Understanding the Accounting Cycle (Part 2)

Uday Gehani, Dedicated to make complex topics easy!

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8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. The Foundation of Accounts

    • 2. Chart of accounts

    • 3. The Accounting Cycle

    • 4. Transactions and Breaking Down a Journal Entry

    • 5. Debits and Credits

    • 6. Basic Bookkeeping

    • 7. T Accounts

    • 8. Trial Balances, Adjusting Entries and Closing out the Accounting Cycle


About This Class

Welcome to Part 2 of Accounting Basics: A Step by Step Guide to Understand Accounts. 

If you've ever wondered what Bookkeeping is and what a Bookkeeper does, you'll be clear about all these concepts by the end of this class.  

Building on the Accounting Equation we learned in Part 1, we will start by understanding the entire process which accountants go through (called The Accounting Cycle) and get granular by understanding Debits and Credits, T Accounts, Trial Balances, Closing Entries and the Closing Process.

The clarity you get from this section is extremely important if you want to take up Accounts as a profession or if you are a Business Owner or Investor.