Understanding the Sales Funnel Basics for Business | Lisa Pezik | Skillshare

Understanding the Sales Funnel Basics for Business

Lisa Pezik, Igniting Your Online Business

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Welcome Video

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Why A Funnel Matters

    • 3. Lesson 2 - The Sales Page

    • 4. Lesson 3 - The Cart Page

    • 5. Lesson 4 - The Thank You Page

    • 6. Class Project Overview

    • 7. Course Completion Video


About This Class

A funnel is a sales strategy that keeps you always open for business. Properly executed funnels allow potential customers to quickly learn about your products/services and they can decide if they want to work with you. The funnel has the conversation for you!

In this training, we’ll discuss:

  1. What you need to build a funnel
  2. Components of a sales page
  3. Components of the cart page
  4. Components of the thank you page 

By the end of this training, you'll be ready to build your first funnel!



1. Welcome Video: Hi there, Lisa P. Secure, business strategist, Content expert. And I want to teach you about the basics of a sales funnel for your business. Now you don't need any type of prior experience to be able to get in here and learn from this course. We know that sales and clients are like the lifeblood of the essential fuel that's needed for every business to run. But sometimes the word sales makes us feel icky. You know, we've all had that pushy salesmen that tries to sell us something that we don't want we don't need or they're relentless. Or we've been on the opposite end where we've had to have several conversations with people to get them to say yes and understand why they need our products or services and why were the right fit for them? Ah, sales funnel saves you time and energy because it does the work online for you. It's not pushy when it's built with the right content on the right components, and that's what I'm gonna teach you. Everybody wants to know that. How how do I build this? How do I get it up and online? But I want to just walk you through in this quick course. What do you exactly need to be ready to build it? And when we look at what a sales funnel looks like, if you look on my website here, you'll see. But these are my funnel. So the recharge method online and I 2 to 1 strategy calls. And over here, away from my chap thought, Here is my Freedom Life Group coaching programs. So I'm going to show you the difference and the next video between a direct to sail on what an actual sales funnel is and how I had my first success with the funnel. So what's coming next is why you need it So glad that you're here, and I can't wait to teach you about exactly what you need to build your 2. Lesson 1 - Why A Funnel Matters: Hey there, Lisa. Fees Akira again and want to teach you about why you should care about having a sales final in your business. Why do you need this? And why is this so important to your growth in your success? December of 2017. I got a call, and on the other end, I heard Lisa, I'm so sorry, but I have to cancel the event. And then there was a whole bunch of words and excuses and things that came later that I really didn't hear, because in my mind, I was hearing Oh, my God. I'm supposed to be speaking on a stage in London, England. I'm from outside Toronto, Canada. I have to fly international. The flights booked, the place is booked. Child care is booked for our then four year old. I was expecting to convert 30% from stage. Get X amount of income. It was the first time I was gonna launch my online The nine program. What the hell am I going to? Dio and I knew three of the other speakers that were set to speak with me at this event in London and I called about, but I said what are you guys gonna do? Like I can't get my money back. I already have everything arranged. I had so much riding on this. Are you still gonna go to London or he's gonna call it wash and they said, we're going to call it a wash. We're going to try to get our money back. We're going to say, you know, chalk it up to that experience. Things happen. We're not going. And I got off those calls and I turned to my husband and I said, We're going. We're going to London, England. We have too much skin in the game. I'm not gonna put my success of my business and what I want achieve in the hands of others . So we went to London and there was one last speaker that I couldn't get a hold off. And once we landed, got in contact with her and she said, I'm in London to, and I have 40 women that are coming to because they paid for this event and they can't get their money back. You know what? It was only four days when she canceled it. So she said, Will you help me serve these women and we did. We rented out a little room in a hotel and I taught them five steps to launch a. We brainstormed we masterminded and it was amazing. And then I said to my husband, and not only are we going to speak, we're gonna do a webinar and I'm still gonna launch this almighty night course. And he said, Are you crazy? Lisa were in London, England were out of country. We don't know what the Internet is going to be like. We don't know what the lighting and the sound. There's just so many unknowns. And I said, We're doing it. I believe in my ability. The stuffs already built. The funnel is already Bill. It's already there. I just have to deliver and teach. And I did. And yes, technology did conk out cause why, If I was spotty, not in our homeland hold area and we lost a few people before people stay. They were able to get back on for people, stay to the end, and one person took my offer and bought my online course. It was a launch, It was a success, and I celebrated. Now the only way that that could have been possible was because I had the course here up for sale. Yes, I talked and I quote unquote pitched. It made the offer at the end. But you can see here with a funnel. It does the work for me talked about what it is. Who? It's four, the story testimonials. And this lovely woman here was someone who I met while I was in London that then later did the course and gave me feedback in a testimonial. So subsequent sales and collaborations came from this. It talks about who it's for who? It's not four. And this is what we call the landing page or the opt in page of your funnel. Now, don't worry. We're gonna go with each video step by step. That shows you what's a landing page? What do you need for it? What's your car page? What do you need for it? What's your thank you Page? What do you need for it? Because that is what your funnel is and you'll see in the back end here where I haven't built. I've got that often. Page what you saw? I've got a cart page and I've got a thank you page. It's technology takes the second who gets clicked in. There we go. We got a cart page. I'll blow it up bigger for you and a thank you page. So you get the idea of that is what a sales funnel is. It promotes that long term by your experience that they can learn about it. Learn about you, learn out what you're offering on the car page, see how much it is deep in that relationship. So they feel OK when they pull out that credit card to buy it, They trust you. They trust your product, they trust what you're offering. And because you've educated so much on that opt in page, you've earned the right to sell and then that. Thank you. Page makes me feel really good about the fact that they gave you their money and they're gonna do work with you, whether that's buying a physical product or engaging in a service based business with you. But without that being built, I never would have been able to make that sale. I never would've been able to make subsequent sales. It was easy access. I could direct people there and I was still able toe launch even though I felt like that opportunity was pulled out from underneath me, right? The rug was pulled out from underneath me. I was able with my funnel to go out and still do business and still serve people. So that's where in this next video, I'm going to show you exactly what you need to build that often. Page, I'll see you there. 3. Lesson 2 - The Sales Page: All right, Lisa Peas. And here we are back, and at this video, we're talking about the first part. It's three parts. The first part of the funnel, which is your landing page. Some people call it your sales page. Or if you didn't have anything to sell, it was something free. You were offering people. It's referred to as your opt in page. Now I'm talking about this when you've got something to sell. That's the first thing that you need to build a funnel. You need a product or a service like your group coaching program, your 1 to 1 coaching an online course. A continuity membership. Ah, book an e book. A guy in the video, Siri's You gotta have something toe offer people that you've tested. So you shared this concept or theory or teaching with people. Whether that's on social media, whether that's face to face through word of mouth, you found your gold that you're now gonna put online and tell people about to say I can help you with this. You've you've declared yourself as the expert of this, and you need that belief in yourself that you are the expert. You gotta own something, whether that's helping people lose weight or eat low carb or sell their house faster or get their dog to listen or be a better communicator negotiator or get their product. Or course odd line or master their leads or be able to draw. You'll see on skill share. There's lots of experts here that air teaching their knowledge on their skills. And that's exactly what you as an entrepreneur do. So what do you the expert off and what did you create that now you want to sell to showcase that expertise So you gotta have something to sell. And when we're talking about that and we're taking people toe what I call the landing page or the sales page what you need before we get into copy and content, you need some nice imagery. So whether that's you've had a photo shoot and you have professional photos done or you had your friend was a really nice camera shoot some photos of you so really important that we see you or your product or your service, or that it's just kind of visually pleasing to the eye, whether that's you or your actual, you know, kind of course, productor service. So I had a photo shoot done. And these are the photos from it. I also had a logo diamond for the actual course, so anything that could have makes it more concrete is better. Now, do you need professional photos? And do you need a logo to get a funnel up? You don't. I was going to show you what has been tested, tried and true for me, off what I find to be best practice and not the life I visually pleasing to the eye. You could even see the colors of what I wore in my photo shoot kind of match. My branding color. So it all matches. So you need that. And then the very first part is, what do you help helping people with, Like, what is the promise? So my is online and 99 steps to get your first on my pain client. And the headline is so important, it's going to speak directly to them that they're saying yes, that's me. Are you looking a little drop my business. You are more than just the billable hours, right? So what is that promise that you're gonna get your first online paying client and you're in a launcher. All my business. That's what my course helps you do. So you write this headline with the end in mind. Is not Stephen coming? That said that in the end in mind. Where you taking people on What are you the expert off on? Then what? Er there like issues with that? Why aren't they online? Why are they only be paid billable hours? Or why are they in this current state that they're in? That's causing them grief or stress or unhappiness? So I talk about everything you need to know about having war impacted income in early business and jam packed in the course. Nine modules take nine weeks to do it or been just like Netflix. If you've got urgency, and then just technology stress you out or hold you back from going online, don't worry. Recover that to contact tech and launch your own business. It's all in there, so people know what it is. You know what the promises and I've identified that it takes people a long time to get their course online, which is why they're stressed, which is why I have this piece here, but you could binge it like Netflix, and that's something that I would say. So make sure the copies in your own language on the technology to stresses people out. That's a huge barrier that stop people from going on line. So that's what you'll see. I like to call it above the fold, meaning that that's kind of like the first thing that grabs you. So me, the promise when it's all about I gotta click here to find out more about, Then you need a story. And don't worry. Your class project is going to walk you through all these essentials so that when you fill it out and you share it, you've got everything you need all the information to plug in your data. What it's time to build subtle or they're not gonna build a funnel how to position yourself online. So then you need a story, and I tell the story about how I was burned out. I was only getting paid the billable hours. So you need a direct personal story about why you have this proctor service that you're offering to someone now notice. Other than a picture of me, I come second. Okay, It's always what's in it for them first. So then 1st 2nd now, testimonials are awesome. If you have them, you could say you're the grain stinks and sliced bread. But when someone else says it and they speak about their experience, people will see themselves in this testimonial. So grab those. Even if it's giving your course to a few close friends or family, give it to them for free so they can go through or give you a testimonial. It's really important to get those. Or if you've had success with people in other products or programs, get testimonial about working with you and someone that could speak about what it's like to work with you. So I have a video one and the written one, because people learn digest content in different ways. Then it talks about why, again, back to them, why they need it, because it's lifetime value of the customer. Customers turn into raving fans and they buy and refer. So again, you have to know why they care why they need it. What solution it's gonna provide for them. Now. Some people do this. Some people don't. I like this this courses for this course is not for because I am very dialed into the kinds of entrepreneurs and I want to work with. I want to work with people that get it that they gotta invest if they want to learn. We gotta put in the time, you know, they gotta have the need, the necessity there, right? Not someone who wants to get rich quick, someone else to do the work for them. Like I I'm very clear about who I want to help. So, you know, sometimes entrepreneurs say I'm attracting the wrong people. I'm getting the wrong clients that are sucking my time or energy if you don't have this in there. So this is really key, and you don't have to say it exactly like that. You can say in your own language, you could say it differently, but that's the kind of wording that you wanna have on your page people. They don't know what their alerted. They won't buy it. So I break out the actual modules here and what they get. So they have to understand what they're going to say yes to. And then it's really helpful. If you have bonuses people love to get things for free. They love to get bonuses, and your bonus should bust a roadblock or problem that they have. So it's like if you want to have your first all my pain client, but you don't know what the heck to sell. Well, this first bonus is a training t about your first product and marketing strategy and how to launch it. Second, people stress out about tech. We've identified that you get a done for you landing page Carter page. Thank you. Page unformed. You's gonna plug in your information's already up and built for yah. You just download it and plug your stuff in. And this is here for you, and off you go. So when people say, Oh, my God, I have no content. There you go. I understand tech there, you know? So your bonuses are meant to again, Buster roadblock something that they like feel like they needed. And again, you're giving them that value. So the course plus the bonuses and then you're saying what they actually get it for now again, Judy de Bonuses To launch it you don't. But people do love bonuses, so it may be it's a you're gonna give him a book. You're gonna give them a free strategy call. You're gonna connect them to another venture or another person that could give them a strategy. Call a friend that you're connected to a give and take kind of thing, so don't get stuck on that bonus. If you don't have one, it could be service based if it's not an actual product. Money back guarantee is always People just want that guarantee, right? So that's just good business practice to make sure that you have that. So that's what you need. That's a little bit about the psychology of how the sheet is set up, the delivery bols of what you want to talk about and what you need and what you'll see on a sales page. Now some people have it sales videos, so if you don't have a testimonial or if you want to set it up that sometimes people digest information differently. So some people like to read. Some people like to watch a video, so I have done often pages and landing pages. Let me to show you here, find it. Here we go, so you'll see this page that I'm bringing up for you. This is my husband's and our business. So you can kind of get the idea who it's for, what it's all about. And there I am. So sales a video here, Right? So certain landing pages can have a sales video as well. So that's another thing you might want to add to your arsenal when you're setting up that exact page. And that is what you need. Okay. Next video, we're gonna be talking about a cart page stress. Everything is gonna be in your class project virtually taking notes. And you're worried that you didn't get it all. Don't worry. It's all going to be there in your project for you. Okay, I see the next video. 4. Lesson 3 - The Cart Page: Hey there, Lisa. Peas it back here with you again. And in this video, we're talking about the second step or second part off that sales funnel, and that's the actual cart page. So if you've ever shopped online and you're ready to buy, you're ready to put in your information so you can get that thing that you want. That is your car page. Now the car page comes secondary to what I showed you in the last video, which is the landing page on the often page. And you want to make sure that the language that you have on all of these pages is clear that people understand what they're buying and what they're going to get with your product or service. And you also want to make sure that as we go through the three pages, they look the same, meaning you don't want your sales page an opt in page from the last video. You don't want that to be a certain style with a certain fawn and certain colors and certain imagery, and then get to your cart page and have it look completely different because in the mind of a buyer they want to make sure that they're in the right place on that. They're where they are supposed to be. So it's so important that the pages look uniform and you could see my logo with the colors or there again. You wanna have some nice, you know, nice imagery. Nice picture here. That's a me from a nice photo shoot their information and then again really clear about what they're going to get, because when someone pulls out their credit card again, the mind kind of goaless. I don't know if I should do this or not. And again, we want to make them feel really good about their purchase. So the reason why you're seeing it with these boxes is because I haven't opened in click funnels in the program that I use to design it. So you're not actually seeing it live on my website? I'm showing you here in the back end, but don't worry about that because we're just learning what we need to have to build one of these, cause the content comes first. So what you'll get again? I do a review of what they're actually learning so they can go. Yeah, I need that I need branding. I don't know what my idea is gonna be. I don't know who my ideal client is. So you wanna have built out? What exactly are you teaching them, or what will they be learning? And what does that look like? Because the reason why people don't buy is because they either a don't trust you. That's why your story on your landing page is so important. And your testimonials, they don't trust your product. Which is why I believe you should outline exactly what they're getting. Or lastly, they don't know what they're getting. They just don't understand, and they don't know how to use it on. That's why again, on I like to on the cart page, make sure that they know exactly what they're getting. Don't forget about your bonuses. And again you wanna have bonuses that fill a need and overcoming objection as and they don't know what to create tech freaks about what's the value money back guarantee. So it all looks uniform, and I'm sure if any of you have shopped online, you have filled out a cart page. So that's the basics of a cart page. I'll see you in the next video where we talk about the thank you page 5. Lesson 4 - The Thank You Page: Hey, there at least a visa here back again, talking about the last part of your sales funnel for business. And that's the thank you page. This personally is my favorite part of the funnel because it means they bought what you're offering. They're going to work with you. They're going to be a client. And that's so exciting to see that again. You could either be driving people to this funnel. So you're kind of expecting and knowing that some sales are going to come or this funnel is online 24 7 meaning that people can find you as they wish. Put their money in by and you can have them as a client. So that's a beautiful piece of this funnel. Now, the thank you page. There's a couple different things that you can do with the thank you page. I'm just pulling it up here. Now what I like to have again from last video, remember it all should look the same. I like saying details about the course or the book or how we're gonna get started. If it's a 1 to 1 call or coaching program, it's being sent to your inbox today or Sometimes I say in a few moments in 10 minutes because you want them to stay on this page. If you say it's being sent right now, they're gonna leave this page, go to their inbox, probably get lost in the C of e mails and try to find yours to make sure that their order went through. So tell them whether it's in a video or this taxed. Tell them that it's gonna be sent to them later. So stay here. That's why I say. But first now the two things you could do on a thank you video is you can make a video to cross sell or Upsell or down cell meaning offer something with what they just bought, offer something of higher price and value, or offer something off lower price for them to pick up. And when people have their credit card out and they bought and they said yes first, yes is always the hardest. They're more inclined to buy something else if they feel like it's gonna help them if they feel like it's going to get them out of that opinion that they're in or get them the thing that they want So what I did with my thank you is I made a video. That's not a very flattering screen, Joan of me. I mean a video that down cells to my seven day time management planner. So my online and nine course was, ah, higher ticket item. And this was a 29 95 that I asked if they wanted to pick up with the course. Because if they're going to be needing toe watch videos and implement when I teach them in a course, then they're probably gonna have to get their day arranged so that they can get their value and get the outcome of what I'm offering. So I do this in a video and a button that says Click here to find out MAWR. That takes them to another funnel that's built online. Testimonials, testimonial, and that's it. So that's one option. The second option that you have in this video is you can just tell them what they need to do. So let's say you're not going to offer them anything else. You you just don't want to or you've got nothing else built yet, and you haven't kind of strategically thought through that Here's what you should do in a thank you. Video number one, Give them the confirmation that they're in there. Good. You know, you've got this. I've got your order. I can't wait to send you whatever it is or information will be sent to your inbox about how to get it in a few moments. So that call information is first. The second thing, then, is the outcome again. You remind them what they're going to get and why they bought it. So I'm so excited that you bought online and nine course, it's gonna teach you how to get your first online paying client. You're not gonna have to be working longer hours and taking on more clients. A missing time with your family and never having a vacation he has. This course is going to teach you how to add another revenue stream, how to build a offline and an online business. So, more time, more money, more freedom is coming your way. So something along the lines of that that Taylor's it to obviously your product or program , then the third thing is the need. What do they need to do? So I say you need to block off 30 minutes once a week. To get in there, watch the videos on, do the worksheets right or you need to block the time in your calendar. It's, Ah, 50 page book, and some of my students say they can digest it in an hour. Some people read a page or two away, so it guide them through what they need to do or they need to buy materials. You need to go out and buy X, Y and Z and have this ready to start your course or to use the product. Like maybe it's, uh, a special type of supplement or shake. And you really recommend that they get a blender, a good quality blender. They don't have it because nobody wants to drink a comfy, yucky shake. So tell them what they need to do and kind of what you expect of them. So you kind of set in that standard that we're gonna do this together because you don't want people buying your products and services and then never using them or having it sit on the shelf. You want them to get in there and you want help? Um, so let's encourage them to do that. And then, lastly, just the motivational close, so excited, honored to be working with you can't way to see it in there in the course, let's go do it. Or however again, you would kind of say that So the thank you, I really think of video is important again. You could have text. It doesn't have to be a video. But I say best practice make it a video because we want to do business with people. We want to see each other, So get a video. And the whole purpose is to make them feel really good about what they've purchased or offer them something else. You know, that's gonna help them. So I really think video is key. And that's what you need for your thank you page. In this last video, I'm gonna be showing you about our next video game. It will be your last video, the course project that you've got, which is so exciting. Because if you've been taking notes and thinking, how the heck am I going to remember all these things that I need to build this funnel when I'm ready to do that? Like where I get all these bits and pieces from So I know what I need. The whole thing is outlining your class project. So can't. We could tell you about that. See there. 6. Class Project Overview: Hey there at least a visa here, back again, Talking about your class project. And you're gonna love this because it pulls all of this together to get you to start thinking about what you need. If you want to build a sales final now, we're not talking technology. I know everybody wants to jump right to the how, but I'll give you some quick pointers about what you'll need when it comes time toe want to do that? And that could be, ah, follow up teaching that I can do for you. Ah, follow up course. So let me just tell you what to start thinking about. So you'll need somewhere if you're gonna do videos somewhere to host these videos, I recommend YouTube having it under the unless standing so people can't find it again. You want people paying you for your intellectual properties and your teachings or video is what I use and you can password protect Uh, the next thing what you saw me building when we were on the cart page There you saw me clicking around where you can cut and paste to make it your own Click Funnels was the name of the program that I used or could Job is another one, or there's lots of funnel building tools out there now. I'm not affiliated with any of them. I don't get paid to tell you which one to use. Just if you're wondering in you you have those questions about where is she and what is she doing? That's what I'm using. And then, lastly, you always wanna have your funnel hooked up with e mails and email. Auto responders recall it, meaning that that's how it delivers the information to them. Remember how in the thank you video we said, your course information, your long and information is being sent to your inbox in a few moments. It's great to have email automation set up like a series of emails, maybe every day that goes out to them that you're nurturing that relationship and, again, sale psychology down the road, you can offer up cells down cells, cross sells, other offers, other products, other services, maybe even other people's products or services. If you have an affiliate or a joint venture set up between other people, you can offer their services and the email auto responders that I use is get response. There's also mail Chimp. There's active campaign so there's all sorts of stuff out there, but we're not there yet. We're gonna get our content pulled together first without the content. You don't even want to get into the tack or get into the launch. So your class project so excited to share this with you? It's called 15 piece to convert your leads. Now you can use this to build your funnel. You can use this any time you want to make it offer. It's all the pieces that you need to invite someone to come and work with you. You'll notice that it looks on point with all the other things that I showed you. So I can't stress enough how important it is that your imagery, your colors, how everything just looks the same. Hey, so what I want to encourage you to dio is haven't offer in mind. So what are you building a funnel around or what do you grabbing the content to? And I won't encourage you to screenshot each page here. So there is 1234 on a page. So I want to encourage you to screenshot. Maybe it's one of the time when you print this out, you build it and share with the community because this is how you can get feedback to see if what you're writing makes sense. He is the confused mind says No, We might think that we're making complete sense when we're making an offer. We're putting this information out online, building our funnel. But if other people are like I don't get what you're selling, I don't get what I'm gonna receive. I don't understand. I don't get why should work with you. That's why you want to fill this out and brainstorm and share it. I remember there's no right or wrong answers. This is completely unique to you and your business, and you just got to get out there and do it. And don't be afraid to share, because that feedback in that perspective from others is such gold. So the first part is you have to know who you are, what you do and what results you get. Your client's number, the headline piece off, are often Page. That's the most important thing is why the heck should they by this? What result are they gonna get that it's that pitfalls and prevalent themes meeting. Let's identify those problems. And then I find I working in reverse so kind of those overall problems and then the day to day problems. So for my online and nine course, the overall problem is they're they're burned out because they're only get paid billable hours face to face with people or they're working a 9 to 5, and they're doing a side hustle, and they haven't gotten their side hustle online yet. So they're just working and slugging long hours. They're tired, they're burnt out. And then the prevalent steam is like kind of. I think you don't like the day to day meeting that you wake up in the morning and you're drinking seven cups of coffee. You just get yourself going in the morning. Why not work your business a different way? Get your business online. It's your energy back because you've got more time to take care of you. So that's how it starts that, you know, brainstorming process of who you are, how you help people and what your exact product is going to help them overcome proof. You know you need your testimonials. You need Amon Carter Page. You need him on your opt in page. Need my thank you Page. You saw that with everything that I have there. And if you don't have any clients or testimonials at your own proof, I'm sure you're teaching it or you've created it because it's helped you in your life. So could you or could be somebody else? Then we've got what exactly is it? Remember on my opt in page and like our page it was. It had every module in the course and what they were going to get when it was going to teach. And the bonuses. Make sure you're so clear about what exactly is the product or service, what you offering and how will they use it? What are the perks or the benefits so important that we're talking about the perks? You're gonna have more time. You're gonna have more energy. You're gonna have more money or be able to take vacation. Whether it's a different business, you're gonna lose weight. You're gonna feel healthier. You're gonna bring sexy back into your marriage. You're gonna have a dog that listens. Tailor it to exactly what you are selling and what you're offering, and we talk a lot about pain, point selling or pain points, serving meaning, making them aware of that. They are burned our or tire or broke. But I like inspirational and aspirational. Kind of selling to meeting. Imagine that you jump out of bed before that alarm goes off when you're ready to tackle the day. Imagine you're sitting there watching a movie cuddling with your family and you hear ding, ding, ding, ding ding. And that's people buying your product of program online. And you're making money while you're enjoying time with your family because you've done the work and you've built it and you have it there and it's available for people. So I like to think inspirational as well. What makes you different? This is just a great business question that you're gonna want to know, and you're gonna want to use this. Yes, and your sales funnels. But on your website and as you're talking, the people you know there so many business strategists and tech experts and dog walkers and real estate agents and therapists and coaches. What makes you different and what makes your product or service different, anywhere that you can weave that in there. I like to do that in my story. Sometimes at the end, I like to do it in. This is four. This isn't for so, really. Take the time to brainstorm and make sure you share this one. Make sure you screen share what makes you different. Number eight. The Passion. What do you love about your product or service? As you can tell, I'm high energy. I am normally this geeky about online business because it's just made such a huge difference in my own life. I can't remember. I'm a nurse by degree, and then I became a health and wellness coach of a trader, and my days were crazy. I was working 8 to 12 hour shifts as a nurse. I was personal trading clients in the morning and at night time while I had my son and he was young like a year, two years hustling all day long, working the side, also working the full time job, and I took clients except 67 o'clock at night, in clock at night because it was the only time I could fit them in. I didn't want to do that, and I can remember coming out. I trained them in my garage studio and I can remember coming out thinking I hope I got in time. I hope I got to my son and time that I could kiss him goodnight. And his dad didn't put him down yet. My husband and putting down yet, but I missed it and he was sleeping. And Lord knows you don't wake the sleeping baby. And I had to kiss the monitor because I knew if I went in and I kissed him, it would stir him. It would wake him up, and then nobody will be happy. But that mom, guilt and the pain that I felt and I felt like that was the only way that I could make money and be successful in my business. And then once that hit me that I was missing so deeply the moments that I want and I was like, No, it doesn't have to be this way. I can make a different choice. I can learn in business and make it different and go online. And once I took my fitness business online and stopped trading billable hours in person, everything changed for me, which then led me down the path here where I don't do have a fitness anymore. I'm so passionate about helping people take the business online because it meant that I never have to miss a moment now with my son, I can now be school age. I can drop them off to school every day. I can pick him up every day. I can take him to his activities. I can go to his school concerts. Christmas concert. I don't need permission to do that. Online has drastically changed my life, and that's why I get so passionate about helping others do that. So why are you so passionate about the product or the service that you've got now? Price juxtaposition. Remember where I said on that landing page? How it's a normally seven K for two K? It's like showing them the value on what they're gonna get or if you're not into that. If you're not into that kind of offer, you could literally just say it took me 10 years to learn this and you're getting in a six week course or I went to school for four years. I'm teaching you this in one week or I've invested, which I have I studied under Brendan Rashard, Mel Abraham Will he send? I've invested over 100 k in my learning and you're getting this course for two K so you could do it that way Or simply just I really want you to have this product because I know that that pain and that stress that you're in we can turn that around in a month. In two months, we could turn that around quickly. So something along the lines that you've been in pain. Let's be honest with yourself, you know. How long have you been overweight for? How long have you been broke? For how long? How long is it taking the sell your house? We could do that 30 days. So that kind of like juxtaposition of saying I'm gonna save you. Tie money, worry, energy, need bonuses. We don't need bonuses, but it's very It's a good thing if you have bonuses. People love free stuff and they love it was not free. They love like stuff that they like. I get this so they get this like this. Like this would deal. People love feeling like they get a dealer. They get lots. So what do you offer them? In addition to the Proctor services they're getting? And sometimes people do kind of urgency bonus in with the 1st 100 people. Get this or the 1st 10 people get this or, if you do it by midnight, you get this. So start thinking about that. The promise. Usually it's 30 day money back guarantee. But if you have a program, it's only 14 days and you might say a 14 day money back. Guarantee a 60 day money back guarantee. What do you do? Your first coaching section with me If you're not blown away at the value, you could have your money back. So whatever the guarantee is for you, that's what you put in the promise. The pressure, whether it's agitating the pain point or painting the aspiration. Why do they need to do this now? Because if we don't give them a reason to do it now, they won't do it. So it's like again, Why do you? Why do they need this? Start thinking about that when they need it. Now, how much longer you gonna lack your dog pull you all over the neighborhood and you're gonna break an ankle, right? Or when mom has to walk the dog. And when the elderly mom has to walk the dog, you're worried how much all you gonna worry about? Oh, my God. I hope nothing terrible happens. So again, Kind of like putting that pressure that we can change this. Now, let's do it now. Prime bonus together something sweeter. You can offer them. Start thinking about that for your thank you page. Whether it's a bonus or an up sell or cross sell or another thing you can offer them and then thinking in your head this isn't necessarily for the funnel, but just start thinking about Is that enough value for people? So I've got this productor service. I've got this bonus. I got this other bonus, like, Is that enough for people? If it is cool, then put that out right that out. Because a lot of people say, you know what should I price my products and programs? And I always say you price it on the value on what you're gonna offer two people that summer 14 and then, lastly, motivational close. Just you want to be always kind of motivational on your funnels on your cart page on your thank you page. Always gonna have that tone off really want you to do this or on that Thank you page. You wanna have that? I'm so excited that you're gonna get this with me. So always that, like, you know who you are and you know what you're gonna deliver. And you know that when they invest with you, you're gonna carry through with that so you can fill this out 1 to 15 when you're pulling things together to build an online funnel. Whether you're gonna be offering something on a webinar on a speech on a live video, wherever you're going to be at a coffee date, you're gonna be asking somebody to work with you or to buy your product or service. This is the building blocks of what you want to grab together. So that's why I wanted to give this to you as a class project because not only will it serve you with your funnel building, it was to serve you for the life of your business and make sure the language is the way you would say it. And what's heart center to you. So I can't wait to see your screenshots and the information that you pulled together. And I know we've got a great community here that will help you do that. All right, See you next time. 7. Course Completion Video: Congratulations. You made it to the end. Leaves the music here. I honor you. I want to celebrate you. I want to tell you how we can continue to be connected. Make sure that you stay connected with me here on skill share on that you'll watch the other courses and trainings. But I put coat for you. I'm so excited to teach you how to have the impact on the income that you want online to grow your business online so you can live that life that you love. You can also find me at my website. It's www dot lisa p zec dot com l I s a p e z. I can't I would love to see you over there as I've got lots of goodies My social media links, podcast, blawg, newsletters, all sorts of ways. Between that and skill share that we can continue to stay connected. Nice work. And I'll see you again next time