Understanding shapes in Watercolour: Florals & Abstracts | Nancy Senff | Skillshare

Understanding shapes in Watercolour: Florals & Abstracts

Nancy Senff, Illustrations & Hand lettering

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7 Videos (26m)
    • Intro: Understanding shapes in watercolour

    • Tools

    • Techniques

    • Inspiration and Sketching

    • Shaping Florals

    • Abstracts: Rearranging Shapes

    • Class Project

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About This Class

Learn to understand the shapes of what you want to paint before you start painting. In this class you will learn how you can create many different watercolour pieces using only a few techniques! These techniques can be applied to all sorts of styles and in this class you will explore 2 of them.. Florals and abstract!

It doesn't matter if you have experience with watercolour, anyone can do this! It will make you fall in love with watercolour (if you haven't already)!





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Nancy Senff

Illustrations & Hand lettering

She is me, Nancy! I've only just started calling myself an illustrator & hand lettering artist and hopefully I will start feeling comfortable calling myself a (proper) teacher at some point too.

I studied Graphic Design & Visual Merchandising and when I left school I decided to pursue the VM side of things. Working as a Visual Merchandiser, I was able to be a little bit creative. However, it did mean sticking to a lot of guidelines. So I always continued to explore my creativity on the...

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