, another way to interpret the emperor and less positive one, it could be the ego part that the emperors have. It's important to also have a Neil illegal knowledge about what these characters are. What entails to be unimpaired. You should not only base your symbolism on that, but you should use it as an aid. Always, you have to match your intuition with a symbolism so the wind that way, you are going to be able to know what to grab a bitter. For an instance, you can observe the emperor, he's gifting something, something powerful, something Holly by nature. It's about observing or was it a strong symbolism? So on the impeller is also not having anything missing. Let's say that you get an emperor in terms of the outcome of any promotion. Well, it means that you may have more responsibilities, but you are also going to have a lot more rewards. You may be if the emperor connects with you for an incident that say that the emperor represents you. You are the emperor. And then it can represent that you have great responsibility, that you have great knowledge, great wisdom, and you need to watch out for your ego. You need to watch out for making hasty, efficient. You need to understand that you have a big responsibility in whatever you have asked. So as you can see, these are different aspects from the Emperor, but mainly it's revolving around that, around the strength of the emperor itself. Knowing when to be kind and went to give, knowing when to be righteousness and have to stay strong as an impeller. And knowing when you need to avoid your ego and step down the horse. Pretty much that's the symbolism that the Emperor wants to share with us. Okay, so let's go for next class. 13. 12 - The Hierophant: Hello everyone. Today we are going to be talking about the hierophany. You know, he's a very interesting character. You know, by a general rule of thump. Pretty much all cards in their terror. They have two sides of the coin. They have the positives and the negatives. As you know, some of the carrots may go more into the positive. So make our Internet and Eve. But they are some cards that really are powerful in a way of eating you the option. It could be either really good or really bad or everything in-between. The hierophany is one of those. Initially, before they positive symbolism you can receive from the higher fund is that the higher fund itself strong SP2 or leader. Someone with waste knowledge about spirituality, about the astral realm, about spirits, and I've out psychic gift in general. The heroine represents someone with the ability to foreseen someone who is constantly connected with the Astro realm. Someone with the ability to listen to others, to know what's wrong with their soul and held him being spiritual assistant of some sort. When they hear a fun show, shopping and reading, when you are asking for an instance, how about your spiritual development? You can receive information like saying, well, you are going to encounter some of speech while helpers that they're going to be in assistance for you. That's great. You know about us. The coin also, the terracotta pots are double-sided. They hire a font also could represent the negative part of what really turned represents, okay? It could represent the ego, it could represent the fact of feeling above everyone equal to represent the corruption. This is a same every single class way, intuition is very important. You need to observe the entire card. You need to see what you are told. For an instance, you can see that the hierophany is having a vision. So it's a visionary. It's looking into the future. They are people in front of him waiting to be assisted. Or you could interpret it as he is carrying for his own business and not assisting those who need. But the best way to know what the truth is when you are into the actual greening connected through your intuition. But for you to be aware of, That's the general idea for the hierophany. Mainly they're positive and the negative of a high speed. Well, either that's why you need to stick with the actual card. He is available. May or may not, but he is at least having a vision and they are people that are trying to get to connect with him. This friend in stamps could mean that if you are already a spiritual leader of some sorts, maybe it could be interpreted as being more attention to the people you're working with. Or remember that you are working with that are off people. Or for an instance, I can see that you are ready dedicating yourself to help people. So it goes into works for the hierophany. Okay, so see you in next class. 14. 13 The Lovers: Hello everyone. In this class today we're going to talk about one interesting card. There are a few cards in the terror that are well-known. They are popularly known, and some of them are misjudge, either very feared or interpreted only in one way. And you know, this current that we are talking about to the east, one of them. Well, as you can see that car is delivers. Normally this could be one of the most favorite carts of people. It could be what? It's triple a belief. You go to get a reading us about these guy or the scale, the loggers show up. Awesome. Well, it could be definitely, it can be definitely the labours represent love obviously, but it could represent other things also. As you know, everything has a double-sided meaning and the terror holds many symbolism. For an instance, to go ahead with a not so obvious symbolism here, I can perceive their south of light between both of the labours. For example. It could mean that both lowers to have a very strong spiritual development, or they have a similar level of spirituality. For an instance, if you, maybe you asked a reading to see, well, let's see. My spiritual connection with my best friend. And their best friend is married, Euro-zone married, and there is no love at all. And then boom, the loggers show up. Well, it could represent for an instance that the both of you have been connected, can enjoy life much more. Thanks to that friendship. You can enjoy life much more. It can represent that the both of you that we have a great level of spirituality and it's a label that it's connected. It's connected and it's agood level of balance and seeing didn't see me learn in vibration. Another great meaning from the labours running instance. It's that you are going to have a very good connection with something. In their previous, caught in the previous class, I was mentioning that some cards are more salient than one or in another end. The lobbyist is true, is cited more on the positive end. Okay? Because for an instance, I happened recently for me in renin, and it was near recent meaning I discovered our delivers. The purpose of the reading was about some endeavors of the person. And at the end they meant was that if he managed to accomplish a few things, he would be able to love his life once again with passion like he did a few years ago. The local show up. Millibars represented this person and life itself. That's a representation of lowers in that end. Also, it may end than maybe some people don't like to hear this. It may be counterproductive. You may be asking about someone you like. You could receive when carrot that code to represent a block, like a king of sorts, for instance, that we'll talk about it in the future. But then the lobsters show up and then underscore to represent the person you are attracted to, to be in love with someone else. Or it could even represent, well, it's best for you to not pursue this person because this person is meant to be with a personal East. Now, they are going to have a fantastic connection. So the lovers is true. They revolve around love, but it doesn't revolve around romance. Always, Romans is the main topic, but it can be love for your life, love for your job. Look for a specific behavior, a specific thought. It could represent many things, even equal to represent reaching some degree of violence. Sort of saying, if you pursue this, you are going to truly be in sync with the universe and you're going to truly be loving what you are doing and you are going to attract abundance to your life. You know, the lovers are good validators to the article validators to tell you this is going to be awesome, the spring to be great. Also the lower squared represent for you to leave the moment, if you would perceive the image from it lowers, you can see that they are truly leaving the moment. They are cases and cases, they are many types of cheeses. And you can see when a case is rushed or when a case is well invested into the, put the time into the case, the passion, the heart, everything. You can perceive that from the loggers. It also represents out in TCT in a relationship with relationship I mean, only love can be between coworkers, boss, employee, a friend's brothers who know he's lowers show up as a part of the relationship. It also can represent that there is a good connection, there is good balance and there is out in TCT. This is pretty much all about the lovers. I hope you have enjoyed this class and I'll see you next. 15. 14 - The Chariot: Hello everyone. So in this class today we are going to talk about the chariot. Chariot is a great cart when you are talking about making deficient or when you are in transition of something, okay? As you can see, the chariot represents movement, represents progress. It could represent travel, okay? But when you look closer to their cart, you can perceive a lot more. Remember I told you to look on the facial expression of every character in the carrots. That includes animals. Even flowers, flowers on a happy face, but they could be more withered or more open. You need to pay attention to that. Even the color, you have to pay attention to literally everything. For an instance, here, you can interpret the chariot as two horses running wild for the size of the road you are seeing on the card. For the speed of those horses have, you can look into their posts and you can see they are running at quite a good speed. You could represented of nu. Nu are progressing very rapidly. You are making a lot of progress. It could also mean you are going too fast. You can crash and he will hurt. It can represent also for you to make sure to observe all the options on the table. Because the chariot could lead you to a positive or a negative outcome. You can get that from the color of the horses. One of them is black, the only one who's white. You can represent that also as having a good level of balance. You could say, well, your label of goodness is in good balance with your level or with your shadow site, which means that you can progress, okay. You can also observe that there is someone dragging the horses. So, you know, you can think of the control you have over a chariot. You need to count into that. He's a chariot being pulled by two horses. That's not a save as UV car that you drive in the freeway. Each chariot with two horses running wild, controlled by only one man through a tiny their throat. So you have to put everything into account. You could represent well, you are in control of things. You can progress, you are moving forward. You are reaching to your end goal. That's fantastic, but also it could be, but pay attention. Make sure you're constantly pay attention in what do you do? Don't crash. Focus and you will reach your destination because if you were to stop focusing, either a crash or you would pass the place because they harvest one stop running until you tell them to stop. And if you don't pay attention to the wrote the hardest, I'm going to keep writing straight, naval minded. They can jump, they wiggle for it by the chariot might suffer some damage. And broadly, you would also, that's what they, that's what they heard represents a gate represents movement equal percents, brokers by the pulsar represents for you to pay attention to what you are doing, to focus, and to slow down if you need. In order to know what to pick up, I see a very well-known you have to connect that through your intuition analyzing the situation that it's given to you. In these case, they read itself, okay? But that's pretty much all about the chariot. More immersive journalism, I'm sure it will keep coming up, but that's the main focus of it. See you next class. 16. 15 - Justice: Hello everyone. In this class today, we are going to talk about yesterday. You know? Yes, this is for me the most violence cart in the whole deck when I was talking about it could be one-sided or another, that some of them were more in the 5015 and others were more on the edges. Well, yesterday, let's say that each on the very, very centered 5050, you can observe the cart and you can get a huge amount of symbolism out from yesterday. What you mainly perceive is this woman. Yes, this for me and also for the person who interpreted these card. Yes, this could go better with a feminine energy. Because if the masculine energy, you say energy that it's more strong in terms of going forward, challenges, things like that. And then in terms of kindness, in terms of yesterday's itself, the feminine energy is better because they feminine energy is more gentle. It's more a type of energy that counts everything in the male energies more straightforward. So that alone already you should understand that if you're facing a situation or you're being asked about something in a specific yes. When you know there is female energy, you already can experience a big difference. Because already it means that things are going to go possibly in a more Sudan way. You can also perceive that the cart is symmetric. You can perceive that the character represents good and bad. You can see the symbolism from the sun on the air on the left. And then you can see the symbolism of the moon on the right. But you can even go further than that, because at least from my very own interpretation, it feels to me like the moon itself is having an eclipse gaining more length. So at some point you could interpret that in order to bring balance to wherever she tuition you're going on, you need to put more light into the worksite. For an instance. I know they're good example of light and dark. You can see that gene Jen in the very middle of the card. You can see that the buyer that has more light is on the left, also on the part with more dark is on the right. You can perceive that this woman is foreseen through the beams from his hair eyes. So you can perceive that? Yes, this is not only looking into the now, but it also looks into what is yet to come. Some sun-like sorting to allow you to find yesterday's itself. You have yeses right now and then you are going to have yesterday. But you need to relate it as always, we think tuition, you can see that scale in the middle. It's Pierce enough flour, for example, a rose. You can represent that for an instance, there is something in life that you need to deal with. It might not be pretty, it might bring some paint in your life, but it will be good because then you will reach balance through that challenge. Because that's another meaning of yesterday's a complete level of balance. He's like someone who would be financially well and someone who'd be kind to others following their purpose, healthy. They could even get yesterday's, they could even get the actors because of their balance, sort of failing. You are in balance. You are in a good state of balance and you are, we'll put, it could be described that way. As you can see yesterday's, it has a lot, a lot of ways to interpret that is one of the cards that has the most interpretations and the one that requires the most intuition. When you are in doubt, you can always pull another current and help yourself this way. Well, I hope you have enjoyed yesterdays and let's go for next class. 17. 16 - Strength: Hi everyone. In this class we're going to talk about strength. Strength is for me very straightforward, okay? Some carbs contain Marcy moralism, some cards contain less Kemalism, as well as being the perception of every person, okay? Strength itself, it represents for me, they're very word itself. Its strength willpower, having potential, not being afraid. For an instance, the symbolism of the legume, that's when he is very well-known for his strength king. But another symbol is in that they can perceive is that the woman is naked. You wouldn't see anything. But, you know, the drape she has is covering her, Bobby. But, you know, that's a mitotic error because you can perceive easily that she wears nothing. Being naked. It represents being exposed. But as you can perceive, this leg doesn't mind that. And what's in front of here is the valor of the lion. The drape is definitely not clobbering hair, skin, not protecting her. But the symbolism of a lion itself. It means that the energy within a strength, It's very powerful. You can represent that the ligand is covering the heart chakra. They saw our protective sun enabled chakra for this lady. Those are the chakras where the power truly remains, the personal power and the power of unconditional love. And it's all protected and it's all shown by the lion. You can connect the beauty of being in that status. Let's say that you want to know about your position, about how you are doing in your current job. Strength comes happen. Meaning can simply mean you are able to accomplish any given task that you have. Even if you feel exposed or even if you feel allele overwhelming at times, you truly are going to be able to overcome any challenges and fulfill the job that you are given, okay? You can see plenty of flowers on the character that also represents a beauty. It represents of unbent. Because they are many, many flowers. You need to observe that you can go crazy if you try to extract everything, It's amazing you can look at every single card for hours and obtain descriptions. As you can see, the ladies wearing a tiara. You can represent that as either wisdom because it's pointing and collect, and almost in the theory and the crown, or it could represent God's blessings, good physical evidence. You are a strong person and thanks to that, you can bring goods to you. You can bring looks right to you. You can bring much more beauty in your life because maybe you are as throne person and you know what you are doing. You pursue your passions. And you strongly pursue your passions. You'll find beauty in your endeavors because you are doing what you're passionate about. You can feel it's very sunny, it's day. He represents also new opportunities. It could represent, well, It's the beginning of a new vein because for the length of the length of where the sun is from, where he was supposed, where it could be, let's say at 3PM, you could get from the sun that eats Martin okay. For the color of his day and everything. So it's the beginning of a new URL already into that new day. And you have the strength to overcome this challenge or whatever opportunity you have, okay? You get an offer, promotion, you get strength. Then it means that you should take it because it's a new opportunity. And if face in your life, it's about combining symbolism as well. Combining the symbolism of the land itself, the willpower and the potential you have with the fact that the sun heats up early and bright. You can imagine it as a new face in your life. You can see it as that and then three or intuition, okay, through knowing the situation you are helping the person with and understanding what you need to tell. Alternating tuition, you can give plenty of information. This is it for a strength. And let's go onto the next one. 18. 17 Wheel of Fortune: Hello everyone. In this class we're going to talk about the wheel of fortune. And I am pretty sure that yes, by the name itself, you guys can be somewhat familiar with what the wheel of fortune represents. And you know, good Wheel of Fortune discard may be either very easy to read or very hard to read, okay. As far as the very easy part, sometimes you can say, well, I'm not sure if I should move or I should wait one more year. You are pooled a wheel of fortune. Well, that could represent basically what I will have fortunate means that things may not go the way you expect. Things may become extra challenging. You may have extra opportunities that will allow you to move forward, okay? There is a degree of uncertainty that you want to be able to know. And certainly it's something that will afford truly represents as well as randomness. They will refer to. Really it's telling you to pay attention and to be aware, be careful. They will afford to me. It's also telling you, you might win big Matthew might lose, sneak for an instance, to go to another example, Let's say that someone is in a relationship that it's somewhat destructive. But both both persons in the ratio of one to fix it. But both persons have a huge amount of ego and both persons want things their way or the freeway. Well, and I will afford to miss pull up. This could represent that well, you may work out this relationship, but you still need to be aware that it could go wrong and still could not happen at all. Or it could go fantastic or somewhat in the middle. Normally, you know, the wheel of fortune, by itself alone, it doesn't mean a lot. But you know, by other hand, as you can see on the car, it's full of symbolism, is full of sacred geometry. It can talk about the magnificent creation of the universe. It can took about connection. You can see that many things are intertwined in this wheel of fortune. They are many, many connections. It could represent that you are going to be meeting a lot of people, that you are going to be connecting with. A lot of situations that we'll form you and your soul. In a much better self or in a much worse itself. There is going to be plenty of life lessons as well as plenty of opportunities, both good and bad. Fortune will always stay at a 5050. It will never really one site. Okay. Unless it's something very obvious. But steel, if it would show up. It's still some representation of randomness and possibilities. However, this is a character where, you know, where they mature or needs to truly be kept into account. Because, you know, I remember you guys that mature Kenner are harder to take control of minor Canada normally, based on your actions, you can easily change the outcome. The mature cannot will tell you. I either follow these two, which is outcome or change in order to reach a different outcome. And it's like that black or white. Well, the wheel of fortune will never be able to dictate how the outcome is going to end. But it's going to tell you the outcome is still, it can happen or it can go in any direction. Some things when a question is asked about something that is undecided, or let's say you ask about how much success my future buildings going to have. Let's say a some person, some wealthy person comes in saying, well, I'm going to build a building. I guess I started and I wanted to know its success. Well, at that stage, you make Paul Wheel of Fortune because you know, it will depend on how the building is finished. It's undecided yet because the building's not finished yet. Okay. Everything is not written on stone. So for the building to be properly finished, it depends on freewheel, depends on the good of the builders. You could get a wheel of fortune because maybe their buildings, it's not what you were expecting or it's not as luxury as you want it, or it could happen by many reasons. So, you know, the randomness and the, you know, the ability of being able to go into any direction is what they will afford to lose. All about. Make sure that you pull an additional card. If you pull the wheel of fortune, that way you are going to understand better what the wheel of fortune it's trying to tell you. Well, that's all I had to tell you about it. So let's go for next class. 19. 18 The Hermit: Hello folks. How are you guys doing? Well, we are today going to talk about the hermit. Hermit is one of my favorite cards because they hermit truly represents me. Root truly represents who are my at some degree, okay? As you can see, it's a quite beautiful carrot and it has very, very powerful symbolism. The first and the most drawn image, it would be the main hermit that you are seeing. You can find that the Hermite is very peaceful. It's very relaxed, is very much into his own biv. He is in sync. You can perceive adhesins seeing because of the label of relaxation he has on his face, you can perceive it. He's been observed by verts, start very close to him. You know that averts are very sensitive. To ask me if there is something sligh